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  1. That actually makes a lot of sense, I'll definitely be going through by section when I eventually get around to it.
  2. I didn't know that this existed either! This is really great, I was actually thinking how I'd love some tool like this.
  3. For what it's worth, I've gotten that event once or twice and I've never had a grey pet. haha
  4. I say either the speckled or the woodland!
  5. Today I finally had enough NP saved up to get the best bank account with the highest interest rate (Ultimate Riches!) When I was a kid I would never have thought I could do that. ...Very tempted to go on a shopping spree to celebrate
  6. That sweater is SO DELIGHTFULLY TACKY, it will fit right in my gallery! I love the woodland gelert, too. One of the better woodland pets IMO.
  7. You could always just buy a couple Pant Devil Attractors. That way if he DOES show up he'll go for those instead.
  8. I don't think pressing f5 would count as cheating. Or at least I hope not, since I use it when I check prices on the shop wizard and to feed my pets food that can be "eaten" multiple times like omelettes. You're not using any cheating script or doing something anyone else couldn't do to get an unfair advantage, so I'd say it should be fine.
  9. Disco Chia is...groovy. Can't believe there wasn't one already.
  10. Here's how I have been doing things since I came back to Neopets about 5 years ago: Do dailies Throw everything from them into my SDB and put any extra NP into the bank ??? Profit Charity Corner has only exacerbated my hoarding tendencies. Granted, a lot of the items end up being r101 (which CC doesn't accept), but I end up with enough stuff that this CC I went through my WHOLE SDB and was able to donate around 300 times. So my answer is, "hoard everything."
  11. Yeah, I think when I mentioned the Symol Hole upthread I was thinking of the Turmaculus instead. My bad lol
  12. I think the main thing is to NOT zap it with the petpet lab ray, obviously. I don't think I've heard of anything else that could affect a petpet, except having it disappear down the Symol Hole and losing it forever.
  13. I like Candy, the way I see it it could be a more accessible alternative to Chocolate (and less restrictive to boot, since there's tons of different kinds of candy but only so many ways to stretch "chocolate" as a theme).
  14. I believe once the P3 is attached, any removal of the Petpet will make it disappear.
  15. Thanks for making this topic, I didn't know this was a thing! I just went and bought one of the cards myself, so if anyone still needs the Valentines theme you can PM me here or NM me on neopets so we can both get it!