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  1. I don't think the pet was deleted. It seems it was removed from your account, and returned to its original owner. According to what you posted, "from support", it sounds like someone's account was "hacked into", and those who did sent it to the pound, or asked if anyone wanted it, even though it wasn't theirs to do so. Support returned the pet to the compromised account. Unfortunately, you didn't know that. If that happened to me, (got a pet from a compromised account), I'd be a little sad, but at least happy knowing the pet was returned to the rightful owner. And, if my account was compromised and my pet traded/pounded, I'd want my pet back, too. Sorry this happened.
  2. Scoobert_Doo

    What happened to Neopia's economy?

    The Anchor Management daily: http://www.neopets.com/pirates/anchormanagement.phtml has caused the price of Pirate Morphing Potions to go down. Since the daily, more people are able to get them, so the price goes down. As for the Snorkle Snout, not completely sure about that one, but I suspect not too many people are interested in the avatar, and, for now, most Neopians are seasoned players, or returning ones, who may already have the avatar. If there were a lot of "newbies", I'm sure the price would go up. I also believe this item does still stock in the Spooky Foods shop. It seems there are more "RSers" (ReStockers), so with more restocking, more of the Snorkle Snouts are in shops. The more there are, the more the price (usually) goes down.
  3. Scoobert_Doo

    Go home Bart, you're drunk...

    Now I wish I had one in my inventory just for the Kiko Lake RE: That would be THE best! I generally don't mind REs, even the "not so great ones", but the Kiko Lake RE "rubs me the wrong way", ever since they won the AC.
  4. Scoobert_Doo

    Concerns about billing/fraud issues

    I don't use Premium, either, but I have heard of individuals paying for Premium via PayPal. That way, if there are Premium payment issues, they can dispute it with PayPal and get their money back. Personally, I never heard of anyone having their account frozen for asking for a Premium "charge back". That would be bad for business, I think. I have heard of issues with people paying for Premium, but Premium not being enabled for their account, but it seems they (JS/TNT) try to resolve those issues somewhat quickly. BTW, nice profile pic!
  5. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Buzz Day!

    (Sepia! Great word! Wish I could have remembered it. I guess it is time for a "word of the day" calendar, or something!) I guess it would taste like old photos and cuttlefish... I wonder how Buzz fly with those candy wings? They look heavyish...
  6. Scoobert_Doo

    Resolving host... (Chrome/Internet issue)

    Did you ever get this figured out?
  7. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Buzz Day!

    The Candy Buzz color is lost, on me. It looks like "grey scale", but with brown/yellow, instead of grey. It doesn't really look candy, to me. I do like some of the other Candy colors JS/TNT has done, though. I think the outfit is somewhat "Anna" inspired. Like the purple and the wig/hair braid is a nice look. Anyhow, Happy Buzz Day!
  8. This is a good question. Here is what I found: The Neopian Times, Issue: 613, 20th day of Gathering, Y15, Editorial Question #9: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=613 The Neopian Times, Issue: 563, 21th day of Gathering, Y14, Editorial Question #1: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=563 The Neopian Times, Issue: 444, 21th day of Hunting, Y12, Editorial Question #7: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=444 The Neopian Times, Issue: 390, 1st day of Hunting, Y11, Editorial Question #4: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=390 The Neopian Times, Issue: 382, 6th day of Running, Y11, Editorial Question #8: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=382 The Neopian Times, Issue: 230, 9th day of Running, Y8, Editorial Question #7: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=230 Ok. Not sure if you have made it this far, but if you have, it seems the answer is no. At least that is how I interpret it. My opinion only. "Collections" would appear to be part of your "stats". However, if you are still unsure, you could always send a question to the Neopian Times Editor. I think it would be a good one to ask. Unfortunately, I cannot post the link, as TDN gives me an error. But, you can find the link at the bottom of the Neopian Times Editorial page. And, yes, some Neopians do use your stats, not just avatars, but all stats, to take into consideration for avatar item lending, unfortunately. But, not all do.
  9. Scoobert_Doo

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Has Begun!

    New update, in case anyone is interested. Page 13 has been added. No new tasks to complete.
  10. Scoobert_Doo

    Neoquest 3D... wut?!

    It's like an online "Chose Your Own Adventure" book. I tried playing it a year or so ago, but never finished. I don't think there is a trophy for completing/high-score table for it, as it isn't listed on "Trophy Tracker". More nostalgic, than anything, I guess. ref: www.neopets.com/~trophytracker
  11. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Aisha Day!

    The Aisha Warrior Outfit I get, because I think it references this: This is the character "Baby Doll", from the movie "Sucker Punch". And she definitely has some "warrior" moves. The outfit also brings images of Sailor Moon. Here is what came to my mind, when I first saw the Aisha Explorer Outfit: This is "Evelyn Carnahan", in the movie remake of "The Mummy". However, it doesn't quite match the Aisha outfit - no hat, and no dress. But the Aisha outfit made me think of one of the quotes in the movie: Yes, the Aisha "Explorer" outfit makes me think of a librarian. "The Mummy" is supposed to take place in the 1920s. And, librarians are explorers. Explorers of books. Still, I think Neopets is referencing some movie or real world reference with the outfit. I just haven't pinpointed it, yet. EDIT: I guess the only thing I can conclude is Rachel Weisz is an Aisha.
  12. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Aisha Day!

    Couldn't help it, and, yes, terrible pun: The reply - "Frankly, my dear, I don't give an Anne!" Is the hair separate, or is it a hat/wig combo?
  13. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Aisha Day!

    I thought it was a cloche hat: Hence, my thinking 1920s - 1930s outfit. Guess I was "off the mark". And, yes, the Stealthy base color is great. I've always liked Aishas, surprised I don't have one. Anyhow, I forgot to mention Happy Aisha Day!
  14. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy Aisha Day!

    When I look at the Stealthy Aisha, all I can think of is - "Luke, I am your father!" The clothing is nice - is it supposed to be 1920 - 1930ish fashion?
  15. Scoobert_Doo

    Help with Matching Petpet?

    I didn't see the Quetzal, when looking for petpets, but, I agree, I think it works, too!
  16. If JS is consistent at something, it is being consistent at being inconsistent...
  17. Scoobert_Doo

    Flash vs HTML5

    Unfortunately, there are different versions of Flash, for the different types of browsers, so Flash isn't a "one size fits all" type of plugin. Internet Explorer 11 and Edge use a type of Flash called "ActiveX". Google Chrome, and its variants (Opera is based on Chrome and is a popular one) use a "PPAPI" version of Flash, and Firefox and Safari use a "NPAPI" version of Flash. Windows 10 has Flash within it for Internet Explorer/Edge and it is updated through Windows Updates. You may want to check for Windows Updates to make sure you have the latest Flash for those browsers. However, you will still have to enable Flash, as it is disabled by default, for both browsers. The TDN link only shows enabling Flash for Edge, though. Chrome has Flash "built-in", meaning it is part of Chrome. It is usually updated with Chrome updates and I believe updates automatically, when there are Flash only updates, but you can manually "check" for Flash updates. As with Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, Chrome, too, disables Flash, by default. However, as I mentioned above, Chrome now disables Flash every time you close and reopen Chrome. So, if you close and reopen Chrome, or you reboot your computer, or it reboots, you will have to re-enable Flash. It is deliberate, unfortunately. Firefox and Safari don't have Flash "built-in", like Chrome. You will have to download Flash for Firefox/Safari from Adobe's web site. Once downloaded and installed, like the other browsers, Firefox and Safari disable Flash by default, so you will have to enable it. Once enabled, though, unlike Chrome, it will stay enabled, for the most part. When you install Flash for Firefox/Safari, it will ask if you wish for it to check for and automatically update. So, if you have tried using Firefox, but Flash didn't work, or you did not see the "block icon" or "Run Adobe Flash" option, as the instructions mention, you may need to download and install Flash for Firefox, first, before trying to enabling it. Hope you get it working!
  18. Scoobert_Doo

    Resolving host... (Chrome/Internet issue)

    1. With Chrome, are you using any extensions or plugins? If yes, then try disabling them all, and see if things work normally. If they do, then it is one of the extensions or plugins causing the issue. 2. Do you use a VPN client? If yes, try logging out or disabling the VPN client and try to see if things are working normally. If it does, then it could be an issue with the VPN client. 3. Does your ISP (Internet Service Provider) require you to use a proxy server to connect to the Internet? This isn't very common. 4. My apologies if I didn't understand correctly, but does it only happen when or on www.neopets.com, or does it happen with other web sites, too? If it is only on or when going to Neopets, then Neopets could be having issues, especially if Neopets seems "laggy". If it happens with all sites, then it could be your Internet connection or a DNS issue. Your ISP should be able to tell you if they are experiencing any issues on their end. 5. Have you tried with another browser, like Firefox or Internet Explorer? If it doesn't happen with another browser, then something may have changed with Chrome. Uninstalling Chrome, rebooting, then reinstalling Chrome might help. 6. What DNS servers are you using or changed them to? If you changed your DNS servers and it is still happening, then it might not be a DNS issue. It would seem to be either network related (ISP) or something with your computer. 7. Is anyone else in your neighborhood using the same ISP and experiencing the same problem or does anyone in your household experience the same? If your neighbors are experiencing the same thing, then, it would seem ISP related. If others in your household are experiencing the same, then it could be your Internet connection. 8. Have you tried contacting your ISP to see if they are having any issues? Someone may have to come out and check your Internet connectivity/connections. EDIT: Try typing Neopets IP Address into Chrome's Address bar or clicking this link and see if you are able to get to Neopets: If it works, but www.neopets.com still gives you issues, then it could be DNS. Has your computer received any Windows Updates within the last week? The last update for Windows 7 was on Dec 11, 2018. Take a look here, for known issues: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4471318/windows-7-update-kb4471318 According to the article, "After you apply this update, the network interface controller may stop working on some client software configurations. This occurs because of an issue related to a missing file, oem<number>.inf. The exact problematic configurations are currently unknown." It's possible that could be happening, which might explain why a reboot would get you working again, but then later cause you to lose connectivity.
  19. Scoobert_Doo

    what should i do with this cutie ?

    If you are decided on a Tomato Chia, let me know. Since it that was one of my ideas, I'm willing to get the Magical Tomato Chia Pop.
  20. Scoobert_Doo

    Happy New Year! Here and back again.

    Good to see you back! And, well, will always be glad to see you, even if it has to be sporadic, due to IRL! Hope 2019 brings your wishes!
  21. Scoobert_Doo

    Last to post wins!

  22. Scoobert_Doo

    what should i do with this cutie ?

    The Pineapple Chia looks like a "punk rocker". When I think of her delivering pizza, I think of the Digornio Pizza commercial: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7wfE/digiorno-supreme-digiorno-or-delivery Yeah, the part where the car is bouncing around. Anyhow, I think, for obvious reasons, it should be this type of Chia: A Tomato Chia. Cuz pizza sauce is made from, well, ... You could make it a Pirate Aisha, if you wanted to have some sort gimic for a pizza chain, like Pizza Pirate Pizza: Or, maybe a Magma Cybunny - "Your delivery guaranteed HOT - molten hot!" You could make it a Plushie Elephante, if you wanted a pizza mascot, but it would seem a bit creepy:
  23. Scoobert_Doo

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 150!

    I like Awakened. First Obelisk Skirmish team I joined, and first Obelisk avatar I got, if I remember correctly. So, Awakened it is, for me!
  24. Scoobert_Doo

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has completely restored your pet's hp... He's awake until 3 pm NST...
  25. Scoobert_Doo

    Flash vs HTML5

    December 2020, Adobe Flash will be no longer. Until then, Neopets will have to convert all Flash content/games to HTML5. They have already converted some of the Neopian Maps, like Brightvale, Meridell, and The Lost Desert. There are about 300 games to convert, too. They have been in the process of converting things over, but with the amount of staff they have, it's going to take sometime. In the meantime, what browser are you using, and what operating system does your computer/laptop use? Chrome, in particular, deliberately disables Flash every time you close and reopen it. There used to be a way to keep it from doing that, but Chrome removed that feature, too. I have also heard of issues with Mac OS X Mojave, Safari, and Flash, too, but, so far, haven't heard of a fix or work-around. If you are using a Mac with Mojave, you might try using/installing Firefox or Chrome, and see if those work. Here is a TDN link for enabling Flash for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge: http://thedailyneopets.com/articles/enabling-flash-on-neopets/