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    Sleep, sunshine, reading, playing on Menewsha and Neopets, drinking tea, eating cake and planning global domination.

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  1. jellysundae

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    @Angeló I think everyone, everywhere is just pretty confused about this right now, lol. Virtual collectable cards have no interest for me anyway, so I'll just watch with interest from the side-lines and see how this goes.
  2. jellysundae

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    Well that's a little more re-assuring, thanks for the clarification.
  3. jellysundae

    Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest!

    I'm not going anywhere near this, especially not considering the HORRIBLE mess Overpowered are in with not having enough money to create the pre-ordered items that people have already paid for, just... no.
  4. jellysundae

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    I was gonna blithely state that yep, we still call them rubbers, but then I realised that I've no idea if kids do or not, they probably do though. Unless they're trying to sound cool. I know it's something you're prone to at a certain age, using American terms for things just because. But you don't keep doing it because you realise after a while that you just sound daft. 🤭 I just had a look on Ebay and people tend to list them using both words, but what amused me is Ebay sections them as Rubbers & Erasers, like they're two different things, way to cause trans-Atlantic confusion. 😅 @LonelyHanakoKoi That's tough 😔As far as I'm aware none of that went on in any of my schools, I can only hope that was actually the case because it does go undetected so very often. So horrible that something happened to you, but truly excellent that the slimeball lost his job as a result, just wish the harm he did could be got rid of, hopefully time will heal in the end.
  5. jellysundae

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    Oh wait, today's puzzle type is another that makes my brain hurt a bit too. 😖 Urghhh. 😓 Phew, it was with the horizontal row at the top, not the bottom. This version of this puzzle type, with the rows being all the same colour is definitely easier than the alternative, THAT can take numerous tries before I get it right.
  6. I doubled up on the r there by mistake, but as it's very apt for a frozen treat I thought I'd leave it. 🤭 But this furanga brucicle though... This Brucicle not only has a Furangas taste but also its roughness! It looks pretty, but does it TASTE good?! That description isn't making me agog to try it, that's for sure! Does the fruit itself shed any more light... Furanga Fruit A tough furry fruit that is mainly used to clean the chalk off blackboards. Er, yum?... no? 😄 And doesn't that description date the item! I can date myself now by saying that whiteboards were just becoming a thing when I was at school, they only had them in newer parts of schools, so I got to take the blackboard cleaner outside and bang it against the wall until the clouds of chalk dust had subsided, that was fun. As was doing the fingernails down the blackboard thing and setting everyone's teeth on edge. There was a scary teacher at my secondary school in this town who'd throw the board rubber at people. Would you want to be clonked on the head with one of these? He was a good shot too, though he did only do it to the boys, so yay for sexist 80s teachers I guess. 😅 Though the reality of that is that it was probably only the boys who dared to misbehave in his class, and that would just have been from bravado, wouldn't it, lol. So I dunno if using fruit as a board rubber is because they taste too revolting to eat, or if it's just really sound ecological sense, or what. I do know one thing though, it wouldn't have hurt so much if Mr. Robson threw it at you, that's for sure.😂 So who's up for eating a Furanga Brrrucicle, and did you have any school teachers, lol.
  7. jellysundae

    The ALP

    That seems a bit drastic, doesn't it. 😯 It would have the same effect if you transferred them to a side-account, wouldn't it?
  8. jellysundae

    So I fed my Grarrl a table...

    As they're not a Grarrl any more I'm sure they're pretending they never did anything of the sort. 🤣
  9. jellysundae

    Hi nice to meet you!

    Hi 😁 I've just discovered Artemis Fowl myself, just got 2 more to go now before I've read them all, they're fun. 😎
  10. jellysundae

    Drackonack Hungry Avatar

    That would make sense as you get regular cheese from there.
  11. jellysundae

    NC Mall Haunted Mansion!

    😄 They're tapping into the kid inside every one of us who loved opening the doors on advent calendars. When I was about 5 I had the MOST awesome advent calendar...it was big, as tall as I was, it was a tree with cute animals living in it, and glittery snow, that particular small opalescent glitter that epitomes the 70s for me, and it was HARD to find the doors. Kept me quiet for AGES which no doubt was the entire point of it. 😅
  12. jellysundae

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    The only ones I struggle with are these ones I can do them, but the extra working out/trial and error is tough for me. Because of my MS the focus and thinking required makes this puzzle hard, but that's why I MAKE myself do it, as I NEED to keep my brain working, but yeah, when it's ones like the puzzle pictured it quite literally makes my head feel like it's gonna melt. 😓
  13. jellysundae

    Happy Jetsam Day!

    Yeah I have to say the bog-wood look for the aquatic woodland pets does make a lot of sense, and I'm glad they did that, I just wish it was more attractive. Is there a woodland Koi... yeah, that's the same kind of thing. Checking out the woodland pets as a whole, I find I do like the tuber-like ones. I know a lot of people don't like these, but the imagination behind them pleases me, I think the Grundo's my favourite though.
  14. jellysundae

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    The solver tools are super helpful, aren't they! I do MAKE myself do this puzzle without using the tool, but it's very reassuring knowing it's there. 😁