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    My aussies ​🐶​. Snowboarding ​🏂🏻​. Gryffindor ​🦁. Disneyland​🎢.​ Sociology​📚​. Piggies ​🐷​. Interior decorating 🏡 .

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  1. Kute

    The Runway Votes #73

    I love all of these so much. I kind of want an usul now.
  2. 13/10. Top 1% of all the goodest girls in the world ! ❤️😍 What a sweetheart!
  3. Welcome Katie. Your doggo is adorable. No worries you'll make your dream account quick if you stick to earning 700K a week Pls send more doggie pics.
  4. Kute

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    Outside the site.... 🤔 Hmmm. Interesting very interesting. No TNT fix NEOPETS.COM first. I am sad i want an upright aisha rn! 🤣
  5. Kute

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    I voted for 2. I love how aishas look already but I also enjoy the idea of more humanoid like customizations. (which is why blumaroos are so popular in the customization world now) I hope thats what theyre going for. Just would've been nice to see a new art concept rather than an old one that has everyone freaking out about UC nonsense.
  6. Kute

    Trudy is starting to scare me...

    Thats what I saw until i zoomed in on the nail, haha. Mmmmm pickled fingers..
  7. Kute

    Enter The Runway #73!

    I looked over the Usuki dolls but in the end I went with my own creation Good luck everyone. This idea is a lot of fun! SO many options.
  8. Kute

    I finished school!!

    Congrats! Thats really exciting! Your story sounds very similar to mine. I did good in college but then I got sucked into working for a while in retail. I decided to go back and learn a trade but then I never used my licence for anything but personal use or for my family😂. You already got an internship so I am certain you'll do great! IDK how it is in NJ but in California my licence expires every year. So just make sure you renew yours early if it does expire 😮 Let us know how it goes !
  9. Kute

    Welcome to February!

    I 'm so excited for feb to see what goes on in the nc mall.. All the cute vday things ❤️
  10. Kute

    Do you have a side account?

    Yes. There are important reasons for having a side account in my opinion. The first would be if anything were to happen to my main account, i would have an aged side account to lean on rather than start as a newbie. Second, pet storage. Sometimes i just need extra slots.
  11. Kute

    The Official Stock Market Board

    MPC on its way up. Peaked at 59 yesterday. Maybe today it will break 60.
  12. Kute

    Just Remember....

    Oh yea Neopets is stress relief. I love games. I've always played video games since I was small and around 2005 I found the world of MMOs. Well now I live in a somewhat rural area where we don't have the right internet for me to play these online multiplayer games. So thanks Neopets for allowing me to play a game that wastes like 0.01% internet data and still lets me interact with real people.
  13. Kute

    TFW you get a blister...

    Yea i think the roof of my mouth right where the front teeth meet is permanently scarred. Especially because of pizza. Beans though? Those can be deadly hot.
  14. It will be back i'm sure they're just extremely busy with those other major things... Also I actually did forget about it 😭 because its really boring soooo.
  15. Kute


    I would suggest looking at impress.openneo.net and finding a really nice customization/ pet color combo. Maybe something will come to you