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  1. Well, TNT does encompass the retired avatars. If you look at the "Avatar Collector" high score table (, the individuals in the first and second slots, both have 375, which would mean they both have earned 375 avatars on their account. I'm almost certain both have retired avatars, and most likely, several of them. There are still long-time-playing individuals on Neopets. The "calculations" are simple - the number of avatars on your user lookup=where you'd place on the "Avatar Collector" high score table, or, said in another way, 1 point per avatar on your user lookup. I used "330" as an arbitrary number, but, personally, I believe I may have a chance at the avatar, if I had that many avatars, or anyone else, for that matter. Once again, referring to the "TrophyTracker" petpage, it also tracks the monthly high score table reset scores, in a graph, for a one year period, on a separate petpage: As you can see, by the "blue" line, the lowest amount of avatars was 334 on January 2017. So, if you had that amount of avatars on that reset day, you would have gotten the avatar. Also, I have seen individuals with "young" accounts, who have the avatar. I'm sure they worked really hard to do that. So, it can still be done. Here is link to a topic on the "Avatars/Signatures" Neoboard, titled, "Top Avatar Collectors: I implore you..." (, as I mentioned in my earlier post. There, it asks Top Avatar Collectors to wait until April 2, to reset their avatars, and answers many/most of your questions in your original post, like reset time. Please take a look at it. And, I truly wish you the best of luck in getting this avatar. It is a goal of mine, too.
  2. I was really surprised when I saw the Neopets Est. Value of 300,000 NP. Can you believe that!? Although it is listed as a Toy, it is a Battledome weapon, as you can equip it to your pet, via the "Choose an Action" drop down box. Not sure why it's selling on the TP for above 100,000 NP though. However, looking at the stats of 3 physical icons, 10 water icons and defends against 5 fire icons, could be why. EDIT: As for today's challenge, I did manage to beat Chadley. However, I'm not very fond of "Usul Suspects". I'm just not very good at this game. Although easy, it took me three tried to beat Chadley's score. I found if I aimed for the helicopter hats, on the baby Usuls, it would drop them straight to the ground, and they'd disappear. Could be helpful knowing that, to manage the number of Baby Usuls. No complaints, though.
  3. It's National Stalk Scoobert Day, unless you weren't aware <8D *tosses confetti*

  4. I don't believe not doing either of those would keep you from getting a silver trophy. Double Dare and Team Challenge usually just mean extra prizes. Best thing about this game is the music! I think it is great. And, with TDN's guide, it doesn't take too long and can be a good way to earn 1K NP, as others have mentioned.
  5. The Avatar Collector avatar is a hard avatar to get. Per TDNs "Avatar Solutions", "Get into the top 50 on the Avatar Collector Daily High Score Table . You will need nearly all avatars." Emphasis on the last sentence - "nearly all avatars.". In an attempt to answer your questions: 1. "I can still get this avatar even though I do not have like 375 avatars?" Yes, but you'd at least need 338 on reset day, but it is no guarantee. The "TrophyTracker" petpage ( tracks all latest scores and reset day scores for all Neopets game trophies, including "Avatar Collector". Per the page, the last reset score (1 Mar 2017) was 338. The latest score is 352. 2. "If I reset my avatar count by losing and regaining emo Usuki avatar I should be able to be on the top 50?" It depends on what your avatar count is. If you have 100 avatars, then no. If you have 338, then maybe. 3. "If that is the case, what's the best way to go about doing it? Can I just remove the Emo Usuki avatar off my list now and then when the clock hits 12:00 am NST on the first of the month I just add it back in? Or do I have to lose and regain the avatar right at 12:00 am?" Unfortunately, I am not sure. From my (limited) understanding, you could remove "Emo Usuki", by changing your Shop Keeper to a different one, now, and then when game day reset happens, add it back, or you could lose and regain the avatar right after the high score table reset happens. 4. "Also how will I know the HST reset? Do I just check it manually?" Yes, checking manually is the best way to make sure the high score tables have reset. There is no Neomail message sent or any other type of site notification. You could ask/post on the "Games" or "Help" Neoboards, too. 5. "Do I reset my avatar count the moment the clock strikes 12:00 am NST on the first of the month? Or do I wait to check if the HST has reset?" Again, I'm not sure. I would venture to say after the high score tables have reset. If they haven't, it may not count. 6. "I heard that it usually resets a few minutes after midnight around 12:10 am NST or so, is that right? Does that mean I reset my count AFTER I have checked the HST has reset itself so that my avatar count goes through properly?" I'm not usually up around 12:00 am NST, so I do not know. But, I have heard the same as you, that it typically happens around 12:10 am NST. I would say to reset your count after you have checked that the high score tables have reset. I'm hoping someone else can confirm and will post, but you might want to ask on the "Avatar", "Games", or "Help" Neoboards. 7. "So wait are you 100% positive that you need a high amount of avatars to still have a chance? Are you sure its not based on some other point system?" Yes, and no to the second question. I believe the lowest I've seen (in the past year) was 327. Purely based on the amount of avatars someone has. If those, who have a high avatar count, did not reset their avatar count, then it could be possible to see "lower" avatar counts on the high score table. But that rarely happens. The other key issue to note about getting the "Avatar Collector" avatar is, you have to be in the top 50 on the Avatar Collector High Score Table, when trophies are awarded. Trophies are typically awarded around 8 pm NST, and usually a little after (about 8:10 - 8:20 pm NST). On occasion, the trophy awarding script has been known to not run. If it doesn't, trophies are not awarded and you will have to wait until the next day and hope it runs. Again, from my limited understanding, I have only heard of those already having the "Avatar Collector" avatar resetting their avatar count. Those who have received it, have worked very hard getting it. They feel, IMHO, that the avatar should be earned, just like they had to. If they didn't reset their avatar count, then people with, say, 250 avatars, could possibly be in the top 50 and get the avatar. So, by removing "Emo Usuki" and re-adding it, resets their avatar count and puts them back on the high score table for the month. So, I am not completely sure if you even need to reset your avatar count. I believe it is only for those who have a lot of avatars to get back on the high score table. There is a Neopian(s) who will politely ask that the top Avatar Collectors wait a day, around the first of the month, to reset their avatar count, so that those with 330+ avatars have a chance at getting the "Avatar Collector" avatar. Then, another Neopian(s) will remind them to reset their avatar count, a day later (usually by the second day of the month). However, they do not have to honor that. I can't remember which Neoboards they post on, but it would be either "Avatars", "Games", or "Help". I hope this was somewhat helpful, and that others who know, or know more, will post.
  6. "That's What I Like" in my pants (Bruno Mars)
  7. "Bomb" in my pants (Ravi)
  8. The "skip" cheat code is kinda "bittersweet". I mean, by skipping a level, you don't get points, which, is needed to complete the challenge. But, if a level seems harder, then skipping it might help. The most helpful cheat code, IMHO, is "spiderbite", which gives an extra life, and is listed in TDN's Game Guide for Korbat's Lab, and on their Daily Dare coverage page, for Day 6, Sometimes I forget to check those pages for good/helpful info. Thank you, @hrtbrk, and TDN for this useful info and your hard work!
  9. I'm seeing 192, in your avatar counter, now. *pokes siggy above* As Ian said he lowered the image cache to 1 day, you might have to wait a day for the change to take place. @IanIt looks like the TDN Avatar and Daily Dare counters are working a lot better now, since you changed the "image" cache to 1 day. I did update my Daily Dare counter about a day ago, and today, it is showing the correct "wins". Thank you, for that, and glad you figured out what was going on. I'll see what happens tonight, when I update my DD counter. EDIT: 27 Mar 17 - I just updated my Daily Dare counter, but it still shows 6 "wins" and not 7. But, I'm sure it will update when I logon tomorrow. Info only. I'm happy that it is working better!
  10. I checked, first thing this morning, before going to work, who was going to be in this week's Obelisk Skirmish. Once I saw the Brutes, I joined right then, and there. Alright Beth, gotta get it this time! Good luck to to all and with whomever you joined. Remember to have fun and see you, in the Battledome!
  11. Whew! Thank you @fantazia01 and @kayahtik for the encouragement! It really helped! I was able to jump on another computer. It took a few tries, but was finally able to beat Chadley's score! Had to really concentrate on not shooting the Mootix right away, in levels 1 and 2, so I could get at least 4 or 5 points, per Mootix. That really helps in getting a score closer to Chadley's. In levels 3 and 4, I just went for shooting them as fast as possible, as they were dropping too fast. Couldn't have done it with you two!
  12. "Blank Space" in my pants (Taylor Swift)
  13. Playing this on a laptop with a track pad is not fun. At level 3, everything gets super laggy. I even changed the game settings to the smallest size and lowest resolution. No help. Now I'll be stressed-out, until I can beat Chadley's score.
  14. "Wildest Dreams" in my pants (Taylor Swift)
  15. OMG! That is so cool! I've been trying, got close, but that one still alludes me. Congratz on that avatar!