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  1. Oh nicole, you've touched my biggest fear there, LOL! I REALLY want to ditch all the r.101 clutter that I have, but part of me just KNOWS that if I do, some kind of use for them will appear!
  2. Understatement of the CENTURY I remember now that one of the reasons it took me a long time to be brave enough to participate was the MASSIVE drama that kicked off when people got voted out, oy!
  3. It was loads of fun! They played Survivor too, do you know the game I mean? I was only brave enough to sign up a couple of times and I got "killed" really quickly both times, and I can't remember a single thing about how it was played now! But I know it was a lot of fun! I bet it's something we could run games of on here if people know how to play it and were willing to run it.
  4. I'm just grateful for the upswing at the moment. I'm positively thrilled that younger people aren't totally shunning books, and there's totally room for both paper and ebooks to exist side-by-side and both make a profit. Another area where the internet is spawning books is food bloggers bringing out recipe books, there's LOADS of those coming out!
  5. You speak I'm REALLY torn, lol! TNT should totally have a pet economist on Neo, they'd learn some interesting stuff.
  6. Do you guys feel the sale of books might start to increase again now, now that the shiny has worn off the ebook technology? Much like vinyl record sales are increasing and downloads diminishing? I've just re-read my 2 posts on the previous page and I still hold by what I said then, 100%. If I won a load of money (and there's a chance I might do, I have premium bonds which MIGHT net me a million one day! But more likely just another £25 every now and again. >_<) I'd still get my junk-filled dining room turned into a library. <3
  7. Yeah I'd wondered about an amnesty. Ok, you guys have convinced me, there's PLENTY of reasons granny could ask for weapons, so if she DOESN'T ask for weapons next time around, I'm gonna be disappointed, lol! What if she trolls us and wants healing potions and codestones?! D:< TNT would need to really have their cranky heads on to think THAT was a good idea though...surely they wouldn't...I feel like I'm putting ideas into their heads...
  8. Oh yes! An infestation of some kind would be an EXCELLENT excuse for weapons donation, good thinking! This year I'm intent on not discarding anything that might become CC items, whether I'll venture into purchasing r.90 food remains to be seen. If the prices of BD foods drops to nothing then I probably will, because there's something super satisfying about buying up 1np items, lol. But as more people become wise about CC prep there might not be much of that about. But simply discarding/donating nothing will serve me well. If I'd stuck with doing that for the whole time since the last CC I'd have had a LOT more stuff to donate. Also, if I'd stuck with feeding my pets with r.101 foods instead of BD prizes! And to not slack off with BDing, I got v.lazy about that last year. And one thing this last CC taught me was that I LOVE the donation process, it's great fun! But once you need to start buying things it's a huge drag. So yep, until the next CC...
  9. I feel bad that mine WAS so long, so I guess that evens us out! xD I'd LOVE to know if my theory about the workings of CC is anywhere near correct, but I don't suppose I'll ever find out. It must be achieving what TNT wants though or they'd not bother with it again, don't you think? I'll admit that it's probably wishful thinking about weapons - but then again, I came up with a viable reason for their donation without too much brain-ache, so you never know - but I'm very hopeful for petpet supplies. Toys and plushies have GOT to be a category at some point too, surely.
  10. I was thinking about making a topic about this, glad someone else was thinking it too! Wondering on what the categories for the next one will be was at the forefront of my mind. As you say, books looks like it's a given, but what else... I'm considering the fact that the whole point of CC is to get rid of a big chunk of accumulated items from the server. During the last CC my previously unformed thoughts on this solidified; we tend to think it's all about us, lol, and why not? But I now don't think it is...yep, getting the ACTIVE players to get rid of a load of stuff out of their SDBs, and to spend a lot of their NP is a big part of the intent here, but there's more to it than that. I'm now convinced that the main aim is reducing the amount of stock in the shops of INACTIVE players. During this CC I did the same as during the last and checked a lot of the shops that I was buying from. Any block of 20 offered by the shop wiz was really likely to net me a 100% result of the shops owner's activity being: Last Spotted: A long, long time ago Because the amount of currently active accounts is going to be TINY compared to the amount of inactive, and the amount of stuff in the shops of those inactive accounts probably runs into the MILLIONS...If my figuring out is correct then CC is cleverer than we thought, because not only is it clearing items out of the system that would have sat there using up bandwidth forEVER otherwise, but the NP spent on them is removed from circulation too as it's going into an inactive shop till, so win/win! So what for the next CC? They need to take items gained from dailies into consideration every time, but they need some new categories each time too, because as a past CC reduces inactive's stock of certain items that's not going to build up to so much again, plus what's left in the inactive shops will be a much higher price - the price where the people during the past CC stopped buying because they weren't willing to pay that much - and, they need a viable storyline to explain the need for those items... I said elsewhere that I hope they dream up a reason for Granny to want donations of weapons, because any BDer will have hoards of those, and a lot are r.90+, but what would Granny want with weapons?! But they could be melted down and used for the construction of a bridge, or a ship, or a building...petpet supplies and grooming are two others that stand out to me as good options. So there's my rambly thoughts! Next CC for me: weapons petpet supplies grooming books food If the weapons are smelted down to provide material for a building, then that's looking like some kind of petpet care and education centre, now THAT is something granny would get behind! You're welcome to use this idea TNT, lol. To answer the original question, lol...I'm hoarding everything!! And trying hard to not be caught out by food that's r.101+ on the Money Tree!
  11. Same as others I've bookmarked the petpages of zapped pets that I've repounded. But now that the captcha's back in full affect I don't feel enormously inclined to check on them, lol. Most of them are inactive, and one of them ceased to exist the day after I sent it back to the pound...made me lose interest in zapping for other people's benefit to be honest.
  12. That's confirmation that that one was working relatively recently, at least. It's such a shame that there's just no real way of knowing with so many of them. :(
  13. That's amazing, congrats! I'm super pleased because this is one of the avatars that was on my "does this avatar even WORK?!" list, and you've been able to confirm that it does. So, can you share info about the Buried Treasure, Turmaculus and Snowager avies too? I'm convinced that all those are broken
  14. The robot tuskaninny's kind of based on K9, isn't he! Just realised that.
  15. I'm pretty sure they're still available now? I just pasted the images from Neocolours though, so I don't actually know. I guess it's down to rarity of brushes and so on? Some of the mutant and Maraquan pets in particular are especially awesome though, because they're just SO different from the basic pet.