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  1. Wow... that was AMAZINGLY quick! Thanks so much! Just updated my gallery and I'm so pleased - it looks awesome!
  2. Wow, this is awesome!! I've always wanted a pretty gallery - mine's filled with lovely things, but never been able to figure out how to make the gallery itself look great. I have a lot of categories - I suppose something that matches acceptably with them all would be best, though that's a fairly tall order. I'm kind of torn between going with straight up pretty, or something a bit darker. One of my favourite items is the petpet voodoo doll garland... maybe a gallery layout inspired by this? Is this enough information to go on? I also wonder about the 'shopkeepers'.. is it possible to create one's own, or are we limited to the choices given? It'd be nice to be able to use one of your own pets that way. Thank you in advance for any help/ feedback/ advice!!
  3. Hmmm... well, I think if it was written as 2:1 not 1:2 it'd be 2 potions for 1 cap. I've never traded a potion for GBCs but I really think 1:1 would be worth a try first because I do think there would be demand for them.
  4. Before I decided I never want to see Bart again nalelan used to end up with blurred vision fairly often. I tried the minor healing ointment many times but no luck. I'd always wait for her to get cured for free in the case of blurred vision bc if I remember correctly the cure was very expensive. Now she most frequently comes down with chickaroo. I'll try the free spots first, and if I've already battled for the day I'll keep trying. Otherwise I just buy her the eggs and get it over with ;)
  5. I hadn't heard this but now I'm looking forward to it :)
  6. The 1:1 and 2:1 means that people are willing to trade them for gift box capsules in that ratio. I've never used one before but they seem pretty popular.
  7. I found it by going to the 'News' page, there's an icon you can click there. I also read it will give your pet 5 hit points and contains an item called black and white candle stick foreground.
  8. I made it to 17... same as last year... I lose all motivation after that lol
  9. Congrats! Now you can tell your parents your 'snail' was a winner lol
  10. I am going to try it out!
  11. That is AWESOME!!! Wow, you are very patient but it's worth holding onto stuff sometimes. I bet the buyer is pretty happy too.
  12. Hmmm... interesting.. I've never used either! I admit I am intimidated by the Neopian stock market and have never tried... Perhaps I should broaden my horizons...
  13. I feel that I have been doing this wrong. I have always chosen the premium boon Full Pockets bc I don't necessarily play a ton of games. During the AC I realized that this was a very poor strategy. Of course, my selection was already made and it was too late to choose. Now I think it'd be better to choose Premium Dreamium repeatedly until such a time as you have a stockpile of scratchcards and can do them all in one go. All those Yooyuball games could have been earning me more points... I just didn't really consider it. As far as the other boons go, now I have somewhat of a strategy. I bought a bunch of faerie cookies during the festival when they were on sale. Now I try to join a faction that has the Refresh Quest Request and choose that. I accidentally selected Thieves Guild last time (meant to go for Order) and they won. I didn't know which boon was best and went with Scratch Master. Not sure how I feel about it. I've had Bank Bribery before, too, and I really like that one. How do you choose your factions/ boons?
  14. Hahaha yeah, I know what you mean! I wondered if we'd have to wait until July 1st? I'm not sure why but that was in my head for some reason...
  15. Consider it done! I'd be happy to cast a vote :)