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  1. Congrats on the lutari zap! That's funny, I didn't notice the pink eye thing before but you are right! Personally, I like desert and the royalboy/ royalgirl the best.
  2. Excellent! It's always nice to hear good news :) I'm glad you got it back in time!
  3. The number you see is the HP of the opponent. It can be tricky to find out what you can beat - it'll depend a bit on the items you have. I have found that I can usually beat an opponent that is roughly double my hp but I have a couple of yooyu knuckle dusters and a purple scorchstone for healing. That's super general - different opponents have different stats so weapons etc won't affect them all the same way either... but that's what I have found to be a good rule of thumb.
  4. Sorry, sometimes I'm not good at expressing what I mean.. what I was trying to say is if only your first 3 spins count your tries are over pretty quickly.
  5. Huh. First 3 spins. I don't mind that it's luck based, but dislike that 'playing' lasts like 2 seconds. Lame.
  6. I always choose Haunted Woods cuz I really like the individual characters. I'll thoughtfully read all of the bios as if I'm undecided... then probably go with HW
  7. OK, so I decided to play better than you for the first time as this week's challenge is a slots game (luck not skill). Well, I beat the score! But the thing is... nothing happened. It's not the regular kind of game where you send 3 scores.. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it?? Or could I possibly not have clicked "challenge Brucey B" and it didn't count (I'm pretty sure I did click it though)? Or do I have to wait until the end of the day? I don't want to have to keep playing if unnecessary, but I'm disappointed!
  8. Looks good!! Congrats!! I just started voting/ entering these but it's hard to understand how they work... For instance, I don't recall ever seeing your lovely Peophus ... is it just an average of vote points for the duration of the contest? And if the choices for me to vote on are randomly generated do they somehow ensure each entered pet gets voted on the same number of times? I can't wrap my head around how this is set up. I wish I could vote more than 100 times per day - I could scroll through people's customizations for hours, I'm sure :)
  9. I alluded to it in another post but I STRONGLY recommend battling each day in the cosmic dome. Even when I used to fight the Jetsam Ace on easy mode I could get up to 4 nerkmids in a day. That being said, there may be lulls of a week or so without a good prize, but overall it will definitely be worth it. You also can get a fair number of red codestones. I do 'snipe' things here and there but it's usually fairly random - like if I happen to be looking for a price to sell something and see an item or two being sold at a price much lower than the rest. Then I'll grab those items and sell them. It's never been for any really high ticket items (maybe neocola tokens or coincidence items or random books/ toys etc), but I figure every bit helps. Also - when it comes to the space faerie scratch cards I recommend saving them up until you are in a faction that just won at the Obelisk War. You will get extra np for scratching them when you have the boon in effect. I hope that helps, but seriously - the cosmic dome is where it's at in my opinion. Edit: To illustrate my point, today's battles netted me a Copper Nerkmid, a Kew Codestone, and a Lesser Nerkmid :)
  10. Funny though, considering that having a premium account DOES allow you to earn way more np... I get nerkmids like crazy from the premium battledome. The space faerie is also usually quite generous about random events, too.
  11. I just want to be clear so I don't break a rule in the future... Am I allowed to say TDN but not TDN Forums? And can I mention DTI and Jelly? I'm quite sure I have done so in the past but never received the warning. I don't know if it's because it's not against the rules or because they didn't notice?
  12. Just voted and glad to do so - you are so talented!!
  13. Wow! What a lovely and unique ring, I have never seen anything like it! And also: what a cool last name!!!
  14. Welcome back! No drama here to my knowledge As pulpfreeoj said, everyone here is quite lovely and helpful. Hopefully you will stick around!
  15. I am sorry to hear that... It sounds very stressful and upsetting... I am VERY attached to my account as I'm sure you both were, too! Did you have a PIN?