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  1. Well, let me get this darn rubbish avvie sorted and I'll be with you, hoarding absolutely everything!
  2. Oh, Wow. Now that actually was good timing. In the sense that, if not for finding out that it was a thing a week before it happened, you might have missed this one too.
  3. I was just about to re-edit my previous post because I'd just noticed in your very first post you said you heard about the event about a week before it happened. Where/how did you hear about it? (And don't tell me it was on the news page! I'm so terribly bad about actually reading the news page in a timely fashion.) I think, for me, even a week before the event would have been too late, as I'd mostly cleared my SDB by then and was just aggressively trying to get more items to donate to the money tree since the amount I did give wasn't enough for the avvie. But two weeks before...well, that would have been a different story! Oh, and that sucks! What bad timing.
  4. I'm like the rest of you, learnt a lesson this time round and instead of making bulk donations to the money tree I'm doing it all individually so that I can check those rarity values. My biggest issue was that I started chasing the rubbish avvie in earnest about two weeks before the CC was announced and I donated oodles of stuff to the money tree that I didn't think twice about because it was 'junk', only to find out later that some of that junk was r90+ stuff. (Mourns all the Twirly Plants she got rid of. So close to the event too!) Actually, a lot of it turned out to be r90+. I, too, am mostly only getting rid of r101 stuff right now, although I slip up every now and then. I just want the rubbish avvie to happen for me already! In terms of what will be next, who knows? It really could be any category they hit next (although I also thought about a weapons amnesty as a possibility for next time). And I'm impressed with the theory, @jellysundae It's not just about us, as you say. It could very well be to help clear out some of those inactive shops. Actually, wouldn't it just be too awful if we all focused on chucking out our 100+ items, and hoarding everything else, and then the charity corner next time round was to get rid of some of those 'special' items?
  5. Today when I spun the Wheel of Knowledge, I won another spin. Yay! So I span again. And I won another spin. Yay? So I span again. And I won, yet again, another spin. Say what? So I span again. THIS time, I won a Meatier Asparagus Dish. How bizarre, right? What are the odds of me winning three free spins in a row? And has this ever happened to you?
  6. I took it all to be just cute storyline, because in the FAQ question about what will happen to the items: What are the different categories of items? What will they be used for? There are 5 categories of items this year. They are: Books – To fill the upcoming library in the new Community Hall, Coffee and Beverages – For the construction workers to have while they take a break, Food – To provide lunch meals for workers, Furniture and Gardening – Will be reused to furnish the Hall or salvaged to help with the construction of the Hall, Gifts – To be sold at a Garage Sale to raise funds for the construction of the Hall. it gives story, rather than saying, "Oh, yeah, we're just trying to clear our servers. Each item you donate will then cease to exist in-game." I mean, where's the romance in that? They're just keeping the fourth wall intact, I thought. I hope! Because "helping each other out" sounds more like what the neoboards are already used for. Why duplicate that? I think, if they were to try to have year-round charity corner-type activity, they would have to completely rethink how it works. I can't see its current format being a viable option on a long-term basis.
  7. I'm with you! I just go from the first on the list and work my way down. Depends on how many of the item I want. I do, however, like to buy from someone who has multiples of one thing...if I'm after multiples of that one thing. I'm lazy. I figure, with all the refreshing I have to do to try to find the cheapest price because I don't have SSW, if I find someone who has a thing at a good price and I need lots of them, I can't be bothered shopping around anymore. I'll just get them all from the one place. Well, as few places as I can. But I do like to go on little sprees sometimes. I'll pick a random item and then find the person who has it for the cheapest and then I'll just buy a bunch of stuff that's in their shop that catches my eye without price checking, just for the fun of it. I go through my penny-pinching phases, and then, very occasionally, I want to splurge. I also don't know about whether this affects any of you, but shop layout and number of items in the shop affects my shopping. If I can't read the text or the numbers on the screen properly, or just plain don't like the look of the shop, I won't buy there. And if they have too many things, like pages and pages and pages of stuff, I can't be bothered. I want to have a browse, not need a water bottle and a picnic lunch to sustain me from one end of the shop to the other. I also figure if they've got enough funds to invest in that much stock, they probably don't need my custom.
  8. Yes, you should have. I know people who donated less than you who got the bronze trophy. I gave 700 and also got the bronze trophy. Hope you've gotten it by now.
  9. So my question is, for those of us with the previous avatar who have the glitch affecting us, since the event is going to end very soon, how/where will we get the avatar? If it required 'one more donation' to activate it for everybody else, how will it work for us? We're not going to be able to make one more donation.
  10. I can't even say that it makes sense for the Southern Hemisphere, because it's still very definitely summer here. *looks at forecast for 35 degC today and whimpers*
  11. I recently did exactly this. I accidentally left off a zero in an offer I made on an MP and was chatting to someone on Skype when my brain caught up with my muscle memory and I went, "Wait a second...!!" Yep, my offer had been rejected. I very quickly neomailed the person to say that I'd made a typo mistake and re-offered on the lot with the correct amount. So it can happen to any of us. I suspect this is what happened with your person but they may not have realised they'd left off the zero. Usually when I get crappy offers on stuff, what they're offering reads nothing like what I've requested so it can't be interpreted as that kind of mistake. Like being offered 20np and a rotten artichoke when I've asked for 3000np. There are no typos there.
  12. Me! Me! Ooh, pick me! I know there are other musical people in this place so it's interesting that you can't find any threads about this already. But I too sing, in a choir and a quartet, and I play a couple of instruments. I didn't do it for several years and I missed it so badly. It was like there was a piece of me missing. So, who else wants to put their hand up?
  13. I do it pretty similarly to the way Mouseykins does. Check with JellyNeo, refresh the shop wizard a bunch of times, open in a separate tab the shop I've seen cheapest so far, keep refreshing. The thing to be aware of is, the Shop Wizard checks the shops in alphabetic pairs. So it always checks shops that start with the letters 'A' and 'N' together. It does 'B' and 'O' together, and 'C' and 'P' together, and you get the drift (just split the alphabet in half between 'M' and 'N' and pair that way). So because there are 26 letters in the alphabet, with 13 pair sets, there are 13 different sets of results that I want to see if I'm trying to find the absolute cheapest. I don't just mean I refreshed 13 times, because often you'll get shown a pairing you've seen before. I got to the stage where I had a grid drawn up with all the alphabetic pairings written down the left side, and then I would write down what the cheapest result in each pairing was and keep refreshing until I had the cheapest in every single pairing written down and then make my decision. Talk about time consuming! And then, just to confuse things, sometimes the shops begin with numbers or underscore. They also match a pair set, but they are less common. It's just, if the only result that came up began with a number or with underscore, I'd have to try and work out which pair set that result represented. Not to mention if there are no results for an item. Does that mean there are no results in one pair set or possibly more pair sets? Who knows? The problem is that you could refresh 30 times and the shop wiz might still have only shown you 9 of the possible 13 pair sets. Which is why I started writing them down. So that I would be able to say, "I've been refreshing like mad, and I've still not seen the 'G' and 'T' pair set, and who knows but they might be vastly cheaper?" It became far too much work and effort. I want to be able to buy the cheapest, but not at the cost of my sanity. If anyone else has a better way of doing it (that isn't premium with the Super Shop Wiz), I'd love to hear about it!
  14. Or if you're someone like me, your phone is *just* able to get the app to open, and then nothing happens. And I mean absolutely nothing. I downloaded it a couple of years ago and because of that I got the stamp and the clothes welcome items but I've never been able to actually play it and I ended up deleting it out of sheer frustration. My phone is pretty old and rubbish though. Maybe one day I'll have a swanky new phone that it will work on. Yeah, and one day pigs might fly, I reckon. I've just recently started playing Food Club after ignoring people recommending it for years because it didn't make any sense to me and I hated the idea of gambling. But I'm making money from it! The thing is, only bet what you're prepared to lose. I'm not sure what your maximum bet would be with a five year old account, but if you bet your maximum and the bets tank, you might wipe out your funds. Start small, be prepared for some losses, and work your way up. And definitely come and join us in The Kindness Project guild!
  15. I never even thought about fostering or having pets fostered. When I've wanted space I've either created a new side (and I've run out of those available to me!) or I've ended up pounding someone (and we all hate doing that!) I'll have to consider this some more.