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  1. After the "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE", does it list a file name (ie nvlddmkm.sys or something)? Have you tried reinstalling the video driver? Did this happen after a recent Windows Update? Is this a laptop or desktop? Is it overheating? Info that may help: Make/Model of device: (ie Dell Latitude E6410, HP 640 G2 Pro laptop, etc) Operating System: It doesn't necessarily mean your video card is on its way out. It is possible your device received an update (video, or otherwise), and it is causing the issue, or somehow the video driver got corrupted (ie bad shutdown).
  2. I "jumped the gun" on this round. I joined the "Brutes". Oh, what a Brute I am for not waiting for my Bun Mates! Alas, my greed overtook me, when I should have stayed fast with the FOTB, and now I will have to redeem myself. Wait. No. It can't be!? Has my burden of carrying this Bun and greed caused me to turn into this??!! My precioussss! My precioussss BOON! "We wants it, we needs it. MUST have the precious!"
  3. Unfortunately, you may have to use a different browser, until Chrome fixes it. Chrome 60.0.3112.101 was released yesterday. Other options could be to disable Chrome automatic updates (not a good idea, from a security stand point), or, if Chrome already updated, uninstall it and install an earlier version (again, not a good idea from a security stand point). Listed as issue #747812 on the Chromium Bugs page. Interestingly enough, issue was reported on 24 July 2017 and has been noted on Windows and Mac.
  4. As I said before, I think she may have read old Neopian Times Editorials and is trying to be like Snarkie was. It may have worked for Snarkie, but... As to new pet slots, I'm really wondering how or why the question asker thinks we are going to get new pet slots. Unless something has been circulating around the "Charter" Neoboard, or were directly answered via Neomail, previous Neopian Times Editorials seem to be "maybe" on getting new pet slots: Neipian Times Editorial, Issue: 789, 14th day of Swimming, Y19: "Hiya Scrappy! I just have to say that when I see your name I think of scrappy doo from scooby doo LOL xD My question to you is, have you guys and gals ever thought about upping the pet slot limit?? like instead of 4 pets on each account, 5 if you have premium have you thought of maybe changing it to say maybe 5 per account 6 if you have premium? Im a kougra fan and would love to add to my family but alas...pet space :/ ~burberry_londonn" "Hm, how odd I never thought that....not once..... We have thought about it. We've thought long and hard if you guys would be responsible enough to take on another pet. But how many of those would end up at the pound? How many would not receive the attention and care they deserve? However, I've been seeing a lot of positive signs lately sooooo we just might have to reconsider." And, although petpet related, Neopian Times Editorial, Issue: 787, 23rd day of Relaxing, Y19: "Hi Scrappy! After 18 years, I feel our Neopets have proven they are responsible enough for a second petpet and there are so many awesome petpets who need homes but our Neopian landlords seem to have a strict 'one petpet' policy. Is there any chance we could have this lifted? ;D ~ broadcastquality" "I mean, I would love to make this happen for you but I gotta be honest. I've seen some irresponsible pets out there. I'm just not 110% you've all really earned it. Two petpets is A LOT of work. They require equal love, care and attention. I can't make this happen until I am absolutely certain no petpets would suffer. However, I will consider it and spy on observe the lands to see if I believe you're ready." With these two answers, and the one you posted, TNT/JS "maybe" seems to be "not likely/anytime soon". Both of these answers have "be responsible enough" and "irresponsible", which = irresponsible, and that makes me think either "no", "not anytime soon", or a "possibility in the near future", with the "near future" being in 2020 and maybe when Neopets have everything converted to HTML5 and no more Adobe Flash. Then, maybe then, they might be able to make it work. For the question you posted, she just "side-stepped" it completely. "Side-stepping" seems to be the "norm" or when a hard, good question is asked, but TNT/JS really has no answer for. Right now, I don't know the logistics, either, but I'm not sure if the servers could handle it, or if the Neopets "backend" code could handle it, either. I know it may seem easy to us - "Well, if they already have the code for 4 pets and 5 for premium, it should be easy just to add another one to each.", but in reality, that could cause problems. There are closet issues with Adobe Flash and customization, as it is. If it did happen, I'd say in 2020. If they decided to and are able to, with how things are now (servers, code), then I'd say on one of the Neopets Birthdays, between now and 2020. It would make a nice present, for those that would like another pet slot. Then again, I don't know, but I'd think Key Quest would be something better to bring back, first, before letting people have another pet slot. IMHO, though.
  5. No problem! Offer still stands, as long as you need it. Let me know when you go Pink!
  6. I tried sending you one, but it looks like your inventory is full. I found it at Kauvara's Magic Shop, in Neopia Central, here: http://www.neopets.com/objects.phtml?type=shop&obj_type=2. There were 10 and I think they restock often. I have one, if you need it, and would be happy to send, if you have inventory space. Good luck!
  7. Some call an ambulance quick! That Candy Blumaroo lost its nose! Wait. Ohhhh, it IS there! I can barely see it. Maybe purple would have been a better complementing color (colour)? Purple and orange go together. I do like the look of the candy, though. It does have the sparkly appearance, like it is coated with sugar. Relic, is, well, relic. It's not a color that I prefer, but I would have liked to see some/more chips in it, to make it looked aged, like a relic. It does look nice enough, though. The outfit is nice.
  8. I saw this on the "Help" Neoboard and thought I'd pass it along. Get your "Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack FREE", in the NC Mall. Link to the NC Mall is here: http://ncmall.neopets.com/mall/shop.phtml?page=&cat= and you must click on the "New" link, or use the direct link here: http://ncmall.neopets.com/mall/shop.phtml?page=&cat=#load_items_pane-new-52. I'm not sure how long it will be available, so you might want to claim it sooner, rather than later. It contains an outfit that only Scorchio's can wear, but, hey, at least it is free and maybe something you can trade NC for, if you are into that. I guess Scorchio's look the most like dragons, which maybe why NetDragon or TNT picked them? (Sorry Shoyrus. I think you look like dragons, too, but it's what they chose).
  9. I must stand with @midnight_spell360 and @jellysundae, as the "Fellowship of the Buns" will never give up, and I will "baaaa" along with the herd. Seekers it is. I will not stop fighting, even if, in the "heat" of the battle, the icing falls from my buns! For the Fellowship! @lianakos, it was truly my honor to get the pool started for this week. Glad you got your Neo account back, and looking forward to you making the pool for the 114th round! TDN is not the same without you making the Obelisk Skirmish vote topics. To everyone, good luck, no matter which faction you join, and, as always, see YOU in the Battledome!
  10. Take a look at this similar TDN topic here: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48621-reading-books-is-this-a-glitch/ Wow! It's been awhile since I've seen you on TDN. Hope all is well. EDIT: The Case of the Missing Grey Faerie, released July 28, 2015.
  11. Which faction are you joining for the 113th round? So, vote! Good luck! P.S. You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons!
  12. I don't think I am explaining it well. So, maybe for now, hold off on doing anything with either account, until someone else posts, who can explain it better than me. Neopian Times, Issue: 789, 14th day of Swimming, Y19, (14 July 2017) has this question and answer: "I bought a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie on a side but have no gift boxes to transfer it my main. Am I allowed to temporarily switch what account I use as my main so I can use it, including temporarily transferring my battle pet over (to train it)? ~mystical_magic__42" "Yes, so you can "switch" accounts (which is confusing because there's no automatic switch you actually flick) by stop all your normal main account activity on your current main account. So basically, don't do anything where you receive Neopoints or other disallowed things for a few days. Then, you can start on your new main account!" So, stop using all accounts for a few days. During that time, hopefully, someone with better knowledge and "explaining skills", will post and set you at ease. Then, you can decide which account you want as your MAIN and start transferring stuff to it. As long as both/all accounts are yours, you should not get frozen. At this point, if you stop doing all activity, on all accounts, for a few days, I don't think you'll get frozen. You can have a MAIN account and up to 4 side accounts, but only earn NP on 1 account. You can keep your pets and transfer them back and forth. I think you were lucky that, if you were playing on both accounts, that you haven't been frozen, but I think all will be ok from this point forward, if you stop and wait a few days. Make sense?
  13. That is a tough one. I'd say transfer NP over. At least that way, it does look like you are transferring over to your "new" MAIN account. Once all NP is transferred, of course, STOP making any NP on side accounts. Then, Id' say let your conscience decide. If you felt you earned NP in a way you shouldn't have, then donate it from your MAIN account. Just so you know, as in your case, if your MAIN account gets frozen, it is ok to use a side account, as your "new main" account, until you are able to get your old MAIN account unfrozen/back. Yes, you can earn NP, do dailies, etc, with the "side/new main" account. However, once you have your MAIN account back, it is decision time. If you wish to make your MAIN account, well, MAIN again, then you must stop earning NP on your "side/new main" account. It is ok to transfer any NP/items that you earned on the "side/new main" account to your MAIN. After all, you did earn the NP fairly. However, if you were earning NP on your MAIN and "side/new main" accounts, then yes, both accounts could get frozen.
  14. You can have more than one account. However, you are only allowed to make NP on your MAIN account. And you don't need to donate the NP from your side account. You can keep it, but transfer it to your MAIN account. The best thing to do is stop using BOTH accounts for 24 hours. Then, transfer NP and items (if you wish, on the items), to your MAIN account. You can do so by setting up TP trades, if you have a lot of items and NP. Once everything is transferred, you can then use your MAIN to earn/make NP, etc. With your new side account, highly recommend you disable Trudy's Surprise from showing, and DO NOT play games, earn NP, participate in any events, etc. Basically, your side account is for having more Neopets. If you need to feed them, you can transfer food from your main over to your side. You can also store items in your side account's SDB, and have a gallery, but you cannot earn/make NP from it, or have a Shop. @Mouseykinsis way better explaining it, than I am, and I hope she posts.
  15. You could ask, or try trading it for another NC item, by asking on the "NC Mall" Neoboard, located here, on Neopets: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/boardlist.phtml?board=31. Good luck!