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    Sleep, sunshine, reading, playing on Menewsha and Neopets, drinking tea, eating cake and planning global domination.

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  1. jellysundae

    Today's Random Events

    I REALLY hope not‼ 😅 Got something extra at the Money Tree today. ☺️
  2. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    I spent a moment being amused by the green seeds I'd apparently donated, lol. I wonder, if other people see the item the dump is saying you donated as being from you, or if they see it as donated by them...
  3. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Oh. I'm both confused and disappointed now, lol.
  4. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    I CAN ANSWER THIS‼ *jumps up and down excitedly* Full disclosure, only because I read JN's Rubbish Dump guide earlier. 😆 Apparently the dump shows YOU as having donated when it sees you hanging about, it's doing it to troll you. 😯
  5. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    🤣 Already?! I was thinking they'd take a couple of days at least to get to the really silly theories. But then again this IS the Neoboards we're talking about here... should have known better, shouldn't I. 😜
  6. jellysundae

    So I've got this Coconut Jubjub kicking around...

    You're more than welcome. 😁 I really am pleased that he's getting to help a bunch of people rather than just going back to languishing in the pound. 😊
  7. jellysundae

    Today's Random Events

    😵 😭
  8. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    That's what I thought, but the mouse-over info on the Dailies page just says the Money Tree and Second-hand Shoppe so it seems we've misled ourselves! 😅 I didn't know they gave stuff to the dump, but then it took me an embarrassingly long time to realise it's NPCs who give the decent items to the Second-hand Shoppe. I wonder what wild theories are developing on the boards, yours sounds pretty good, but there's gonna be some crazy ones around before we find out what's actually needed, isn't there.
  9. jellysundae

    How rich is rich?

    Yep, there's no means for a Neopian to build an actual McMansion though, is there, thankfully. 😅 NEVER GIVE UP.
  10. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Doesn't it, I thought it did, now I need to investigate! *whips out magnifying glass* AH! I was needlessly confusing myself there, wasn't I. I'm still gonna wait for some official info on this before I start rooting about in the garbage though. 😆
  11. jellysundae

    How rich is rich?

    It's that life thing of you didn't know you were disadvantaged until someone else pointed it out to you, isn't it, lol. So I'm gonna shun the word poor, because it's just unpleasant all round, and if you've got millions in the bank, and the vast majority of us have, then how can we possibly be poor, it's just some are SO very much richer that it beggars belief. But in Neopia they can't display it in the way they would in RL, the money goes on things like a single stamp. rather than a fleet of luxury cars and an ostentatiously massive house. 🤣
  12. jellysundae

    New Avatar Released! Solution Unknown

    Ooh cool, it's fun, in theory lol, having to figure out how to get a new avatar! The wording on the avie makes me wonder if it's something to do with the second half of the phrase that he's not actually saying... Like if you manage to snag something decent from the dump you might get the avatar, but there isn't anything decent to nab, is there. BUT, maybe now there IS... 😵 Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out, no matter what. Also, I'm amused by imagining the hoards of people swarming the dump now. 😆 I'm not going to waste any of my 10 r.90+ items from the Money Tree spaces on nasty guck from the dump until what you need to do is discovered and confirmed though, lol.
  13. jellysundae

    How rich is rich?

    AH! It's the internet/computer magic number‼ 2.147 etc. billion It's.. it's... a 32 bit integer. Yep, I know EXACTLY what those words mean... But it's the max amount of something that any 32 bit thingummy can have. Currency in one place, score, price in a shop, whatever. I have wondered in the past if 2.147 bill would be the limit on Neo.
  14. You make me feel SOOO very much better‼ 😍 I don't like the Wheel of Excitement it trolls you too often with that big fat ?
  15. jellysundae

    How rich is rich?

    Yeah that 1% of the 1% that they like to talk about, for the highest earners in a country, if they were on Neo their bank balances would probably put their RL billions in the shade, wouldn't they. 😵 Filling your Neopet's bank to max capacity... #impossiblelifegoals I wonder what the top amount of NP you can have IS, or if this is a truly theoretical thing that doesn't actually exist because it's impossible to reach. 🤔