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  1. Making my draik look pretty

    I think the choices you made are excellent - I love the scarf on your kacheek! The red hair looks great with that blue dress, too, but I agree the blonde looks nicer with the navy dress and translucent wings. I think all of the items you've been eyeing would be good purchases that will go well with other looks, too.
  2. Hurricane Irma

    I own a house in Florida... I'm not an American and don't qualify for a federal mortgage so don't have good insurance either (after this is over I plan to change that if I can). Obviously property is not nearly as important as human life... but I can't help be worrying about the so-called 'investment' I made. I've been in touch with my neighbour though, who is local, and he seems to be somewhat unconcerned about our particular area (outside Tampa). For now I can just trust his instincts and hope for the best, and of course, send my thoughts to the people I know there.
  3. the hard parts of dog ownership

    Thanks so much for your well wishes :) He is presently at the hospital in PEI under constant supervision, though they called me this morning to let me know they'd consider his condition critical. They are hoping for him to turn around with some medicines such that by tomorrow he may be well enough for surgery. This little guy is my constant shadow... I'm trying to stay positive and really appreciate your encouraging words. I am happy to have all the good vibes we can get!!
  4. Just need a sec to vent, I suppose... I am super stressed right now about my 'real-life Spardel', Darwin. He is a 12 year old long-haired chihuahua, and one of my 2 very best friends. (You guessed it, I have another - Tess - she is 6.) For the last year or so, Darwin has been different. Nothing you can put your finger on exactly, but had had elevated liver enzymes along with other symptoms that could just seem like normal aging. I have been suspicious he has Cushing's, but the vet and I agreed that even if he does, his symptoms are not extreme enough to try to treat for Cushing's - we have just been working to ease/ reduce the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. This is because treatment for Cushing's is a risk in itself and we don't want to go there if we don't have to. Last week I took him for a follow-up blood test a year after his initial results. We had good news, one of the elevated levels had reduced and the other had not increased by much. I had changed food, and added naturopathic remedies. I am so very careful with him and try to make sure we do nothing to exacerbate his issues. I was so pleased. Then this Tuesday morning, I could tell something was up. He just wasn't himself. I was working night shifts so not easily able to deal with it, but watching him carefully. He started to have vomiting/ diarrhea and by Thursday I was really worried. I made a vet appt for Friday morning (who needs sleep, right?). My vet agreed this could be flu-ish stuff, but with his age and past issues we didn't want to just assume. I agreed to an Xray and ultrasound to try to find out more. In the Xray we could see what the vet described as a 'balloon-like' structure that confused her. We sent the results away for a second opinion, as she is a vet and not a radiologist. She warned me we may be looking at a tumour. She called me this morning after having heard from the radiologist. It is not a tumour - he has a ridiculously enlarged gall bladder, which is causing an obstruction. She says there are only 2 known cases of a dog having such an issue, NOT having surgery, and then getting better. She said despite his age and other issues, she strongly recommends surgery. I live in the Maritime provinces of Canada. This is not a very big place, and we don't have a lot of services that other, bigger provinces do. We don't have veterinary surgeons in our province, but there is a vet college on Prince Edward Island, which is where serious vet issues get referred. I am obviously going ahead with the surgery. I love him too much NOT to do something that is in my power to try. It will likely cost a fortune (his visit yesterday was already several hundred), but I don't care much. We will have to travel to PEI and I will likely need to stay there for a few days. I don't have the details yet as she is working on that and to call me back with more info as soon as she has it. I guess more than anything I just needed to vent because I am scared and worried about him. We are both confident the surgery is his best chance, and that's the most important thing. I just hate the waiting and the lack of control over the situation. I don't want to make myself sound like a crazy dog lady. But my boyfriend and I are a couple who have chosen not to have children for a variety of reasons, and my little dogs, I suppose, are the closest I have to that. It makes me so sad their lives have to be so short compared to ours. It is the one thing that makes pet ownership so very hard. You know that that loss is coming no matter what - all you can do is try to keep them as healthy and happy for as long as possible. I am also seriously contemplating a new puppy in the very near future. I don't ever want to feel like 'replacing' one, and my younger dog could never be alone. I have my fingers crossed Darwin will bounce back after surgery and that, if we got another, they could all be friends and happy together for some time before the inevitable eventually happens. The breeder of both of my dogs happens to have had a litter just last week, and the mother is Tess' sister. I also met the father years ago when I got Tess. The fact that these are the parents especially makes me feel like this new puppy might be a good call, though it'll be a few months before she'd be ready to come home. Anyway... I know that was a very long story. But somehow writing it out made me feel a bit better. Pet ownership is so bittersweet sometimes. Right now, I am just willing the phone to ring so I can know what's happening and how soon we can help him. Ugh. Anyway, thanks for listening to anyone that actually made it to the end of my post. I know there are a lot of people out there like me who would do anything in their power for their furry little friends.
  5. I think jelly's advice is pretty solid - especially if NC can expire (didn't know that)! On the other hand, if you really do only want one I'd recommend maybe checking your closet to see if one or the other is more 'different' than what you already have. Maybe you have another bg that has a similar colour scheme already that might make the decision easier? Not super helpful advice (probably bc they're both too pretty), but that's how I'd choose.
  6. for all you hoarders out there...

    Cool! I am definitely checking this out. I've never made anything in the cooking pot before...
  7. Is there anything you donate/ discard regularly? I keep nearly everything but I can't stand dung or snot items - they ALWAYS go. Before Charity Corner I used to get rid of A LOT. Pretty much anything worth under 100np that I had more than one of. Now I keep almost everything.. I'm not sure why I have so many bottles of sand though - it's not like I think Granny is suddenly going to need them lol
  8. OK, first off - not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. If not, my apologies. So, yesterday a user approached me for an NC trade. She wanted one GBC sent to a side and items to her main. I accidentally sent the GBC to a similar username. Totally my own fault. Then I tried to look up that user, but it seems none exists with that name. I have not received a NM saying the GBC was received. Do you think if I wait 48 hours it may be returned like unclaimed np gifts? I wanted to submit a ticket, but a blank page just opens. I use safari on a macbook. I also tried with a browser called Puffin, but it was the same thing. Any advice, or should I just forget about the lost GBC?
  9. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Well water isn't necessarily treated - it comes from a naturally clean source underground. Like you say, then it gets filtered. What does happen though, is whenever a home with a well is sold the water must be tested. Sometimes you might discover the water has some trace amount of something undesirable - then they will recommend you "shock chlorinate" your well. You basically dump a jug or 2 of bleach in it and run it through all your lines then flush it out. A further retest will come up clean. But a person could test their water as often as they like - the test is fairly inexpensive. If you want to add other treatment options you can, but unless a well's integrity is compromised nothing more than a water softener is usually used. But once you own a house with a well, the safety of the water is pretty much your own responsibility. Here anyway. As for "city water" (that's what we call it where I live) - it is definitely treated, though it is supplied from various lakes and places like that. As a kid they always added fluoride to the public drinking water supply too, but I'm not sure if that's common practice throughout Canada anymore.
  10. street food .. yay or nay ?

    If the food looks good I am a yay! Although in unfamiliar territory I advocate finding out what it is first, if possible. I've had some unpleasant experiences mistaking one food for another... eating jellyfish tentacles instead of noodles immediately springs to mind. As for water, I guess it's so easy to take for granted in North America. I have my own well, so as long as I take care of it and test it now and again I know my tap water is good. In Korea I used to walk to a spring and fill bottles bc the tap water wasn't good. It's sad that everyone doesn't have free and easy access to clean drinking water.
  11. What is the fiercest looking pet?

    Hmm.. imagining a cool battle beast... at first glance my favourites are: I'd be terrified of either of these in the battledome!
  12. ever zapped the wrong pet ??

    Lol I don't have the lab ray but it sounds like something I could easily do on autopilot! I'm glad drastan remains unchanged :)
  13. What colour should I turn my kau?

    Hmmm... I can see your dilemma bc they are both really cute! I think I'm leaning towards the brown too though since he still has those nice muzzle stripes.
  14. Nay for Feeling Unsafe at Home

    Either way I think you did the right think if you were uncomfortable. And if they are legit, it will hopefully show them that they need to be more organized as a company!
  15. He's here!

    Well congrats on your new baby!! Zachary is a lovely name and I'm happy to hear things went so smoothly :)