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  1. Nielo

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    I know, and I'm impressed you made All-Star, but I only ever made All-Star once, back when I was unemployed, and even then it felt like it took way too much time and effort. I have honestly no idea how I could make All-Star now (especially not this early!) and still have time for all the other things I need (and want) to do in a day. Having never played in a Cup that wasn't dominated & won by cheaters, with the teams with ASGs filling out the rest of the podium, I happen to have very little faith in the integrity of the Cup, and therefore also don't really care where my team ends. I like TM, and if we're really this high up on the list due to only honest players, and not even an ASG (I know they're honest players too, I just don't like the imbalance they add to the tournament - I'm guessing they're partly there to counter the cheaters, but it just makes the other teams even more powerless), then that's great! I've just never seen TM do this well, and with the Cup's less than stellar history of having honest teams/teams without any ASGs win... Well. I'd love to see an honest Cup one day, and whenever that happens, I'd love to see TM make the podium. But while cheaters are still active during the Cup, "winning" doesn't mean much to me. None of this means, however, that I'm any less proud of, or impressed by, people who make All-Star (or higher)! I think those individual achievements are awesome. It also doesn't mean I'm going play any less.
  2. Nielo

    Enter The Runway: Special Edition!

    I think the rules page will probably explain pretty much the same things that I'm about to mention, but I'll explain it to you in my own words (instead of deboratibi's 😉 ) as well: - You're not submitting your own pet. You can go to https://impress.openneo.net/ and choose the colour and species of the pet you want to customise. (You can, in certain cases, decide to customise your own pet by typing its name into box in the middle of the page, but for this particular round that would only work if your pet is a Red Pteri, as this is one of the requirements for this round.) - Once you've chosen, in this case, the colour Red and the species Pteri, you can customise that pet with any item that ever existed on Neopets (and fits that colour & species). Once you've done that, you can click on the 'Sharing' tab on the right side of the screen and send me the 'Outfit page' link (which will link to the animated version of the custom you just made, and which is always posted underneath the images in the 'Runway Votes' threads) and the 'Medium' link, which is a medium-sized screenshot of the custom you just made. (If, however, you think the screenshot doesn't do your custom justice, you can always send me a screenshot instead, or ask me to make a screenshot of it for you. As long as I have the Outfit page link, that's no problem at all for me.) - Add a title and, if you a wish, story for the character to that message to me, and you're done. 🙂 - Just make sure to follow the requirements for the round, so in this case, it needs to be a Red Pteri, dressed up doing any job for TDN. Let me know if anything is still unclear. 🙂
  3. Nielo

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    @jellysundae That's an interesting theory! I definitely think (and hope) you might be on to something.
  4. Nielo

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Perhaps the ACG is smaller than it's been in previous years. Faerieland is the only land getting scores over 8, which is usually a sign an ACG is involved. But since they're not even in first place, the ACG definitely seems to have less influence compared to previous years. People seem to think Meridell as an ASG, but I personally think TM (which I'm on) has one as well, since we don't usually do this well. I'd love to think we've done this on our own, but the only other time we did alright, we came in 5th with the help of an ASG. I do think the Cup is definitely more interesting this year, as the scores seem closer together so far.
  5. I think just making sure the bye days don't all fall on weekends or on weekdays, but having it be a mix of the two, would be the most feasible option to at least not inconvenience most of the same people all the time. There will always be people whose schedule will clash (or match perfectly) with bye days, but by making sure to pick different days, things might be more balanced, at least for people with a (mostly) fixed schedule.
  6. Wow, how do you even have time to rank up at all? 😮 I'm disappointed this Sunday is yet another bye day though, and I think the next weekend (23 & 24) will both be bye days, if my calculations are correct. I can understand why they'd have at least one bye day during the weekend, but all of them? Boo.
  7. Nielo

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    You can use this petpage to calculate how many games you still need to play to reach All-Star. Today's a bye-day though, meaning that you can't rank up (unfortunately), so you'll have to take that into account when figuring out how many games you need to play each day to reach All-Star.
  8. Nielo

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    I tend to glance at the scores, but since they don't usual differ much, I don't check all of them. I did get 4 more 770s in the past 5 minutes, but I still can't figure out why these games were "faster" than some of the other games I played, which felt pretty much the same.
  9. Nielo

    Slushie Slinger

    I had honestly never heard of the game Tapper, so I'd never realised Slushie Slinger was based on that. I'm not too bothered by the waitress having to catch the plastic cups; if I order a Frappuccino at Starbucks and drink it there, I'm not going to take the plastic cup with me either. (But I am going to throw it in the trash myself, because that's only reasonable.) I do enjoy the game, although I think the prize points to 'time it takes to play' ratio is way off.
  10. Nielo

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    Hmm, interesting. I'll be paying close attention to time bonus from now on!
  11. Nielo

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    @phill Could be, but I've been paying attention to the time bonus today, and out of the roughly 200 games I played, I'm fairly certain this was the only one higher than 756.
  12. Nielo

    Shootout Showdown High Score

    Not sure how/why, since this game didn't feel any different than any of the previous ones, but I just got a 770 time bonus. It didn't affect the total score at all though. (I have no idea how they calculate that score. Or the time bonus.)
  13. Nielo

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    Interesting, I'd never noticed that. Also, I currently have 33 (!) favourite games.
  14. Nielo

    Kiko Pop Troubles?

    Maybe you've just hit the max amount of favourite games? I'm not sure how many games you can add these days, but I know that at some point, you'll have to remove games to add new ones.
  15. Nielo

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    I don't think Kiko Lake has any cheaters this year, so I'm guessing they're all honest players this time. Looking at JellyNeo, it seems they only did really well the past few years, when they had an ACG, and didn't really place higher than 6th (but mostly much lower) in previous years. So maybe now that all the cheaters have moved to another team again, there simply aren't many core players left. Do you mean the fact that you could only sign up until the Cup had just started, instead of being able to sign up during almost the entire Cup? Because that's the same as last year, and maybe even the year before, I think. Or did you mean something else?