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  1. charelan

    I can't cancel Coincidence quest

    I will definitely try this next time it acts up!
  2. 7 and 12 please if I may... and wow!! So very kind! 🙂
  3. charelan

    nervous about Florence

    There is also an all-natural product you can get from most pharmacies over the counter called "Bach's Rescue Remedy". I've not used it personally, but I've known many friends who give it to pets and children (even horses) during storms or travelling... anything stressful. You just put a drop or two in the mouth (or in water) and it is just made from plant extracts. Like DragonPhoenix said - it's not an actual sedative, just a bit calming. Could be helpful! Edit: In looking at the label I see the product is made in Canada so I'm unsure how good the distribution is in the US... but I bet there would at least be similar products.
  4. Wow, your alien aisha is so adorable!! I just was able to get one myself recently from the Charity Corner event 🙂
  5. charelan

    Yay and Nay

    Wow. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around ANY item carrying that hefty a price tag!!
  6. charelan

    Old-School Neo RP'er making a return

    I didn't even know there were RP-ers... maybe you should explain how it works and start it back up!!!
  7. Welcome back and oh my goodness your hairless cat is FAR TOO CUTE!!! Looks so warm and cozy!
  8. charelan

    I can't cancel Coincidence quest

    Hmmm... my bad, must be a different issue entirely in that case
  9. charelan

    Rate my BD set please

    Your BD set is so advanced by comparison to what I am used to that I wouldn't even know where to start!
  10. charelan

    I can't cancel Coincidence quest

    I have had this happen on many occasions. Just wait until the following day when you are ready for a new quest. The same items will still be there and it will allow you to cancel then... and will offer you the new quest without you having to wait.
  11. charelan

    Flying critters visiting me

    Hahaha, yep, looks like we are all 3 cut from the same cloth. I had a bee land in my lap in the car. I looked at my passenger (who was freaking out), delicately grabbed the bee by a wing and popped him back out the window. The passenger was my bf, who I had just begun dating at the time. He was like oh no, my gf is tougher than me, lol. I also let spiders that have found their way in hang out - as long as they aren't in the way. Once at an old apartment I had one go in the shower with me. That I was not ok with 😉 On the other hand... I can't stand junebugs. Or roaches for that matter (luckily they're not really a problem in my climate, so I haven't had to deal with them since I lived abroad). I know neither can do anything to me, but uggghhhh they are just gross.
  12. charelan

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    I have DEFINITELY had this happen before and it is really lame.
  13. charelan

    Aisha Colors?

    I love Aishas. Personally (as you can tell from my Aisha pack), I like baby, transparent, grey, desert, alien, and skunk. I do have a FFQ that I am contemplating using on my skunk Aisha to make her white, though I haven't decided yet. I also wonder if we might get a new colour or two on the next Aisha Day??
  14. It's a really pretty potion... I haven't really decided what to with mine yet. I think I might stow it in my gallery while I figure it out 🙂
  15. Wow... the event was over ages ago, but I just logged on to receive a Potion of Healing from Taelia for my efforts in TWR! Anybody else just get one??