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  1. I am under the same impression - I think if you stop playing with the Carmariller you lose the P3.
  2. Welcome back!! A lot of people here are return players... though few seem to be so lucky as to remember their old account info - that's terrific! I am a big collector too... my stamp album is my focus, though I also collect the collectible cards and have several large galleries. There are too many great items out there - it's one of my favourite things about neo!
  3. I only had an iPad for quite some time... and I got it specifically to play Neo. A friend at work told me you can use apps like Puffin to play all of the flash games and most things worked quite well. Last year I got sucked in by Apple when they came out with the rose gold laptop, though... and I don't regret it at all - it has amped up my playing for a lot of stuff, especially the Altador Cup and events like Daily Dare. Now I just mostly use the iPad for travelling.
  4. Welcome both to fiorellino and crystolm!! Everyone here is super helpful and nice - you'll be glad you joined in :)
  5. WOW. I had no idea this kind of stuff went on. That's absolutely ridiculous! ... I also had no idea Granny gave out items that were THAT valuable!!! Holy smokes! I was pumped to get a Wraith Krawk mp.... but super sad to get a splendid buzz shield. That last one makes me hesitate to donate any more r90 stuff... I just tell myself I've been lucky other times and it all balances out ;)
  6. I agree with the advice that you've received from everyone else. The only thing I can add is this: I am one of those people who accidentally falls of the face of the earth from time to time. It's not on purpose, and sometimes I really don't know how so much time can pass. I am a very introverted person, so sometimes *real* conversation (i.e. more than small talk to acquaintances) takes way more mental energy out of me than it might for others. For instance, I could come on this forum every day... yet find the idea of emailing my own family as "work". Especially if I am upset about something - talking about it just interferes with my normal reaction of stress-suppression and forces me to think about things. I only say this in case your friend is like me... in which case she would have little to no idea this bothered you (because it's normal for her and she doesn't communicate the same way most people do). I also will say, though - if I had a friend that this tendency bothered and they told me I would sure do my best to try harder to go outside my own comfort zone and reach out more. I'd like to think if you follow everyone's advice and just tell her how her lack of response makes you feel she will want to do her best so you don't feel that way anymore. I'd probably get the message from your hints... but some people just aren't empathetic and need something a bit more obvious :) I hope you guys can work it out, or at the very least you can feel better no matter which way you decide on this.
  7. Hahaha yep I know what you mean... time just disappears somehow... Welcome and it's a great community, you won't regret it :)
  8. So I received a Bow of the Light Faerie from Granny as a Charity Corner prize... I know I want to sell it, but before I do I am wondering if I should use it. I won a Space Faerie code and have the Space Faerie as a challenger. I haven't actually tried to beat her yet - I've been focussed on aggressively training my battle pet first. Right now nalelan's stats are as follows: Level 176 HP 171 Strength 175 Defense 175 So, my question is this - should I be holding onto this item to defeat the Space Faerie before I sell, or is this even an item that will help me? I don't really understand the stats etc very well, so I can't really tell. I suppose I could just try it out anyway, but for some reason I hesitate to challenge her until I think I can win ;) Anyway, any advice would be really appreciated!
  9. I love the combo of the polka dots with the colourful neggs! Makes me feel spring-like even though I'm stuck home with a miserable cold and the weather is still gross :) And of course big hugs to midnight, too -- I hope you're feeling much better now.
  10. Thanks for posting that background link! I've actually never changed up my shop/ gallery/ pet backgrounds but you've inspired me to make a change and improve the aesthetics of mine :) Yours looks awesome, too, by the way!!
  11. I'll give it a whirl and update with how I made out! OK, so it's hard to say for sure bc I am not a regular player BUT I did get orange shirt guy on my 2nd game and I did have a fair number of different kinds of fruits passing by, so I think you may be right...
  12. Hahaha your terrific drawing really cracked me up! It reminded me of the time we brought home a new puppy to my 6 year old dog. He hated her for at least a month... until one night we went away and had my parents dogsit one and bf's parents dogsit the other... from the moment they were reunited they've been inseparable best friends (and there's no way I'd ever let them be split up again)! They're 10 and 4 now and soooo adorable together :)
  13. I've never been involved in the ALP, so I can't answer the first part of your question, but I have made trades for items above 800k on the trading post and they were in pure, so that must not be what it means. I hope that helps somewhat ;)
  14. I've actually had a few lucky strokes... I've had 2 grey faerie quests, I randomly found an Aethia stamp, and I got a skuffler from the coincidence. This was spread out over 5 years, but all in all I can't complain!!
  15. I must say that I have been lucky in that I have 5 pets I chose rather carefully. But dartessa, my grey aisha, was a surprising favourite! Originally I wanted a transparent aisha... but I happened to have made a transparent wocky first. I ended up going with grey so she and wi_no_na wouldn't be quite so similar. Now I find that dartessa is my favourite to customize - she always looks great in everything I put on her.