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  1. I just had the weirdest thing happen: I scratched 3 snowballs on the Lost Desert Scorched Treasure scratchcard, and the second I clicked on "claim your prize", the kiosk closed ("out to lunch"), and I didn't get my prize. I don't mind too much, because it's only a sand snowball, but I hadn't realised the game would glitch like this if you happen to click the button the exact second (well, almost exact, it might've changed when I was still working on revealing the snowballs) the status of the kiosk changes. I guess it's not something that happens often. Out of curiosity, has anyone else ever had something like this happen?
  2. I'm staying loyal to Terror Mountain. :) (I don't think I'll have a lot of time to actually play this year though, but I'll give it my best shot.)
  3. Yeah, I figured it was luck. Needing luck to get an avatar is the worst. XD I'm just going to have to keep trying, I guess. (And then try some more, considering I really want all those evil coconuts to put in my stamp album. XD)
  4. Brilliant. And here I was, wondering if I'd missed some sort of reference. (And as much as I love references - which is a lot - this explanation is better.)
  5. HOW? I've been playing that game almost every day for like 6 months now, and nothing. I haven't managed to knock even one coconut down.
  6. I used to pick at random (when I actually bothered to play at all), and got lucky the first few times by picking winning teams. Now that I'm actually trying to get the avatars, I've only managed to pick losing teams, so thanks for posting the link to that petpage. :) Can't hurt to give The Awakened a shot - my own guesses have only steered me wrong these past few months.
  7. No one really knows. I suggest you follow the steps outlined in the first post of this thread; that seems to be the most effective way to go about getting your account back. Good luck!
  8. It's kinda weird that it hasn't worked for you for a few days though - it was working just fine for me until today. :/ (I kinda love the expellibox, because even though most of the time the prizes are meh/worthless, the occasional 150 NC makes up for that. :D)
  9. I put the tips in the spoiler tag, because it's become a real wall of text. XD
  10. If it makes you feel any better: this is most likely one of the few game avatars I'll manage to get. It's one of the only games I'm reasonably good at. (But if you ever want any tips, I'd be happy to help. Usually I'd point you to the TDN game guide, but this is one of the few games where I tend to do the exact opposite of what the guide suggests.)
  11. Me too! The suspense is killing me. What if it's some other wizard entirely? Maybe it's Dumbledore, randomly muttering 'melon'.
  12. Are you allowed to join a team on your side? Anyway, I'll be loyal to Team Terror Mountain. (I probably won't have much time to play this year though.)
  13. So... do we know if the winner (congrats, btw!) was meant to be Merlin or Gandalf?
  14. Got this one yesterday, after years of playing. (I even reached a level I didn't know existed (Garlicky Bratwurst) & got a bronze trophy.)
  15. Okay, but now I really wanna know if it autocorrected from Merlin or Mellon. XD Although if it's a LOTR reference, it makes sense that I missed it. My apologies to @hriven's inner superextrahypernerd, but I could never really get into LOTR (neither books nor movies). (Even though I would happily call myself a superextrahypernerd as well. Just... not including LOTR. XD)