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  1. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    I'm still fairly new to zapping my pet, but so far every time they changed colour or species, they kept their customisation (except for pet specific clothes of course). Today my lab rat, GeorgeSweeney, changed from a Faerie Gnorbu into an Island Gnorbu, and promptly lost every piece of their customisation, including the background. Is this normal? Does it have to do with the fact that Island pets come with Island specific clothes/accessories? (If it'd only been the clothes/accessories that had been removed, I wouldn't have been surprised, but I'd have thought the background could remain in place.)
  2. And this is why I really should've read this thread before playing today's games (like I usually do). XD Took me way too long to get the Ugga Drop score the first time; thankfully it went slightly better the second time. Today's by far my least favourite day so for this GMC so far. I don't particularly enjoy Edna's Shadow, but at least the score was far lower than my high score, which was most likely the result of Daily Dare challenge in the first place. I'm still trying Crisis Courier, but it's one of my least favourite games.
  3. Looking at last year's guide, most (but not all) of the challenges were the same for both teams as well. That must've been a long time ago; I don't think we ever needed to complete all the games in any of the GMC's I joined (I think this is my 9th). I do remember it being a lot the first time, but I think that was mostly because I didn't see it coming, so I hadn't played any other games than the ones from the challenges, and had to play like 60 in one day. I think it's mostly been 50-60 games in the last couple of years though.
  4. Enter The Runway #49!

    That sounds kinda fun. :) (And completely different from what school's like in Holland - I'm pretty sure none of the schools I attended had anything like 'school colors' in the first place.)
  5. Enter The Runway #49!

    Okay, my turn to be confused. What exactly is school spirit week (do you... cheer on your school?), and how does "wacky tack day" fit into that? XD (I do feel that 'wacky tacky' is an accurate description for 80s fashion though. )
  6. Enter The Runway #49!

    I was technically alive in the 80s, but I can't remember much of those 7 months. Just google 80s fashion though; it's not just huge glasses. (Huge hair, too! Think Bon Jovi. Or other 80s "hair bands".) Neon. Spandex. Leg warmers. So much to love. I'm kind of amazed that you somehow managed to avoid running into 80s fashion anywhere though! I'm much more familiar with 80s fashion than I am with 70s fashion. (The 60s and the 70s always kind of blend in together for me.) Anyway, I love this theme!
  7. @kayahtik is correct; marking a game as complete and getting the score for a challenge are two completely different things. You could "complete" a game today with the lowest score possible, and if that game were to be a challenge tomorrow (or even today), with a specific score you need to beat, you can play that game again until you get the score. "Complete" simply means that you've sent in a score for that game this GMC and that it counts towards your total of 50 games (or however many they ask for this year). It doesn't mean that you can't send in more scores for that game. I'm not sure if you can get the score if you've already sent in your 3 scores for the day for a game though (I know that's sometimes possible during events, I just keep forgetting if it's always possible). But if you're only sending in one score per game to get the 'complete' mark, then you should be fine anyway. A "minimum" score is basically any points at all. You could send in a score of 1, and it would count as complete.
  8. I'm definitely leaning towards Team Dead, but it does depend on if the teams will be getting different kinds of games again (action vs. puzzle), because I much prefer puzzle games over action games (and today's games (Imperial Exam and Shenkuu Tangram, apparently) aren't helping me any in figuring this out, since I'd say both of those qualify as 'puzzle').
  9. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I was (and the lag was super annoying too); switching to Chrome did the trick, thanks. :) Just clearing the fog from the Jelly seems to have used up both of my potions though (I guess clicking 'use potion' twice really uses two separate potions), so I guess I'll need to get some more ectoplasm. *Edit: I only needed one potion to clear the haze from the Omelette. So, glitch, maybe?
  10. How much are you battling?

    I think there's definitely a chance the prizes will be related to how much we've battled, although it's hard to say if it'll actually matter. Either way, I don't really like battling all that much, so I won't be spending too much time on it. (I'm currently on 115% - I'm mostly battling on easy, since my battle pet is strong enough to beat the Snapjaw on medium, but not twice in a row without dying, and I don't feel like using potions on my pet after every single fight.)
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Is the potion actually supposed to clear the purple haze? Because I just keep getting the pop-up telling me to use the potion over and over again.
  12. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    There are still a few glitches in this thing (I'm assuming), because when I solved the mysic murmurs thing, the pop-up from Kaia disappeared so quickly I had no time to read it, and when I went to the location that I got from the word search, nothing happened. Then, after failing to load the page a few times, I managed to get to the lock picking part, and after a lot more misses and clicks that did nothing at all, I managed to pick the lock. It was only then that a battledome challenger appeared at the location I'd previously gone to. (Or maybe you're supposed to pick the lock first and then solve the murmur and I just did it in the wrong order.) (Oh, and I just checked the achievements, but no prize yet for picking the lock.)
  13. Enter The Runway #48!

    I'm just about to send you mine. I'm surprised there've only been 2 entries so far though!
  14. Enter The Runway #48!

    Same here! Actually, I keep having good ideas for descriptions to go with the entries (which I often hardly bother with at all), but keep getting stuck on the actual customisation part. XD
  15. The Runway

    I did notice (although I was under the impression that you pretty much always voted, but perhaps we just pretty much always have at least one tie ), and I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm kinda ambivalent towards ties though. I don't really mind them, but I wouldn't mind a tie-breaking round either. Actually, now that you've mentioned it, I think it might actually be a lot of fun to have a tie-breaking round.