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  1. New Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!

    I think the Chia should be a Gumdrop or something xD That'd be sooooo cool Also I find his expression a little menacing, almost like an evil smile/smirk.... I mean he eat brains and is smiling/enjoying it, that's pretty dang evil xD
  2. premium collectible not there?

    Yeah mine wasn't there either, I'll have to check and see if it's there now. I was super mad cause I was excited to see what February's was! xD
  3. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a prize shop with some of the achievements we've had to do that don't give out prizes, such as clearing the haze and some of the Battledome things.
  4. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Possibly, from my experience the prizes where you login everyday or are harder to get will be worth more. I'm sure I could get it later on whatever it is (if it's even anything HUGE) I'm more worried about prize shop points and such. Thanks though haha
  5. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    So I was sick and missed day two (although I could of sword I did it)... I'm guessing I'm not going to get the prize for clearing all the areas the day they were attacked, which is going to really bum me out if it's a stamp or something. They really need to give people some slack on these things. Things happen :(
  6. New Marble Kougra!

    I'd like to see some other pets get colors though :( So many that get left out xD
  7. New Marble Kougra!

    That looks more like orange candy than marble to me xD Also @Angeló I think he painted the Candy one for me as he's been trying to get it for me for awhile. So sweet :)
  8. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    I am sure I went and looked at all the potions and saw what I still needed to give and gave them today. My box is green, it's just not working for me. Trust me, I know I did everything I'm supposed too xD
  9. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    I did that too, it's not letting me accept it and it's not in my avatars in my preference, I guess I'll send a ticket. oh goodie
  10. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    I figured that was it, but it's not letting me get it. Everytime I click on the green box it throws me up to the top of the page. It won't let me collect it. I'm really getting sick of these stupid bugs.
  11. Malum is in The Infirmary + New Achievements

    How do you get the avatar? Someone neomailed me that had it on. I've donated at least one of every potion so far. Does anyone know?
  12. Happy Zafara Day!

    I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't love that Candy Zafara! Now I know what my next dream pet is! :)
  13. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Yeah I'm having major issue too, it's been more than 24 hours for me. It's taking me a long time to do anything. I haven't even bothered with my dailies. I did the omelette and got two of them after a long 10 minutes of lag/loading. If anyone else is having that issue I would HIGHLY suggest not doing dailies till it's fixed as we don't want to get blamed for stupid stuff like taking advantage of a glitch or something.
  14. What's your Achievement today?

    Roberta_Enchantress has reached 158 Defence! (My goal was 156, now on to 196!) Now I'm working on her strength to get to the same lvl (156) I've also reached my goal of 350 Stamps (354) :) Next goal is 400! Feels so good to reach those milestones ;)
  15. Key Quest taken down entirely now

    I mean I haven't lost hope for it, if the random contest can come back why can't Keyquest. I mean look how long that took to come back. I'm sure we'll get it back as it hasn't been said that it's gone forever.