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  1. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    Take a look at the game "point to NP" ratio, on the main game page, of any game. As @Nielo said, it could be even 1 point, but in the case of submitting a game score, you at least have to score enough game points to earn 1 NP. Take Jumpin' Gem Heist, for example. To earn 1 NP, you have to score at least 100 game points. I can't remember which game it was, but last year I was playing games very fast and quickly, just to submit scores to get "completes". I kept playing a game over and over, not quite catching on why it wouldn't accept my score. I was earning game points, but not enough to earn 1 NP. Once I figured that out, I took a little more time to play the game and scored enough to earn 1 NP, and then it accepted my score. And my game finally showed as complete. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Lockpicker Question

    See if this works: 1. Go to the "main" Wraith Resurgence page, http://www.neopets.com/twr 2. Click on Kaia. 3. Click on the location that is flashing, if you already completed the "Mystic Murmurs". 4. If I remember correctly, it should take you to the Lock Picking game, if you haven't gotten the "achievement", yet. 5. Play the Lock Picking again. If you get 4 "misses", refresh the page and keep trying/refreshing until you can get it in 3 or less, just to be sure. Hope this is still working. At least, it let me play the game over, until I got the achievement, this past weekend. Good luck! Let us know if it worked.
  3. Wraith Ectoplasm

    Maybe we are rushing things, a bit. If you look at Taelia's table, you may notice there are nine (9) bottled potions. The "3x Wraith Ectoplasm" make the Rainbow one, aka Taelias Concoction 1. You may also have noticed on the table, there are at least five (5), possibly six (6), different items - The Purple bottle of Ectoplasm, the Red bottle of Ectoplasm, a purple looking claw, a tuft of purple fur/hair, and a purple twisted looking claw (?), and possibly a mortar and pestle with something in it. I have a feeling, as the plot goes on, that we will have to learn, possibly on our own, how to make the other eight potions, using a combination of the five or six different items. Maybe the other items will come from battling other creatures. Might also explain why the achievement for "brewing your first potion" isn't working yet - Taelia already had the recipe for the first potion. Or, it could just be glitching, like a few things have with this plot, so far. Still, I think it is exciting.
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    @balloongal247, Ah, that would make sense to use the potions there! And I do remember @stebenjos saying the Battledome was giving out more than 15 prizes. I, too, thought Ectoplasm would have been given randomly as a prize for battling the Wraith. They did manage to have different prizes, though. I got a few items I've never received. Seems they should have been to add Ectoplasm without issues, but... Oh, well. I guess we will have to wait until Monday to see if there is new news, or if it gets fixed. Do you know if the Battledome "more than 15 prizes issue" has been fixed? I do not want my account to frozen, as I usually just keep fightin' until I get the message that I've receive my NP and prizes for the day, and not tracking how many items I do actually get.
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Interesting! I just went back to the "chest", via the "Achievements" page, and I was able to play the "Lock Picking" game, again. This time, I did it without any "misses" and I was awarded the "Amateur Lock Picker" achievement and was able to get the prize - "Lock Picking Kit". Last night, when I played, I did have 4 "misses" and did not get the achievement. Either TNT is being kind, by letting us play the game as many times as we want, or because there have been a few "glitches" with this plot, so far. As for the Ectoplasm, I believe @munnawindz and @WhiteWolf are on the right track. They mentioned they think the Ectoplasm can be found from the clue on Taelia's note - "When one thing ceases to exist, another takes its place." Both were mentioning a place or location to get it. Many on the Neoboards mentioned the "Giant Omelette" and the "Giant Jelly". When you got to both locations and grab a piece, you will get a message and the background will change to a purple haze. I don't believe it is a reference to Jimi Hendrix's song, "Purple Haze", either, but that would be cool! When I click on either "Ok" or "Got To HQ", and check on Taelia's page, or my inventory, nothing. However I do wonder where the third location would be. I tried "Anchor Management", but no haze or message. And, I believe that part maybe "glictchy", too. The haze doesn't stay and flashes off and on and the message doesn't always pop-up (hence why I didn't type it). So, either it is not working, or it is not for the Ectoplasm and is just part of the plot story - "Hey! A Snapjaw Wraith was here!" And, "Go fight it in the Battledome!" or whatever. EDIT: Does anyone else think the "Lock Picking" game music is neat, like I do?
  6. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I had 4 "misses", when trying to unlock it. Maybe you can't have any "misses" to get the achievement? Did you have any "misses"? EDIT: The TDN Battlepedia is going to be busy, it looks like. @Aquamentis12 and @Lamppost, hope you are ready! I got a "Poisonous Spear Wand" , and before that got a "Staff of Devilish Laughter" The "Staff of Devilish Laughter" seems to do 13 Air icons of damage, and I got it by unlocking the chest. (Used it in battle, against the "Snapjaw Wraith", of course). I haven't tried the "Poisonous Spear Wand", yet. It was my "prize" for getting the Battle Achievement - "Twas a Snap!" EDIT EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, I battled the "Snapjaw Wraith" on medium (yellow) difficulty. It has 175 HP. I earned 10%, each battle. After 10 battles, I had 100% and the "Battle Achievement" of "Twas a Snap!"
  7. New Plot

    Copy the first row of letters into the first line of a new Notepad text document, or write them down on a piece of paper. Then, copy the second row of letters, and paste them on the same line, as the first row, but after the first row. And so on, until all nine rows are copied. For example: (First Row): r j v i w z c u m m w c h (Second Row): j b g w j b h g m q m h z (Etc Rows) Resultant first line in Notepad, or on paper: r j v i w z c u m m w c h j b g w j b h g m q m h z (Etc Rows....) (It should be one long line). Refresh the page. You will get a whole new set of 9 rows. Now, on the second line of your Nopepad text document, copy and paste the new first through 9 rows. Refresh the page again, and copy and paste those new 9 rows onto the third line of your Notepad document. Refresh one more time, and copy and paste those new 9 rows onto the fourth line. You should now start see some letters lining up. You need to click on the letters in the exact same spacing as they show up in. So, for example, say your first letter is "U", and it is the 8th letter. You would count 8 letters on the first row, and it should be a "U". Now, lets say the next letter that lines up is a "G", but it is 5 letters from the "U". You'd now count 5 spaces from the "U". If you get to the end of a row, keep counting on the second row. 5 letters from the "U" should be a "G", and so on.
  8. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I think it is twelve (12) letters long. Including the "note" in front of Kaia, there are three (3) others located in the area behind her.
  9. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Hoo-Woo! Time to kick some booty! Wow! Kaia looks really serious. I mean really really serious. I guess it is time to get serious myself. Ok! Now wearing "The Wraith Resurgence Participant Badge", so I guess my pet is officially serious! This is exciting!
  10. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    For Flash and Chrome: 1. Go to Neopets, with Chrome. 2. Click on the circle with the "i" in the center, located to the left of the web address. 3. In the list that opens, look for "Flash". 4. Change it from "Ask (default)", to "Always allow on this site". 5. Refresh the page and see if the Pound is working. That has worked for many, but not for all. Hopefully, it works for you. Also, clearing Chrome's cache may help, too.
  11. Avatars: What have you got?

    This topic, "Avatar Counter Stuck", posted on TDN Forums on March 23, explains the issue with the avatar counters not updating right away: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48238-avatar-counter-stuck/?tab=comments#comment-823478 Basically, it takes one (1) day for the change to take, on TDN Forums only. For me, it seems to be 24 hours. Meaning, if I updated my counter at, say, 6 pm today, I'd notice it updated at 6 pm or slightly after, the next day. Please note, too, this is with any counter used on the TDN Forums, like the ones for AC, DD, and GMC. So, in a way it is sorcery, but good Internet sorcery of the "https:" kind. Speaking of avatars, it's been a while since I posted a new one here. Guess I better get to working on one...
  12. Help Cy attend a gala!

    My apologies, then. I think I missed your whole point. It did occur to me that you picked a white pet because any color would go well with it. And I had a feeling you might be going with a monochrome look, too. Unfortunately, I don't catch onto things very fast. And I understand about Lennies and their feet. I thought the same thing with the Dust Dress, that her feet didn't quite look right with the dress, and going through other dresses on JellyNeo and viewing on DTI. Only offered it, as I had it, thought it didn't look too bad, and would have given it away. I was (narrowly) focused on the gala theme and a dress that seemed gala like. I also don't know Cybrielle as you do, what her likes/dislikes are, and her personality. As you might have noticed, I don't customize my pet much, if at all, and based on my suggestions, you can see why. Don't quite have an "eye" for it. However, the Dark Lace Dress just doesn't seem like a dress fancy enough for a gala, IMHO. I can see it working with maybe a "european" or Spain (exotic?) type of theme. Or, maybe she has been invited to the opening of a special museum exhibit, in her honor, for finding/providing the artifacts for the exhibit on her last dig/adventure? I think the dress is fancy enough for that, plus it seems to fit her archaeological side. Only problem is finding a background to fit. (Negg Museum?) I tried several backgrounds and noticed the bottom of the dress is *gasp* see thru! Hope you are able to figure something out. I best leave it to the experts. *goes back to lurking the Customization TDN forum*
  13. Help Cy attend a gala!

    Wow! Lennies are hard to dress! And, to make it more of a challenge, Cybrielle is a white Lenny, which makes it even more challenging! Although nice, the Dark Lace Dress doesn't seem "gala like" to me. As a white colored Lenny, it doesn't make her stand out. She really needs some color. It makes her seem grey scale. And, the sleeves don't seem formal enough. She needs those wings free, so she can flap the night away, dancing. With all that said, I don't think I am able to do much better. If you want to stick with a black dress (LBD?), take a look at the Dust Dress. It is an NC item, unfortunately. It does seem gala like, plus I have one, if you think it would work. Another dress with a bit more color is the Dead Red Dress. Again, I think it is a NC item. Floor length, so formal enough. Although not gala like, but fits her adventuring spirit, I have to mention the Hannahs Collectors Dress. The sleeves on that dress look nice on a Lenny, too. Just had to mention that one. A non NC item that might work is the Lady Lenny Dress. Hey, it even has "Lenny" in it. What I really think works, though, is the Luxurious Birthday Ball Dress. The blue shade actually seems to complement the shading color on the white Lenny. Even seems to go with the beak. Formal and gala like, I think. Unfortunately, it seems to be a NC item, too. My method was searching JelloNeo for "dress" and "gown". Seems most are NC. Haven't tried looking for a background or accessories, but thought starting with a dress first, would help with the rest. Anywho, I'll keep thinking about this and see if I can come up with a background and accessories and maybe find one or two more NP dresses.
  14. Happy Pteri Day!

    I like the Dimensional Petri. It puts a little more "anger" in the eyes. As for Custard, all I could think about is, "I'm melting! Melting!"
  15. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 120!

    The Seekers it is for me, too. Would be nice to be on the "winning" faction, this time around. Good luck all and have fun battling!