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    visual novels, watercolors, books, running, and web design (*´・v・)

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  1. Surprisingly as young as I was I was able to really be involved in the more social aspects of Neopets, probably not equivalent to my maturity now, since I'm older but I learned through guild stuff how to organize stuff and be social online (and learn html/css). But yeah I noticed a huge chunk of people are now college-aged as opposed to a while ago! It's as if all at once we decided to play again lol. I'm definitely hoping to get involved in the community now that I'm a little bit more aware of how to do everything. Yeah, so many things have changed, but I'm still super nostalgic so that's what keeps bringing me back as well. I'm definitely more of a hermit than I was way back when because I'm more like you, focusing more on my Neopets and avatars. Guilds were basically my life on Neo years ago :laughingsmiley:
  2. After looking around more at the site I realized there's actually quite a few people who seem to have taken hiatuses/breaks and more recently return to Neo! I'm curious to hear how other people felt once they returned. I know one thing was that it was kinda sad seeing that most if not all my former neofriend's accounts had been deleted and those who's accounts were still up hadn't been on in years. It's just weird knowing that I'm still back years later so much older than before lol. I remember vividly how much I was involved in my guild at the time and all that other stuff. :') Also I definitely feel like I missed out on a lot of plot-related stuff while I was gone haha! What about you guys?
  3. limitatiion

    ♥ Hello hello. c:

    Hey welcome to TDN! I'm actually new to the forums as well and also returning back to Neopets after a long hiatus:) I see you have an interest in succulents and coffee like me B) *highfives*
  4. limitatiion

    How about that lag?

    It's so much better now I'm so happy! I'm just hoping they'll be able to fix all the other bugs on the site asap :laughingsmiley:
  5. limitatiion

    Last Thing You Ate

    I had a "mega grilled cheese" - cheddar, provolone, a bit of goat cheese, pesto roasted tomatoes, avocado, and garlic butter on sourdough. It was deeeeelicious
  6. Thank you everyone for your fabulous welcomes :) Nice to meet ya! I mostly changed because I wanted to switch it up. In all my years of playing Neopets I've always just stuck with the same account and accomplished getting a lot of avatars and other stuff but it was so many years ago that trying it all again would be as equally as fun. Also rare trophies don't matter to me as much and I don't play food club! Plus I'm still going to keep my old account anyway:) Hi there!!Unfortunately no I did not:( but it's pretty isn't it?! And I'm sorry about the transferring thing, I'm actually in the midst of transferring schools as well unfortunately. I'm sure I can have the patience to stand by while they fix everything! The only thing that's frustrating is the lack of petpages to code because I really wanted to make some layouts hahaha but oh well.
  7. Hi there! I'm Katy (or KT as some of my friends like to call me). I'm 18 years old in college and planning to double major in graphic design and computer science. I've been a Neopets user on and off for about 10 1/2 years and I'm finally back once again but switching from my first account that I've had ever since I joined Neopets to one of my old sides hehe. b) Unfortunately I realize now I chose a time where there's the whole "changing servers thing" causing Neopets to lag and the petpages to not work. But oh well! It's lovely to meet you all ♥♥♥