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  1. I'm fearing that game too... I'm really awful at it... I hope it will be on Saturday or Sunday, otherwise... I do not have the time to spend all day trying.
  2. Sissub the Faerie Jetsam is up for adoption: Sissub likes gathering food. When meeting others, Sissub would attack if they are weaker. - Attributes - Age: 2,652 days old (63,671 hours) Birthday: 23rd December (Y11) Level: 1 Gender: Female - Battledome Stats - Hit Points: 7 / 22 Strength: GREAT (30) Defence: poor Movement: super speedy Intelligence: above average Sissub has a Petpet! Pooper the Desert Symol (239 hours old) [ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]
  3. You are probably right, but I can still dream
  4. This is a really useful tool, but I wish it could tell you about all SDB items, not just the page you look for...:(
  5. I was thinking about trying for a trophy, I would have to keep practicing for those approximately 6000 points I need for the trophy, unless I get lucky. P.S.: No problem to beat Chadley today either.
  6. As someone said above, use the "skip" cheat, that way you can change the level, as far as I know, you can use it as much times as you want.
  7. Wow... I must admit I was not inspired by this theme... but... wow... You have done a wonderful art, it is going to be the hardest choice for me among all past Runway I have seen.
  8. One more easy game for me, perhaps because I have been practicing for the avatar (sadly I do not have it yet). But I managed to beat my high score.
  9. I'm not a plushie person, but I must admit I liked the Cooty Plushie too.
  10. One more unexpected score for me. My highest score on this game was 370, so I thought It would be tough for me... I was wrong, I got the score at my first try.
  11. I want to know your opinions about Daily Dare and Games Master. What do you like? what do you dislike? One thing I like about Daily Dare and Games Master is that I rediscover games. For example, I used to be awful at Kass Basher, but on one of these events I had to learn (reading guides), and it was easier than I thought, I just did not know how to play right, and now is one of the games I play daily for my 3000 NP. For some other games, I even go as far as try to get a trophy. I also like the change TNT made to Games Master, the first year I played you just had to get the score, but the last two years, there are 2 teams that have to compete, and get different prices according with their themes, even if I end up choosing the team that loses, as it has been my case so far. One thing I do not like about Daily Dare and Games Master is that sometimes beating the high score is really easy, and some other games are harder. I do not like that, I like it to be challenging for me to beat the high score, that is why there is 2 difficulties, or it should be. For example, on the Daily Dare, could be 3 categories, one with Abigail that gets you the bronze trophy, I do not know who is supposed to be harder to be, if Chadley or AAA, but one of them (the easier to beat) would have the silver trophy and the other one (the hardest to beat) would have the gold trophy. That way everybody find it challenging for their skills, and more fair, because sometimes I see people with A LOT of trophies and I wonder how easy it is for them these games, they must get bored. P.S.: I'm sorry if there is already a topic about this and/or this is the wrong place to post it.
  12. Perhaps I was not as good then as I am today, and that is why I thought it was higher, I thought it was around 900 points or so... my bad.
  13. I knew this game was going to be extremely easy for me, because I'm quite fond of this game, and this is one of the games I play daily for my 3000 NP, but still... that score was... I think this game was part of one the Games Master since I have been playing... and if I'm not mistaken... the score was higher...
  14. I have been thinking the same thing. I cannot speak for other years of the Daily Dare, but last year (my first time playing it) it was really hard for me, and because of 1 game and ended up with the runner up medal... And this year is quite easy for me... I did not want to say anything in case my luck goes away... but yes, it is not just you.
  15. I thought this game was going to be one of the tough ones for me, but it turned out that I beat Chadley on my first try.