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  1. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I've gotten zero random events since the Faerie Festival started, even though I played Pyramids and Neoquest (because I was hoping there'd be a better chance of getting a FQ during the event, but I think it's just random).
  2. Ooh GMC is confirmed, nice!

    The "hm" in her answer confuses me. It kinda sounds like "yes, it's happening, but it'll be different and I won't go into it right now". I do enjoy the GMC, even though I'm not that good at most games, so it'll be nice to have it happening, especially as I think this plot will be battledome related (?) and I enjoy the games more than the battledome. Definitely sounds like an (unpaid) intern to me. I don't think there's a specific time of year for interns though. September is when the school year starts again, so it would make sense for an intern to start around now, but I think internships can start at different points during the year. I'm hoping this is at least a paid internship, but unpaid internships are quite common, unfortunately. There's a good chance they've utilized this kind of "free help" before, just not somewhere as visible as the editorial.
  3. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Still better than anything I ever got. I won 250 NP the first day (and the placement of the Faerie actually made sense that day - I really felt that if you just followed its trajectory, you'd pin the wings correctly, but I was proven wrong the next day), and nothing after that.
  4. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    While I wasn't actually expecting much from this festival, even I'd expected a little more. As for Wing-it, I won 250 np, but I have no idea how. After 'putting on the blindfold', I just retraced the shape the faerie had been making before with my cursor, and somehow she ended up wearing the wings.
  5. Voting errors in The Runway #44

    Thanks, that makes sense. (It's good to know I haven't gone insane. )
  6. Voting errors in The Runway #44

    I haven't voted yet and am currently using the default theme as well, but I'll switch to the custom theme and try voting that way, to see what happens. Edit: I'm not sure if I've gone blind/insane/missed a post on this, but when I scroll down to the bottom of the forum to find the 'theme' button, so I can switch to a custom theme, it's... not there. (I'm adding a screenshot, because it's pretty late here and I've had a long day, and it's entirely possible I'm simply not seeing it, or that I'm looking in the wrong place.)
  7. The Runway

    I know that feeling! The few times my entries did well, I was always surprised - I'm horrible at trying to predict what others will like. Or, perhaps more accurately, I like different kinds of entries: my favourite ones (both my own and others') often tend to end up scoring quite badly. XD (Also, this thread reminded me that I haven't actually entered this round yet. Eek.)
  8. Unreleased Petpets!

    I know this is Neopets and I shouldn't get hung up on technicalities, but how is a cloud going to play the harp? XD (I do love the Cirrus though, it looks very cute, including the harp. But still.)
  9. Returned!

    Hi Kitty, welcome back! :) It's good to see someone else from Holland on here; I'm probably not the only other Dutch person on TDN, but I haven't seen many others (if any) around here.
  10. for all you hoarders out there...

    I don't really discard/donate anything. I love that there's no limit to the amount of stuff we can store in our SDB, so I take advantage of that and just throw everything in there. If I ever need anything specific from it, the search function works well enough. :)
  11. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Lol, we don't actually call the Belgians dull though. We call them dumb, which is even more ridiculous, as they're obviously not dumb at all. (There is an annual spelling test that's aired on TV, with contestants of both countries, and the winner is usually Belgian.) It's funny how even our stereotypes are different. XD I actually had to Google that, as I had never really thought about it. Thankfully, Science Magazine ran an article on drinking water last year, and specifically mentions a few countries - including Holland - that don't use chlorine. Apparently our pipes are quite new and well maintained, which means there are less leaks, and therefore less ways for bacteria to get in. There is apparently also a difference between using surface water and groundwater, the latter of which is already filtered by the ground itself and will enter the water treatment system while already relatively clean. (According to some other (Dutch) sources I found, we also use many different steps to treat our water, each meant to filter out different things.)
  12. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Lol! I think it's a mentality that influences other countries as well, since I've heard Americans say "the UK and Europe" on more than one occasion. XD Ha, that's true. (I always felt like rivalries between close neighbouring countries are very common/almost expected though. The Dutch and the Belgians always make fun of each other, as do the Spanish and the Portuguese.) I guess Japan is known for vending machine kind of things as well, but I've never visited Japan myself, so I have no idea if they have anything similar to this there. Yup, all super healthy fried stuff. XD (The word probably is 'vegetables', but I think it refers to the filling of one of the fried snacks - it's usually filled with pieces of meat, but there is a vegetarian version of it as well.)
  13. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Yeah, I guess I was always taught not to drink the water anywhere else as well (but that included Britain). That smell of chlorine always immediately turns me off the idea of ever drinking the water that comes out of that tap. XD (Britain is its own continent then? ) I think blue is commonly used for flat water, and in Holland (and a lot of other European countries) red is used for carbonated water. That sounds reasonable. Rain might also play a part in it. Besides, I think a lot of streetfood is food that's typical for that country. Holland has very few typical dishes, and even fewer that would lend themselves to street food. I think the one tradition that comes closest is getting snacks out of the wall:
  14. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Oh, I guess I just never considered them street food. (You usually have to go into a shop to get them.) But yeah, those are popular around here. (People will even combine the mayo and peanut sauce. Don't ask me why.) Lol! I'm personally not a big fan of mayo, or drowning my fries (or any kind of food really) in sauce, so I always order them without sauce/condiments. Wait, water in Europe is making Brits sick? Has to be just a few countries then, not most of them, I think. France, maybe? I have vague memories of being told not to drink the water in France. (Unrelated: why is Britain often referred to as if it's separate from Europe? ) There's a ton of countries where the water is unsafe to drink (and if you're not sure: better safe than sorry). Actually, I often don't drink the water in other countries, including Britain, but that's because it tastes like chlorine to me, not because it isn't safe. (Dutch water is perfectly safe, btw, and doesn't taste like chlorine. Feel free to drink the water here. )
  15. street food .. yay or nay ?

    Highly depends on the country, probably. We don't really have a culture of street food over here in Holland, so I tend to be kind of wary of street food vendors down here, but I'm not sure if that's always justified. (Probably not, to be honest.) I don't often buy food from street vendors in other countries either, so I don't have much experience with it, but I really think it highly depends on the country.