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  1. Musical_Shoyru

    Immigrants being sent back

    This is definitely a hard subject for me because although I hate seeing so many people being separated from their family the law is the law. Coming over illegally is still not the right way things should be done, now do I agree that it should be easier to come over legally, absolutely! My thing on it is time shouldn't be a factor if the law is broken. I mean is someone killed someone 30 years ago and someone just now found out about it should they not be persecuted, or made to right the wrongs? Making money is very hard for some people, but does that mean they should steal because it's an easier way? No of course not, trust me I learned this the hard way. Again I'm very hurt for those people hurting and I'm not ignoring the fact that this can be a pretty awful thing to go through, but I'm also not ignorant to the fact that laws have been being broken freely and openly for a LONG time 😕
  2. Musical_Shoyru

    Faerie Quest Help

    Sent one your way! The first one I tried to buy disappeared from the shop haha
  3. Woot-woot! Faerieland swept yesterday and is now in 5th! Keep it up guys 🙂
  4. Musical_Shoyru

    AC XIII Staff Tournament - Who's Your Dream Team?

    It let me pick it, it said it doesn't do it till Friday and I don't think it matters until the scores are actually "posted"
  5. Musical_Shoyru

    AC XIII Staff Tournament - Who's Your Dream Team?

    Well I'm trying to pick my team, but it won't let me. Every-time I click "Choose This Team" a blank window pops up and I can't proceed, this is REALLY annoying. IF I ever get it to work this is who I picked lol; Forwards Jade Senormalo Defenders Scrappy (I DO NOT LIKE HER! But oh well xD) Kikocat Goalie EhLo 🙂❤️ Star Player choosen was EhLo My guess as far as Star Player goes is who you think will score the most points and I would ASSUME that whoever you chose you get double/extra points added on to their score.
  6. Musical_Shoyru

    New email from TNT regarding TWR

    Yeah I am still really bummed. I actually cried the morning the TWR awards were given out because there's NO way I'll afford the stamp any time soon and I missed one day because a score I sent FOR SURE "didn't send" and when I asked them about it they said "their records didn't show I played that day", which is crap 😞 Cause I did. With that issue and the recent Charity Corner change I've been really turned off from Neopets and just all my life drama on top of it I just about broke xD Probably would of quit to be honest if not for my guild I'm running and as is I usually only get on feed my pets and do Guild stuff, I think it's been a week or two that I've actually done dailies and stuff and I'm wondering if I'm even going to invest in AC too much this year too. It just sucks man 😕 I did get super excited, was thinking TNT fixed their mistake, but I guess not haha Congratz though, as I said before that stamp is ridiculously expensive right now and with so many people quitting or not even bothering with TWR it's really rare.
  7. I think it's silly that it's against the rules.. if I'm not cheating so what if I can split my brain?? I had played Slushie Slingers and MSN and SOS (alternating between the two) cause I just didn't have time to play them all (which it's ridiculous to get what you need to reach All Star as is), but had to stop as I didn't know it was "against the rules", I just find it dumb xD TNT always has those little quirks though, rules that ruin things for everyone sometimes haha Oh well.
  8. Musical_Shoyru

    New email from TNT regarding TWR

    Woah wait what!?!? When did you get this and where is mine!?!? I missed one too because of a glitch, and didn't get the fiendish formation avie or the Hulking Wraith Stamp! I really hope they upgrade mine too! I was the same amount of peeved as you, I worked so hard in that plot and even spent a ton donating more than the needed amount of potions and it did nothing for me, all to be caught with a glitch that would forever screw me over 😕 I REALLY hope I get it too!
  9. Musical_Shoyru

    New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

    Yeah Faerieland and Altador are the only two with no animations! What a bummer. I bet those were the last two they made and got lazy and didn't want to finish LOL Although I'm torn too! I want them all, but I DON'T want to switch teams, I've been with Faerieland for 5 years!
  10. Faerieland Team Members Unite! The Altador Cup is back and we're ready! Please make sure to abide by all TDN Forum rules and have fun! Share you strategies, tips, or just plain speak out your frustration or feats! 🙂 We're here to listen and talk! Let's go team Faerieland!
  11. Musical_Shoyru

    Neopets premium--worth it??

    I have been getting Premium for about a year now and besides the SSW and the Scratch card and the monthly premium I LOVE fighting the Jetsam Ace in the Battledome. His first lvl isn't very strong either so you could easily beat him with a lower level pet. He drops Nerkmids, which in my opinion, is worth it by itself. Sometimes a day of battles doesn't yield any, but most of the time I get 1 or more (got 7 in one day one time!) and the lowest Nerkmid price right now isn't under 60k, that's some pretty good Neopoint making without having to sink in any Neopoints in return, just battle, free nerkmid, put in shop, and ka-ching 😉
  12. Musical_Shoyru

    Day 11 - Pterattack

    Yeah the last time this was in GMC/DD I know the score was way higher cause I struggled to get the 1900+ score that's my max right now. This one was SUPER easy for me, got it within 5 minutes after the game posted and got the purple Pteriboom to level 3 within the first minute of the game xD
  13. Musical_Shoyru

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Yeah I'm not too concerned about Pterattack and the day after is Dungeon Dash. The one that really got me was Zurroball, but I beat it using the exploit that Jellyneo talks about in their article. Saved my butt I tell ya!
  14. Musical_Shoyru

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    I JUST found them as after I posted this RIP, was going to delete my post before anyone responded. You too fast Scoobert xD lol
  15. Musical_Shoyru

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    I mean, that was your choice to not do the hazes xD I don't have any, everyone had the choice to get rid of it. Most people did to get rid of the lag. Also someone had posted what all the games each day were going to be, does anyone have that? I can't find who posted it :/