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  1. Quick question, do we have to complete all "qualifying games" before the end of the challenge?
  2. Avatars: What have you got?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Faerie Festival' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! First avatar in almost a year or maybe over a year. I don't now. lol. I haven't been playing much lately
  3. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    How do we know if we visited the faerie festival everyday? Do you just have to guess?
  4. Altador Cup 2017 Prize Shops Open!

    I was 6 points away from getting 12k points when the cup ended. :(
  5. Faerieland Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    I joined Faerieland this year because I too, thought we were going to be at least in the Top 10, but sadly we are not. I try my best to max out on YYB every time I play. But there's no way I can max out SL, SOSD, and MSN.
  6. Faerieland Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    You have to copy the code and put it in your signature under your account settings.
  7. Faerieland Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    Go Faerieland! First time joining this team. Going to attempt All-star again this year.
  8. Festival of Neggs 2017!

    I have an extra avocado book if anyone wants it.
  9. Festival of Neggs 2017!

    Does anyone need the Willow dress? I have 2 extra ones. I'd be gladly to send them to you.
  10. Daily Dare 2017!

    So if I completed all but one of Chadley's games will I get the silver trophy?
  11. Daily Dare 2017!

    Welp! there goes my chance at getting the gold trophy. :(
  12. Daily Dare 2017!

    I'm not really worried about Revel Roundup. It's the rest of the games that have me on edge. :/
  13. Daily Dare 2017!

    They sent me a request, then they withdrew, Then I got 3 more requests from them inviting me. So I accepted one of them, but I guess it didn't go through or they withdrew again without me getting a notification that they did. As far as the person completing the challenge, I don't know.
  14. Daily Dare 2017!

    Here's what the Team Challenge page looks like. And the Daily Dare page says I've already completed Chadley's challenge.
  15. Daily Dare 2017!

    I had a score ready to send, and someone sent me a request and I thought it accepted the challenge so I sent my score in but I guess it didn't go through because I didn't receive the stamp. I also tried to send an invite to someone else, and it got to the part where it said "are you sure you want to send "so and so" an invite...etc" and I clicked yes but it did nothing. I never got an error message or anything. So does that mean I can not do the team challenge anymore or was there something wrong on the website's end?