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  1. I love how sideways this topic has gone, I hope we do find out in the end!
  2. Can we gift particular items to the store account to be sold? Is that something you're happy for people to do? It appeals to my twisty way of thinking to imagine donating a bottle of sand just so I can buy it back for 30k, and then giving it back again.
  3. OMG, you're so right! *prods my stupid brain* It didn't even think of asking you! And yes I'm gonna blame it like it's a separate person, because I would have known to ask my mentor! I don't use those bottom 3 levels of abilities at all now, I imagine it works that way for most people? Once you train more the lower level abilities become a waste of time to use, yeah? I think I like icicle and lens flare because they work no matter what. But you're right, I can just try them out and pick the one I like best. They're cheap at this level, and my pet's stockpiled blessings are all over 200 now. I can see that burrow is the best option, but I kind of suspect that whichever I choose it will sit unused and I'll stick with what I'm used to.
  4. I like the gent's outfit, it's pretty snappy. The frames of the glasses are a bit over-the-top for thickness, but I like the clothes a lot. The lady's dress is a bit wishy-washy for me, but that's just my general dislike of pastels, it's a pretty and very fitting outfit for an eldery bun, and the glasses are very nice, as are the shoes. Totally agree about the mouths! Some of the eldery pets do have that "dog's bottom" look about their mouths, like they've forgotten to put their teeth in, these two look just right.
  5. Mellon! Speak friend and enter! Gandalf throwing his toys out of the pram because he couldn't get the door open. Whenever I read that I always give him a bit of mental side-eye at his, "Merry, of all people, was on the right track." comment. Sour grapes there, mister! Nice connection you made there, @Yuiina
  6. Interesting, never seen that before, thanks! Nice to see that the previous blessings that I've chosen are mainly what's recommended. I went for bandage rather than shade, but I never use that now anyway, lol.
  7. That could be it, yeah. So one day, when I'm minding my own business, he may jump out and get me yet... D:<
  8. It's cool to know that there's another avatar out there though, just waiting for that moment that it bestows itself upon me! I don't think that Neggbreaker dude ever need worry about me crossing his path though, HA! I'm quite sure he has some terrifying amount of HP, so I'll stay right where I am under my rock as far as he's concerned. Hang on a minute... *checks avatar list* Oh, whoops, I have this avatar already. I semi-remember getting it, pretty soon after I started playing again, I DON'T remember getting the big, scary dude as a challenger though! Maybe I blocked it out, too traumatising. xDD *checks BD list* Yeah I DON'T have him as a he showing up for you? Maybe he's off on a permanent vacation too, along with the Down for Maintenance Pteri and Punchbag Sid...
  9. That kookith seems intent on clearing my SDB of excess petpets! --- Your fears that the Kookith didn't actually know what the heck he was doing are confirmed when Zoolie suddenly disappears, leaving no trace. None. Nada. Zip. Ziltch. Guess it's time to buy a new Petpet.
  10. I didn't even know that avatar, or BD challenger, even existed! *crawls back under rock* lol.
  11. I'm at a lose, can anyone who has the gen, or who's used the level 100 blessings themselves give me some insight? I have no BD knowledge, I'm a pretty pathetic BDer TBH, lol. I generally only fight the flaming meerca (or chia clown if I'm feeling REALLY lazy). I only ever use the same 3 weapons - scrolls of the scholar and ultranova, and kacheek life potion - plus the icicles and lens flare blessings. These Level 100 options just confuse me.
  12. I hope you can get into it in the future then! *fingers crossed for Zimmer's hands getting better* @rntracy1 Being a bridesmaid at 14 is just about the perfect age, did you absolutely love it? I mean I got to be my sister's bridesmaid, but at 40 it felt kind of weird, lol. That's just not the right age for getting to do that for the first time! You make jewellery too, would you branch out into resin stuff? I imagine it requires a fair amount of stuff though, melting things and molds and whatnot, a lot more work than beads and so on. It's interesting isn't it, how something you wondered about as a kid often gets answered many years later as you pick up more knowledge and you get a lightbulb moment of, "oh, so that's why so-and-so did such-and-such!) Good on your babysitter for being ahead of the trend! Now then, I bet if there was a global survey of all women every decade (a totally simple undertaking!), asking them what their ideal engagement ring would be, one lady's results throughout her life would tell a lot about how her tastes and opinions had changed (or stayed the same) as the years passed. This should totally happen!
  13. He's been getting his own back on me lately, but maybe I'm back on form now... Your roll: 5 von Roo's roll: 4 Curses! You defeated me! That wasn't supposed to happen! Oh well, I guess your little pet gained 1 level, and goes up to 93. You can only dice with fate once a day. Try again tomorrow!
  14. Haha, you are so very welcome! We were pretty lucky that we were an age that could truly appreciate the music of the 80s, weren't we.
  15. Thank you very much Beth, you're a star! Wow, you did it! Now I can get back to cooking. Thank you so much for your help! Tatofase's gained 2 defense points and 2 hit points!