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  1. Welcome back! I know what you mean about not actually knowing anyone IRL who know about neopets lol... we seem to be a rare breed haha
  2. Awesome!!! I did a 2 year stint in Korea a few years back and travelled a bit in Japan while there. If you haven't already been -- Japan is awesome! One of my favourite countries I've visited. So clean, people are so polite... everything is so interesting... I'm sure you will absolutely love it.
  3. ... which takes even longer than necessary as the SSW cuts me off for "too many searches" about once per page lol... yup, this will be useful indeed :)
  4. Hello and welcome! It's a super-helpful community, as you've already seen :)
  5. Thanks so much for sharing that - sometimes it takes a personal anecdote like that to get some perspective on what is important. I'm glad you're ABLE to be back!
  6. Hopefully all will be well and you won't have to do it again! I totally empathize, it's really not a fun time.
  7. This is really interesting!! What happens after the test if people have genetic diseases? Also, if you found the explanation about haplogroups confusing, here is how I would explain it in layman's terms: You get 23 chromosomes from each parent. The 23rd chromosome is an X or a Y. A Y means you are a boy. So.. the paternal haplogroup is specifically the one line in your ancestry that was entirely male, leading up to your father. You can get information about your father's mother, your grandfather's mother etc.. but you can never get that father's-father's-father's-to infinity info unless a brother, dad, or uncle on your dad's side also submits a sample. It would be a fairly small bit of your DNA bc it's been 'watered-down' a little by each generation... It's a really cool subject!
  8. Maybe you could show us a picture when it comes :)
  9. Congrats on the engagement! That's big news! I also had no idea a cough could do that - I feel for you!!!
  10. I prefer #1. I like the silver with the stylish look bc I like the colour contrast better than the gold. I feel like the suave pteri looks more like he's just in a rush and late for work than actually suave hahaha. The stylish pteri has a little more personality. Just my 2 cents!!
  11. I'm actually quite interested in doing it as well but concerned about the idea of sending someone your genetic information. I'm probably being paranoid, but is there any fine print that allows them to do anything else with your samples? Or is the paperwork quite clear so they can't? As I said, I've always been interested but this question has held me back from ever actually checking it out.
  12. I think all three of those look absolutely terrific!! The speckled was a great choice I'd never have thought of.
  13. What do you think about something like this:
  14. What do you think of the pirate ixi with either the hazel contacts or the Court Dancer eye shadow/contacts? They're NC items, but I thought both looked pretty and was curious if you'd like them, too.
  15. Your pet will also like a Tiki Tour... I think that also costs 50 np. I've had a similar RE in the past and to make my pet happy did a whirl on the merry-go-round, a tiki tour, and played with a toy about twenty times. My memory is kinda junk but I'm certain it was all accomplished in one sitting.