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  1. TNT added a new mystery capsule to the mall yesterday. It's the Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule, and it contains retired baby stuff, a couple exclusives, and (By my count) 20(!) items you can still buy or get from the not retired Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie. The list may not be complete, but judging by Jellyneo's list, they probably just added every nc items for babies, sort of like how people are getting Everlasting Apples and Daily Dare prizes from Apple Bobbing. I'd be tempted to get a few, but I really don't want to risk spending 200 nc on a buyable 100-150 nc mall item.
  2. RedKnight

    Score getting checked?

    Yeah, I remember how nerve wracking it was when I got my bronze Shenkuu tangram trophy. I don't pay attention to high score tables because I never expect to win anything, so it was a huge surprise.
  3. RedKnight

    THE GIFT OF NC - not received my NC

    Apparently people who had usernames beginning with numbers(?)/the letters a-e got the right amount, but users after that got the wrong amount.
  4. RedKnight

    THE GIFT OF NC - not received my NC

    That's what I'm going to do. They probably already have a ton of tickets already, so I'd wait until the end of the week before submitting one. Also, apparently the problem only started when the script hit the f's so I have no idea how this happened.
  5. RedKnight

    THE GIFT OF NC - not received my NC

    I figured "in good standing" just meant "not frozen." Either way, it's glitched right now, and everybody who got their's got double the amount they should have, neomails and all.
  6. RedKnight

    How much are you battling?

    I'm at 970%. I have so much ectoplasm in my sdb.
  7. So the NT came out today, and in the editorial Scrappy mentioned that they were releasing a new mystery capsule called the "Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule" which will have retired dyeworks items inside. Does anybody have anything they're hoping to get? Any trade regrets (some retired DW items are crazy expensive)?
  8. RedKnight

    5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    I grabbed a pet from the pound, and now I have a baby Vandagyre!
  9. Wow. I thought it was just newer necklaces that did that on wockys.
  10. Why did they decide to make the newest wigs (like both the mme ones) remove the neck fur on pets like the xweetok and wocky? It looks awful, and they didn't need to do that!
  11. Nickelodeon doesn't own neopets anymore. They sold it to JS in 2014. I hate how short the editorial has been lately. Five questions? I bet she sent herself last issue's happy thoughts request.
  12. RedKnight

    baby butterfly dress

    The slingshots are back for sale in the mall, so there's still a chance (I bought/used some today.)
  13. RedKnight

    baby butterfly dress

    I don't know either. They didn't change the Baby Butterfly Dress since there's already a Butterfly Dress.
  14. RedKnight

    Happy Techo Day!

    She's a comic book character. Here's a gallery of the show's posters.
  15. RedKnight

    Happy Techo Day!

    ^ The techo's wig/entire new outfit is literally just Medusa's look from ABC's new Marvel show Inhumans. Her wig looks just as bad in the promo images. It seems like most of the recent pet day wearables are just directly copied from movies/tv/comics. For example: Kyrii is Aquaman, Grundo is Shrek, Kau was Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, and Peophin is Wonder Woman. And those are just the ones I recognize.