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  1. Well! Wasn't expecting to get this, that's for sure, was convinced it was gonna be rotten negg soup for me! I have this already, my Xwee's enjoying it right now. So who needs it? Or should we just wait until the event's over and then do swaps once we can tally up, instead of confusing ourselves (meaning me, primarily xD) doing them piecemeal while it's still running. 😅
  2. The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and she loses two levels 😞 BAH, I'm playing catch up with this right now. Maybe if I'd remembered to complete her training before getting her zapped... meh. *does it now* HA!!! Take THAT, Ray!
  3. Granny's lovely, isn't she?! And BIG congrats on the avatar!!!
  4. 😆 I couldn't verbalise the face-shading oddness myself yesterday so I didn't mention it, but you just totally nailed it there. xD And if you notice I didn't quote the entire sentence there it's because I'd then feel like it was me being talked about and I felt all weird. 😅
  5. I feel like my adblock should field these kind of REs. I do not appreciate this unsolicited invasion of my space trying to guilt me into adoption. 😒 Is this the Neopian equivalent of those horrible TV ads charities run in December; showing crying African children with flies crawling on their faces? 🤨 I am being tongue-in-cheek here (mostly), before you all give me side-eye at how much of a miserable old bag I'm being today, lol! I think it's because today when I came online ABP was still in bed, and the TDN Dailies page (which is my home page) was full of ads, and then I get on Neo itself and get THIS... *eye twitch* But I've kicked ABP and it's awake now, and I'm allergic to cats so no strawberry Wocky for me, kthx!
  6. http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml
  7. Let me check... see I said pet pages up there, but I'm pretty sure what I actually meant to say was pet lookups, because I get those mixed up a lot, but what one of the two I ACTUALLY meant is anyone's guess. 😖 *tests* I got things exactly as you said in that quote. I wonder if after this I'll actually be able to remember which is which... 😅
  8. I'm hoping brain lets me enter this one as it's an intriguing theme!! My previous edible Chia related entry was pretty far out there - entry 13 😅 I wonder, if I manage an entry this round, whether it'll end up being that bizarre again. 🤣
  9. Seems we could well be, lol. Maybe I should try just visiting once a week... or maybe once a month... 🤔 So if you only visit once a year think you'd be basically guaranteed to win? That would be great if you were also guaranteed to win the rarest prize, like this book. But it won't work like that, will it! 🤣 But I'm totally gonna start visiting it less. I'm STELLAR at forgetting to do things, so this should be easy enough for me to manage. 🤭
  10. When a zap coincides with a Day like this you can't help but wonder if it's intentional, can you. Like how the percentage of festive zaps seems to increase before Christmas... I hope it is all part of the code. because it strikes me as being just the kind of thing original TNT would have done. 🙂 Cora's REALLY showing how scared she is today... 😄 The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and she gains 5 maximum hit points!!!!
  11. For me currently I get the captchas on people's lookups but not on petpages, you got any idea why the captchas are there for some but not others then?
  12. Everything looks good here, as the others have said that's not much that can be done with these colours, but they can be done badly and these both look pretty good, the strawberry especially. @babayaga67 the outfit makes me think of things like The Great Gatsby, though it's not a knee-length dress so maybe not. Though that's good because Krawks really don't have the legs for elegant tea-length dresses, bless 'em!
  13. Thank you both! I've been gifted the book now though and thinking more sensibly about it I should keep the cute l'il Magaral as I don't have another. I suspect that because I've now got the book the neggs will give me more, too, because that's how it works, isn't it. 😅 Let's put that to the test actually... Hmm... why is today's clue harder... I'd have thought it would be either the Soup Faerie or the Island Cooking Pot, or Kelp or the Golden Dubloon... is that why it's harder, because there's more places when it could be... Cooking pot for me, second place I looked. 🙂 Ooh nice, I got the pretty snowglobe.
  14. I'm moving onto a different negg now, so let us see how it choses to troll me with this one!! Right, and the book withholding continues... 🤐
  15. It's in Qasala. 🙂 it's annoying that the shops don't have a link to go back to their location, isn't it, lol.
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