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  1. The code worked just fine for me. Although the game did seem to freeze for a second while I typed it in, but maybe that's supposed to happen. A tip for next time: wait until you get the score (you want/are settling for) before choosing who you challenge. Keep the game open in one tab (don't send your score just yet) and then open a new tab to choose either Abigail or Chadley. Send the score after you've picked one.
  2. It's not just you. I know my mom's been having the same issue for a few days, and I just tried and, yup, same here.
  3. Sorry, I guess I was having trouble understanding exactly what it is you're looking for. So, from what I gather, what you'd like to do is see pictures of the pets wearing all their pet-specific outfits, so you can compare them and decide which outfit you like best on a pet, or which pet would suit a certain theme/outfit best? (I guess I'd just never thought of searching for an outfit first, and finding a pet to match.) Yeah, I guess it'd be difficult to find such a page, but there's a chance the site you mentioned could still update - it's been less than 6 months since it was last updated, so it's not necessarily been completely abandoned. :)
  4. On Dress To Impress you can actually search for items that would only fit a specific pet. For instance, if you wanted to find archer items for an Ixi you're customising, you'd type in 'archer species:ixi' in the search bar and this is what you'd find. Hope this helps. :)
  5. I decided to try for this avatar a few weeks back and I used quick stock to discard 70 items. I immediately received the avatar, so I assume both discarded and donated items over the years count, since I don't recall discarding much, but I've donated plenty of stuff to the money tree these past 13 years. (Didn't think it was anywhere near 5000 though, but then again, I didn't exactly keep count.)
  6. I think some email addresses may simply block Neopets mails (this thread mentions AOL email addresses, and this very thread mentions AT&T), but I'm not sure if that's the case for you. You could always try a different email address (gmail or outlook, for instance, if you didn't already use either of those).
  7. I don't think there's a quick fix for that; your body probably just needs time to heal. But yeah, if there's no improvement at all in the next few days, I'd definitely go see a doctor.
  8. Looks like candy won. :) I'm assuming the news will update to announce it later today, but when you click on the link to the poll, it shows this image:
  9. Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know. :)
  10. Thanks, I had no idea there'd been limits before. I'm still confused about the time zone thing though, as the first time I got the message that I'd already liked 5 posts that day, I hadn't even been online yet. Or does it mean 5(/10/15) likes per 24 hours, regardless of when the day starts/ends?
  11. Oh, I thought it was just me! I've only recently started doing the Coincidence daily again, and had been wondering if this was how it's always been and I'd just forgotten. XD Up until today, I had enough of each item in my SDB to complete the quests, but after running out of evil snowballs today, I didn't even bother looking for them on the shop wizard. Too much trouble for little to no reward.
  12. Is there a way to change the time zone on these (new) forums? I found a link on how to do it on the old version of the forums, but that (obviously) no longer works. (Mostly I don't mind that I'm in a completely different time zone, but I tried to like a post earlier, and it told me I'd already liked 5 posts that day, even though I'd only just come online (in the afternoon my time (CET)). On a related note, is only being able to like 5 posts a day a new thing? Is it related to the fact that there's a leaderboard now? Because I sometimes like a post in lieu of responding to it (when I know I won't have a response that'd be at least 7 words anyway), and apparently I do this more often than I thought. XD)
  13. I was just about to say that it could easily be a kind of "hand in all your weapons to make Neopia a safer place" kind of CC next time. ;) I always hoard everything. Personally, I don't mind my SDB being full, since it's all so neatly organised anyway (I mean, it only lists how many copies of an item you own, it's not like they're all listed separately), and there doesn't seem to be a limit to how much stuff you can carry. It's easy to search too. I wish my actual closet/desk/house was this organised/would make it as easy to store tons of stuff and find it again just as easily.
  14. I agree with what deboratibi said. Both making fun of yourself and completely ignoring the bullies are good strategies. Bullies (somehow) get satisfaction out of rattling someone. I'd never actually heard of vk (despite being European myself, but it looks like it's a Russian site, and is mostly popular in Eastern Europe), so there's not much I can say about it, but if they don't even enforce their anti-bullying policy, it might not be the best place to hang out. The problem with posting stuff to YouTube, is that you're pretty much handing your videos to the world, and there's not much you can do to stop people from using them. Not having your videos stolen/used is difficult for even professional artists/networks. She could try setting her YouTube account/videos to private (I think that's still a thing? I haven't really posted any videos in... a long time), but if she's posting her videos I'm assuming she wants other people to see them, so that might not be the best option. I think one of the best things, but also one of the most difficult things, for her to do, would be to completely ignore everything the bullies do. Whether it's stealing her videos, posting her pictures somewhere, making fun of her, or messaging her directly. The bullies want to know they're affecting her. Not giving them that satisfaction might make them get bored with her as a target. Again, this would probably be really difficult for her, because not responding to people who post your pictures to actual bullying pages (I hate that that's even a thing) is going to be hard, stressful and take up a lot of energy. It's also important to limit the bullies' access to personal information. She should try (if she hasn't already done so) to try to keep her email address/other personal information private. Maybe (both of) you could try to find a different online community, one that wouldn't make fun of her and steal her videos. This would probably take some time (you'd want to spend some time with the community first, to see what they're like), but finding a place where the people are supportive, instead of bullies, might help (re-)build her confidence.
  15. Does she know the people who bully her personally? Or are they people she only communicates with online? It might be more difficult/complicated if the bullying is done by people she knows in RL. Depending on which site/platform it happens on, perhaps she could block the offending accounts, and if it happens on a forum/online community, she could involve the administrators/moderators. I guess a lot of it depends on the situation. While I'm a firm believer of punishing the bullies, not the victim, if there's no clear solution, she could always try to leave the site/community where the bullying happens. Again, it depends on the situation, but it would obviously be better if the bullies were banned from getting in touch with her. As for what you can do, I think it's mostly important to just support her, and remind her that not all people online are ignorant, cruel bullies. Send her kind/funny messages at random times. Remind her that's she's awesome, and to ignore the idiots that tell her otherwise.