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  1. Disco Chia is...groovy. Can't believe there wasn't one already.
  2. Here's how I have been doing things since I came back to Neopets about 5 years ago: Do dailies Throw everything from them into my SDB and put any extra NP into the bank ??? Profit Charity Corner has only exacerbated my hoarding tendencies. Granted, a lot of the items end up being r101 (which CC doesn't accept), but I end up with enough stuff that this CC I went through my WHOLE SDB and was able to donate around 300 times. So my answer is, "hoard everything."
  3. Yeah, I think when I mentioned the Symol Hole upthread I was thinking of the Turmaculus instead. My bad lol
  4. I think the main thing is to NOT zap it with the petpet lab ray, obviously. I don't think I've heard of anything else that could affect a petpet, except having it disappear down the Symol Hole and losing it forever.
  5. I like Candy, the way I see it it could be a more accessible alternative to Chocolate (and less restrictive to boot, since there's tons of different kinds of candy but only so many ways to stretch "chocolate" as a theme).
  6. I believe once the P3 is attached, any removal of the Petpet will make it disappear.
  7. Thanks for making this topic, I didn't know this was a thing! I just went and bought one of the cards myself, so if anyone still needs the Valentines theme you can PM me here or NM me on neopets so we can both get it!
  8. I don't know if I can agree with you on this one. It's true that there are many adults that play neopets, but you have to remember that there are children as young as 13 (and even younger if they have parental permission) that frequent the neoboards as well. TNT have always been very upfront that they aim for neopets to be a place for ALL users to relax, free from the cares of the real world, and not everyone has positive associations with alcohol (or other drugs). If you'd posted profanity or political or religious content you'd have been warned as well. There's better places to talk about such things if you want to, and in fact neopets is one of the few places on the internet that I know of where you can't discuss such things. I think in this case it was fair that you were warned when you broke a rule. Whether the person (or people) who reported you was jealous or not has no bearing on the matter, IMO.
  9. Yes, I do play it! I've beaten the main story of Moon. I take it you like Pokemon? Very fun. As for dream pets, I don't really have one! It's always been hard for me to pick favorites of anything... Good luck with your battling too!
  10. Hi Adarah! It's nice to meet you. I find that I spend time on neopets trying to perfect my pets' customizations, and slowly working on my item galleries. In the past maybe year or so I've started playing the stock market as a way to make more NP, and that's been pretty wild too. I'm still not sure I'm doing it right but something seems to be happening anyway. Battling is kind of cool too though, do you participate in the obelisk skirmishes?
  11. I just realized you have to buy donation packs to donate NC items at the charity corner, so I am offering these small and not very valuable NC items for trade, ideal for people who maybe have some extra donation packs to fill up (or even if you just want the item itself). Make me an offer either here via PM or NM me, willing to trade multiple of these small items for one slightly better item or whatever works for you. These guys are just honestly taking up space in my SDB. Bone Necklace Fireworks Face Paint Dainty Blue and Purple Face Paint Candy Face Paint Gift Wrap Kauboy Hat Classic Beauty Mark (x2) Wings of Flame Really Ripe Banana Holiday Mohawk Christmas Treats Garland Glittery Leaf Wings Holiday Gift Bag Garland
  12. Hi, we don't really know each other, but I just thought I'd offer some words, you can take or leave them. I believe that no matter what, you deserve to feel valued and not made to feel like less than a person. From your description, it just sounds to me like the two of you weren't a good fit (and I'd venture to say that he treated you selfishly). It's easy for someone like me to say "He doesn't deserve you, you're worth more than that," but it can take a while before you really feel the truth of it, especially when it comes to ending a relationship that lasted so long and started so young. It's alright to be upset and sad and still feel in love with someone you know is bad for you. I feel like relationships are definitely something that can be mourned, and that can be a long process and everyone handles it differently. The temptation to fall into old patterns can be strong, but you're stronger. You can move on from this, take the good memories and the lessons learned with you in your heart, and leave the bitterness and pain behind. You'll move on to bigger and better things. Just give yourself time and remember to treat yourself kindly and with patience. Whatever the case, I wish you luck and happiness (and love, if that's what you want).
  13. Huh, my gnorbu's lookup calls her a "shearedGnorbu" but she looks normal =O I kind of wanted to see her sheared.
  14. The outfits are super cute! That Ogrin hat will be perfect for my gallery!
  15. Yyyyep. That Cheaper by the Dozen is impossible to pass up.