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  1. There are a few topics on the "Games" and "Help" Neoboards, concerning this. You aren't the only one it has happened to. Most believe that since it is a "slots" game, and you don't send scores in the same way as regular games, that that could be the problem. Kind of silly for TNT/JS to pick a "slots" game for Better Than You. It makes no sense. Not sure what they will do, at this point. Maybe we will see something in tomorrow's Neopian Times Editorial, concerning this. EDIT: You don't have to click the "Challenge" button to be able to send a score and get a trophy/prize for Better Than You. As long as you play the game, beat the "challenger's" score, and are one of the first 500 to do so, you should get a prize. EDIT EDIT: It looks like 1 person has beaten Brucy B. I wonder if they beat his score with one of their first 3 plays? If so, that's crazy!
  2. That is really great! Congrats on the gold! Great job and you seem to have a knack for winning!
  3. I thought of an orangesicle ice-cream bar, instead of cheddar cheese, when I saw the Jelly Moehog. To each, their own, I guess. And Custard, is, well, custard. However, the outfit is very Breakfast at Tiffany's-ish. Classic Audrey Hepburn.
  4. Is it still happening? If so, when you tried another browser, did that browser do the same thing? Off-hand, it looks like Firefox isn't displaying most images. Sometimes that happens to me, when my Internet access is being slow. The page(s) take way longer to load, or don't load at all. When they do load, I don't always see the graphics and I see a lot of "text" hyperlinks and the page doesn't look formatted as it should. There are things you can do with Firefox, but if it happens to both browsers, then there are other things I'd check.
  5. Glad you figured it out and it wasn't too expensive. And glad they are replacing the cord. I had a feeling the retailer wasn't local-ish. Well, I guess you will have a backup cable, now.
  6. I am truly sorry to hear your iPhone is not working. Never fun when an electronic device doesn't want to work. But, since the iPhone is still "new", you should be able to take it back to the store, where you purchased it, and they will, hopefully, help, as the phone should be under warranty. If you purchased it from another person, that could limit your options, but, you might get help by taking it to a cell carrier store (a store run by your cell phone service provider). Some may help, to keep you as a customer. You never know. So, to try to answer your "question": 1. No, it is not a common problem for iPhone chargers, or any smartphone charger, for that matter, to stop working after a month. If it was common, you'd have found numerous Internet articles about it. 2. As for a cause, it could be due to 5 things: Apple "cube" charger, USB to lightning cable, iPhone lightning port, software, or hardware. The "cube" chargers can go bad. There is a tiny circuit board and IC chip inside, along with a few other electronic components. The USB to lightning cable can get frayed, worn, or stretched from use. The iPhone lightning port can get lint, dirt, or other debris, inside, causing a poor or no connection. An iOS update from Apple could cause a software issue. And hardware can sometimes fail, such as the screen going bad, causing a blank/black screen. 3. A "short" could have happened, but it can be hard to tell, especially with small circuits and components inside of the iPhone and "cube" charger. It sounds like you already checked the iPhone's lightning port, and it seems fine/clear. That is something I'd have checked first, too. And, I'd try another "cube" charger and USB to lightning cable, too, as you are going to do. I'd just plug your phone into your cousin's charger and cable. If it starts charging, I'd then swap out either the cable or charger, for one of yours, to see which is the culprit - your cable or charger. If you can, use an Apple "cube" charger, if possible, or something comparable to one. (I have some "cheap" USB chargers that would work with other devices, but didn't have enough amps for an iPhone or iPad, and the iDevices would not charge). If it still doesn't charge, after trying another charger and cable, then it leads to software or hardware. The hard part is that your iPhone appears to be out of power. If it can't turn on, then there is little you can do. If it was software related, like happening after an iOS update, you could try connecting the iPhone to a computer/laptop with iTunes and try to revert back to an earlier iOS version or factory resetting it. However, that requires the iPhone to turn on. If it is hardware, then, again, there might be little you can do. For software and hardware issues, taking it to the place of purchase, is usually the best option. If it is not working properly, and they can't "fix" the problem, but your phone is still under warranty, they might replace it. Worst case scenario would be having to sent it back to Apple for troubleshooting/repair, and you having to pay for it. Not to mention being without a phone. I wish you the best of luck in finding a solution/getting it fixed, and hope it is inexpensive and quick. Please let us know what you find.
  7. Hm...I input your Sleeper coordinates into TDN's Spellbook Finder and got 12, 9 - just like you did the first time around. Looking at your six coordinates, they appear to be as they should - meaning all "X" coordinates decrease by 40, and the "Y" coordinates have a difference by 30 (the first 3 decrease by 30, the third and fourth are the same, and the last 3 increase by 30). So, as per step 139 of Part 14 of TDN's guide, input your 12, 9 coordinate into YOUR URL and try again. Use the picture and click on all areas where the book could be. Although its been a while, I remember having a hard time finding the Spellbook, and ended up clicking on everything twice, before finding it, even though I was certain I clicked on the "correct" book before. As the books in the picture are small, and some are close together, make sure you look for your mouse pointer to change to the hyper-link finger pointer. Good luck!
  8. TDN has a nice link that, when run, will show you a list of games you still have left to play, to get the "Top Gamer" avatar, here: The instructions are very easy to follow. And, you can use it with anyone's High Scores. So, I guess you can still secretly use jellysundae's list, if you want to. Note, "mirror" games also count towards the "Top Gamer" avatar. Just make sure you don't play a mirror game and the "regular" (on Neopets) game on the same day. See TDN's reference on "mirror" games here: Good luck! EDIT: Just remembered one more thing. All you have to do is play a game just long enough to post a score. It doesn't have to be a high one.
  9. Another BIG THANK YOU to the TDN ALP for this avatar! I couldn't have done it, without them! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Draik - Hatched' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  10. I hear ya, on that one. @jellysundae , mind passing the milk? But, to stay on topic, these are kind of, well, bland, like plain ol' vanilla custard, and a store bought crunchy cookie. There is some detail with the Custard, but it looks similar to the Biscuit one - almost like it (Custard) is the Biscuit Hissi melting in the sun. I do like the outfit, though. And no disrespect to Hissi lovers, either. I guess I'm not really a fan of Custard or Biscuit, unless at a potluck.
  11. Congratz on your bronze trophy for Advert Attack! I just saw it on your user lookup! Like the avatar, you got it "like a boss"!
  12. I am so glad to hear your score was accepted! And I hope you are awarded the bronze trophy tonight *keeping fingers crossed that the trophy awarding script doesn't glitch*! Trophies are awarded around 8 pm-ish NST. Generally between 8 pm - 8:15 pm NST. Good luck! I'll keep an eye out.
  13. Please don't ask why, or judge, but I think the Avocado Socks are neat! Green goes great with a Yellow Gelert. So, "You have given Willow Fence Foreground to User 'zimmerchild'. Click the button below to continue." EDIT: I'd buy a pair IRL, if I could find them!
  14. I do like the Negg Museum background. I may use it for next year's Easter time. I'm glad they have Kari on the stamp. It still doesn't feel the same (Negg hunting), without her. So, would anyone be willing to trade a Willow Fence for Avacado Socks? *hears crickets chirping in the background*
  15. The Trishulatops can be found at Sakhmet Battle Supplies ( and the Merciless Idiom can be found at Wonderous Weaponry (