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  1. At this point this company just sounds like they've got issues. Lots and lots of issues. XD
  2. I have no problem accessing any of those places, so I think it might be something on your end. What exactly is happening for you? A blank page? An error message?
  3. The comapny definitely sounds completely disorganised! While there might not be as many of these robberies going on as it seemed at first, I have no doubt these kinds of things do happen. For some reason, the whole "pretending to be someone else and actually talking your way into someone's home", seems to be a pretty popular way to rob people. Over here in Holland there have been quite a few news stories about these kinds of robberies, where someone will pretend to deliver a package/be a repairman/ask for directions/etc. and they (often plus an accomplice) will talk their way into the house (which often belongs to elderly people) and take off with cash and valuables and such, which the occupant of the house often doesn't notice are missing until later. (These robberies tend to be non-violent though.) I hope everything went (is going? I suck at time zones) alright today and you were only dealing with an incredibly incompetent company!
  4. I always kinda feel like all the answers in the editorial sound like an adult trying to talk like a kid/teen. I get that they want to cater to kids, who are obviously a large part of Neopets' demographic, but I think they should try a little less to sound like they're of that age themselves. (Once you're over, say, 21, that's just never going to sound right.) As for the extra pet slot - I'd love one. I keep seeing more pets that I like, and am actually contemplating getting a third side account to accommodate them. XD I get far too attached to these virtual little things to pound them, so yeah, an extra slot would be nice. I suppose they could alter the size of the pets' pictures to make it fit for premium, or show the premium pet separately, perhaps.
  5. It seems unlikely that even if they'd changed their number, it wouldn't come up at all in google searches. Plus, if your mother called headquarters (several times), I'm assuming that they're now aware people showed up at your house, so it'd be easy for them to check if the local branch had indeed changed the schedule. (Even disorganised companies could probably manage that much.) But considering today is Sunday (and Father's Day), it seems unlikely they'd be working; in my experience cable companies don't really install stuff over the weekend. So, yeah, I agree with everyone else: good job not letting them in, and try to convince your parents that it's okay to doubt people in such a suspicious situation as this one! I hope you'll manage to get some actual answers soon, that the actual employees will show up tomorrow, and that these guys won't bother you again!
  6. @jellysundae Thanks for clearing that up! I'd never bothered with this avatar before, since I didn't want to keep the emo shopkeeper permanently, but I'm going to go and get it now. :)
  7. Cute stuff! I always felt like the merch was mostly an American thing though - I never saw any of it in Holland; although I have to admit that I never actively searched for it, so there might've been some stuff out there. (I have no idea about other countries though, so my assumption might be way off.)
  8. I also recommend checking both TDN's and JellyNeo's Battlepedias, which have some useful articles about training up and weapons and such.
  9. There have been rumours about a new plot coming up, although when it will be happening is still unclear. There's a thread about it here.
  10. Huh, thanks for letting me know, I had no idea I'd apparently been using an alternate url all this time!
  11. I like the theme idea, but there might be another issue. I just tried to visit DTI, and got this: I appears DTI's domain name has expired.
  12. You could try to use the :hover tag. This Stackoverflow question is about the reverse: showing an image when hovering over some text (and also links to this JSFiddle). I suppose it should be possible to show text when hovering over an image, but I have no idea how Neopets will respond to this.
  13. Is it possible that Neopets is having issues with something other than the 'position' tag? Because I found at least two Neopets CSS reference guides that recommend using position. Neither mentions tooltips though, so the issue might be with tooltips themselves.
  14. I'd say it's worth the occasional visit; I've gotten some pretty good stuff from it (including NC items). It's mostly down to luck, but it's great when you manage to get a rare/valuable/useful item from it.
  15. I think the Wheel of Monotony probably doesn't count as a regular game, considering it takes forever (and more often than not, doesn't get you anything). As per this editorial, you can do other things at the same time using different tabs, but it's not allowed to play any two games at the same time, whether the Cup is going on or not. (I think this is the Editorial about playing mulitple AC games in different tabs that you're referring to. I'm pretty sure it was only made clear that this is against the rules this year. If people were frozen for this during last year's cup, then it wasn't explicitly mentioned that this was the reason for the freezings. It came as a surprised to a great many people to learn this was against the rules.)