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  1. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    I know I'm taking a gamble on this one, but I took the remaining Wraith items I had, and made as many Concoctions I could. I, then, used them on the remaining patients (Malum, Fyora, and Skeith). If this plot is ending soon, I figured I might as well use them. And, as @Duma said, we might get something for giving extra potions.
  2. Last to post wins!

  3. Last to post wins!

    *sudden realization sets in* Oh, now I get what you were getting at! Didn't make that connection at all! I knew you were making a joke, but I wasn't smart enough to figure it out. Im"post"er, Part 2: AAAAARRRRHHHHHHHH! Last to post!!!
  4. Last to post wins!

    Are you referring to Sad Marble Pie? If so, take a look at page 390. I'm still in mourning. *sigh* I miss that little guy...
  5. Keeping a Shop Wizard tab open.

    It is a "must" to do so, during the Annual Daily Faerie Quests, which, usually happens near the end of this month, February, every year. Wonder if they will have it, this year, since we still have the plot going? And the plot involves faeries? However, like others, I rarely get Faerie Quests, so I don't usually do so. Now, if I was Kadding...
  6. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 127!

    In case you are having a hard time finding the "Return to your faction leader" link in the Battledome, due to the Battledome Survey announcement, you can reach the Obelisk Skirmish here: http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/battleground/
  7. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    I agree with @Angeló. My game was vertical today, and I definitely play better with it that way. I guess I'm a vertical thinker? Is that right-brain or left-brain? Well, after yesterday's game, I feel more like "no-brain". I did notice that the game does switch, as @kayahtik mentioned. I wonder if I can keep restarting the game over, until I get a "vertical" one? Anyhow, good luck to all on Day 5!
  8. Now that IS AWESOME! I can see the Bob Ross vibe! Makes me want to paint a "happy tree" and "give it a friend". Congrats!
  9. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 127!

    Going with the Seekers, as they seem to be "predicted" to win. "Seeking" a win, as boons are always nice.
  10. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Oh, boy, is this getting rough! Took me several tries to get 2800 or higher! My head is spining! Thanks @jellysundae for the resizing tip. Reducing Firefox's zoom to 80% helped. It seems silly, but tilting my head sideways to help see the "mirror image", kinda helped. I think the next 4 days are going to be challenging!
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Find Kaia!

    You CAN still get the "One of Every Kind" achievement and avatar with the three remaining individuals in The Infirmary: Malum can take Concoctions 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10. (I, II, III, VI, VII, and X). Queen Fyora can take Concoctions 4 and 5. (IV and V). The Skieth can take Concoctions 8 and 9. (VIII and IX). You can see which Concoctions you've already given, by either hovering over the images of the "recovered patients" or hovering your mouse pointer over the post with the red cross symbol (located to the right of the Skeith). If you missed giving a Concoction, you can then give the "missing one(s)" to the remaining three "patients". Good luck!
  12. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Day 2 is up. I just played. Will have to play, again, to get the 1450 score. Try clicking on Day 2 and see what happens. EDIT: Prize for Day 2 (score of 1450 or higher) is Fiendish Formations Board: EDIT EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering, Day 2 uses the Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry tokens. # of click(s) for each: Infantry (Battle Axe): 1 Click Cavalry (Arrow): 2 Clicks Artillery (Cannon): 3 Clicks Remembering the images and clicks helped me to be a little faster. Good luck all! Get that achievement!
  13. New Marble Kougra!

    That was exactly the same thought I had, when I first saw it!
  14. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    Are you sure you gave at least one of each potion to a combination of the patients in the Infirmary? It can still be done, with the patients that are left - "Malum takes 1,2,3,6,7, and 10, Fyora takes 4 and 5, and Skeith takes 8 and 9". Is it possible you missed one? EDIT: My bad. Silly reply. Wasn't thinking, as you said you already have the green gift box. Only other thing I can think of, is to clear your browser's cache, but it might not help.
  15. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    Do a "hard refesh" of the page. If Windows, it is Ctrl+F5. For a Mac, Command+R. Once I did that, it showed the avatar, instead of the green gift box.