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  1. It's a really pretty potion... I haven't really decided what to with mine yet. I think I might stow it in my gallery while I figure it out 🙂
  2. Wow... the event was over ages ago, but I just logged on to receive a Potion of Healing from Taelia for my efforts in TWR! Anybody else just get one??
  3. OK, so I am apparently not the only person who never found their final worm?? And rainbow, too! I just want it for my gallery lol
  4. charelan

    NC Mall Free Birthday Cupcake!

    I have a spardel gallery, so I was pretty excited to get this 🙂
  5. charelan

    overpowered presale... womp

    Yes, I am very much looking forward to seeing who becomes a plushie first!!!
  6. charelan

    Am I being irrational?

    I have a very close friend in a similar boat. She LOOKS like she should weigh far less than she actually does. We have spoken at length about her issues, bc this has been a struggle for her for years. She is also very muscular and dense - does not appear to have a lot of excess weight. One of the things that came up in our conversations about weight is bathroom habits. Apparently, this friend of mine would very rarely moves her bowels... which, when you think about it... would definitely drive that scale number up. So she has lately been more about finding trigger foods to avoid like another poster mentioned. I only say this bc sometimes there are some weird complex things going on in our bodies that we might not think of straight away.. you are definitely doing all the right things, and frankly, you look terrific. I don't think you need to worry at all about 'weight' (as in the number) and you definitely are NOT on the path to a 600 pound life! You look very healthy 🙂
  7. charelan

    I'm poorer but my gallery is fuller

    I love your gallery, too! It's so clean and tidy 🙂 I have a favourite plushie section to my galley, too, but it's a random mess by comparison haha
  8. charelan

    Am I being irrational?

    Absolutely this makes a difference. As another poster pointed out, muscle actually weighs MORE than fat. A lot of bodybuilders, according to BMI, would seem 'overweight' for this reason. Bone density and size also would make a difference. I am only an inch or two taller than my mother, but our skeletal structure is so different (average vs super fine-boned) that my healthy weight is quite a lot higher than what hers was at my age. And just as there are people who are very fine-boned, there are people with really thick bones... and honestly, a denser structure is probably better health-wise as you age - my mom is elderly now and her frailness is terrifying. There are so many weird little factors that go into that number you see on the scale... I recommend, to the extent that it is possible, not to concentrate on the number at all, but only on the 'trending' that number can give you over time. I don't believe it is helpful to weigh oneself every day, just once in a while to make confirm you are maintaining/ losing. I think a person is better off just using how their clothes fit and how they 'feel' physically as a gauge.
  9. charelan

    overpowered presale... womp

    If I end up unable to trade I just may take that gallery advice 😉 But it DOES seem to work in the trading post... I'll ket it hang out for a while and see what happens!
  10. charelan

    Duplicate Potion of Healing PSA

    Is this a new thing, or is this referring to prizes everyone got ages ago when the plot ended?
  11. charelan

    overpowered presale... womp

    Oooh good to know about the TP... I'd have liked to maybe get the dress as well. The item I got at least was my favourite of the ones I saw - the baby bunny ear shoes 🙂
  12. So, the new pins are available and there is a baby aisha. Irresistible! They advertised that with pre-sale you could get 2 codes. I thought, why not?? Well, first I got my codes and they didn't work. I sent in a ticket and they got the codes working. I must say, that was all very quick and painless. HOWEVER... now that they are working, my 2 codes are for the same item. Normally I'd just trade or sell for one of the other available items like with the last round of pins... but turns out these baby items are NO TRADE/ NO SALE. What a frigging bummer... some pre-sale bonus lol.
  13. charelan

    The Trek Up North

    I thought xanthocomically's winter driving advice was excellent, with one (possible) exception. If you are very short (like I am), you WILL want a more expensive scraper. I have a very hard time reaching to the centre of my windshield and getting the giant snow pile off my roof (if you don't get that off before you start driving there's a decent chance it'll slide and cover your windows at a random and possibly inopportune moment). I need a scraper that has kind of a telescopic handle that allows it to be very long. As well, I have found that i REALLY like the ones that have all 3 - a scraper, a brush, and also a rubber thing thats just like your windshield wiper. They really do each have their own strengths depending on the texture of the snow/ice. I also LOVE studded tires in winter if that is an option where you are. Seriously, it's like night and day between regular winter tires and studs.
  14. charelan

    Yay, for birthdays????

    Happy Birthday Brian! I know exactly what you mean... especially when you think about the fact that a lot of cultures don't even celebrate birthdays. It's definitely about knowing people care and the little things they do 🙂 I hope you have a terrific day with your mom and that you have a really productive time sketching, too!
  15. charelan

    Apple bobbing

    Yeah, his little moustache is pretty awesome lol