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  1. I got 8319 this round! Woot-Woot! I only changed three people so far and now have; Cherry Blossom and Senormalo on forward, Scrappy and Kikocat on Defenders and Ehlo Froyo as the goalie! Here we go :)
  2. I'm so bummed about our stats this year.... we are getting swept A LOT, making me rather sad! Was hoping we had a shot at first this year with as good as we did last year... but man oh man this is rough O.o
  3. I actually did that.... I'd play shootout showdown AND Slushies Slingers at the same time lat year, just had them next to each other in small windows and would switch.... glad I know this against the rules! I didn't know it was, never thought it would be considered against the rule because I'm actually playing the games. You actually wouldn't have to play 1000's of one game If you played 1267 games of Slushies Slingers, 1200 games of Shootout Showdown and Make Some Noise each, in total during the entire cup, you'd be able to reach All Star. Let's say the competition ends June 29th, if you divided the amount of games needed to play by the number of days you have left. You'd need to send around 46 games a day of Slushie Slinger and 43 games a day of Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown each. I don't know what the new caps are this year (IF ANYONE KNOW'S PLEASE TELL ME!), but the Slushie Slinger one might not be possible. You might need to only do the max of of Slushie Slingers and then add more to Shootout Showdown and Make Some Noise. If you WERE to play yooyuball (which I don't understand why so many people hate it lol) you would need to send a total of 500 games at the minimum score for EACH game, that would mean you only need to send around 18 of each game a day and you'd hit All-Star in 28 days :) Does anyone know when the Cup actually ends?
  4. Welcome to TDN! Food Club is a good thing to get into! I can make anywhere between 100k-600k a day! (Only on some days) playing that!
  5. Thanks! That was my next place to go too. I just try to stay away from there cause I don't like how they sarcastically answer people or give vague answers lol
  6. That's what I'm wondering too. Do I have to do EVERYTHING guild-wise on that account? I mean it's possible to make my side account the leader and label that the "Guild Account", but I'm wondering if that even matters as long as the side is labeled a Guild Account. I can also transfer NP from my main to my side to buy things if that's an issue and send them from my side. I just would rather not change my side to the leader because of the fact that I already have my main's username established as the leader for since December.... I did send an e-mail to TNT's customer support to make sure, asking the similar question... yet to hear a response.... IF I even get one.
  7. See I'm hoping it will be okay to have one on my side based off this stuff that I found similar to what you've brought to me. My only concern is I'm hoping because the guild is on my main and NOT my side it can still be considered the Guild Account.
  8. Darn... I missed one day because of being sick.... Hope I can still get it! :( I have found all the neggs thus far, just not on the release day per-say
  9. Do we know what the requirements are going to be for the Stamp? I'm excited that there's going to be a stamp!!!! :)
  10. Hey all! I just wanted to quickly clarify something BEFORE I accidentally broke a rule. From my understanding you are allowed to have a shop on a side account ONLY if it's dedicated to a guild correct? For example, a guild donation shop would be okay on a side account? I know the rule is you are not supposed to make neopets on a side account, but I thought I read somewhere that this was alright in the case of the guild. My other question is if this is alright would it be okay for me to transfer the neopoints from that account to my main to buy the item or does it have to be bought from the side account and given by the side account? The situation in question is my guild's Fountain of Kindness feature in which we give out items requested by members in the guild. A large part of our revenue comes from the shop that is currently on my main, I take the NP's out of there and buy the item's that our guild member's have requested or reimburse the council members that bought a specific item. So I'm wondering if that would be okay? Just want to clarify every aspect before going and possibly switching a donation shop to a side account. Thank you!
  11. Psh! That Shoyru looks good to me! Although I understand completely how you feel! I am an artist myself and LOVE to draw, but I'm always so critical on my OWN work. An artist always is, it's like our curse! These are some of my stuff that LOTS of people love, but I always think could of been better or are awful... Yet they're some of my more popular ones on deviantart! LOL
  12. Woot-woot! Go gold! SO excited for the stamp, otherwise I would of needed yet ANOTHER expensive stamp to complete my albums.... Does anyone know what the bronze trophy people got? Jellyneo is still looking for that info. :)
  13. 25!!?! Seriously? I've been dreading this game the entire event..... and they give us such a LOW score... I feel like my trophy this year wasn't really worked for at all. I beat EVERY game in about 1-5 tries..... *sigh* I'm hoping that won't lower the price of the items gold trophies get..... kind of sucks....
  14. Ah I see what you're saying..... I guess I never had that problem so I didn't know there was a luck factor :)
  15. It's not really luck based, I mean it helps when you get a coin that's worth 300 points, but sometimes even that doesn't help, it's really about keeping the boat centered, not luck. I was able to get the score by only focusing on 1 pet-pet, nothing else mattered, if a new one came out and it wasn't close to the middle then that would be the one I'd let fall over board, I always picked the pet that was closest to the middle and focused on protecting that one. It works out really well, it does get crazy when the boat starts to rock and move, but it's still beatable and not really luck based! I hope everyone get's their scores in! I will admit I beat this challenge, but it's not an easy one! That book might be worth quite a lot down the road!