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  1. Thanks guys! Enjoy the last day of the AC! Btw, did you see Scrappy's thread on the neoboards? She did a Q&A and mentioned there's a new plot in the works. Something to look forward to.
  2. I use the mouse as well - using the keyboard feels so much slower and less smooth to me, but I suppose it's just a matter of practice. I managed to reach rank 13 today, so I'm happy I reached my goal. :)
  3. I'm guessing the two are at least somewhat connected, at the very least in the sense that something in your computer freezes up and affects both functions. It seems too much of a coincidence that both issues would always pop up at the same time. You could try scanning your laptop for malware. (I use the free version of malwarebytes, but I have no idea if that's the best one out there.) This site suggests there might be a program running that's preventing your laptop from shutting down, and explains how to fix that. On some level, what your computer does must be a logical response to something that happens in its software/hardware, but sometimes those things are buried so deep in layers of software/hardware, that it's hard to figure out. Google failed to turn up any articles or forum posts on your laptop's combination of issues (at least, as far as I can tell), so taking it in to be checked might be something you should consider eventually.
  4. Shame Cherry Blossom didn't have as a good a third round as I'd hoped, but I've never done as well in any staff tournament before.
  5. I think that if it's been years since your last ticket, then yes, submitting another ticket might be a good idea. (Especially if you can no longer access it to update it with new information.)
  6. It might just be your laptop's age? I'm honestly impressed by the fact that it's seven years old. In my experience, most laptops get impossible to work with after 4 or 5 years. My old laptop also used to show the wifi icon as if everything was fine, even when it wasn't. I chalked that up to the less than stable wifi in our house, and just one of my laptop's quirks. This site discusses the freezing start menu issue, although I have no idea if their solution is of any use to you. :/
  7. I'll give answering these questions my best shot, but despite how long I've been playing Neopets, there's a lot I never paid any attention to, so there are definitely some gaps in my knowledge. Tarla's Non Toolbar page does still give stuff out, but it takes luck, refreshing often, or keeping a close eye on the Neoboards (where someone will usually start a topic if she's there) to catch her. (The few times I've managed to get there in time, I was there near the end, so I've never really gotten anything valuable from her.) The Almost Abandoned Attic is only accessible to accounts that are over 36 months old, but that doesn't currently matter, as it's been broken since Jumpstart took over. (Which is a shame, since it used to sell some pretty good stuff.) (Just in case you didn't know, here's some info on Jumpstart taking over Neopets.) Trudy's Surprise just suddenly showed up, I think it was sometime last year, but I'm honestly not certain. I don't really know her story - or if she has much of a story - but this is what TDN has to say about her. Being able to switch Trudy's off is useful on side accounts, as you're not allowed to make NP on more than one account. (Plus, while it's now a mostly unobtrusive notification on the top of the page, right at the beginning, the entire thing would just show up on every page, until you played it.) I'm pretty sure goodie bags are still given out around Halloween, and that they're in random places. But I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will be along with more accurate information. :) Oh, and welcome to TDN.
  8. It's quite surprising you got your account back so quickly, @raelilphil (you definitely seem to be the exception to the rule)! This thread was created specifically for people who lost access to their account, and the first post includes a lot of the same tips that helped raelilphil, so I suggest checking it out. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I do hope you get your account back as quickly as raelilphil , @lianakos. I definitely suggest submitting a ticket from a side account (so if you don't have a side yet, now might be a good time to create one). I don't think being frozen for your protection necessarily means someone stole your password though. It might have happened, but there are also a lot of accounts which have been frozen seemingly at random, so TNT might just have to update their algorithm/conditions for freezing an account.
  9. @charelan is correct, if your team gets 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, your trophy looks different from the regular trophies. You can take a look at last year's trophies over on JellyNeo, or at AC IX's trophies, right here on TDN. The main difference is that the trophies for the winning teams are placed on a bit of stand, so they look taller, and the text underneath your trophy will also indicate if your team won 3rd, 2nd or 1st place. (The colour of the trophy still corresponds to your rank though. I believe this used to be different - you could make All-Star, but be stuck with a wooden trophy if you weren't on the winning team.)
  10. I've been playing almost every day for about 6 or 7 months and was starting to think it was never going to happen (my mum started playing the coconut shy about a month ago and has already knocked two coconuts down, so I was getting a little frustrated). XD Of course the game froze right after I took this screenshot, but I still got the avatar and a coconut.
  11. I'm not regretting sticking with Agog to keep my all girls team intact.
  12. Congrats! I'm trying to beat last year's score as well, but I made it to level 12, and I doubt I'm going to reach 13 this year. I'm hoping to make it to at least 12 again though.
  13. I didn't really spent my day any differently. I only have time to play games in the evening, because I was at work all day, so I guess that instead of reaching Rank 9 (which I'd intended to do today - cleverly forgetting about bye days), I'll play some Mario Kart 8 instead. :/ [rant](While being annoyed about not being able to rank up. And also be annoyed at some of the people at the neoboards, who are very enthusiastically applauding this useless bye day, since they feel we all need a forced day off to do other stuff and take the pressure off. Or something. I'm assuming they're the people who max at least one game every day; and while I'm happy for the people who feel relieved by this day off, I still think it's mostly annoying, since I'm not going to magically have more time on other days to make up for the games I can't play today.)[/rant]
  14. From what I've read on the boards over the years, it only affects your Team's points, not your prize-shop points. (But it would be awesome if it did.) Prize-shop points can be calculated, by calculaters like Absolute Corruption, but those points seem to be based solely on the amount of games played. (For instance, last year I reached Rank 12 and got 4500 prize-shop points. Clicking on Rank 12 on this calculator also displays a total of 4500 points.)
  15. I'm pretty sure it means your Team gets more points, although how many, or in what form, I have no idea. (There are usually quite a few topics about this on the Neoboards each year, proving that it's a vague concept that confuses lots of people. ;))