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  1. New Mystery Capsule

    Yay!! I have a baby pet and this is a chance to get some cool items. I admit - I went and bought a bunch. But I got the baby christmas dress, and the new baby body paint and baby superstar dress, so I'm pretty pleased. I also got a spare swimsuit after I went and did a really expensive trade a few weeks ago... I'll just try to push that out of my mind ;) Anyway, I've got a few baby items UFT now, but am still seeking: Baby Sequined Peach Dress Baby Valentine Heart Shoes Diamond Satin Baby Valentine Shoes Baby Cloud Wings Baby Summer Flower Wig Baby Overstuffed Warf Plushie Baby Valentine Blankie I'd love to hear from you if you have any of the above UFT!!
  2. A total Doh! moment

    Hahaha I really enjoyed that, especially with the map for reference. I'm just picturing you prowling around right next to the parking lot. But the shots in your signature are great!
  3. They will love you loads in no time! Poor little kitties - they're lucky you found them :)
  4. Show off your galleries!

    Yes! This is a topic I love, too - checking out people's galleries is so much fun!! My gallery is a bit out of control bc I can't keep myself to one theme, but you can see it here: http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?view=all&gu=charelan
  5. premium collectible not there?

    Mine is there now! Hopefully yours is, too. You still never got the Sparkler Dress? That's super lame. I totally figured they would have that straightened out straight away.
  6. Sorry if there's another thread for this, but I didn't see any... Did any other premium users get a neomail saying the new premium collectible was in their inventory but it wasn't there? I'm hoping its not just me because I have never been able to submit a ticket... I figure if it's a wider-spread issue it'll likely get resolved.
  7. Lost like 10 pounds

    Awesome! I love that it happened so naturally - it's the perfect weight-loss scenario! I feel that I'm getting to a point where I could stand to lose 5-10 myself... I will remember that walking makes a huge difference.
  8. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Whew, thanks for that! I hadn't scrolled down and didn't claim this prize yet. Fortunately I found that using a much larger computer screen helped A LOT!!!
  9. Yay, son is doing well in Basic Combat Training

    Aw, Tracy, it's great to hear he's been doing well. It must be so hard to just have to wait for communication, but it sure sounds like he knows what a great support he has in you at home!
  10. Battledome: New Survey Released

    I agree with the experience thing. I added a comment to my survey along the same lines, but your idea of 'exchanging' is even better!!
  11. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    It's making me crazy. My laptop screen just isn't big enough. I think I need to go to my bfs desktop, ugh...
  12. Drackonack won't eat?

    I think you're not doing anything wrong bc I had the same experience... this avatar took me the LONGEST TIME to get. I think I ended up doing something like refreshing for 10 minutes at a time 2x per day and finally got it.
  13. Changes on the way for Charity Corner

    I'd love if it were battle stuff! I've been kinda hoping that might be the next category... This is the first year though that I saved EVERYTHING though (except snot and dung - ew), so I hope that was still a useful thing to do.
  14. 1P Opponent Abilities

    OHHHHHH!!!!! Thanks for clearing that up. Now that you mention it, I have seen that before too!
  15. Unreleased Valentines Petpets!

    I like the magaral, too. The clompkins not so much.