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  1. Hey everyone! So I recently bought some TCG packs off Amazon for Neopets, everything was intact and all (that part was good) but I'm beginning to think I've gotten something horribly mixed up. I thought that the virtual prizes that came with each pack were in fact the TCG codes that you enter here, but upon entering them it told me to try the Grundo Warehouse and they worked out there (Mad that they aren't TCG codes).... So if you don't get the TCG codes to redeem the prizes that are spoken about here from the REAL LIFE trading card packs, then where do they come from? Because this guide sure made me think they came in the packs..... I might be missing something, hope someone knows!
  2. So the mall is loading for me but the Goodie bag has been showing up for me... been trying since yesterday without it showing up. Literally JUST loaded.. the glitches this week are REAL. lol
  3. That's alright! I just wanted people to know I wasn't serious! Sorry lol :0) EDIT; I FINALLY got the Avie! That was a bit scary for a couple days there! lol
  4. I was joking guys..... I know it's a freezable offense, I was just adding to the sarcasm......
  5. 1000 for silver!?!? Well I'm not happy.... I thought they'd lower it this year :(( I only donated just UNDER 500 because my computer started glitching. I'm still ticked about none of this stuff being awarded..... lol I'd spend the NC before they notice and take it away! haha Also what is with all these construction things? I don't see these items becoming very popular or worth more NP in the future Ugh.
  6. I haven't gotten ANYTHING and the Charity Corner page is talking about a Prize/Gift shop that I can't get to (as they don't link it), I don't have a trophy, or a message, or NC, or the avie, or prize! Nothing! What's going on..... this is a bit annoying.... As mentioned before, I haven't received anything either. I'm right there with you.
  7. From what Jellyneo is saying you had to donate once for at least 4 days in total Will they though? I worried we won't get it or that they'll never get it fixed. I will not be happy if that's the case...
  8. Finally got the Rubbish avie, and I only had to discard 2 more items.... no clue I'd thrown away so much already, had been trying for it hardcore the last couple weeks and when stopped because of Charity Corner. LOL And at that I have reached my goal of 250 avatars for the first couple of months into the New Year. Now onto my year goal of 300 :)
  9. I'm hoping that was the case actually. Maybe they had an avatar in the making and something went wrong with the coding and or they aren't finished with it yet and WILL release it when it's over, or maybe that's wishful thinking? lol
  10. Exactly! It doesn't make sense because it's a fall avie! I also am not sure if I find it 'unfair' to whoever has it already, but as someone who DOES already have it. I find it annoying.... I know some people were donating alot/donating in every category/or donating everyday and now there really wasn't any point. Oh well. I mean maybe there will be one at the end of the event as this was JUST a re-release, but again, who knows haha
  11. Psh who needs pants anywho!?!? I've reached around 339 donations, my goal is 1000 or more, I think I've only missed about 1 day (which was the first) so I'm hoping I can get an avie if is has to do with days.... if there is one it really needs to show up now guys! lol My best item that had an ACTUALLY price listed on JN was the Magical Kiko Plushie which is 1.9m, but I think my most expensive item is the Skunk Mynci Plushie which has in the last two years been around 9.5m, last know price was 6m, and my favorite given item would probably have to be my Girmtooth Stamp worth 2m. I've definietly made a profit on just these three items alone and that's not counting my various other items that could potentially go 1m+, question is do I keep buying and donating? I've run out of SDB items.... oh man....
  12. Great job guys! It all looks awesome! I'm curious though, when I go to the TDN homepage where the news usually is, it says that you've "Permanently Moved; the document has moved here" and it takes me to this white page that seems really plain and hard to read, it feels it a bit jumbled up because there's not a whole lot of space between the paragraphs/dated posts. Is this how everything is going to stay for the new updates? I will really miss the TDN page/look for it! :((
  13. Well ya know "Neopets is like a box of chocolates... Ya never know what you're gonna get" LOL
  14. I swear this event sucks you in! Just got this guy, last known price was 2m
  15. What would be the best Battledome arena and challenger that will have the best return on r90 items for me to use for this event? I've been fighting Kauvara cause she has a book that's r90+ you can get with on just her easy level. But I haven't gotten any from her yet :( @Angeló what items are you seeing for 15k-25k? I haven't been able to find ANY that cheap! I broke down and started buying some items in shops, but luckily have had good returns I got these; both of which have not been seen in shops, auctions, trade since Nov according to JN, last known price for the crepe was about 1m and the other was the 400k/500k, I only spent about 125k each to get them