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  1. Actually the Seeking Arrow given out by Abigail was going for quite a bit, having checked again, but I paid 275k for mine, it might go up it might go down, but odds are the Water Powered Pistol is higher priced because of it being good in the battledome? As I said when I saw this game on the list, WAY TOO EASY! Like extremely! I beat him so fast I just had to play a second time just for fun because as Angelo said, it seemed insulting!
  2. Yeah I know about the cheat, I just hate skipping levels..... call me old fashioned lol I managed to beat it without a single skipped lvl though!
  3. The game is pretty fun :) I'm thinking about trying to get a trophy on this one eventually too :) I was just fooling around with the controls and seeing what each lvl held, but just by doing that I got 97k, so that's cool :) haha See I tried putting a whirl pool on one of the anemones and one of them still got eaten... oh well..,..
  4. I'm not even sure how I got a score of 1,040 as my highest score, I can't get past that stupid lvl with all the blocks... I think lvl 4? I hate that one the ball never goes where I want. I don't die, but I perpetually am trying to get the ball where I want it... goodness, hopefully I can get mine in today haha
  5. All I can think of as the Shootout Showdown music is playing in the background are the many long hours of the AC, shooting goals, over, and over, and over again..... make it stop! lol
  6. It was a game featured in either a GMC or DD withing the last couple years, but I don't think the score was higher, the last time I played this game was during that and I know I beat the higher score, and my highest score sent was 402, or something like that, so it might have been 400? I do think after playing this game today and getting a higher score than I ever had that it actually is quite fun! Might be going for a trophy on this one in the next couple of months.
  7. I am SOOOO excited for Usul Suspects! I have a gold trophy on that game! I love it! :) Also sense when is it bad to ask for tips/post tips on this thread? We do it every year and more often then not I find the tips by users more helpful that what is on the DD forum..... Good luck everyone! :) ALSO I'm not seeing why people aren't happy about the game list, it doesn't look like a bad line up to me. I for one am SUPER happy to not have the same freaking games over and over and over again for DD and GMC, woohoo! The only game I'm worried about is AAA's Revenge. I haven't gotten a HUGE score on that game, but we'll see! All the other games look fun and I've actually played quite a few of them :)
  8. So I am WELL aware from finding posts on TDN and SEVERAL other sites that Ghould Catchers is a VERY glitchy game, it use to be available on iPhone and now is not (which is REALLY annoying) or at least it's not available for newer versions of iphones (if I'm reading everything correctly) and it doesn't work on Chrome either anymore. So I'm well aware of this. I do know that there are people still playing it, I have NO CLUE how they're getting into the game, but it's surely grinding my gears, especially looking at the stamps you can win from the game, that I wasn't aware of until just recently so I have now been obsessed with trying to find a way to play it with know luck. I went into Internet Explorer and it wouldn't even give me the option to download, unity, I get this message; Please Use a Different Browser to Play Ghoul Catchers On Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, Google Chrome removed the ability to play Unity Web Player games. Ghoul Catchers, can still be played on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. If you'd like to continue to play Facebook Games using Google Chrome, please select another game. Umm I'm in Internet explorer.... why isn't it working... So I went to Firefox and it was giving me the option to download unity to play it Install Unity to play Ghoul Catchers Your download should have started automatically. If it did not start, click here to download from Click "Save File" Click "UnityWebPlayer.exe" in your download list and follow the instructions Your browser will automatically refresh and start your game! So I downloaded Unity, and the browser didn't automatically refresh, so I refreshed it myself, it asked me AGAIN to download unity to play the game... I already downloaded it! Is there any way around this issue or am I straight out of luck? Is there no way to get these stamps for free anymore or the 5ok a day?
  9. Hey everyone! So I recently bought some TCG packs off Amazon for Neopets, everything was intact and all (that part was good) but I'm beginning to think I've gotten something horribly mixed up. I thought that the virtual prizes that came with each pack were in fact the TCG codes that you enter here, but upon entering them it told me to try the Grundo Warehouse and they worked out there (Mad that they aren't TCG codes).... So if you don't get the TCG codes to redeem the prizes that are spoken about here from the REAL LIFE trading card packs, then where do they come from? Because this guide sure made me think they came in the packs..... I might be missing something, hope someone knows!
  10. So the mall is loading for me but the Goodie bag has been showing up for me... been trying since yesterday without it showing up. Literally JUST loaded.. the glitches this week are REAL. lol
  11. That's alright! I just wanted people to know I wasn't serious! Sorry lol :0) EDIT; I FINALLY got the Avie! That was a bit scary for a couple days there! lol
  12. I was joking guys..... I know it's a freezable offense, I was just adding to the sarcasm......
  13. 1000 for silver!?!? Well I'm not happy.... I thought they'd lower it this year :(( I only donated just UNDER 500 because my computer started glitching. I'm still ticked about none of this stuff being awarded..... lol I'd spend the NC before they notice and take it away! haha Also what is with all these construction things? I don't see these items becoming very popular or worth more NP in the future Ugh.
  14. I haven't gotten ANYTHING and the Charity Corner page is talking about a Prize/Gift shop that I can't get to (as they don't link it), I don't have a trophy, or a message, or NC, or the avie, or prize! Nothing! What's going on..... this is a bit annoying.... As mentioned before, I haven't received anything either. I'm right there with you.
  15. From what Jellyneo is saying you had to donate once for at least 4 days in total Will they though? I worried we won't get it or that they'll never get it fixed. I will not be happy if that's the case...