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  1. I also thought about the legitimacy of wanting to have fake info online. Its a real concern. I've tried really hard to erase myself too and thought it might just be easier for me to lure data snatching sites with fake info than to erase real info.
  2. hahaa right, it really makes you think about things. I realized before I made the question that it may have bee quite difficult to answer because you may not see yourself personally responsible or recognize an action as bullying. Totally get that!
  3. You should change your email for the acc to a neopets only email just to be extra safe😮 So happy you got it back quickly and everything is fine!
  4. The course is called sociology of deviance. So I am looking at what deviant acts of society people may be more willing to commit because of social media or being online in general. 🙂 Thank you all so much ! I know I can always count on my TDN group.
  5. Hello all, I have another school project I am doing. I have a small survey. There are 10 questions. It will take less than 1 minute to complete, and it is completely anonymous. This time it is a few questions focused toward being online. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7PQ7V97 Last time you all did so great with helping me. I really appreciated it! Thanks so much 🙂 ❤️
  6. I love the negg toys this year, theyre super cute! I wonder if a new avatar will pop up?
  7. Try https://items.jellyneo.net/ and see what happens. It is working fine for me.
  8. 😮 😮 😮 OMg. yes! Thank you for the early link!
  9. omg that is terrible. So sorry that happened to you @Robin Hood 😧 I hope you are able to get it back soon.
  10. yea man, one of the best perks of last years CC. Hopefully it shows up this year. Did you participate? Also I did not know there was a show called plebs. It looks funny tho. i would watch it. @lojoco49
  11. Yes! I think I honestly missed 1 day of stocks for the whole year. Thats a record for me. & Wow jelly, you had enough to get bank interest too!? Thats awesome! I know I cant wait. I know it has to be coming up soon with everything TNT is saying.. or ... not saying..? about it.
  12. Saddened to see that my 10 NP shares were revoked as its been a year since I was able to get that perk from charity corner. Absolutely loved that! I hope it comes back. Anyway what would you like to see for the next CC? Do you think it will be back for 2019? Who elese here is back to 15,000 a day for stocks
  13. Omg. NO. I just straight reject the air faerie quests. Dang thats terrible. That krawk toy is super cute tho 😮
  14. Awesome! Love that they decided to release them with the lab ray!
  15. I also think this is very important in helping to create a relaxing mood. I have a diffuser as well and an entire drawer filled with teas. I've never created my blends though. That actually sounds really nice. Where do you get your ingredients? Being natural as much as possible is really important to well being. My mom is really into eastern medicine and healing through food and she is a western nurse so I learn a lot from her about healing.
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