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  1. know, you might find that because your body's used to general bicycliness from using a stationary one, that you're closer to be proficient on an actual bike than you think, you never know! Hopefully a situation does arise where you can find out safely and comfortably. Well with the flapjacks...because it's gonna be me, mum, sis and her bf, I'm taking four, so I do get to have another one, lol.
  2. Looking at it that way, yes, because it does seem like a big ol' slap in the face to hit the highest rank, but STILL not be able to attain the highest prize. Maybe some levels beyond the all-star ranking would be worthwhile. *lobbies for Crazy-Person rank * Seriously though, why not acknowledge the double and triple all-star people with actual ranks. Super All-star for double, Ultimate Champion for triple? Something along those lines seems fairer than how things work currently. I made it to Rank 3, which was what I was hoping I'd do, so all in all I'm content. Didn't enjoy things half as much this year because my mental decline since last year makes playing YYB difficult and stressful for me, but I really am glad that I managed to achieve the realistic goal that I set myself.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember people mentioning that before, the top prize really is a pretty exclusive thing for the double/triple all-star crazy people, lol.
  4. Mine was 28638 too. Score buddies! *bumps fist* xD
  5. Haha's like some kind of life hazing! I learnt to ride on another girl's bike that had stabilisers, I only ever had one bike myself, I think I got that when I was about 9 and once I grew out of it I never got another one. Do you have any sympathetic friends with bikes, and a nice grassy area nearby where you can all relive your youth by them helping you to master two wheels? I told my mum now that I'm bringing some flapjacks over tomorrow, so I CAN'T give in and eat all the others now.
  6. I like malwarebytes, it's a LONG time since I ran it, and seeing as I have NO other protection on here now I'll run it immediately! Thanks for giving my brain the prompt it needed guys! Hope it helps with your issue, Deb!
  7. Ah but Deb, this is about what YOU want, not what we'd do. That's a pretty name. No, pretty's not the right term, maybe feminine is better? Maybe attractive is better. It makes me think of a sexy Italian sports car or something. I think it would suit a spooky cat though because it sounds kind of mysterious. And again Sorry Angeló, couldn't resist.
  8. Yeah running's super-bad for the knees! I've just bought a hula-hoop...I rocked at that as a kid, I bet we all did. I can't do it AT. ALL. now of course, but I'm hoping I'll work at it. It may well be the worse thing EVER for a person with compromised balance to try and do, but no-one ever accused me of being sensible. Get that bike! Enjoyable exercise plus FREE transportation, WIN! What makes you unsure about getting one? In other news, I made some flapjacks with oil yesterday - by flapjacks I mean the oaty bar things, not pancakes - I have this bit of scribble on a post-it stuck to the side of the fridge that just says: honey 1c 1/2c 1/4c oil 1c 1/2c 1/4c oats 2.5-3c 1.5c 3/4c 160°C 20 mins Highly informative, right? lol. But I made them ages ago using the smallest quantities and cooked it in the glass lid of a small Pyrex dish, didn't add anything else to them just to see if they worked. It made 4 nice-sized pieces and turned out pretty good. Recently I spent absolutely ages hunting the net trying to find the site I'd got the recipe from, only to THEN find this post-it stuck on the fridge...isn't it "awesome" when you forget how you on a previous day did something to help future you out. Like when you buy something when it's on offer because you'll need some more soon, only to then find you already had 2 more sat in the back of the cupboard... But I digress (big surprise there, right? *cough*) Flapjacks this time - vegetable oil rather than olive oil, teaspoon of cinnamon, heaped tbsp of ground flaxseed, unmeasured amount of pumpkin seeds and walnuts (enough to cover the base of the dish lid I was going to cook the flapjacks in) toasted to fragrant deliciousness, about 6 or 7 dates chopped up, and 4 squares of v.dark (85% cocoa) chocolate cut into chunks, tsp of vanilla extract and a pinch o' salt. Realised this wasn't going to fit in the dish lid so put it in silicon muffin cases instead and got 7 2cm deep portions out of it. Gave them 15 minutes and called it good. ACTUALLY LET THEM COOL BEFORE EATING ONE! Seriously, do I get a medal for that or something? I feel I totally should. They turned out pretty darn good, I will make them again and add more STUFF...toasted sesame seeds? Yes, I think so. Might as well add some sunflower seeds to the toasty goodness too while I'm at it. Also, more cinnamon, because...why does that even need explaining? For someone who's brain issues make cooking a struggle, a recipe like this is a game-changer; instead of requiring faffing about melting fat and sugar and syrup together, it simply needs mixing, that I can manage on just about any day. So that's one less barrier between me and having a healthy homemade snack readily available. Now the burning question I take the 4 I have left over to my mum's tomorrow for she, my sister and her BF to try, or do I eat them myself.
  9. I haven't done anything about it yet Hopefully it will happen one day though!
  10. So do that then! Sketching will be great relaxation if nothing else!
  11. Good lad, Deb may give you a cookie now for doing as you're told. =3 *votes*
  12. Oh man, Agog finally pulled her socks up in the last round, if she'd played like that in the first round I'd have gone for her.
  13. *hugs 9 year old lappy* That's a bizarre little quirk. *waits for @Scoobert_Doo to come along with the answer* I have a little tale I could tell about this laptop, but I'm afraid it would be tempting fate so I'm not going to.
  14. Haha, FINALLY! Right? Sorry for my derp, but I do tend to get there eventually My disease just makes me go ALL around the houses now before I finally get to understand. >_<
  15. Ah, hang on...WAIT A MINUTE!...I think some understanding may be occurring... Is my issue here that I'm mixing Pounding - meaning abandoning, up with transferring...? Abandon a painted pet and it loses its clothes - transfer a painted pet and it doesn't? Have I finally made sense of things?