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  1. GAH!!!! That's so rotten!!!! I really wish there was something you could do in that situation other than try to repeat results.
  2. charelan

    My Neopets Art

    Thanks for sharing, Val! I especially love the top one with that squishy petpet snuggle face lol
  3. Womp, too bad I noticed that too late, but no big deal. No, apparently Elite Boutique is for any account over 4 years old! If you are in the mall and you have it, it should look like this It just hangs out, unassuming, at the right side of the page... I was really surprised to click it and find a whole shop!
  4. For the last week or so I have been seeing a cute item "Crystal Necklaces" on the right hand side of the neo home page under the heading "New in NC Mall". I'd like to purchase it. I keep checking the actual mall and never see it though. Did I miss this item? Was in for sale in October and the home page is just showing an outdated item? Or is this maybe just in Future Fashions and hasn't hit the main mall? If the item's already gone I will stop checking every day. On another note, looking for this item made me discover the Elite Boutique - I had no idea it existed until my search for 'necklace' revealed the "Sparkling Multi-Strand Gothic Necklace" I had been wanting for some time 🙂 I wonder how many cool items I've missed by not noticing that tiny clickable star...
  5. charelan

    I got a new job!

    Congrats!! I hope you end up really enjoying it 🙂
  6. charelan

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    Woohoo! Got it for just over 2 mil! Thanks so much for the suggestion; I'm a happy camper 🙂
  7. charelan

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    Good call, thanks guys! I've put a bid in right now!
  8. charelan

    Pet lookup details

    I have definitely seen a handful of cool look-ups with kind of a short story or accompanying pet history. It's super imaginative, if you've got a fun idea you should def go for it 🙂
  9. charelan

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    I have 2 offers in for 2 mil apiece so hopefully I get one...
  10. charelan

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    ... OK, so I'm confused. Not everyone gets the same items in the bag? I can't believe I've been playing neo for this long and never realized this. REALLY want that stamp, but there's no way I'm risking opening a bag that could sell. Argh. Hopefully the price goes down?
  11. charelan

    The Runway Votes #66

    I missed the voting on this one, but wow - that winning entry is one of my favourite customizations yet!! Really awesome!
  12. charelan

    I just wanted to brag

    Wow. Just wow. That is so incredible... I can't believe how HUUUUUUUGGGGGE it is lol. It is so cool - those kids must have been pumped when they saw it. I think I especially like the roof dragon and the ninja head-kicker 🙂
  13. I usually use one of the prize guides to help me choose... I painstakingly go through the list of all possible prizes, try them on my pets on DTI and then see which category has the most items I'd like. I was SUPER lucky with this one... I really wanted the ruffles and rivets jacket. I bought 3 caps and voila - got it from opening the 3rd one 😉
  14. charelan

    How to Find Old Pet Name

    I'm also not sure if you can see pets from old abandoned accounts... I only say that bc I remember the name of my original pet. When I rejoined several years ago I wanted to look for her, but the search bar yields nothing.
  15. Mine aren't ready yet either, but just wanted to echo what gypsyknees said - Kerevi looks absolutely stunning!!