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    Sleep, sunshine, reading, playing on Menewsha and Neopets, drinking tea, eating cake and planning global domination.

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  1. NeoQuest

    I died in NQ through not paying attention, had a big trek to get back to the jungle ruins! I've stayed alive so far in NQII, though I've pushed my luck more than once, Mipsy survived by the skin of her teeth at least twice, oops! I'm now closing in on peak MEH though. Everyone's at max level and I'm going round in circles in Faerieland. I'm going to try to play just a little bit each day, nibble away at it in small chunks so I don't give up like I did years ago. I don't want to come this far for nothing.
  2. Happy Chia Day!

    Whoa, the marble hair!!! xDD That's pretty epic. I REALLY like marble, and the biscuit one's melty floppy Hugh Grant chocolate hair makes me giggle, but the pet itself looks more like a spud than a biscuit, lol. The Viking outfit's fun though.
  3. Unreleased Pirate Petpets!

    I know a certain person @rntracy1 who'll be coveting these fellas!
  4. Food

    Ooh, fun! I'm sure your work appreciated being your testing guinea pigs! Is that icing or marzipan? Or a mix of both maybe? Have you got your process decided on for the unicorn then? Is this gonna be actual unicorn-shaped, with a horn and everything? You could ice an ice cream cone to make the horn.
  5. Wheel of Monotony - will it ever stop?

    It trolled me like this once. It's just glitched, shut that beast down (and swear at it a bit if you like).
  6. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    The way I see it, if more potions are needed, but most people have no potions/ingredients left to use the plot will stall completely (I'm well aware of the irony of this statement, lol), so TNT will have to do something about it. So I see it as no skin off my nose whether I have potions to use or not.
  7. A total Doh! moment

    I'm just enjoying looking at your pics! I'm now googling Torpedo Wharf so I can get a clearer idea of where that is. I can see the Palace of Fine Arts there in that pic, but because of my enthusiastic but somewhat sketchy knowledge of SF I was first imagining this wharf is over the bay in Sausalito, and then maybe part of the Golden Gate itself, lol. But having looked on a map now I can see why I was thinking these things. Perspective was definitely playing tricks on me, lol.
  8. A total Doh! moment

    I just HAD to come and read this, because the thread title's just the kind of one that I post. xD Like charelan I'm enjoying the visual of Sunny: Shunner of parking lots. Lesson learnt though, right? You're never going to go prowling through cactus again without checking for some friendlier ground nearby first.
  9. So does that mean the Ninja school really involves lots of parties and underage drinking?
  10. Yeah, I wondered at that when it happened, then realised it's because it's an outside link so Neo basically doesn't know it's you yet, lol. The captcha goes away if you refresh. It's like it's all "OI, WHO ARE YOU! Oh, wait . . . oops. Sorry, carry on! "
  11. Nay for Lousey Genetics!

    I've had nothing useful to add to this, but I've just seen this post on Instagram and it's SUPER relevant so I'm here to share and hopefully help with the reassurance.
  12. habitarium

    I've no idea! You're totally not missing anything though, this is what's in it. Inside This Item Playing with this item will give you all of the following items: Cheese Crumb 60 NP Mini Meatball 35 NP Six-sided Die 25 NP Snowpetpetpet 470 NP Tiny Giant Squid 450 NP Water Droplet 50 NP
  13. Today's Random Events

    Er, excuse me Neopets, did you not get the memo? This is not the kind of RE that I'm playing Sakhmet Solitaire for.
  14. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    Ah! Right, yep, and I can most definitely get behind this new holiday! So, as your birthday's the 4th and mine's the 15th from now on the 9th or so will be a joint UK/US holiday, sweet. You guys all paying attention? From now on if you're in either of our countries you do not have to go to work/school on July 9th (or the Friday closest to it if that day falls on the weekend), and if you work your employer MUST give you a paid day off, don't be accepting ANY excuses they might make to try and negate this because Queen Tracy will count this as an act of treason. I guess for the plot I'm awarding it a Train Wreck Rating of around 7.5/10 at the moment, lol. Can't WAIT to see how they extricate themselves and wrap things up.
  15. I believe the term you are looking for is "tight as a duck's a***" xD Now I'm off to make myself a cuppa, with the teabag that I've used once already.