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    Aussies ​🐶​. Snowboarding ​🏂🏻​. Gryffindor ​🦁. Disneyland​🎢.​ Sociology​📚​. Piggies ​🐷​. Bear ​🐻​. Shinobi ​👀​ ***Byakugan emoji eyes! ***

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  1. Kute

    Game score under review?

    Yea it happens when you get a questionable score. Especially from a game you've never had a high score in before or have played before. Its nothing to worry about, its just checking to see if you are using a cheating program. They say We also cannot comment on the specific reasons why a particular score may get flagged for review; this information would allow users who actually do cheat to find ways to get around getting caught in the future. but i mean its obvious.
  2. Kute

    Happy Meerca Day!

    Awe! These elderly meercas are super cute!! And even with the little purse. hahaha. nice touch. I wonder if she will whack people with it.
  3. Kute

    The Official Stock Market Board

    AAVL (profile) 53 64 +11
  4. Kute

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Right I was up at 1-2am NST and nothing happened for anyone on the boards. Maybe its like turmy times.
  5. Kute

    Collectable cards

    Thanks @Nielo I've been trying a bit and appreciate the fact someone has found something cause wow. tough shop to work with !
  6. Kute

    How rich is rich?

    Heyyy I like neohome LOL. I got the gold trophy for it However it did cost me a couple mil. Thinking about it I sort of want to sell off my neohome stuff.. Actually. This entire post has me anxious feeling to make more NP like RIGHT NOW.
  7. Kute

    Collectable cards

    Awe okay. I guess I'll just have to stalk to the card shop. Seems really full all the time with bad cards.
  8. Kute

    Collectable cards

    I was wondering if there is a way to get collectable cards by chance? I know there are booster packs, and the battledome has specific card prizes but is there any other way? Specifically the rarer ones? The shop wizard increase to 999,999 has really messed up the inflation rates of so many that its too risky to buy any there.
  9. Yayy! Welcome! Seriously we need more people to join in and have fun chats with! So glad you've finally joined the forums!
  10. Kute

    Returning player after years hiatus

    Did you see there is a new avatar as of today? Come join the hunt XD
  11. Kute

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Haha Jelly you always crack me up! I love your enthusiasm ! Nielo, that Kacheek thing has me dying too LMAO. This is exciting. I love when theres hubbub around Neopia!
  12. Hello again friends. This pet will be UFA on the 21st. It will be placed in the pound if no one claims before then. 😍have a nice day.
  13. Kute

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Its intense. check it out 🙂 Theres some good theories to follow up on, but most are crazy. haha.
  14. Kute

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    true. I'm just being sardonic. but still what the heck? That truly through me off once people started deciphering the rhyme . Its not even neo related.
  15. Kute

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    These thoughts are way more developed than the trash floating around the boards. Some people are off their rocker with theories there. I'm just going to pick up 10 items every day see what happens until then. The thing that really bothers me though is that in the clue on news they said KASH.. What is KASH? -________-