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  1. delshnya

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Is there something special apart from "wing it"? I do not think I will be able to win at that game, I'm using an old laptop and the sound is broken :(
  2. delshnya

    The Official Stock Market Board

    SHRX is at 171, hurry up!. I for once, sold them (except 1000) without thinking...
  3. delshnya

    Unreleased Petpets!

    Darigan is not my thing, but it is quite cool that Meowclops.
  4. delshnya

    The Runway

    Wow... what a great idea for this Runway, I am eager to see the entries. This theme gives A LOT of options to choose from.
  5. delshnya

    Adobe Flash Dead in 2020 - Future of Neopets

    As Balloongal said, perhaps they have been working on that and that is why we have not seen so much improvement. I hope they convert all the games... it could be an improvement, there are games that cannot be played, or only a few people can. Other games that I think use shockwave or something like that... exclude people like me that use Linux instead of Windows or Mac, I would like to be able to play those games, and try for some avatars that are out of my reach right now. Also, I lost my hope on KeyQuest being back, but perhaps they have been taking so long because they are already trying to convert it or something (I do not understand about those things).
  6. Most defenitely items... I have not calculated how much the items in my Safety Deposit Box are worth, but I know for sure that it is more than I have in my bank... which is not much :( I'm awful at saving money on games.
  7. delshnya

    New plot in the works!

    I won't get my hopes up, but it would be nice, I have been wanting to participate in a plot since the first time I joined Neopets (more than 10 years ago), but I never had the chance... :( I would like to had participated in the Haunted Woods one.
  8. delshnya

    The Official Stock Market Board

    I have not being back long, when I first saw them they were lower than 130 I think, and I decided to wait because I did not know if they were going up or down.
  9. delshnya

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Wow... MPC is at 135 right now... After more than a month away... that is a nice come back... I won't buy for now, because last I checked it was at 130 or so... who knows...
  10. delshnya

    I just had to sign up again...

    Thank you for posting this, otherwise I would have not joined again... I am kind of glad this happened, and I hope this will be the team that counts because I think I joined the wrong team before.
  11. delshnya

    Is the soup kitchen avatar totally random?

    As far as I can remember, it takes a few tries. It is best to have your Neopet (if you have more than one even better) really hungry, that way you could even get the avatar in the same day. I am not completely sure, but I think I got it on my second day trying, but I only had 1 Neopet and she was not that hungry (I think). It depends on your luck, but I do not think it would take that long...
  12. delshnya

    best colour for lutaris

    Well, that is up to you, it is you who is going to look at that Neopet in a regular basis. The one I like is the Stealthy Lutari.
  13. delshnya

    The Runway Votes #40

    I know, but I like to choose just one. I think there was a time when I could not decide and I voted for two people, but most of the time, just one.
  14. delshnya

    The Runway Votes #40

    Um.... not again! (just a joke, I'm glad people are so good at this), I cannot decide... there are two entries that I really like... As usual, I will take a couple of days to think about it.
  15. delshnya

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Duhiah the Pink Poogle: Duhiah likes pestering others. When meeting others, Duhiah would stand their ground. - Attributes - Age: 2,205 days old (52,941 hours) Birthday: 5th May (Y13) Level: 1 Gender: Female - Battledome Stats - Hit Points: 38 / 38 Strength: great Defence: average Movement: breakneck Intelligence: average Duhiah has a Petpet! Woojit the Grey Krawk (27 days and 7 hours old) [ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]