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  1. Happy Poogle Day!

    Oh my goodness, Chucky was my only real horror movie trauma as a kid. Leave it to the Poogles to dress like him! My first thought with the candy one was definitely a bonbon.
  2. Happy Kyrii Day!

    AQUAMAN CLOTHES Even if I never have a Kyrii pet in my life I NEED to buy those.
  3. Unreleased Petpets!

    Does this mean there'll be a robot Krawk pet? Or will it just turn into a basic color? They both look great regardless.
  4. Scrappy thinks we haven't noticed?

    Oh, I would like this. I don't have all my pet slots filled on my 2 sides but I often contemplated becoming one of those people that adopts pets, zaps them to something possibly more "desirable" and then adopts them out or re-pounds them. Plus more slots for me means getting to have more different species! There's so many to like it's hard to limit yourself! I don't know if I would count on it happening soon, but I think it can be done, if TNT is REALLY game for it and not just teasing "Well maybe it'll happen! We'll get back to you on that!"- style.
  5. Neopets Merch!

    I am completely speechless. Your collection is so beautiful! I especially adore your petpets! I would also go to eBay and look for maybe a few key favorites but I'm afraid once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. So I'm limiting my Neopets searching to my usual thrill of the chase pastime- thrifting at Goodwill and other secondhand shops.
  6. Neopets Merch!

    Today, I scored a Disco Chomby keyquest plush in really good shape WITH INTACT TAGS/PROBABLY UNUSED CODE (because of the way the tags are set up). For 50 cents. I don't even particularly like Chombies but I couldn't pass it up, it's too cute. Way back when McDonald's had their Neopets promotion, I used to have a few of the plush and the cards that came with them. I don't even remember when/how I got rid of them. So this Chomby is the only IRL piece of Neopets merch that I have. I did see a CD book with a Cloud Gelert theme at a different thrift store a couple years back, but I passed on it. Probably should have picked it up! Did you have any of the IRL Neopets plush or merch? Which one's your favorite? Any pets/petpets/other that you WISH got official merch? What about unofficial merch? I have to admit that I'm definitely going to make a few Neopets amigurumi for myself when I get around to it.
  7. Happy Ruki Day!

    I MISSED this because of real life stuff but omg, Rukis get all the best clothes! Sehetep might have a change of wardrobe in her future for sure. The colors are alright! I guess this is a purple year for Rukis.
  8. Happy Ixi Day!

    That Pastel Ixi is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS. The marble is...well, it's interesting to look at, I always love orange/yellow/warm colors and I think it's well-drawn. I can see how someone could like it or find a custom that works with it. The clothes are fun too.
  9. I'm really bad about not doing much on NP when there's nothing going on to hold my interest (advent, faerie quest thing which i ended up missing most of this year anyway, AC). I was doing sooo well on visiting every day and doing all my dailies including Trudy and then like the day after the AC ended I waited too long (my schedule is weird so sometimes I'm up past midnight NST even though that's really late/early in my timezone) to do my dailies and missed a day of Trudy's Surprise. That was really disheartening lol I was going to ask where you saw this until I paid closer attention and realized you said the JN frontpage and not the Neopets front page/new features. haha
  10. Happy Flotsam Day!

    I know dimensional pets don't seem to be very popular but I really like this one. The color (as in, the purplish hue they chose) suits the Flotsam very well IMO
  11. Funny Petpet glitch

    I didn't realize you could do anything with your petpet, such as the turmaculus stuff, when the petpet was in Grave Danger. How strange.
  12. Altador Cup 2017 Prize Shops Open!

    Best part of the cup, THE PRIZES I don't have nearly enough points haha, but I'll HAVE to buy one of those beanies for my gallery.
  13. I don't restock and I'm not much for the battledome or anything like that- the only thing that I do on Neopets that really relates to the boons is play the stock market (my main source of income besides trudy's surprise), so I always pick whatever faction has Cheaper by the Dozen (so in general, The Sway or the Thieve's Guild). It's a tremendous help when that faction wins and you can buy stocks for 2/3 the normal minimum price.
  14. What's your Achievement today?

    Today I reached Rank 1 on the Altador Cup, which for me is exciting because I hate playing most games so I've never gone beyond Beginner before. I played a looooot of Make Some Noise...my poor fingers
  15. darkinvention is in the Beauty Contest :O

    I cast my vote! Your drawing is so very cute <3 If drawing makes you happy then by all means you should do more I think!