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  1. charelan

    Stock Update?

    I am typically on between 12-1am NST and rarely have a problem finding a 10k stock to buy.
  2. Exactly this. I have thousands of points left and nothing to do with them. That's what I dislike about this format. If I could cash them for a second year of better interest and cheaper stocks then great... but the points just aren't going to get used and that's lame.
  3. charelan

    What is this thing on the Moehogs ?

    Yeah I think it looks better if the colour stays consistent with the mane though I must say I never noticed this before!
  4. charelan

    Concerns about billing/fraud issues

    I agree totally with granny. I've had premium for years with no issues and also use PayPal.
  5. charelan

    I found a Pirate Draik Egg, what should I do with it?

    I'm not sure why I find that idea so creepy lol
  6. charelan

    Happy Aisha Day!

    I've been saving a FFQ for Aisha Day. I have an Aisha pack and have been contemplating painting my skunk, wi_no_na. The top contender for colour choice until now was white... I'm not sure if this changes things or not.
  7. charelan

    Stocking Stufftacular Glitch?

    I likewise received 2. Perhaps everyone did? Mine are just hanging out in my inventory for now...
  8. charelan

    A very serious Neopian question.

    I love the usulbat plushie, it's one of my favourites even though it's dirt cheap. So cute somehow...
  9. I can't say if this is your issue or not, but I thought I was having problems with her WL too until I realized I had to go to the bottom of the page and click on the various links...
  10. I've been waiting!!! Looking through people's wish lists is so much fun!! Here is mine (yes, I know it's huge but neo has way too many cute/ cool things to covet): https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/charelan/ PS. I hope it's ok but I do not typically make a sent/ received log... I just update my wish lists accordingly and send thank you neomails - much easier to manage 🙂
  11. I always thought that the items we discard (rather than donate) go there? Is that not so? I discard everything snot or dung related. I despise those items lol. Also... I know I live under a rock... but what is AMA?
  12. Glad you pointed out I could change it, bc it never occurred to me. I like to keep it on the Lost Heirloom now to remind myself there's a plot happening...
  13. That's so funny to me bc I almost ALWAYS decide based upon the cuteness or coolness of the character lol... @Hanso totally nailed how I choose!
  14. Hanso, you're killing me. Hilarious. Almost spit out my morning tea.
  15. charelan


    Well I hope it was awesome! What did you see?