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    My aussies ​🐶​. Snowboarding ​🏂🏻​. Gryffindor ​🦁. Disneyland​🎢.​ Sociology​📚​. Piggies ​🐷​. Interior decorating 🏡 .

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  1. Kute

    Stocking Stufftacular Glitch?

    Dang. Same. I just threw them in my closet as it seemed pluralized???
  2. Kute

    Buried Treasure

    Nuggetboye pulls out a ticket... and... You Won 1,000 Neopoints! Thanks for the lucky link
  3. Kute

    Travel thread

    Right now I am a full time student so I don't have a real income just school money. But when I graduate in the summer I am for sure saving to go somewhere with my mom. Probably a land and sea cruise. I really want to do the Mediterranean ones I've never been out of the U.S. and certainly nowhere cool like Hawaii, but I have been to disneyworld a bunch and I am already itching to go back because it is truly one of my favorite places to be. I worked for Disney for many years and the whole Disney universe really has a special place in my heart. I hope in the future to go to Disney Paris and Shanghai. Where else have you been?
  4. Kute

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Has Begun!

    I think youre fine, just make sure that you atleast flip through the storyline because it marks that you started it.
  5. Oh goodness. I feel late to this party! Let me get started... https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/kute/193277/ I can't wait to gift others 🙂 Happy Christmas! Just a quick FYI . I just love anything from the Bakery, from 1NP +. Don't worry about price. Thank you to all who have gifted me ! I really appreciate you all ❤️
  6. Kute

    Faerie Quest Help

    Can someone find me Blue Lipstick 🙂 Please and thank you.
  7. Kute

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    😧 the tree..... yea im never using that 😂
  8. Kute

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    SO accurate with the shining! I also in some weird way associated it with weeping angels.
  9. Kute

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    . I'm legit scared of this 😧 but why?
  10. Haha, thanks for the laugh. Your title is great 🙂 AMA you say? ! How much of your soul has been stolen from the rubbish dump refreshes?
  11. Kute

    m4a to mp3 help please.

    Thanks so much @Angeló I'll check it out yay!
  12. Kute

    New Site Theme!

    I love this! Talk about an above and beyond effort 🙂 Good job TNT!!!!!!
  13. hello all I hope someone could help here. I have this flash drive I use in my car to listen to music. Not sure if its the actual flash drive, or if its the car... but it will not play m4a files. Only mp3 and wma. Anyhow I am loading music onto it. I have this album I recently purchased off and downloaded from itunes and it only comes in m4a version. I looked online on how to convert m4a to mp3, but when I follow the steps provided i see this.... it says these settings do not apply to songs downloaded from the iTunes store... So is there anything I can do to get them to MP3? ! Any programs I can download? I can't find any help for this.
  14. Kute

    Am I on a lucky streak?

    Its like they knew you were gone for a while and are luring you back in 😜 . Congrats tho! You should try the lotto hehe.
  15. Kute

    Best meme ive seen all day

    The best meme ive seen all day! X 10. 😜