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  1. I was just realising how salty I'm gonna be when the Bank Bribery and Cheaper By The Dozen perks expire. 🤣 Got very used to only paying 10k for my daily stocks, and my bank interest's just tipped over into 21k per day... To have to start paying 5k more for my stocks, whilst earning 5k less at the bank is gonna make for one grumpy Jelly for a while there, just warning ya. People on the boards feel CC won't be until the end of March as these perks last a year and that's when last year's was. I wonder what I'll manage to get my interest up to before it drops... I'm really interested to see what they do with this year's, people on the boards are pretty convinced TNT won't follow last year's format because "everyone" hated it. I wish we could actually know what everyone did think of it. I didn't enjoy it as much as previous years because part of the fun is seeing what item you got in return, isn't it, but I didn't hate it, and I've certainly not hated an entire year of cheap stocks and higher bank interest‼ I think for all those everyone's who complained, maybe they are made up of people who didn't give enough to get the good perks, hmm? 😅 My preparation strategy has altered slightly, I've never bought anything, just saved/collected free things, for last year's I hoarded books and food from the Money Tree and as it turned out a lot of it didn't even get used because the majority of it was r74 or less and I used all my rare, and then uncommon items first (oh and 700+ pieces of obsidian 🤣) this made me realise that I'm likely to do ok with CC whatever criteria they set. So this past year my Money Tree stalking's been for r85+ items, I've got quite good at knowing what a lot of the items are, though it does still catch me out quite often, rude words ensue when I realise, lol. I'm pretty sure that this time too a lot of what I've collected won't be of much use, but 🤷‍♀️ as @Granny63020 says, easy come, easy go! I still look forward to CC, regardless of how the boards try to convince us the entire site hates it with a passion, lol. So what about you guys? Prep? Opinions?
  2. jellysundae

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 151!

    And look how helpful we ended up being‼ Did get a very rare item as a HAHA-you-lost prize though. I wonder if that fills the room with the aroma of baked goods as the heat from the bulb warms the shade up... 🤤
  3. jellysundae

    It's a secret to everybody!

    It may be a waggish reference to just how empty this plot is. 🤣
  4. jellysundae

    Keep saving or buy a paint brush?

    It's a tough call this. Sensible me says hang on until you have the Ultimate Riches bank account, but another part of me is going, "HECK YES!" to what Granny said. So I suppose it's a total case of go with your gut? Constantly putting stuff off's a thing we tend to do as a species; always saving for that hypothetical tomorrow and missing out on living for today... 🤷‍♀️
  5. jellysundae

    What's your Achievement today?

    That's GREAT! Whenever I manage to win it it's nearly always something like 1.5k. 🤣
  6. jellysundae

    PB clothing question

    *sigh* And I'm not understanding this again. I KNOW that I'd managed to get my head around it before, but the comprehension's clearly escaped since. 😑 Again I'm wondering HOW and people's explanations so far aren't making sense to my poor brain. 😥
  7. jellysundae

    PB clothing question

    It's confusing, isn't it! There's a way around it, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is!
  8. I feel the same, while it is close, it's not immediately obvious, I mean, to me it doesn't shout that it's intentionally close, like a teenage guy's trololol kind of thing. I guess (even more) time will tell if it's safe or not.
  9. jellysundae

    What is this thing on the Moehogs ?

    I'm guessing it's supposed to be the ridge of bristles warthogs have. Check out this handsome devil! It's so insignificant to be pointless on the Moehog though, isn't it, it's gonna be the end of their mane more than a continuation of it along their back.
  10. jellysundae

    What happened to Neopia's economy?

    The people who say that just aren't thinking straight, Neo was MASSIVE say 15 years ago, but, what competition did they have online then, what else did people have to do... My Space? Neo was the biggest thing out there so it was intensely busy. Of course the numbers have gone down since, but the fact is that it's still going strong now, despite enormous online competition for people's attention these days, that's what people need to be realising.
  11. jellysundae

    Today's Random Events

    Also thanks to Neoquest!
  12. jellysundae

    Here I am....

    Are... are you watching me?! I AM watching Murder she wrote. 🤣 Send the swears in a PM to yourself, lol. Hey, eating a tin of fierce peophins might be a so far undiscovered cure.
  13. jellysundae

    The Official Stock Market Board

    That's REALLY weird! I'm convinced computers do stuff like this on purpose to mess with our heads. 🤣 I STILL can't understand why I didn't sell my ACFI when I saw it at 94, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! 😬
  14. jellysundae

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

  15. jellysundae

    Here I am....

    Haha, yeah, you need to curb ya potty mouth on here xD By Fyora, lol. 😜 You'd get warned first though, no insta-ban. Though often the warning's in the form of a post edit, and speaking from personal experience, those are VERY easy to miss and be completely unaware of. I only knew I'd got one (for double-posting) when I went back and re-read an old post one day and found it, and then wanted to die of mortification. 😖 There's also an amusing filter on here, so some cuss words end up automatically changed to various pet names; which is helpful in avoiding a modly smite, but also very confusing until you realise what's gone on, lol, "but I said [insert inappropriate word here], not hissi‼ How did that happen?!" 🤣 Yep, and she has way too much blusher on. xD It's a pretty old show then! I wasn't aware of that, I might go back to watching Diagnosis Murder instead, that's some tasty cheese. xD Haha, that's great, and hopefully gets them into fitness too. My MS does vary yeah, hugely in one day sometimes, lol. My issues are more mental than physical, more damage has been done to my thought processes than my physical ability, thought that's impacted on a lot too, I can't walk very far and my balance/stability is bad, I drop things all the time and I get tired super quickly (random info, because of nerve damage it takes up for 4 times as much energy for someone with MS to do ANYTHING). If I could get out and walk a little every day it would be great for me, but that's where the mental part gets in the way. Apparently the executive functions in my brain have taken a big hit, and those control everything else... One really badly described thing is "loss of motivation". Which isn't me just going MEH, can't be bothered... which is what it sounds like, isn't it! It's the message not actually being able to get through to the necessary area to make stuff happen. Part A of brain thinks "let's go out for a walk!" so that message sets off to Part B which actually makes you do it, but oh, part-way along that nerve fibre... big hole, so message never gets through... It's so much easier to wrap your head around it when it's nerve damage in an arm or a leg and that's why that limb doesn't work well any more; when it's stuff you can SEE. But when it's within the brain, yeah... so consequently I don't/can't get to do much, and on the occasions when a message goes by a roundabout route, and this does happen, I can't do much then either because exhaustion hits too quickly, talk about frustrating. 😖 and now I need a nap, gosh life is fun.
  16. jellysundae

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    Hmm, can't really (honestly) vote for the next round as I never remember to read the news. Why on EARTH is Darigan Day one of the options? That poor boring Vandy. 😔
  17. jellysundae

    Happy Elephante Day

    Yep, looking at that Elephante has this playing in my head!
  18. jellysundae

    Here I am....

    I probably should have realised that, shouldn't I 🤣 Ah well, lol. Is this all gonna implode before long? From what you're saying they're (both?) churning stuff out by the bucket-load here. I watched Ghost Whisperer again yesterday and my opinion's still fairly MEH, that hint of schmaltz is still there and for some reason I just don't find things believable, where as Grimm, where the premise is FAR more unrealistic, is totally believable, so I guess it's the second rate day-time tv level acting that's letting Ghost Whisperer down. I'll not be watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1) because it's on at the same time as Grimm, and 2) because just watching the trailer was enough to show me the actors are rubbish. 😆 How do you do your pull-ups? Do you have one of those bars fixed in a doorway? I SO wish I could exercise, but I have MS which has put mental and physical barriers right in the way of that so I spend the day sat on my behind, getting weaker... 😒 Ok, now that it's at the forefront of my mind, I'm gonna go put the kettle on, and while that boils I'll do some press-ups leaning on the counter in the kitchen. I'm TRYING to train my brain to have me do that every time I make a cuppa, but with zero success so far. 😖
  19. jellysundae

    The Official Stock Market Board

    @Angeló all you need to do is take the rogue semi-colon that's after search out of the url to make it work, but as @Duma says that linky at the top of the page works. Gotta ask though, is there any technical reason why the broken link on the Dailies page can't just be replaced with the fixed one, rather than having that message at the top? I've been wondering that all the time it's been broken. 😅 Though I don't actually use it myself, lol. I visit Trudy and then change the url; highlight Trudy's bit and replace it with an S and well-behaved lappy auto-fills the rest. Stock market's always what it offers now , it's well-trained. I see none of the ones that were looking promising yesterday are feeling it much today, they've all slumped, lol. That's fine, I'm patient. 😬😖😅
  20. jellysundae

    Kiko Pop

    Where as I got... 😒 🤣
  21. jellysundae

    The Official Stock Market Board

    We've got a few flirting with us at the moment, haven't we‼ LDSC (profile) 52 60 +8 18,000 253,000 1,080,000 +326.88% PEOP (profile) 58 59 +1 7,000 90,000 413,000 +358.89% TSRC (profile) 56 67 +11 37,000 506,000 2,479,000 +389.92% I'm watching you guys... 🕵️‍♀️
  22. jellysundae

    Here I am....

    I watched Ghost Whisperer for the first time yesterday... jury's out on that at the moment, the acting's not perfect, and things...how do I describe, hmm... threatening to get a bit day-time TV-y? A bit Hallmark channel? We don't even HAVE the Hallmark channel over here (counts blessings) but the kind of schmaltzy-ness that's guilty of seemed to be waiting in the wings during this episode... might have been because the ghost thought he was Santa... I'll see if today's episode makes a better impression. I LOVE Grimm. 😍 That's on its second airing over here but I'm watching it again because I really enjoyed it. It's just coming up to Monroe and Rosalie's wedding again. I really like how despite making Monroe a pretty typical nerd - grandad cardis an' all - he's still a strong character and will fight if he has to, they've not made him a weak man as tends to happen with the obligatory geek in a show, just a gentle one. I'm glad I'm not alone in my assessment of the Marvel shows!
  23. jellysundae

    Turmaculus Alert!

    Meanwhile Turmy thinks I need some carbs! http://www.neopets.com/medieval/turmaculus.phtml You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Potato,Potato and Potato Salad!!!
  24. jellysundae

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    I wonder why they only included the options they did... Ah, they're all one-time-only things, aren't they. Bit of an unfair choice isn't it as 2 were mini events. I picked Trouble in Brightvale and got some mustard as a thank you. Thanks For Voting! It's like you just shared your opinion with all of Neopia! Oh, wait. You did. Nice. Fancy Altadorian Mustard
  25. jellysundae

    Here I am....

    I'm wondering what's going to show up next on Pick. 😁 There's a glut of super hero stuff at the moment that's for sure. I watched The Flash for quite a while but lost interest in it in the end, and I've not managed to get into Arrow, so far. these shows are all starting to seem the same... Looking on today's schedule it's Ghost Whisperer and DC's Legends of Tomorrow in the current evening slots. I'm glad that they're not showing Eureka yet AGAIN, I enjoyed that but they ran that right through 3 times in a row which was a bit much. 😅 I liked Continuum because it was different, but with the current prevalence of super hero stuff it's not really so much now I suppose, still enjoyable though. Also, really nice to have a female lead, AND one that's not all sky-scraping heels and cleavage. Hopefully if you watch it you'll enjoy it too. ☺️ It was also filmed in Vancouver, lol.