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  1. Scoobert_Doo

    A very serious Neopian question.

    Maybe these guys are the workers and provide quality control?
  2. Scoobert_Doo

    Is the Space Faerie Code still obtainable?

    You could also try the TDN ALP. They do have a Battle Pet available, if you meet the requirements. http://alp.thedailyneopets.com/?page=pet_chains&id=15
  3. Scoobert_Doo

    A very serious Neopian question.

    Oh, we know who is in charge, but do we want to venture on how far the rabbit hole goes? In this case, I choose the blue pill...
  4. Scoobert_Doo

    Is the Space Faerie Code still obtainable?

    Well, maybe not. Is your pet's level at least 50? If so, get the Faerie Ability "Throw Pillows". You can use it once per day, and it resets at midnight NST. Per TDN's "Battlepedia": ref: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/faerie-abilities/#level50 So, you can battle the Space Faerie with two of your best/most damaging weapons, and use "Throw Pillows". She will not be able to use any weapons against you and you will be able to (slowly) drop her HP, until you win. Basically, "lather, rinse, repeat". Just make sure you wait for "Throw Pillows" to reset the next day, then attack. Depending on your weapons, and your pet's stats, it can take several days, but you can defeat her and get the avatar. And, once you are finished, you can train a different Faerie Ability , like Lens Flare, if you wish. You just may have to wait a day, and have enough light bottled faeries (15).
  5. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    She does seem to be showing a bit of leg, this year, isn't she? And we know who'd be the first to volunteer... I do like the snow globe. I've tried to collect most of them on Neopets.
  6. Scoobert_Doo

    Game Reviews

    I was trying to find other topics that may have covered this, but I couldn't find anything that directly answers your question. I have heard it can take a couple of days, to a couple of weeks, and in some cases, not hear anything at all. If your score is accepted, you will receive a Neomail from TNT stating such. When your score is accepted, it will appear on the "High Score" table, for that game. If trophies haven't been awarded, and you are in a trophy awarding slot, you should receive a trophy. If, however, at the time your score was reviewed, would have been in a "trophy slot", but, when your score is accepted and it is now not in a "trophy awarding slot", you will not receive a trophy. If the score would have been high enough to get an avatar, you will get the avatar, when your score is accepted, and also your NP. Unfortunately, if your score is not accepted, you will not receive a Neomail. On another note, I think you could have posted this in the "Neopets Help" section, without getting a warning from the moderators. I think the "Games" section is for having fun on TDN - a place where you can spam and post less than six word messages, without getting in trouble, and play chat board games. It's possible, by posting it here, that no one may have seen your topic or replied, so I'm glad I saw it. Hopefully, the moderators will move it, if it can be placed elsewhere, so that other TDNers can post their experiences with game review scores or give better info than me. (I never had a score review).
  7. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    I really like today's (6 Dec 2018) prize - the Festive Special PJs. I think they look good on my Gelert. If it was a color, I might consider painting him...
  8. Scoobert_Doo

    What's your Achievement today?

    Managed to beat "Sophie's" score in today's Better Than You - Sophie's Stew: Managed to get a second place trophy, 10K NP, and this: Displeased Sophie New Year Doll Sophie is one cool Ixi!
  9. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 148!

    I, too, will then join the Seekers. Always "seeking" a win, so maybe they will, this time.
  10. Scoobert_Doo

    Google Chrome, Flash and Neopets

    FYI, Chrome just released version 71 (4 Dec 2018). With 71, Google removed the "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" flag, so this no longer works, as it isn't available. You will now have to re-enable Flash every time you close and re-open Chrome. Only alternatives are to use a different browser, don't update Chrome (not recommended), or install an earlier version of Chrome (not recommended, either).
  11. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Best to save your cynicism for the "Lyra and the Lost Heirloom" plod, uh, er, plot. Yeah, some of this year's Advent Calendar videos are a bit confusing, to me, meaning they just don't make sense/I don't "get" them, like today's. Well, I guess I now understand today's, as there is a baby Bruce, and today IS Bruce day, but they just don't seem "season-y", as they did in past years.
  12. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    I just got a Maraqua Holiday Gift as a "bonus" gift for finding today's Anglepuss. Here is the description: "What a beautifully wrapped gift! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y11." Yep. Confirmed.
  13. Scoobert_Doo

    The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

    I managed to get this, today: Candy Faerie Jetsam Plushie
  14. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Odd? This is JS/TNT. It is their standard MO. If they didn't have some sort of mix up, I'd be really worried... I just found this on the "Help" Neoboard: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=159736173
  15. Scoobert_Doo

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    I tried the link, too, and it doesn't appear to be working. Unfortunately, you may have to wait until Monday, and, hopefully, TNT will get Stocking Stufftacular up and running for 2018.