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  1. I created an entry then forgot to submit it. I'd offer to nag you to remember to enter, but I'd not remember to do that...
  2. It's all change for me today! Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and she changes into a Green Mynci!! So it's bye-bye to your Eyrieness, and hello to a little monkey! They look cute in the hat! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that conflict! I guess also, the mean part of me imagines a percentage of guys with a handy heirloom ring are thrilled because it means no need for them to spend any money! If I ever got engaged again I'd like an old ring, I'd like to choose it myself, but I'd definitely want one that had a history, not a new one. I find vintage and antique ones so much more attractive than new ones, too.
  4. Thank you I really like her cute outfit, totally something I'd wear myself! Not the hat though, I have thin fine hair so suffer from helmet head REALLY badly if a hat does so much as come anywhere near my hair. I didn't notice how many of the items were NC, let's take a look... Oh wow, everything but the hat/wig and the tail flower, and the flower's from a disco moehog...*sigh*
  5. Oh oh! From the pre-games press release... Does this mean my wish is going to come true?! Are they FINALLY going to update her bio and the commentators blurbs so they no longer go on about her lack of experience when she's been playing for Shenkuu for A DECADE... Or am I well into the realm of wishful thinking here?
  6. Yeah I didn't buy any books (spend NP? Oh the horror! xD) I just tucked away any I got from dailies and REs. Kiko pop's a great (free) source of books, I always play on easy and aim for the middle balloon and I rarely fail. Good luck with your hoarding!
  7. Shenkuu for me, this will be just my third AC, but Shenkuu was who I picked initially and I'm sticking with them.
  8. Tin whistle huh? *laughs* I wonder how much Tiffanys would charge for that ! Deb that's amusing that you made that outfit, because here's one I made yesterday to help assuage my guilt feelings towards Moehog girls: That hat and hair just looks so great on them! Actually quite a lot of the wigs and hats do. I think I've decided cute and sassy's the way to go with Moehogs, they can definitely pull that off.
  9. She's fun! For some reason I seem to expect darker pets to be boys...I wonder what that's all about. The problem with the dresses is the age old NP vs. NC thing, isn't it. There's LOTS of dresses if you've got cash to splash on them...
  10. Save your books for now, wait until Seekers (or Awakened) wins again and you can use the Book Smarts boon. I hoarded books for over a year until that boon came around and my pet's intelligence went from 486 to 762 with the help of it.
  11. Interesting!!! My BD pet's intelligence is 819, his HP's 125, so I'd be able to make use of this boon, wouldn't I.
  12. Maybe, maybe...but also...maybe I'm being a bit mean to poor old Moehogs! Hmm! I wonder... @deboratibi would it be possible to suggest a Runway round for showing that lady Moehogs can look pretty? I feel I've been cruel to them and they need a chance to prove me wrong.
  13. Haha, yes! Didn't you know he moonlights in a fortune cookie factory? WE ARE WRITING HIS FORTUNES FOR HIM *demands back-pay* (and avatar )
  14. *shakes head sadly* Grasshopper's journey to Brightvale's wisdom is long. [insert annoying wise saying that makes no actual sense]
  15. Maybe it's all some big zen thing with this wheel...the REAL knowledge here is us learning patience?