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    Sleep, sunshine, reading, playing on Neopets, drinking tea, eating cake and planning global domination.

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  1. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    OOOH‼‼ BIG props to whoever drew the Christmas at the beach background‼ See from the thumbnail 👉 I was expecting a lovely beach background, completely RUINED by a random Santa hat, slap-bang in the centre where it couldn't be covered by a single thing. BUTTT... This is not the case‼ 😁 I suspect they had to reposition the hat for the thumbnail or it would've been covered up by the hanger icon. I'm confident I can cover that and the writing up and give Miss. Gen a nice day out at the beach, she looks all ready for it. ☺️
  2. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Indeed, lol. Walking a little stiffly though, but then with all that exposed flesh while out there in the snow it's not really surprising, poor girl, she needs someone to warm her up... *gets knocked sideways by Angeló running past* 🤭
  3. Thanks! Mine stayed a Pirate for quite a long time, then Tracy suggested Speckled and when I tried it out on DTI I LOVED it, I'm really glad I painted her. I like the grey eyes of the Snow colour a lot! I really dislike the regular Draik eye colour, hence me giving mine the Angry Meepit Eyes, we're totally spoilt with how they look all sweet and adorable on Draiks. 😎 Your concept's great. a dapper-looking gent. My girl has that coat, I like it a lot.
  4. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    I don't think she's trapped, I think Jhudora's watching her from afar in an orb, like the seeing stones in Wizard and Glass, and Lord of the Rings. 👀
  5. Yep, I'm givin' this a go this time around, let's see what it does for me. 😊 My BD pet's a bright little chap, I've done most of his reading using the Book Smarts boon so his intelligence level's pretty good for 455 books read. So with Seekers win today I had a choice - Book Smarts again, or Strength of Mind... I have just 12 books set aside that he needs to read since the last time the boon came around, so it didn't seem sensible to waste a boon on such a small amount, so Strength of Mind it is then! *gulps* 🙀 So this is how much derrière he can usually kick. Let's see how he does using the same weapons but boon-boosted! Mind Blast ACTIVATE‼ WHOA‼ Not bad, huh?! 💪😎 Let's see how much damage he can manage with the stronger weapons I use for the Obelisk opponents! *coughs* Yes, well... 😳 we appear to be experiencing some temporary technical difficulties, normal programming will resume shortly. In the meantime a brief intermission while we ponder on life. Oh Lens Flare What do you care When we are trounced without you? Just proves it's true What you already knew Well, that we're all pretty bloomin' useless to be honest... 😅 Right! *cracks knuckles* Let's see if I can avoid those pesky pillows this time! 🤜💫💥 THAT'S MORE LIKE IT‼ 😀 So the question now is, do I hunt out a stronger opponent, or not... 😱 I'll have to research them and find one who's not going to use either Lens Flare or Throw Pillows on me... Are there other horrible abilities that I need to look out for that I've not experienced yet? I'm looking for someone I can K.O. in one shot using the boon and those 600+ damage points, but I'm gonna get in a horrible mess if they can retaliate in any way, lol. My BD experience has mainly been with the Chia Clown, and then the Flaming Meerca, until I was able to 1-shot K.O. the Koi Warrior and I'm super nervous to try anyone else. 😓
  6. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    AHA! Scroll up and read my comment above yours from yesterday, lol. This is a well-loved gag that TNT pulls every year for the advent calendar. The Angelpuss isn't playing ball today *clicks on it madly* nope, no bonus item for me. 😅 Illusen's looking pretty in this, don't expect anything useful out of @Angeló today. 🤭
  7. This is the EXACT issue I had with my Draik, my good friend and Neo-mentor @rntracy1 battled the lab scientist for me so my Draik could become the pretty girl she was intended to be. ☺️
  8. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Today's video fooled me into thinking it might be going to be the Rod of Supernova gag today, but nope. 😄
  9. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Haha, well, at least the items do follow the theme of the day's vid? I've got no problem with stuff that isn't noticeably festive as I have bah humbug issues with that, I like stuff I can use all year round. I'm quite sure I'll find a use for the creepy tree at some point, it might even inspire me to make a hallowe'en outfit which I don't generally bother with.
  10. jellysundae

    Enter The Runway #70!

    I'm gonna clarify my look terrible in wigs comment, it's more the way the wigs have been drawn for the Grarrls, a lot of them could look a WHOLE lot better than they do. 😕
  11. jellysundae

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    What the heck. 😂 Yup, totally creepy tree!
  12. Google nearly always gives the wrong definition first doesn't it, lol, makes you dig for what you really want, like it's a potato. Sorry Google, but surely the sign of a top notch search engine in this day and age is one that keeps up with the internet slang? *Google has nervous breakdown* There there, I was just teasing, I know that's impossible. 🤭
  13. jellysundae

    Enter The Runway #70!

    Wow, this is gonna be tough, wigs look TERRIBLE on Grarrls. 😂
  14. jellysundae

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    *sigh* Sorry Cora, back to bein' a boy for a while... The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and she changes gender!!!! As the hair hides the eyelashes it's totally not evident though, so apart from me broadcasting it of course, no-one will know. *coughs*
  15. AMA is also against medical advice, that might be the appropriate one for this scenario, lol. Yeah I often end up on Urban Dictionary when it comes to looking for the meaning of internet acronyms - and finding out all kinds of stuff that I really didn't need to know about. 😅