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  1. Scoobert_Doo

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    How many "Favorite" games do you currently have? That could be it. Amount of "Favorite" games you can have is based on your Neo account age. I couldn't find a TDN link, but JellyNeo has this one: http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=experienceduser Queen_Elizabeth19's account is 11.5 years, which makes approximately 138 months. According to the link, Queen_Elizabeth19 "should" be able to "Favorite" 30 games. If the half year is not taken in account, then it would be about 27 games (132 months).
  2. It's not over, yet. I think we still have a chance at 1st. And, @rntracy1, if anyone, it would be my fault, from yesterday. I've been mainly playing YYB and capping at 46 games. After that, I'm usually too burned out to play anything else. Monday thru Friday is harder for me, as I work a regular job. Capping YYB takes a few hours. So, blame me. I can take it!
  3. @TokaValencia, you seem to be doing well. Well, well on your way to All-Star. That is awesome! @Nielo, you are doing awesome, too! Rank 10 is really good.@rntracy1, WOW! Just wow! All-Star already! *I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy* Great you reached your AC XIII goal! So, this song is for you: Everyone, keep going! Don't stop! Terror Mountain is looking good. We might have a chance to win this! And, we are all All-Stars, no matter what rank! EDIT: Time to change your siggy, @rntracy1! LOL
  4. You should display a warning, for that link. I do see the "NYAH NYAH NYAH", but what I truly get is "Soon Soon Soon"... EDIT: 14 Jun2018 - Apologies for the late post. Score for Round 1 - 8005. Changed my team up, as follows: Seniormalo (No change) Agog (Switched out for Gingersnap) Scrappy (No change) Kikocat (No change) Binary Supagoo (Switched out for EhLo FrOyo - May end up regretting this) And for Star Player, Binary Supagoo. And, speaking of Star Player, it looks like the criteria will change, per round. I have a feeling the same Star Player will not be picked twice. Picked Binary Supagoo hoping he will get the most goalie saves, but it's anyone's guess how they choose.
  5. Scoobert_Doo

    Wheel of Extravagance

    Sure have. A TDN article on the prizes you can "win", is located here: http://thedailyneopets.com/articles/wheels-of-neopia/ "Are they worth the price of spinning?" Well, it depends on what you get. The only reason I'm spinning it, is to get the avatar. Other than that, I haven't won much, from it.
  6. Is it just me? Am I the only one who feels "guilty" if I don't score (in time) with the Clockwork Yooyu?
  7. Scoobert_Doo

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    Chrome did have an update, last week, and, it wouldn't be the first time certain things didn't work, after one. However, I have seen on the Neoboards where Firefox users were having the same issues, too. Hard to tell, as it is not affecting everyone. In any case, I hope you get an answer.
  8. Scoobert_Doo

    Stuck on Farmer Constellation

    Ok. I'm not great at explaining things, but I believe you have the correct star/constellation coordinates. I think you just didn't connect them correctly. So, take the upper/top most star. It looks like you "plotted" a straight line from that top most star, to the very bottom star - the lowest star on the right. What you might want to try, is drawing a line from that top most star, to the middle star. (Middle, being the star between the top most star, and the lowest star - of the three stars on the very right). Then, from the middle star, connect a line from it, to the lowest star on the right. Essentially, making two lines and not one straight line. I hope this makes sense and gets you past this plot part. Please post if it did. Good luck!
  9. Oh...she is. *Feeling daft* I blame it on playing too much Yooyuball. I'm lucky if I remember my name after maxing...
  10. To be honest, I was (yes, I really was) surprised there was no "Jade" in the mix. After all, see is an assistant NT Editor. (I personally think see now IS the NT Editor). Now, if "hardtotame" was a player, DEFINITELY would be picking.
  11. I don't think so, about the Faerie Yooyu. It's Darigan, Faerie, then Mutant. I can score way more often with a Faerie Yooyu, than a Darigan one. Faerie ones don't bother me, except when it's Darigan, Faerie, then Darigan again.
  12. Been happening to me, too. I've "survived" games where I had three of them. I've seemed to find a way to score, but it does take longer.
  13. For me, it's all about the points. Last year, for the Staff Tournament, I picked Senormalo and DJ Skellington. Unfortunately, DJ didn't play as well as some of the female players, so I switched him out. And, yes, there may have been a few other "dudes" in the pick, as I thought they'd perform better. Just can't remember. If it was me, I would play harder to try and beat their scores. It seems the Staff male players, overall, don't score as well as the ladies do. So, I'm going for past performances for this first round pick. If some of the guys do better, I will consider switching them out. And this is why I liked the AC Staff Tournament post/topic from last year. With many TDNers posting their results, it helped me, and I'm sure, others, stack their team to get the most points they could, even though the prizes are usually "meh".
  14. I'm surprised, too! TM seems to be doing well, so far, this AC! Awesome job @rntracy1, @TokaValencia, and @Nielo! And to any TM "lurkers" out there! I've been playing a lot of Yooyuball. If you've been, too, I'm hoping, first, you'll understand the joke, this song will make you laugh, and it will keep you motivated to keep playing/pressing on: *music playing* I like playing Yooyuball usually, but occasionally, I want some SOSD ee!
  15. You get three (3!) Darigan Yooyuballs in one game!