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  1. It's Almost Summer!

    My pets are ready for warmer weather, too! Here is dartessa, hanging out with her petpet khisanth as usual... nalelan still has chocolate left and isn't ready to say goodbye to Topsi... Can you tell that per_se_phone LOVES the colour green? Spteri still has some neggs left to find, too... ... and so does wi_no_na... And finally, __linsha__ is just ready for fair weather!
  2. It is just me myself and I ... lalalaaaaa

    Did you say that you play using an app? I didn't know there was one!!
  3. Shall I change my shop?

    Hmm... this is a tricky one. I like the idea of a 5np shop but at the same time there are definitely items that you could sell for more that would still be a great deal for people - like codestones etc. I think a blend like some others suggested would be good.
  4. negg stamp: to wait or no?

    Argh... I think I'm leaning towards waiting a week or two... it's risky, but the stamps for the last 2 negg festivals are both going for far less than 1m!
  5. negg stamp: to wait or no?

    So I messed up this year and, although I was on neo and got the clue every day I missed finding one of Topsi's neggs on time to get all of the prizes. I am an avid stamp collector - it's the main thing I aim for in any event. Since I missed getting the decorative negg stamp from the event I need to buy it. That being said, I've never been in the position before of wanting to buy an event stamp. I've been watching the prices since the first day in the hopes of getting one 'at the right time' (whenever that is)... On the first day the cheapest I saw was around 850k. The following day I saw 750k. Day 3 was back to 850k and now - Day 4 - I am seeing about 1 mil. I realize that I have gained no information from watching this over 4 days.. I am impatient and the whole thing is driving me nuts (esp since it's all due to a really dumb mistake on my part - I hate constantly remembering that and getting annoyed all over again lol). So I'm wondering - has anyone bought an event stamp in the past, and is there typically a 'best' time to buy? Part of me says in the beginning bc they won't be making any more... but part of me thinks later after the big rush. Any advice would be terrific.
  6. Festival of Neggs: Claim Your Prizes!

    I am guttered lol - I am on every day and managed to NOT get one on release day (I got the clue on release day and forget to actually find the negg until the following day)... so what are all of the prizes? I got 2 but I'm sure there must be a stamp that I'll now be looking to buy... The prizes I got were the topsi inspired dress and a spring uniocto.
  7. I've never tried anywhere else but I have consistently heard others say that the community here is the nicest!
  8. What is your routine?

    I usually start with food club and training my battle pet. Then I do dailies, which now includes buying 10np stocks (thanks, Granny!). Then I check current plots/ events like the Negg Festival and Wraith Resurgence. Finally, I will battle the Jetsam Ace. Somewhere in there I usually take a peek at my guild's message board, too.
  9. I've never entered the beauty contest, but that rule seems more than fair.
  10. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    Honestly! Movement points shouldn't even be set up to be part of the boon. Jeepers.
  11. Trading post etiquette

    I agree. In the few times I have been in the reverse situation I really appreciated getting that nm :)
  12. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    I'm glad you posted that - I didn't realize bank bribery and cheaper by the dozen were active yet! I was refreshing the Perks page but still saw 'coming soon' by notable-whatever-it-was and didn't scroll down enough to see the ones I actually wanted. I've still got just over 10k left and not sure what to do with it. I'd really like to see us be able to use Colour it Wild on a second pet.. if I could transform my pirate into transparent my herd of dreamy aishas would be complete ;) I'll probably hold onto the points for a while in case that becomes possible.
  13. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    Ooooh.. I thought of another good one: increasing your number of daily BD prizes!
  14. Hey everyone :)

    Welcome to you! I'm not sure if it's the kind of thing that interests you, but there is a really great guild out there dedicated to exactly that - helping others and just being part of a community... It is called The Kindness Project. If you're ever in the market for a guild you should check us out :)
  15. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    Yeah, I thought that was weird too - why not just open the perk shop when ALL the perks are ready? I don't know anything about School of Dragons either.. but to be honest it doesn't look that appealing to me. It just looks like a typical computer game. Neopets attracted me because it's adorable. School of Dragons just doesn't have that. But I'd love to hear about it if other people love it!