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  1. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 140!

    Joined the Thieves, too. 27 rounds with no win is a loooooooooong time, so maybe this time will be a win!
  2. Scoobert_Doo

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    I tried combining a "Ripped Kass Plushie" and an "Ash Mote" in the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. Unfortunately, Pango Pango wasn't impressed. Both would be considered "junk", aka "trash" items. Since neither worked, I threw them in the trash, "Discard Item", but nothing by doing that either. EDIT: I attached a Petpet to my Gelert and zapped him at the "Petpet Laboratory". "Pan", the Altachuck, was turned into a "Pile of Soot". I decided to customize my Gelert and purchased a "Rubbish Dump Background" and saved that, as the background. I also placed a "Kass Basher Badge" and a "Kass Hand SockPuppet", both wearable, and saved. No avatar. I even looked at my pet's lookup and still no avatar. Wonder if a Blue Kacheek would work with the "Rubbish Dump Background" and a "Pile of Soot" petpet?
  3. Scoobert_Doo

    Flash games not working

    The crazy part about Adobe Flash is there are different versions, for different browsers. And, most browsers block Flash, so you have to enable Flash for Neopets, within the browser itself. Installing Flash alone doesn't mean Flash will work. To enable Flash for Firefox: 1. Open Firefox and go to www.neopets.com. 2. Once there, click on the circle with the "i" in the center, located directly to the left of the Neopets website in the address bar. 3. Click on the arrow pointing right, which is next to the "www.neopets.com" and "Connection Is Not Secure" information box. 4. Next, click on "More Information". 5. In the "Page Info" window that opens, click on the "Permissions" tab. 6. Scroll down/look for "Run Adobe Flash". Change it from "Ask" to "Allow". 7. Close the "Page Info" window. 8. Either close Firefox and reopen, or refresh the www.neopets.com webpage tab. 9. See if the games work. If you aren't using one, you may want to install an ad blocker plugin or extension with your browser. Often, an ad is supposed to play before a game, but it doesn't. Using an ad blocker will block the ad an should take you straight to the game loading window. It also helps to clear your browser's cache (temporary Internet files), too. I'll post later on how to enable Flash for Edge.
  4. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    How about this post? Could it be the last one? It is Saturday, after all...
  5. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    And this is what your kittens do, when you are not around:
  6. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    NOPE! No "last post" there!
  7. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    I don't think I'd be able to recognize the "last post", even if it hit me on the head!
  8. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 139!

    Sure. I'll go with the Order, then @midnight_spell360. It is nice when you are on the winning faction, to pick a boon, but siding with TDNers and possibly helping others get the avatar is more fun, IMHO.
  9. Scoobert_Doo

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    I just saw this on the "Help" Neoboard! I don't know if I already had it, but you will get the "Meridell" site theme, and for finding the Dragoyle, I received the following items: Spotted Cheese (Description: A flavour yet to be tasted by Neopians! Since nobody knows what it tastes like, you should be wary! This prize was given out for hunting the correct Dragoyle during the Discovery of Meridell Day Celebrations.) Aqua Encrusted Dragoyle Box (Description: Wow, what a fancy box! Wonder whats inside! You can unlock this box with a Jewel Encrusted Key from the NC Mall.) Both are R101 (special). Also, now Meridell and Altador are no longer Adobe Flash based!
  10. Scoobert_Doo

    So this happened

    Sometimes, when Neopets (or you) has (have) "lag", you can get those type of problems with the Battledome - the "fists" icon and unable to equip items. Have her wait a few days, then try again. If she doesn't want to submit a ticket, she could also try posting on the "Battledome" Neoboard. Someone might have an answer there: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/boardlist.phtml?board=10 Clearing her browser's cache might help, too. EDIT: Your sister was most likely asking you because 1) You play Neopets more than her, 2) You are a member of TDN (Neopets Community site), and 3) She thought you might have seen this before and have an answer. You being in high school doesn't really have anything to do with it. Your BIG sister asking YOU for advice, now that's a big complement!
  11. Scoobert_Doo


    If he would just blast me, just once, is all I'm asking, with his nifty avatar, then I'd leave him alone all year long. Win, win. Not asking a lot, right?! 🙂
  12. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    Maybe cats don't know the difference between bees and wasps. Or, it could be artistic interpretation:
  13. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    Maybe not type, but would you believe a cat made this gif?!
  14. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    Typing Lesson 1 - How to Type the Letters "b" and "z"
  15. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!