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  1. fishstick013

    Happy Krawk Day

    The second color now available is candy. Somebody on the PC posted showing off their pet. http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Arne The eye is currently glitched, though? I think it's kind of a cool glitch!
  2. fishstick013

    Happy Scorchio Day!

    I adore the colors they used for marble! The candy's done well in such a way that it reminds me of the striped, hard candies I really dislike. . . .
  3. fishstick013

    No cheap stocks for (most of) you lot!

    I can say that I chose the bank boon just to see where I stand with that.
  4. fishstick013

    Can you give away a FFQ?

    You're allowed to transfer the dipped pet to them. Some people will also create a pet with another person's chosen name, dip, and transfer. You may not have them transfer to you, dip, and transfer back.
  5. If you'll be replaying levels, I recommend level 2. Guaranteed 3 stars every time, and it doesn't have a tutorial/guide slowing the level down.
  6. fishstick013

    Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Neopets is so hard to quit! I haven't ever actively tried to quit, but every time something draws me away for a hiatus, I end up back with a vengeance. Best of luck with responsibility! :) Hopefully you won't miss Neo too terribly. I really like petpets and petpetpets, which sounds fairly simple. And weird as it is, I really like items with moving images. :3
  7. fishstick013

    Happy Kiko Day!

    At first glance, I thought the candy was supposed to imitate rock candy. Gumdrops didn't even occur to me.
  8. fishstick013

    Mobile Strike Account

    I've been casually playing Mobile Strike for a while now, but I'm really tired of how compelled I feel to play the game in my spare time. It isn't a very developed account, and I don't enjoy war games very much. It does have a decent number of speed-ups, 100k gold, and a lvl 12 HQ. Rather than letting it rot, I thought I would see if anybody here was interested in playing it. I can change the account pin and e-mail to whatever they choose, and they'll have a decent starting point to get into the game.
  9. fishstick013

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Buccalin Species: Nimmo Colour: Robot Gender: Male ge: 92 days Level: 7 Health: 59 / 52 Mood: delighted! Hunger: bloated Strength: GREAT (34) Defence: GREAT (26) Move: GREAT (27) Intelligence: average Up for quick adoption, super-cool pet.
  10. fishstick013

    AC XI - Staff Tournament - Who's Your Dream Team?

    Agog - 1101 Senormalo - 1395 Country Queen - 1920 Max Mutant - 1345 Binary Sugapoo - 1690 Total: 7451 Overall Total: 13459 Probably just going to keep the same team, give Agog a chance to perform as well as the first week again.
  11. Ugh. I'm getting so burnt out on this game. I especially hate YYB. >:[ Only 14.5 more days.
  12. fishstick013

    AC XI - Staff Tournament - Who's Your Dream Team?

    *.* I love that you wanted everybody to post their choices! I appreciate it for team-structure decisions. Cherry Blossom 1083 Senormalo 1315 Axe Bond 990 Max Mutant 1320 Ehlo Froyo 1300 Weekly total: 6008 Definitely considering dropping Axe (:C) at this point, maybe revisit her later if I see posted improvement. Hard to make these decisions, though!
  13. I thought stats only update once/day? Ugh. I hate yooyuball. I would literally rather play MSN an extra 200 times than YYB the max 46. It's the worst game everrrrr. Plus "The Black Hole" is an awful opponent.
  14. fishstick013

    Altador Cup XI Staff Tournament - Make Your Picks!

    picked because Moltara/heat pun picked because strength: sarcasm and weakness: puppies picked because Shenkuu picked because strength: adaptation picked because strength and weaknesses I'm almost certain that I chose everybody just because I enjoyed their blurbs. xD I have no idea how else to go about it.
  15. D: Rolled over to midnight 3 SLSL shy of maxing. Boo. Good luck today, all!