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  1. Okay, but now I really wanna know if it autocorrected from Merlin or Mellon. XD Although if it's a LOTR reference, it makes sense that I missed it. My apologies to @hriven's inner superextrahypernerd, but I could never really get into LOTR (neither books nor movies). (Even though I would happily call myself a superextrahypernerd as well. Just... not including LOTR. XD)
  2. Ooooooh. That makes much more sense. (Although there are way more versions of a Melon Wizard out there on the internet than I would've expected.)
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm missing some vital reference in #2. (Googling "Melon wizard" didn't actually help much. There's a bunch of pictures of melon wizards, sure, but I still can't figure out where it originated. And now I feel old. XD)
  4. Today I got the Pendant. :) Then I visited the Second-hand Shoppe, and noticed someone had donated the Pendant and the Socks! I still needed the Socks, so I clicked on the Pendant. ... In other news, I now have a spare Pendant.
  5. The Kougra that I can see on the account slim_jadie is only level 2, so he should've been able to enroll in the Swashbuckling Academy. (Pets of level 40 and below will show up in the dropdown menu on the Swashbuckling Academy page, so you should've been able to select yours.) Did you actually try to enroll him in a course? I haven't done so in a while, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that on your pet's day you can just enroll him, and you won't have to pay anything for the lesson.
  6. ... then apparently I have no idea what the point is. XD (Because that's a known bug in the AAA's Revenge game, mentioned in the guide I linked to. If the point is how to unfreeze a game - no clue. If there's another point I missed, please enlighten me. :P)
  7. According to this guide (scroll to the bottom of the page) you can still send your score after the game freezes (the guide describes how to do this). You won't get the avatar though. :(
  8. I'm not sure when they changed it, I don't check it often, but I don't really remember what it looked like before... Anyway, don't know if you're familiar with the short cut for the search function (not Neopets' search function, just the generic one): but you can just press the Ctrl and F keys and type in a keyword. Makes it easier to find a specific game. (Works on websites/Word documents/etc.)
  9. Several years ago I had 20% of my NP taken (while carrying over a million - I learned the hard way never to carry more than 20k), but I'm now thinking (after looking up old random events) that that was probably Dr. Sloth's doing, not the Tax Beast, because I lost a ton of NP, but don't even have a trophy to show for it. XD Edit: I just found out that one gives out trophies too. My "high score" is 234,179 points, which would currently be enough for a 3rd place trophy, but I guess there were many unlucky Neopians that day. XD
  10. The Daily Question (April 19) is glitched. There are 2 possible questions to get: the one mentioned on here (and JellyNeo): "Which of these Lutaris is a member of the Seekers?", answer: Tom Cotterpin, and "Which of these Wockies which was painted Invisible was caught stealing Neggs?" (Answer: Anskye). The problem isn't just that the latter one doesn't give the Ruki Red Lutari Pop, but you might also be told you answered the question incorrectly, because it switched to the other question while you answered. (That's what happened to me. Despite a few refreshes and re-opening the tab, I kept getting the Wocky question, but after answering 'Anskye', I got this message: "Which of these Lutaris is a member of the Seekers? Oops! Nice try, but the correct answer was: Tom Cotterpin Try again tomorrow.") Just thought I'd post to let people know. (And I didn't think it required a new thread + replying to the Daily Question thread isn't possible.)
  11. It's not just you. No idea why it worked for you the first time and not the second time, but Ghould Catchers has been having issues for ages. I personally haven't tried playing it in a long time, so I don't know too much about it, but you can read about glitches other people experience(d) in this thread.
  12. I've been attempting to knock down coconuts for the past 5 months or so, but I haven't knocked down a single one. My mom has been trying for less than 2 weeks, but has already managed it once. I did recently get the Island Mystic avatar though, so that's good.
  13. (I'm glad it made sense, because when I started writing my post, I wasn't quite sure where I was going with it. ;)) Off topic: what's your career?
  14. It probably wouldn't be feasible to make several more trophy tiers - it would be fun to see them try, but I'm actually content with having several silver trophies that stand for wildly different Daily Dare achievements. :) I didn't mean to imply that the possibility of it being stressful is a problem with the DD itself, but that doesn't lessen the stress. I get where people are coming from who argue that it's just a virtual pet site, just a game, not real life, and therefore it shouldn't affect me the same way as other things do, but, I don't know, I've never quite agreed with that logic. (Even though I know it makes sense/is true for many people.) If I care about something, whether it's a game, a book, a job, or whatever, it has the power to affect me (both in positive and negative ways). To different degrees, of course, but even Neopets can potentially cause me stress. (It usually doesn't, but since it mostly affects me in positive ways, it also has the ability to affect me in negative ways.) Silly games are as much a part of my life as my job, friends, etc., however pathetic that may sound written down like this. (At this point I've literally been playing Neopets for half my life.) I've never been able to choose which things I allow to affect me, but I admire people who do have that ability. (I'm really good at telling myself I don't care about something, but no matter how amazing I am pretending that's true, it doesn't magically make it so. ) I guess, what I'm trying to say/starting to realise, is that, to me, online games/message boards/social media/etc., are as 'real' as the things (jobs, friends, etc.) in my 'real life'. The divide no longer makes any sense to me. If it's something I do/experience, it's part of my life, and it's no less real just because it happens in a virtual place. It still takes time, energy (and sometimes effort), and it can bring me joy, or stress, much like experiences that are traditionally considered 'real life' can. (For instance, reading is as much of a hobby as playing online games is, yet I've always included that in my 'real life', so I think it's time I included Neopets too.) :)
  15. This was definitely the easiest Daily Dare I have ever participated in, but I still haven't managed a gold trophy (Barf Boat!), so you can at least take comfort in the fact that many of us still failed to get gold. I know it probably means less than having to work super hard for it, but for many of us, this DD was difficult enough to still have to settle for silver, so it's not like the gold trophy is completely meaningless. They just changed the difficulty level this year. Perhaps AAA will be back next year, and I'll be back to never even considering going for gold, because as an average gamer, gold usually simply isn't an option for me. (It was fun to think it might've been possible this year though. And while I know that this was the easiest DD I've ever participated in, I still struggled with several of the games. The only reason I feel it was too easy, is because I know that I'm average at most games, so good gamers would've been bored during this DD.)