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  1. Did you already get the book, or do you need one? Please let me know.
  2. Strawberry is always, well, strawberry. I think it is a nice color, though, but it would seem hard to customize with. As for Jelly, it looks like he has one mean five o' clock shadow going on. I like the "shine" on it, but it looks flat, to me. The outfit is nice, too. "Grandma, is that you?!"
  3. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Since you mentioned you updated Flash, I wasn't sure how to advise, as, generally, the Neopian Maps are usually a Flash issue. BUT, you mentioned The Lost Desert. The Lost Desert map, like the Meridell and Brightvale maps, have been updated to HTML5 (aka non Flash). And, you now mention having problems with the reCAPTCHAs, which are, also, not Flash based. So, which browser are you using? Do you happen to be using Internet Explorer 11? If so, you may want to switch to another browser. IE 11 does not seem to work well with reCAPTCHAs and HTML5 stuff on Neopets, like Trudy's Surprise and The Lost Desert, Meridell, and Brightvale maps. Some of it may work, sometimes, but it seems "wonky", at best. Please let us know if that was the issue. For "Second Chance" pets, if you mean pound, adopt, or trading them, there is a topic here:
  4. Well, I sent them anyhow. If there is any particular item you are wanting, let me know. If I get one, I'll send it your way.
  5. Sure. It looks like me, when I haven't had my morning coffee. I can give you "Neggy Treats". Not having great luck, this Negg Fest.
  6. I did try that earlier this week, but it didn't work. I just did it again, and I can now see my pet. Thanks! Maybe it was because I put the "Tin Foil Hat" on him?!
  7. Same here. Using Firefox. It seems to be a site wide issue (aka on Neopets end).
  8. Sweet! I really wanted one of these, and was able to get one! If I get another, @Angeló, I'll send one your way: Enjoy Your Prize! Yeah, that would've been my choice, too. Inside your Negg you see: Springtime Negg Snowglobe It is now sitting in your inventory.
  9. It's!...It's!...MULTIPLYING! OMG! At this rate, TDN will be taken completely over!
  10. Tospy still creeps me out. Is it ok to say that!?
  11. This one seems to be popular, as of late: Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Godori' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  12. The Pound uses Flash. Chrome makes you (have to) enable Flash, every time you close and reopen Chrome, and it is site specific. Meaning, if you enable Flash for Neopets, within Chrome, and you go to DTI (Dress-To-Impress), which, also, uses Flash, you will have to enable Flash for DTI, too. If you already knew that, my apologies, but it might help to recheck if Flash is enabled for Neopets: 1. Open Chrome, and go to Neopets. 2. To the left of the Neopets address, in the address bar, click on the "i" in the circle icon, where is says, "Not Secure". 3. If you see Flash, change it from the default of "Ask", to "Allow". 4. If you don't see Flash listed, click "Site Settings". 5. In the new "Settings" tab that opens, look for Flash, and change it from "Ask" to "Allow", and close that tab. 6. In either case, you will need to "reload" or "refresh" the Neopets page, for the change to take. 7. Once reloaded/refreshed, see if the Pound Transfer now works. If it still doesn't work after that, then it is possible a Chrome extension or plugin is causing the issue, or it could be an antivirus/anti-malware program blocking Flash. I have heard of Malwarebytes, on a Neoboard, of possibly doing so. Some browsers may block Flash, too, if it is out-of-date. Latest Flash version is Chrome has Flash "built-in". To check it, open a new tab. In the address bar, type, without the quotes, "chrome://components". In the list, look for "Adobe Flash Player". It should show what version you have. If it is not, click the "Check for update" button. It will then download and install the latest Flash. Once completed, close that tab, and if you are on Neopets, reload/refresh the page, and see if the Pound works.
  13. Is Flash enabled for Neopets within your browser? Oddly enough, the "Bank" web page uses Flash. Which browser are you using?
  14. At first, I thought the thing on the Water Shoyru's head was a "message in a bottle", which would be somewhat appropriate for a Water pet. Water = Ocean = Message In A Bottle = That Police Song. (Where did that last bit come from? It's been a long day..). But then, I thought, "Hey! That Shoyru is giving me the..." Uh, yeah, I cannot say that here, but, now that you mention it, it does look more like a pointing hand, and not a rude gesture. The outfit is awesome! I especially like the wig. Wish they wouldn't make them "species specific". Curious to see what it would look like on an Aisha. Interesting they call it "Nerdy Shoyru Outfit". Don't think it is "nerdy", at all. 100% agree, @jellysundae. EDIT: Maybe the Water Shoyrus came with a "built-in" one of these?!
  15. It's good to see Granny has a sense of humor. I thought it was an entertaining April Fool's joke.
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