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  1. This is amazing! I'm in awe. I will admit that I do use Jellyneo for the items database but of course I will gladly be completely faithful to TDN now that this option is available!
  2. NO, leave the Alien color alone! Aishas deserve to have something special! I like the Jelly Moehog, but then again I'm a sucker for anything orange. The outfit is amazing, that goes without saying though.
  3. I just started trying to get my regional pokedex completed on Pokemon Moon as part of my Living Dex (I have a complete one up through Gen 6 already). I also restarted my Pokemon White but I've not gotten very far on that, not so focused on it. Oh, I also have been playing Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World! It's pretty much tailor made for me, I like it a lot. I've been playing the 3ds port of Hyrule Warriors too but I'm terrible at it haha.
  4. The outfit is really cute! Love those wings and that wig especially. The colors don't wow me, but yeah, biscuit and custard aren't very popular anyway I think
  5. Haunted Woods ftw, always! I usually only end up playing Make Some Noise though, and the one where you just shoot goals.
  6. That outfit is SUPER cute. It reminds me of like, a little girl's Jedi halloween costume.
  7. I actually think the two wearable prizes are very cute! I already had the site theme from a previous year of course but that's fun too.
  8. D'oh! Of course I should have thought of that myself. Thanks deb! I feel so vindicated having saved that dip now that this color has come out...
  9. I kind of have a problem! Maybe someone here knows the answer: I have a dip in the rainbow fountain available but Candy doesn't show up as an option for my Kougra. Could it simply be a case of the color not being activated? Or maybe that since I got the dip before the color was released for the pet it doesn't show up for some reason? Please don't tell me candy's just not available at the rainbow fountain, it would break my heart!
  10. Oh my goodness I LOVE IT. That is a Lisa Frank tiger! I may have to change Rainbow now- in fact, her name totally fits this color! Ahhhhhhhh look at it it's so pretty!
  11. Welcome back! I hope you can stick around. It's great to see someone who was on this site so long ago! I feel like things are very mellow around here haha, people are very lovely and helpful. Personally I never was on any neopets fansites, despite being on neopets ages ago (circa like, 2003 for my first account probably?). Interesting to see that there was some drama here!
  12. Tadaaaaa! Nice choice! Look what you have found! Basket of Nuts You will find it in your inventory. How fun. I doubt I'll use it but you never know!
  13. Aw, you're a sweetheart Deb! Thanks so much! I wasn't expecting a new Negg today. Definitely have to try for those socks.
  14. I have an extra Willowed Dress if anyone wants to trade a fence for one after the event! I figure I'm going to go with the Nutty Negg now, might as well try for those wearables even if I'm not SUPER interested.
  15. I got the Cybunny Nesting Doll! Very cute. The only other prize that I really want now is the nesting doll garland so I'll be trying for that one next. Then maybe I'll try for the willow fence I guess.