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  1. Well, I think I did ok, for Round 1: So, yeah, I dropped Ghost Pepper for DJ Skellington. Unfortunately, for me, it's all about the points. KikoKat is hitting it hard, this year! Go KIKOKAT!!! Did anyone manage to pick the "Star Player"? Also, for anyone who changed their team lineup, did you get prompted to pick a new "Star Player"? I didn't, so I'm curious if anyone did. And this is why I like to see results, here. It helps to pick a good scoring team, so, please, post your team results! No need to be embarrassed. We don't bite. (Not sure about that @jellysundae, though 😜)! EDIT: Thank you, @Mouseykins! I picked KikoKat, for Star Player, again.
  2. Whatever Maaqua is doing, they are doing great! Been in the #1 spot for a few days, if not longer. I don't know how you do it to get 17 goals in one game. (Other than having awesome skillz)! My best, this year, so far, is 13. And, my worst was 4, with the opposing team scoring 1. If you are wondering, yes, the low score was due to a Darigan Yooyu, and a long night. I don't usually submit scores that low, but it was getting late and I was wanting to "cap" Yooyuball. Anyhow, the best to you and Maraqua!
  3. The link only returns a "Page Cannot Be Found" message. Did last year not happen!?
  4. My apologies to Team Terror Mountain. This doesn't seem to be my year, but I'm going to try as best I can. I'm way behind on where I want to be, and especially with playing 46 Yooyuball games a day. Anyhow, TDN Team Terror Mountain please:
  5. The AC XIV Staff Tournament team selection has begun, today (8 June 2019)! Like last year, there will be a "Star Player" each round, so don't forget to choose!. You have until 11 June 2019 to pick your team, or pick your team and make changes, but make sure to do so before 11:59:59. May want to take a look at "teams" TDNers picked last year, in hopes they will perform the same, from this TDN link: https://www.tdnforums.com/forum/143-altador-cup-xiii-2018/ I see some new players, and, of course, some seasoned ones. So, who are you going to pick? Here is my (current) team. (Not sure. I may make some changes, depending on who others pick): Forwards: Senormalo & Ghost Pepper Defenders: Scrappy & Kikokat Goalies: Binary Supagoo Star Player: Kikokat Get out there, and pick your teams! Please post here. Good luck and have fun!
  6. Take a look at this topic, as I posted instructions, on possible ways of getting the Shockwave games to work: https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48456-shockwave-games/?tab=comments#comment-826639 Even though you can no longer download Adobe Shockwave from Adobe's web site, you still can find older version on the 'Net, especially version of If, on a Mac, the only way to play the Shockwave and 3DVIA games is by running a virtual session of Windows within Mac OS X. Here is a pet page that explains how: http://www.neopets.com/~x0_Casper_0x All items listed are free, and there is a link to Shockwave version Those instructions "should" work for Linux and Windows PCs, too, if you wish to virtualize on a Windows PC. Good luck! And if you have any questions, please post. Oh, as long as you know and understand the risks of using old plugins or browsers, you should be safe, as long as you only use those browsers to play the Shockwave games, and don't open any other tabs, while doing so, and close those browsers, when finished, and use an updated browser for continuing playing on Neopets. Running a virtual session is safe, too.
  7. Are you still having issues? Which browser are you using? Maybe something subconsciously is telling you to learn another language?!
  8. Perk Shop not open, yet. When it is, I'm sure TDN will post a "News" announcement, along with a link. From my understanding, your leftover points, from last year, weren't added to your total points earned. Again, only my understanding, so I may be wrong. We will find that out, when the Perk Shop opens. I have 445 "carry over" points from last year, and earned 12563. If the 445 is added, then I should have 13008 points. I'll post my total points, when the shop opens. Hope this helps.
  9. It's time. Time for AC XIV! I can't believe it has been a year, since Terror Mountain placed 3rd, on the podium! Still riding that "Rocky Mountain High"! I don't know how we will do this year, but, I look forward seeing old friends, new friends, and even other AC team supporters, posting on this thread, and riding the avalanche called "Altador Cup". We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll get angry, we'll get happy, and just support whatever AC goals you may have. You may be reaching for All-Star, or just to get one game played. It doesn't matter. Team Terror Mountain is here for you. Please don't be shy to post. We want to hear from you. So, as I always do, here is our pre-AC motivational song, to get you ready for AC XIV!!!!!! 🎵 (singing) Terror Mountain in the Hall of Fame 🎶
  10. Yea! The Awakened WON! Looks like @Robin Hood got his avatar after all!
  11. If the Angelpuss is available, I'll try to give it a good home. Please note, Turmy has eaten 3 of my petpets, so I you don't wish to give it to me, I'll understand, as I don't plan to stop visiting that giant petpet.
  12. I play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my smartphone. I like the descriptions. It's enough to keep me going, but I can put it down, in between. I think they did a good job.
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