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  1. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    It's possible for a different browser to do or load things differently. I know that on Internet some of my guild pages and buttons look strange, but on Chrome they're fine. Drives me up the wall honestly 0.0 although mine have always loaded the page AFTER i search and that box is never there. i usually press F5 to refresh my searches
  2. Scrappy thinks we haven't noticed?

    I refuse to read the editorial for that reason... I hate their vague answers and side stepping of questions. I don't get upset easily, but the editorial urkes me lol
  3. Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack FREE

    Haha I personally see the hair as very regal and party-like..... Way more up-done then I could ever do myself, but that's just me lol
  4. Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack FREE

    See I really like the hair! Something about it reminds me of Medieval times, maybe the braids?
  5. Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack FREE

    Hmm I'm not seeing the outfit? Did I miss out on it? Got it! :)
  6. Happy Ruki Day!

    The crown could of AT LEAST had some type of jewel on it. But OMG that dress is gorgeous! I'm guessing this is supposed to be like the evil witch in Snow White? If they ever make Sword Art Online outfits, I'd flip my lid.
  7. So uh.. Can I get a bit of pricing help?

    NC items cannot be sold for neopoints or put into trade, shops, or auctions, which is why you cannot find it on those. The only thing you could do is figure out what the neocash value is (what people typically are willing to trade for it) and try to trade it for another NC item :) EDIT: It looks like the Fluffy Cloud Dress is valued at 1-2 GBC (Gift Box Capsules) according to the guide @ \~Korolie . Meaning you could try to trade it for about 1-2 Gift Box Capsules or find a user who values that item higher than most or wants it as a High Priority. You do need a gift box to trade NC though
  8. Why must you hurt me so HTML

    The error message I get is with the word/tag "position" and "border radius" when I take those out I'm able to save the page with no error codes and with the tooltip tags. The problem is I need a way to set the position of the tooltip as absolute and I'm not sure how to do that. Because it won't allow the "position" tag in my actually style tab. So I tried it this way. I had added it like so. <div class="tooltip" style="position: absolute;">Text or image to display <span class="tooltiptext" style="position: absolute;">Floating tooltip text</span> When I did this I believe it brought the image back to the proper positioning that I wanted, but the tooltips were not displaying. I also tried it with this <div class="tooltip" style="position: absolute;">Text or image to display <span class="tooltiptext">Floating tooltip text</span> And like this; <div class="tooltip">Text or image to display <span class="tooltiptext" style="position: absolute;">Floating tooltip text</span> I did close them all out with </div> When I put the position tag in the <div class> or <span class> the positioning tag error stopped popping up and it allowed me to save the petpage. But it wouldn't show the tooltips, so I'm not sure if it's just not supported? Or maybe there's another way to position it? When I used w3school's website with the first example I game you up there ^ I had deleted the positioning tag from my style tab and added it to the <div class> and <div span> it worked on that site... so maybe it's a Neopets thing? Is there a way to maybe have the image turn into a text when it's hovered over and I can do kind of my on "rendition" of a tooltip?
  9. Last to post wins!

    Sounds like a great idea.... although I'm not a huge fan of BBQ, maybe something like Honey BBQ? <3
  10. Last to post wins!

    Couldn't we just bring Spooky Ghost Beef? oooooooooooooooo spoooooooooooooky
  11. Why must you hurt me so HTML

    I'm just about to pull my hair out!!! I've spent the last 4 hours trying to add tooltips to my Link Image on neopets and I can't figure out a solution AT ALL! I just want to put the available Neopets Dailies and such on this page with tooltips on little details about each daily. Originally I had this in my style tag
  12. Last to post wins!

    Psh smores!? I brought the hot dogs!!! <3
  13. Happy Peophin Day!

    That outfit is just perfect! And with the Peophin already having that golden head piece, it works AMAZINGLY! Guess I need a Peophin now!
  14. Any stay at home mom neopians out there?

    I'd be careful with Texas Roadhouse, all those peanut shells on the ground DRIVE ME NUTS! lol Good luck with finding a good place! I would maybe try to find come local Ma and Pa restaurants, they seem to treat their employees well and have very high standards
  15. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 112!

    I did Awakened because I have the other two Avies already haha Hoping to get this one!