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  1. Bad word on font, but not on petpage?

    Pardon me for being silly, but what did you do to the code to change the apostrophe you were using? Only asking for future reference or in case someone else searches the TDN forums with the same/similar issue.
  2. Bad word on font, but not on petpage?

    When I save the changes, "we'll" changed to we'll. I think, with using HTML code, the Neopets filter is thinking &#x is profanity - like the "profanity" used in cartoons.
  3. Bad word on font, but not on petpage?

    So, I copied and pasted your quote into my NeoSignature, and saved the change. It took it, without any error. I, then, tried adding it to my NeoHTML. It saved without any error, either. However, in the preview, it did have the quote, but it was missing both apostrophes. Is it possible to post the font tags and coding you are using? I used: (open bracket) font (close bracket)neoHTML sing macabre songs and we'll dance til dawn on all hallow's eve (open bracket) /font (close bracket) Other than that, not sure why you are getting the "profanity" error.
  4. what is this???

    I've been looking in the Editorials, but haven't found anything, yet. I think the plot involving battling was mentioned by Scrappy, during one of the "Scrappy Sessions" - where Scrappy was posting Q&A on the Neoboards, during this past AC. I remember something where she said it would involve battling. Again, most of this started last year, when people started noticing an "un-named" arena in the Battledome, and the "stay tuned" and hints progressed from there. Oh, all of this is getting confusing. I guess the Faerie Festival isn't really an event, but will roll into the "Wraith Resurgance event", happening in October (?), along with the GMC, and into the plot (?) in November?
  5. what is this???

    The avatar wouldn't make much sense, based on the animation, getting it just by going to the Faerie Festival everyday, unless something happens before it ends, or right at the end. I mean, there are hints of Wraiths. I have a feeling the avatar may be "released" at the end of the upcoming plot. Of course, TNT/JS hasn't made much sense, since they took over, for releasing these things.
  6. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    That is a different event - The Annual (Daily) Faerie Quest Event. It traditionally happens in February, which we already had this year. Here is TDN's topic from this year: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48117-daily-faerie-quests-2017/
  7. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    So, um, well, uh... I guess I'll be "that guy". Here is my reaction: Feeling like @jellysundae - so excited, but a bit disappointed. The new game, "Wing It", is challenging. It's like playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", er, "Pin the Wings on the Faerie", but on a computer, instead of RL. But, the Festival feels more like a "dailes" page for Faerieland. And where is Kaia and the Space Faerie on the main Faerie page? Jhudora, even, for that matter?! I am glad TNT/JS did something, but I thought it'd be a little more. My apologies for complaining. EDIT: Forgot about the Grey Faerie and Delina. Where are they?
  8. Happy Poogle Day!

    I'm the opposite of Angeló. Like @kayahtik, I don't really get the Candy Poogle. It seems "lack-luster", to me, and looks more chocolate. I think it is supposed to look like a bonbon or truffle, but I've never seen any with candy confetti sprinkles, on top. As for the Polka-Dot, I like it. I just like the "polka-dot" look, on most Neopets. So, I guess I'm kinda biased. And "Chucky" clothes?! Well, I guess Halloween is around the corner, and some Poogle can dress up as Chucky. Just don't come trick-or-treating to my house, please.
  9. A tragic story of a lost account...

    Which browser do you use? Chrome seems to be an issue for some, for accessing the support page. Usually, you have to enable/allow third party cookies, and can do so in Chrome's settings. I can post instructions that may help, if I know which browser you use. Not sure if you get a support ticket number from Facebook, though, so not sure how that would go. Also, you can always email them at support@neopets.com. However, ONLY do one or the other - do not send them an email and open a support ticket. If you do both, it is possible both tickets will get closed, due to being duplicate tickets. Not to get your hopes up, but it seems you may have good info for getting your account back, like the original email used and the birthday. Take a look here, at this TDN topic about trying to get an account back. The first few posts have some good info: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/47593-the-official-i-cant-access-my-account-now-what-board/
  10. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Today's Neopian Times Editorial has your official invitation to this year's Faerie Festival! It starts on 20 September 2017. Take a look: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=797 I wonder how long it will last?!
  11. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    The Neopets month of Collecting is our month of October. Neopets month of Celebrating is our month of December. Between collecting (October) and celebrating (December) is the Neopian month of Storing, our month of November. That is why most are guessing the plot will be in November. The Faerie Festival is usually in the month of Gathering, our month of September. Anyhow, here is Scrappy's response: Neopian Times Editorial, Issue: 791, 28th day of Swimming, Y19 (http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=791), Question # 8: "(hands Scrappy a double cheeseburger with all the trimmings and a root beer float) Thought you might like something more filling than sweets :). Anymore hints on upcoming plot? Even the tiniest morsel would be deeply appreciated sweetie! Pretty, pretty please (slips double chocolate peanut butter cup to her under the table)?~keeper_of_the_dunes" "A burger, for me? Aw, I couldn't accept this... *scarfs burger in one bite* well anyways. Hm, all I have to say is between collecting all the awesome new stuff and celebrating the awesomeness of it. You guys will surely be happy!" Kinda vague, like most Neo hints.
  12. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Wait, what?! You found images of a new Faerie, but you haven't posted them, here, or anywhere on TDN? I call foul! Oh, maybe you didn't want to ruin the surprise for us? Someone's got some splainin' to do... I don't think it will be a plot, as Scrappy already hinted to a plot in November. But, JS does manage to surprise, once in a while. This could be a simple week long event, one day affair, or maybe even a lead in to the up coming plot. Right now, no one knows, but they are doing something, so that makes me excited. And, who can say no to possible freebies or event or even a new avatar?! I think it is fun to speculate.
  13. Unfortunately, I didn't copy all of the dialogue, but if you visit Faerieland, you will see dialogue from Queen Fyora, calling for assistance from her faeries. She would like to have an actual Faerie Festival, this year! According to the Neo calendar, this years Faerie Festival is supposed to be on the 20th, of this month (September). This is exciting! If anyone happens to see the dialogue, please add it to this topic. In my time on Neopets, I've never "attended" the Faerie Festival. Like other days, it is usually just a theme day, with no actual events. I wonder what events will be planned? Can't wait to find out!
  14. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 116!

    Went for the Brutes. They didn't win last time, but who knows? Maybe they will this time. I know they aren't popular and their boons aren't so great. I guess we'll find out on Monday. Good luck, no matter which Faction you joined, have fun, and see you in the Battledome!
  15. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    I just logged in, and had no problems doing so. You might get that error is Neopets is being "laggy".