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  1. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 153!

    I went with The Awakened, but if it's any consolation, the boons aren't so great.
  2. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

  3. Scoobert_Doo

    That's Not Rubbish Avatar Bug?

    General consensus on the Neoboards is that it is currently broken.
  4. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

    Woah! Someone else actually posted...
  5. Scoobert_Doo

    Kass Basher bug - farthest whack vanishing

    Thanks for posting that. Where I found the work-around, it was mentioned changing the 3 to a 2, didn't work, for some. I was trying 0 first, and then was going to try 2.
  6. Scoobert_Doo

    Kass Basher bug - farthest whack vanishing

    My apologies, @jellysundae. Since you and Duma replied, I was just hoping to get confirmation from other Firefox users.
  7. Scoobert_Doo

    Kass Basher bug - farthest whack vanishing

    For now, it only seems to happen with Firefox. In the meantime, I believe I found a "work-around" for Firefox. Interestingly enough, I found it on a site that used to be as "Flash heavy" as Neopets. Hoping some other TDNers, @Duma, @jellysundae, can help confirm this. Working for the past two days, so far. DISCLAIMER: These instructions will have you access Firefox's advanced settings, and make a change. Modifying the setting could cause Firefox and your computer to be less secure. If you do not feel comfortable changing the setting, please use a different browser, like Chrome, that doesn't have this issue. If you do make the change, you do so, at your own risk. Please note, the setting can be reverted back, at any time, with a Firefox update, or if Firefox decides to change or remove the setting. Or, you can change the setting back yourself, if you wish. The "work-around" is to change the "dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash" from the default value of "3", to a value of "0". The "0" setting is the lowest, or least restrictive setting. To make the change: 1. Open Firefox. 2. In Firefox's address bar, type, without the quotes, "about:config". 3. Firefox will display a "warning" about changing the advanced settings. Please read, and if ok, click "I accept the risk!" 4. At the top, in the "Search", type, again, without the quotes, "dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash". When you type, the search will start narrowing down the results. 5. Once "dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash" is found, double-click on it. 6. Change the integer value from 3 to 0, and click the "Ok" button. 7. Close and reopen Firefox, for the change to take. 8. Go to Neopets and play "Kass Basher". 9. Do a happy dance, high-five yourself, or whatever, and revel in delight that your "Kass Basher" settings are once more saved - Furthest Hit, Hard (Bat). I must point out, though, that if you clear your browser's cache, history and cookies, "Kass Basher" settings will be lost. Or, if you don't play Kass Basher regularly. That is normal for any web browser and Kass Basher. So, now, I know you are thinking, "What does this setting do?" Honestly, I'm not completely sure. What I do know, however, is this: 1. Flash is often updated, due to to security flaws/holes. 2. In computer terms, "sandbox" refers to containing, or keeping a program running in its own space, without it being able to affect other programs, or the operating system. Think of it as a parent putting an infant or toddler into a playpen. The child can sleep or play in it, but he/she cannot leave the playpen. And, typically, nothing else can get into the playpen. The child is "contained" in a "safe" place. ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandbox_(computer_security) Putting the two together, the setting seems to "sandbox" the Flash plugin to a default level of "3", in Firefox, so Flash content (games/videos) will run in its own space, and not affect other programs on your computer, or the operating system. My guess is, the default level was change to "3" with Firefox version 65. "3" seems to be a more restrictive level/setting. Again, my guess is, "3" keeps Kass Basher (a Flash game), from saving data (your current "bat" level - bread loaf, stick, or bat, and your "hits" and furthest hit) to your computer's hard drive. In this case, we don't want that. However, if you think in nefarious terms, a "hacker" might want to save malicious data, from a "seemingly harmless Flash video/game" to your computer's hard drive, to cause further damage, later. We wouldn't want that either, and neither does Firefox, which is a possible "why" Firefox changed the setting to a "3". (More restrictive = Help prevent that from happening). And that is why the "disclaimer". If you have any questions, please post.
  8. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    I'm a bit of a traditionalist, so I voted for the 1st pose. May seem "boring", but there is something about the standing Aisha that doesn't have me convinced, yet. Then again, I might be biased, as I have a "four footed" pet.
  9. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Zafara Day!

    I know Polka-Dot isn't a very popular color, but I do like the Zafara version. Seems to have more dots than the other pet ones, which is why I think I like it. I also like the Origami Zafara. It does look like folded paper, to me. The outfit looks "chef-y", so I definitely think it will work for pizzadeliveryguy, if Angeló decides to go that route. Does Neopets make a Mario style mustache?
  10. Scoobert_Doo

    Kass Basher bug - farthest whack vanishing

    I heard of others on the "Help" and "Games" Neoboard having the same issue. I played yesterday, and today, I had to start with the bread loaf, again, too. I'm using Firefox, version 65, and Adobe Flash Player, version Up until Firefox version 65, I never had this "issue". I suspect it has something to do with "Content Blocking", which used to be called "Tracking Protection", in previous versions. For now, it seems to be Firefox specific, only. I'll have to see if I can figure something out. If I do, I'll post here. But, you aren't the only one it is happening to. And I rarely clear my browsers cache.
  11. I think I'm having flashbacks. The last time they said "soon", was when they were talking about when the last plot, The Wraith Resurgence, was going to be released. So, that "soon" took a year. I guess "very soon" would be 6 months, then?!
  12. Scoobert_Doo

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    I voted for "The Plods", too. All of the other things I can deal with, as either they will eventually get fixed, or concede that it's something I''ll have to save up for, in the hopes of just getting one. "The Plots" are harder to deal with, as they drag on for so long, you end up forgetting what is happening, or that it is even still going on, or if there is an update, you may not notice it right away and you could end up missing something. However, it is a very interesting category, indeed.
  13. Scoobert_Doo

    Grey faeries...

    Seen it. Don't really count it as part of Cinderella's story, though. Still, not as bad as The Grey Faerie's Story. Yes, if he climbs a wall. However, anyone who can jump on a branch on a "tree" that clearly doesn't have any branches, does have some skillz. And, she can fight. I wouldn't want to get caught in a dark alley with her on a bad day.
  14. Scoobert_Doo

    Grey faeries...

    Be careful, there, Angeló. Illusen might hear you. And send Lyra after you, to set you straight. Well, I guess the Neopedia article is open to interpretation. After reading it, to me, it seems poor Baelia was imprisoned by Jennumara, who humiliated, tortured, abused, belittled, and made her feel helpless and hopeless, by saying things like, "Lost all her powers, lost all her beauty...", "Lost all hope.", and "a Faerie without wings is completely helpless!" It still begs to answer the questions of how The Grey Faerie lost her powers and lost her wings, though. I feel it was more of a taunt from Jennumara to The Grey Faerie, by saying "lost all her beauty". Maybe, in the Faerie World, faeries who lost all powers and wings are no longer considered "beautiful". But, I don't feel Baelia was never not beautiful, before or after. In any case, The Grey Faerie's story makes Cinderella's seem like Mary Poppins. I'm sure I'd have "issues" after all that, even after being freed. PTSD, when giving quests? Oh, and I think I found The Grey Faerie's theme song:
  15. Scoobert_Doo

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    So my questions is, why didn't Kaia make the list? She was new. I did vote for Lyra, though. I believe her character has way more potential, than JS/TNT gives.