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    Aussies ​🐶​. Snowboarding ​🏂🏻​. Gryffindor ​🦁. Disneyland​🎢.​ Sociology​📚​. Piggies ​🐷​. Bear ​🐻​. Shinobi ​👀​ ***Byakugan emoji eyes! ***

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  1. Kute

    The Runway Votes #65

    @FreakyBowie Your customization has people like 😍
  2. Kute

    Google Chrome, Flash and Neopets

    Thank you very much for this post 🙂
  3. Kute

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    IDK Neopets outside of Neopets.com just doesnt seem appealing. The codes were deff cool but I'm not trading / putting more money onto something virtual off neopets.com. If this was implemented into our lookups somehow to show off then yea that would be cool. I'm a bit disappointed that I rushed into getting the pack. Also theyre mostly junk items 🙂 Not worth the $$ amount just for the codes if thats what youre going for.
  4. Kute

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    This whole thing is really confusing to me. What is the benefit to trading virtual cards? Can someone explain this? And the process to set up everything? I had to download an extension. Make like 2-3 new accounts for what? I dont get it.... 😧 So I cannot put items for auction unless I put RL money onto an Ethereum acc? STEP 3: Own some Ethereum You will need enough Ethereum to buy the card you want and to pay for gas fees. I really feel like I already regret taking part in this.
  5. Kute

    NC Mall Haunted Mansion!

    For once I decided to participate in this. 10 dollars for 16 items is pretty good considering individual NC pieces cost 150+
  6. Kute

    So I fed my Grarrl a table...

    Omg lol this is amazing haha! Thanks for the update!! 😂
  7. Kute

    ...where are the heads?

    Haha this is hilarious. I just saw the Venom movie yesterday and he goes " pile of heads... pile of bodies..." and I found that to be my favorite line of his in the whole film. So someone out in Neopia must have this same mind set. Have Symbiotes taken over 😧
  8. Kute

    Avatar Alert :K

    Sorry for not responding 😧 I was away for the entire day.
  9. Kute

    Ancient Neopian, but New to the forum

    Hello and welcome 🙂 Make yourself at home !
  10. Kute

    Avatar Alert :K

    Good afternoon TDN's finest folks. I know @Vlagopus posted this a few days ago: "Good news to anyone who still needs the avatar! (courtesy of this thread on the Neoboard) Sterrano the Darigan Pteri is 636 days old right now! So only 8 more days to go " But I just wanted to remind everyone TODAY IS THE DAY ! GET YOUR AVATAR HERE It should be available by 11 AM NST Have a magical day 🙂
  11. Kute

    Guild Contests Now Allowed!

    omg. survivor? This alone makes me want to join a guild.
  12. Kute

    What is it like where you live?

    That house is awesome. I used to live in a victorian home but it was not nearly as cool as that. and also it was in a bad neighborhood. Thats like a nancy drew type house or like something really cool i would see in San Francisco.
  13. Kute

    I just wanted to brag

    Also how did you do the little ninjas? Are you just an artist in general? I don't think I could poof body shapes and poses into thin air like that. Do you happen to have other cakes or a portfolio available ? I would seriously love to see them. Please keep posting
  14. Kute

    Back from a Hiatus

    Welcome back 🙂 Its nice to see people come back - hope you stick around for a while
  15. Kute

    Halloween Mystery Capsules Have Landed!

    😧 OFHDOFHELSDJEffhjdhkdxd ROOM OF HYSTERIA! This is fantastic! I think I will test my luck out.