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  1. The Coincidence

    An electric current starts to fill the room, but quickly leads to smoke. When everything has settled, you see that there is something different about Tatofase. Oh, no... It looks like their defence has gone down by 2! Used up 3 landfish and a yellow growth for this, too! *kicks things*
  2. The Snowager

    This little guy is so adorbs! You carefully walk in and pick up a plush toy from the pile of treasure! Grey Grundo Plushie
  3. what is this???

    I quite literally look down on you...yeah. I don't know about Shenkuu being a floating ship *googles* Ah, it was discovered by a floating ship. Hmm, so both were definitely always aloof, but we are into stereotypical xenophobic behaviour right now. I suppose all JS are doing is writing things as generic people tend to behave. They just don't seem to be taking into consideration the nature and attitudes of the actual people they're writing about. It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out.
  4. Bad word on font, but not on petpage?

    Apostrophes seem to be a problem for code on the whole. I was going to suggest they might be the cause of Deb's issue myself because I've had them break stuff elsewhere in the past. So I feel vindicated now, lol. Maybe this is computers aping RL, seeing as so many people have no idea how to use apostrophes? Including coders it would seem... xDDD!!
  5. what is this???

    They are, but JS is treating them like humans. I don't like this at all but I'm hopeful that they're doing it to enable them to work acceptance of Kaia into things later on. But again they're projecting human behaviour onto non-humans, so any moral lesson is kind of moot. :^/
  6. what is this???

    Yeah some of the things she points out I don't know what she's talking about because I know little about architectural styles I suppose, lol. But some of it's hard to miss. This pic's a good example I think. The stuff in white's just shapes to me really, I can see there's no symmetry so it's not visually pleasing to me, and OMG that portico's SO pretentious, no McMansion's ever going to look classy, but stuff about gabled pediments and hipped porticoes etc. mean nothing to me. But that column cutting through the roof is pure gold Hmm! So now I'm wondering if my analogy does still work, because only a percentage of people look at a house like that ^ and think it's a quality place that they'd love to live in, and only a percentage of people are happy with the poor quality content from JS. Now then!! Wouldn't it being very interesting if you could know if all the people who thought JS were doing a bang up job on Neo, also all lusted after their own McMansion!... That would definitely reveal a certain mindset, I think! Maybe that person is EXACTLY JS's target market? They've clearly got dollars that they're keen to spend on poor quality badly crafted items, so they're perfect! Anyway, don't doubt yourself like that, don't forget that blog's all about hyperbole, it wouldn't be entertaining for others if things weren't exaggerated. I wonder if the people who go rooting through the source code have dug up anything more yet. I don't have the mental energy to go looking at the moment, or for people's conspiracy theories and whining, lol. I may avoid the boards today!
  7. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I've noticed more REs, but no faerie ones for me.
  8. what is this???

    I suppose the fact that we're learning to have to expect to lower our expectations is just a sign of 20teens living? :^/ !!!! I just had an epiphany. The way JS operates? It's like a digital version of a McMansion - a poorly thought out hodgepodge of poor quality materials, thrown together any old how, with no consideration given to what was there before... Speaking of...this blog's cynically amusing if it's your kind of thing. McMansion Hell
  9. hello!

    That hair looks so cute and sassy!
  10. what is this???

    It certainly is, I LOVE the excited anticipation, who doesn't? But we could all REALLY do without finding out that was the best bit.
  11. what is this???

    Sooo...summary SOMETHING is going to be happening. But really no-body seems to know what including JS We'll just take each day as it comes, and try not to drown in the ever-widening sea of confusion.
  12. what is this???

    I LOVE the idea of a new plot, but DREAD how much of a train wreck it's undoubtedly going to be. >_< I don't envy you, @Mouseykins Before this event I was hopeful that they'd pull something off with aplomb, now I'm resigned to whatever they do being at best utterly mediocre, and at worst a complete disaster. But hey, we'll get a new avatar!
  13. Avatars: What have you got?

    I might avoid the dailies that can feed your pet for the rest of the event, too. Yesterday everything that might feed did and I was like NOOOO!! every single time.
  14. Avatars: What have you got?

    I can totally understand you tucking your NP away where the soup faerie can't see it. Anything to help your cause and all that, even if it might make no difference at all! It would be interesting if being able to get the avatar really did need you to have less than 3k anywhere. So I could set up a trade with my side account?
  15. Avatars: What have you got?

    Oh well done!! People on the boards have been wondering if it was possible to get this avatar during the event, and you have confirmed that we can!