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  1. I just bought some dust to put on the whimsical negg and ... nothing seems to be happening. Also, the dust I bought from the mall doesn't look like the dust under 'Buy Mystery Dust' once the negg has been placed. I don't have to dust the other neggs (sunny side up and retro) to be able to use the whimsical one, do I?
  2. If you haven't already sold it I would be very interested in buying it from you...
  3. Well... at least the bottle is pretty?
  4. I wasn't sure how to answer the 'have you ever bullied/ been bullied' either... I'm 41 and if I think back I KNOW I said or did some hurtful things in grade school. For instance, In grade 1 kids in my class went through a phase of trying to pull each others pants down. Usually the 'victim' would catch their pants before they went down and everyone would laugh at the attempt. Well... I tried it on a classmate who was walking by my desk in class in jogging pants. I totally pants-ed her in front of everyone. I never expected her not to grab/ catch them. She was obviously upset (rightfully so)... but I think I was almost as upset for having done it. Sometimes I think kids don't get the consequences of actions like this until they do something wrong/ stupid and know how bad it feels.
  5. Oh my goodness, please don't feel any pressure to rush - I think it's amazing that you take it on to do in the first place!! We appreciate all your hard work, that's for sure!
  6. I got the beautiful Springtime Negg Snowglobe first try, which is awesome as it would have been my first choice 🙂 Next I'll be trying for the Eau de Negg. I am happy this years prizes are cute and springy again... I can't quite recall last year's prizes except for the fact that I didn't like them as much as previous years. I'm also looking forward to seeing what NC items there are once the guide is out!
  7. Yes, this is what I came here to find out too... I was certain I read somewhere that our unused points could be kept for next time - can anyone confirm this or recall where that info came from?
  8. I would echo what the others said: exercise! For me I find the more vigorous the better... I love jiu jitsu - trying to choke/ break another human (or conversely trying not to be destroyed by someone) is surprisingly refreshing lol. I also really enjoy running - I just put on some music with an appropriate tempo and shut my brain off altogether. Pilates is another good one if you prefer something a little less intense. When I am stressed (ok, to be fair, also when I am not stressed) I really prefer to be alone. But that doesn't include my dogs - I find spending time snuggling and petting them always makes me feel better. The company of animals is very soothing. Spending time in nature helps a lot, too. It's not always possible with the weather, but if I can be somewhere quiet and pretty I can usually re-centre myself.
  9. HELT: I did NOT sell at 45 (the price at which I used to offload everything).... this is me being patient! Jelly, are you proud of me lol?? I have 6k shares. I don't know what my new 'sell number' should be though. Right now at 66 (though Duma's post indicates yesterday was 68)... Any advice? Do you guys typically offload it all in one go? That's what I always did... but I am trying to be smarter about it, so let me know what you guys think.
  10. OK this is AWESOME. Being able to sort by colour/ theme etc or say where in the item name a certain term appears is super useful. I have bookmarked this page!
  11. I'm not sure if there is a list of backgrounds per se, but I frequently use the site Dress to Impress. There you can type in 'background' and it will pull them all up and you can test them out on your pet. The limitation obviously is that the word 'background' would need to be in the item name. There's probably a way to search items by category/ zone but I'm afraid I've never tried that so I can't say for certain. I am also pretty certain that TDN itself has a wearables database... but I am one of those ppl that doesn't like changing the way I do things unless I have to, so I haven't tested that out yet.
  12. I often go on auto-pilot doing dailies so I couldn't remember if I had won anything recently... then played just now and found 1k. Not a fortune, but it's something!
  13. Seriously???! I can reuse my points? That's great... except silly that last week I spent 1000 to fed my pets thinking I had to use them or lose them (and had no idea what else to use them on). Oh well, I'll get over it. I still have almost 3500 left. I'd love to see the bank bribery and cheap stocks again. I also think it would be cool to be able to upgrade the size of your gallery for points considering how expensive it can be.
  14. Well.... at least the stamp is only 100 points and despite me missing the entire last game I have enough! The scimitar is so pretty, but I'm ok with just looking from afar 😉
  15. I know... it seems silly, doesn't it? He's just a cute lil goat, what's the deal??? Why are they so rare??
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