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  1. Last to post wins!

  2. Last to post wins!

    Jellysundae, to the rescue! Thanks! Then maybe, you could be "in", on it too...
  3. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    You recently got a new laptop, yes? And I suspect you use Chrome, as your browser of choice? If yes to both, then you most likely need to enable Flash for Neopets within Chrome. (And the issue is on your end). To do so: 1. Open Chrome and go to Neopets. 2. When on Neopets, in the address bar, click on the "i" in the circle icon - located to the left of the Neopets web address. 3. Look for "Flash". 4. Change the drop-down list from "Ask (default)" to "Allow". 5. Refresh the Neopets webpage, or, if Chrome asks you to refresh, let it. (It may automatically refresh. I can't remember). 6. See if the "Wheels", Map of Neopia, games, etc, now load. Please note, you may need to do this for any site that uses Flash, like DTI (Dress To Impress). Background: Most browsers, for a few years now, block Flash from loading. Mainly due to security reasons, and it slows the browser down. The "Wheels", Map of Neopia, Customization, Apple Bobbing Bart, The Bank, and most games on Neopets are Flash based. Without Flash being enabled for Neopets, causes those items not to load/work. The Battledome, however, is not Flash based. If you use Firefox, Firefox does not come with Flash "built-in" like Chrome, and requires downloading and installing. You will, also, have to enable Flash for Neopets within Firefox, too. If you use FF, please let me know and I can post instructions.
  4. Last to post wins!

    Normally, I wouldn't be scared, but with your "likes" number being "666"...
  5. Last to post wins!

    And I didn't think anyone really read these posts. Last to post.
  6. Defenders of Neopia Series 1 Level 3

    It was "broke" even before that. When the "Battledome" went in "beta", for the "revamp", back when Viacom owned the site. At least, I think it was in the Viacom days. Neopets Y14 (Year 14) - 2012, our year.
  7. Wraith Resurgence?

    Daily Dare is an "annual" event, usually in March - April, where you are challenged to play a game on Neopets, and try to beat a score. The event last about 20 days, and a new game challenge is made every day of the event. There are two levels of scores to beat - AAA/Chadley or Abigail. AAA/Chadley's scores are higher, sometimes harder to beat, while Abigail's scores are lower and easier. Beating a score gets you a daily prize. AAA/Chadley's prizes are different then Abigail's prizes. You must choose to challenge AAA/Chadley or Abigail, but you cannot challenge both, except for certain challenges. Once you decide who you are going to challenge, you cannot change it. Trophies are awarded at the end. Take look at TDN's coverage for last year's DD, as they explain it better, and it gives you an idea of what to expect: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/daily-dare/about/
  8. Wraith Resurgence?

    I think many are feeling this way, with this "never ending" plot: However, once it is over, I'm sure they will feel like this: They (JS) did say this plot would be ending "soon", and I'm sure it would be before the AC, but they did promise a Daily Dare, too. Hoping it will "wrap up" before, or at the end of this month, so we can have the Daily Dare in May, have a "break" in June, then roll into the AC in July.
  9. Last to post wins!

    Well, now you did it. I just couldn't help it. Here is a double...
  10. When will lutari's be available to make?

    And, you can have up to 5 accounts total - 1 Main and 4 Sides. That could mean up to 25 pets! Well, create a side, of course!
  11. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    2nd Day reward: Faerie Fried Egg Wish I could make eggs like that. I believe I receive a Fire Faerie quest this morning, and was given 2 levels, as a reward.
  12. Faerie Quest Help

    "You have given Uniocto Balloon to User 'haihails'. Click the button below to continue." First search only brought up two. Price was right for the first one, so I figured I'd just send it to you. Good luck, and may you and your pet get something great!
  13. Happy Krawk Day

    I do like the Candy Krawk. Nice ocean blue color. Can you say Blue Zebra Krawk?
  14. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Reward for today: Fyora Bank Today's quest: You are currently on a quest for an Air Faerie. You're just in time! I hope you found my Black Eye Liner. Thanks for being so quick! Sure, it's an Air Faerie quest, but I'll take it. This is my second most favorite time of the Neopian year, after the Advent Calendar, of course. Chance to increase my pet's stats? Definitely, will take it! REMINDER: Before you go to the Daily Faerie Quest page, make sure you Open a Shop Wizard tab, FIRST, then open a new tab for the quest. By doing that, it will give you the opportunity to search for the item with the Shop Wizard. If you forget, or the price seems to high, you can always post your request on TDN's "Faerie Quest Help" topic, here: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/8365-faerie-quest-help/ I don't remember, but it may be a "one time" good search. Meaning, you can search, but if you refresh the Shop Wizard tab, or try a new search, the Shop Wizard may give you the warning that you are currently on a Faerie Quest. Also, if you don't wish to complete Delina's Crafting Quest, make sure you you decline (click on the "X" for the window of her quest, and select "Yes") it. Otherwise, the next day may give you the "you are already on a Faerie Quest" message. If you forget to decline her quest, just go to the main Faerie Quest page, and decline her quest there. Once declined, refresh the page and you should get your "Daily Faerie Quest" for that day. Faerie Quest page located here: http://www.neopets.com/quests.phtml
  15. Wraith Resurgence: The Clearing

    Queen Fyora is finally out of The Infirmary. About time. The Skeith is the only one left. Reizo is part of Kaia's back story, if I remember correctly. The one who raised her/she lived with in Shenkuu, before going to Faerie Land. But, I can't seem to find the info on Neopets.