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  1. pulpfreeoj

    Aisha Colors?

    There are very few colors that don't look good on Aishas! If you want something more unique and difficult to obtain, you could try going for Alien, an Aisha-exclusive color. Other unique ones I like are Maraquan, Woodland (my own Knight is this color), Darigan, and Disco. Transparent is also REALLY popular and I personally am weak for skeleton themed things lol.
  2. pulpfreeoj

    Happy Kougra Day!

    Ooooh, I love that outfit! The horns and wig being separate layers makes me extra happy too. I was thinking Legolas actually. In fact, isn't this a Thranduil look-alike from the PJ Hobbit movies? Oh dang, Kougras even have eyespots to get the same effect as Lee Pace's epic eyebrows.
  3. pulpfreeoj

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    Ohhhh boy, all three Knit Negg items WILL BE MINE! ...Starting today, even. I got the Knit Negg Plant!
  4. pulpfreeoj

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    Honestly I would rather have prizes a la Altador Cup...I would probably have saved my rarer items to sell if I'd known this beforehand. Call me materialistic if you want ;| I'm at 7300-something points, probably gonna donate extra books today (I've been emptying my SDB by category) and then, we'll see. It IS nice to get rid of so much unused clutter, in any case.
  5. pulpfreeoj

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    Heads up, if anyone wants a couple NC items for the NC part shoot me a message. I have a few "junk" items I never use sitting around.
  6. pulpfreeoj

    Nay for breaking my plant when I watered it ;~;

    Aloe are like Hens and Chicks that way- I find they're harder to overwater than cacti while still requiring very little water. My family are all notorious black thumbs, but I used to have a big pot of hens and chicks that was given to me that I used to just leave outside. I don't know how the winters didn't kill it but it seemed to do well and even grew quite big. I left it behind when we moved once and I've missed it ever since. Then recently my mom gave me a small pot of them that was given to her as a gift. I'm kind of worried it doesn't get enough sun in my window (this one will be an indoor plant) but it seems to be thriving so far. I might see if I can identify which exact species it is, if I can. I'm a big fan of succulents- they are very interesting to look at and learn about, some of them like aloe are even particularly useful, and they're hard to kill.
  7. pulpfreeoj

    Anyone ever think about. . ?

    To be fair, I've come to realize through the years that some people REALLY don't like eggs.
  8. pulpfreeoj

    Changes on the way for Charity Corner

    I like the way the charity corner has worked in the past because I kind of compulsively hoard all the stuff I end up with just doing dailies and various things around neopets, so it's a good way to clear a little room in the old SDB. I'm open to change though, I'd love to see a new charity corner soon. Wouldn't it be cool if Granny decided to help with the war effort or something and asked us to donate battledome weapons/items? I have way too much of that stuff.
  9. pulpfreeoj

    New Marble Kougra!

    It's orange and it's a Kougra so my approval is basically guaranteed here. Very cute!
  10. pulpfreeoj

    Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    Probably the only person in the world who voted for Burlap Doll. It looks so creepy and handmade, I can't resist! I predict steampunk's probably going to win. We get to look forward to pets with gears and monocles pasted on random body parts wearing top hats and corsets on the outside of their clothes. Also, I think the Toy is supposed to be a shiny new action figure? You can see the pins where the "joints" are and the springy tail reminds me of some of the actual action figure and other springy toy items in Neopia. The resemblance to a rubber duck is probably just because it happens to be a Lenny in a yellow color, lol.
  11. pulpfreeoj

    Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Gets New Prizes!

    Aw, I got a Speckled Faerie Chomby Plushie! So cute.
  12. pulpfreeoj

    Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Gets New Prizes!

    I love allllll of these *-* DMBGPP is my favorite daily I think. IDK why.
  13. pulpfreeoj

    Qasalan Expellibox

    Today I landed on the 150 NC spot. Today also happens to be my birthday! Quite good luck, I never land on the NC spot.
  14. pulpfreeoj

    Neopets plushie collectors... assemble!

    Welcome to the forums =) Hopefully you can stick around for more posts, we're a very nice community. I don't have a facebook, but I started keeping my eyes peeled for neopets merchandise when I go thrift shopping and such, and I did recently find a Faerie Ixi keyquest plushie. I also have a Disco Chombie one and a Yellow Wocky mcdonald's plush so far.
  15. pulpfreeoj

    Happy Aisha Day!

    These colors are great! I especially love the candy one, it's so cute. I like the outfit, at least it's only adjacent to a certain snow queen rather than a direct ripoff. The suit, the fur around the cape and the staff are particularly nice, it almost looks more active than previously mentioned CERTAIN SNOW QUEEN COUGH COUGH.