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  1. Oh yeah, she was laid off right before, or during the AC if I remember right, because she was one of the staff tournament players. I picked her, then like everyone else wondered if I'd need to pick someone else because she'd left, but her character remained as an option. That's by the by though, isn't it. So she wasn't annoying like Scrappy is...lol.
  2. Just...so much drama! Fingers crossed that today's installation passes without a hitch! Toes crossed too, actually!
  3. Who can tell me what was the editorial like when Droplet was in charge? She seemed to be universally loved so I'm guessing she managed responses better?
  4. I looks like it's pooping strawberry leaves. I like how the lab tells you if it's created a special petpet, that's very considerate of it!
  5. OH EM GEE!!! *cries with relief* I was so very afraid that I'd be having to keep trying this FOREVER - watching my poor little guy's level drop and drop - as punishment for my utter stupidity in visiting him again after I'd got the avatar. I began a determined effort to visit every day on the 5th of this month, and only missed 3 days, and today... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Count von Roo's Deadly Dice' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Your roll: 4 von Roo's roll: 3 Curses! You defeated me! That wasn't supposed to happen! Oh well, I guess your little pet gained 2 levels, and goes up to 112. I hereby solemnly swear, to never go near him EVER AGAIN!! Anyone who catches me anywhere within Roo's vicinity, has full permission to remove me forthwith, by any means necessary.
  6. OMG *snorts* I'm so glad I wasn't actively drinking my tea when I read this, Scoobs, it would have come out of my nose. I'd have gone for Brutes too if I'd not checked here, so don't go too far with the self-flagellation. It's going to be very interesting to see who wins this time around, I think!
  7. Turmy's awake for the next 48 minutes! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has completely restored your pet's hp...
  8. Thank you! Wow, you did it! Now I can get back to cooking. Thank you so much for your help! Tatofase's gained 2 movement points and 2 hit points!
  9. I need some help, please. It's the Soup Faerie. "I need your help, please! I'm nearly out of ingredients for making soup. Would you gather a Large Bean Smoothie for me?"
  10. AH, so Order it is then! Thanks for helping me make my mind up, guys!
  11. I . . . don't know who to go for! D:< HALP! The (not necessarily) all-knowing Oracle of Oxbridge has Brutes WAY out in the lead. @Scoobert_Doo @midnight_spell360 Fellow Buns Battlers...WHAT SAY YOU?!
  12. It's the human element, lol. Because Scrappy's responses to people asking haven't been a flat-out unequivocal NO, suddenly we are definitely getting a fifth slot. That process that we call Chinese whispers in this country - where info gets altered a little each time it's passed along - is very much in full effect on Neopets. >_< I've seen people on the boards hoping (undoubtedly futilely) that the Habitarium will come back because of NetDragon. So I wouldn't be AT ALL surprised if not before long there'll be posts popping up with people firmly stating that it IS coming back. I've got to say, I don't understand why they publish the questions that they don't actually give an answer to in their response, do they see these non-answers as a sop? I find it annoying and insulting. : /
  13. That's very sensible, not foolproof depending on the security of their email, but still very sensible. Deb! This totally blows my mind to be honest. If yesterday's guys were legit then the level of disorganisation is just truly unbelievable D:< My friend Yan lives in Manila, and he's done a LOT of complaining over the years about the internet providers there - taking FOREVER to get anything done, it took him WEEKS to switch from one rubbish ISP to another, only to find the new one was just as bad. They all provide seriously bad service which they get away with because they know all the public knows there's no point in switching because all the competitors are no better -.- I mean...seriously?...is it a "thing" to have really big problems with tech providers in developing countries or what?
  14. Yeah, I picked up on that with how patronising she was when she first answered the question about a 5th pet, like she was talking down to a little kid. @HansoIf it does happen then, I want video evidence of this! What's your preference? Broiled with barbecue sauce?
  15. Welcome to the Yuiina family, Kikool! And what a handsome addition you are!