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  1. It's a really nice color. I guess Queen Fyora knows how to play one?! Anyhow, the price was right, so, "You have given Purple Sousaphone to User 'narakuslove90'. Click the button below to continue." Good luck! May you and your pet get something great!
  2. Me! Me! Me! Pick me! I'll join the Brutes, too.
  3. I'm actually surprised and very impressed it's been "fixed". Well, meaning I was on Day 12, yesterday, and today it is Day 11 - will not be losing my streak. It only seems, for now, to be "broken" when we (US) go(es) to "Daylight Saving Time" (jump ahead one hour). I remember last November, when we (US) went back to "Standard Time", Trudy's Surprise didn't "glitch". So, it looks like JS/TNT is trying to fix it. EDIT: Look's like it's official. I was reading today's (15 March 2019) Neopian Times Editorial (Issue: 859, 15th day of Running, Y21) and it seems Donny has it fixed: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=859 Hopefully, it will not happen, next year.
  4. I like the background, too. I'm also a plushie fan, and the two are nice ones. Stamp is a must. Decisions, decisions...
  5. Price wasn't too bad, so I decided to send one to you. "You have given Hagalugg to User 'puppylove_758'. Click the button below to continue." However, I found these shops: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=fotc11&buy_obj_info_id=733&buy_cost_neopoints=2587 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=fleetingfame&buy_obj_info_id=733&buy_cost_neopoints=2700 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=sonicson1969&buy_obj_info_id=733&buy_cost_neopoints=2799 Not SSW (Super Shop Wizard), but the prices don't seem too bad. First shop has 2, second shop has 3, and the last shop has 1. Good luck! May you and your pet get something great!
  6. Well, how else would you try to cheer up the Grey Faerie? By trying to "quack" her up! Mallard - Quack...Get it?! Leaving now, before the tomatoes hit me...
  7. Yep. Look at my previous post, above. And Ghoul Catchers does work with them. Legends & Letters is interesting, for a game, but since it is not "connected" to Neopets, I don't really see the point of it. It might bring new players to Neopets, and if people buy powers up/gems, it can bring money into the site, but if you know nothing of Neopia, it doesn't make a difference to the game. The game is about what happened after the plot. The Neopet character you create in the game, meets Aurrick in a tavern and you go on "adventures" from there.
  8. Is 21 available? If so, may I pick it? My Neopets user name is a riddle, if you need one. It is oiram_repap. Thank you.!
  9. Yes, it seems to have ended in the middle of nowhere. The last chapter really made no sense to me. Who is this Dacon? I guess we can assume Lyra escaped her father, but what happened to her after that? What happened to her father? This "ending" is making "Howard the Duck" look like a better movie.
  10. They never released Ghouls Catchers for PC, so I have a feeling Legends & Letters will not be for the PC, either. It is possible to play Android games on a PC, if you use an Android emulator like Blue Stacks or Andy, and your PC meets the specs for using Blue Stacks or Andy.
  11. I voted for Oil Painting, but am now having regrets. Could you imagine seeing this on a Skeith's belly? Or how about this famous one?
  12. Yes, via the "Achievements" page, here: http://www.neopets.com/desert/thelostheirloom/achievements/index.phtml As far as I know, there is no achievement for "200 obstacles". The 3 Lyra's Escape "Achievements" are: Long Lasting - Play a single game where you last at least 5 minutes without "crashing". Smooth Sailing - Play a single game where you dodge 400 obstacles. (The game usually automatically "crashes" after reaching it. It might be on PC only, but unable to confirm). The 4 the Merrier - Collect 4 bubbles, during a single game. And, in case anyone is wondering, the "Keeping Up with the Xendricks" is still not achievable, at this time.
  13. Flash can crash with Customization, if you have too many items in your Closet. Generally, it seems to happen, if you have more than 600 items in your Closet, but I have heard others, on the "Help" Neoboards, mention they had it happen with less than that amount. Some have had success with getting it down to 150 and less. If you have more than one pet, but Flash doesn't crash when you Customize a pet, but it does crash when you Customize another pet, some have mentioned accessing the pet that doesn't crash, and then change to the other pet, via the Customization menu - essentially going through a pet to get to another, if that makes sense. They also mentioned they were able to Customize that pet , even with having a lot of items in their Closet.
  14. It does. The "Best" is the highest number of obstacles you dodged. (It can go back to "0", if you clear your browser's cache, or use another browser, or if your browser clears its cache). In the screenshot, the individual should have received the "Smooth Sailing" achievement, as they made it past 400, but they never got it, for some reason.
  15. Yes, using another browser or device should work, as they would use their own cache. That is a great idea, too!
  16. Not sure if it will help, but for the both of you, try clearing your browser's cache, if you haven't tried already, and see if you can now reach the Smooth Sailing achievement.
  17. JN's search function is now working for Firefox. I tried it yesterday, and it was working. It may have been fixed earlier, but yesterday I decided to try it, again.
  18. As @lojoco49 mentioned, it is a bit out-of-date, so be careful using it. It appears to be a "cut-and-paste", from another web site. If you use Safari, step 4 has you adding a completely different web site. You should be adding www.neopets.com, and not the site listed. Also, for Chrome and Firefox, they have you enabling Flash for every web site, and not just for Neopets. Again, from a security standpoint, that is not good. With both browsers, you can enable Flash for specific web sites. However, I do use Firefox and have enabled Flash as per the instructions, but I am aware what that setting does, and am willing to assume the risk. If you use Edge, and have updated to Windows 1809, then you will need to either open the page with Internet Explorer 11, or use another browser. The 1809 update changes the way Edge uses Flash, and many Neopets web pages do not seem to indicate they have Flash content within them, so Edge will not give the "puzzle piece" for you to enable Flash. As for Chrome, they deliberate made that change, so it is unlikely Chrome will change it back. If you use a mobile device (phone, tablet), you will need to use a "Flash enabled" mobile browser, like Puffin or Photon, as those instructions do not apply to mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and most mobile devices no longer support Flash, at all.
  19. @Dilley88, mentioned a good point, too. Rebooting does seem to "fix" a lot of things on computers. Also, you may want to check Chrome is up-to-date. I have a feeling you already know how to check for Chrome updates, but just case, for anyone else who may read this and is not sure, click in the three vertical dots, in the top corner of Chrome, and select "Help", then "About Google Chrome". When you do that, Chrome should check for updates automatically, and if there is one, should download/install it right away. Once completed, click "Relaunch", to reopen Chrome. See if that helps. If you use any type of antivirus or firewall, other that the default Windows ones, it is possible either could be blocking the game. Might want to check and see if you notice anything from those programs. A topic on the "Site Events" Neoboard mentions Bitdefender blocks the game from loading and another mentioned their avtivirus program was blocking it, too. ref: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=159845389
  20. According to JellyNeo, it was available, and then "pulled" from the Apple App Store, apparently a "mistake" and "premature". As for Google Play, I couldn't find it. However, it is still scheduled to be released worldwide on 28 Feb 2019. Not too much longer, if it goes as planned.
  21. It shouldn't be a Flash issue. "Lyra's Escape" is designed to be played on mobile devices, too, and most mobile devices no longer support Flash. Have you tried clearing Chrome's cache? Are you using any extensions/plugins, especially ones that may block java script or tracking, like "Ghostry" or "NoTrack"? Are you browsing in "incognito" mode, or, if not, have you tried browsing in "incognito" mode? Is Chrome set to block pop-ups? If so, have you tried adding www.neopets.com, refreshing the page, and then see if it works? Those are usual suspects...
  22. TIP: As the TDN Guide says, collect bubbles for safety. A bubble gives you an "extra" chance to keep going, if you hit an obstacle/debris. More bubbles = more chances to keep going. It took me awhile to figure that out.
  23. When I saw the Zombie Chia, all I could think of is "HULK SMASH!" The Toy Chia is like a "punk" Mr. Potato Head. I think it is a good day for Chia lovers! The outfit looks good, too.
  24. I went with The Awakened, but if it's any consolation, the boons aren't so great.
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