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  1. I was lucky enough to have enough CC points to get both the Bank Bribery and Cheaper by the Dozen perks, which frees my choices up a lot when it comes to boons. Often, admittedly, it means I've basically got nothing useful to choose from, but that's beside the point. πŸ˜… I chose the extra wheel spins for Brutes and that worked out pretty profitably for me. I only spin the Wheel of Mediocrity but I definitely benefitted from having twice the spins, I'll just skate right over the spins that got me rained with fireballs for the first one and bitten by a pterodactyl for the second, and focus on how I got 4k for Spin 1 and 2k for Spin 2, stuff like that.
  2. I shall crack open a Fortune Cookie if Sway wins.
  3. Sway's forging ahead up there on the tally, so sensible for us all to join forces there.
  4. I did look into that briefly actually, because I realised it would help me a lot, but I decided against it, mainly because of the cost of something decent. I have an agenda with fighting Snowy you see, I want his frozen Neggs (he's withholding on those so far though <_<) once I have enough of those for my needs I'll likely go back to the Koi Warrior so spending millions on a decent freezing weapon's not very sensible. Though now that I have Warlock's Rage I will at some point investigate other stronger opponents, I need to study people's prizes again, I'm pretty mercenary and like to go for an opponent with a decent amount of rares to give up. I guess I'm a bit of an unusual BD case because of my MS-related brain issues, the BD for me needs to be as simple as possible or I get super confused and do the wrong thing, and then pay the consequences. I pared my weapon selection right down to hopefully avoid that happening. That's all I use, lol. There's no strategy available for me, my brain can't cope with that, I just need to be able to beat them in 2 shots without complications. >_< I'd be interested to read about it if you do go for an endurance Slugfest with Snowy though! That level of damage that he can inflict seems insane though!!
  5. Oh yuk! lol. I had my fill of Throw Pillows with Malum during the plot... 🀐
  6. OH! Well no wonder I was getting confused then! πŸ˜… He can just manage it. When I first tried Snowy it was fine for the first 2 battles then on the 3rd one I didn't make it, Snowy had 12 HP left after me using both Lens Flare and Warlock's Rage, and he then proceeded to block everything I did and I got beaten. 😭 But training 3 more levels of strength has helped. Needs a little more yet, twice I've needed to go into a 3rd round, but each time I've managed to avoid dying, lol. My little guy is SO tiny compared to Snowy. 😡
  7. 700?!! πŸ‘€ But... but... πŸ‘ˆ This only seems to happen to some of them, but it's so weird! Does anyone know WHY? @Aquamentis12?
  8. I AM!!! I tend to sell all of mine at once, but that's mostly for fear of forgetting more than anything else, lol. Sometimes I'll sell some and sit on the rest, but that when I have more of them, I think, say if I've got 30+ of one I'll sell 10 or so and see how it goes. I'm not sure that there is a smarter way, or at least if there is, and we knew it, we'd be stock brokers in RL, right? πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² I'm absolutely stellar at holding off selling and consequently missing out because the price drops again. πŸ˜…
  9. Yeah I noticed earlier that HELT's feelin' perky today! TAG on the other hand, is absolutely PLUMMETING, it was down into the 90s earlier, and it's at 65 now! I've never seen one crash so spectacularly since I've been buying stocks. 😲
  10. I KEEP forgetting about this! working on my entry now. πŸ˜…
  11. It's working fine for me using Firefox, so there's one easy option.
  12. Yeah JN's got some useful and fun functions, I particularly like the Lab Ray Zap Logger.
  13. http://www.neopets.com/medieval/turmaculus.phtml
  14. Someone had donated a Thistleberry Pingrenade to the Money Tree (WAT?! 😲) and I completely blanked on it, just realising what it was once I'd hit refresh...
  15. That helmet looks derpy and adorable, I love it. 🀣 The outfit's super cute!
  16. Yep, you got it. This is how they did things last year:
  17. Ray got it around the right way this time! The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and he gains two levels!!!
  18. Don't sweat it, Freya, you'll have things to donate, but you can work to increase your haul between now and whenever CC comes along. Do you fight in the Battledome? Scuffles with the Chia Clown don't require a strong pet, and quite a lot of the prizes you get are rares. I collect r90+ items from the Money Tree, here's a selection of the things that show up reguIarly that I grab πŸ™‚ Any Healing Potion from VIII up. All the bottled faeries Maraquan Charger Plushie Maraquan Shieldmaiden Plushie Necklace of the Water Faerie Bagguss Pirate Attack Stamp Toy Pirate Sword General CrustygumsDark Nova Peach Snowball Exploding Snowball Icy Snowball Sticky Snowball Tyrannian Skeith Plushie Tyrannian Acara Plushie Speak TyrannianTyrannian Goulash Skies Above Tyrannia The Missing KoiTuskaninny TreasureInflatable Bouncy Pirate Ship Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza Both water pizzas Hand painted Scimitar Stone Muffin Pottery Shard Dagger Golden Moon Comb Vitrupets Energy Sabre GX-4 Oscillabot N-4 Info Retrieval Bot Roburg 3T3Pant Devil Balloon Wind Up Chia Clown Silly Clown Usuki Light Acara HoodHalloween Koi Plushie Starry Biscuit JarGummy Pirate CandiesPawkeet PinataSkeith Inspired Treasure Maps Oops, this is gettin' rather crowded. πŸ˜… I'm gonna say just about any instrument you see on there is a rare, though the spooky flute you get from Bart isn't. A whole lot of the weapons that are Battledome prizes are rares. And a fave of mine, because it's Gross Food and most people don't want it so you can grab it easily... You can see I've got a nice collection of those! Yep, the Money Tree is my friend for Charity Corner stock-piling!
  19. People are guessing it'll be in April at least because last year's was at the end of March, and a lot of the boons last for a year.
  20. It's on its way Baba, those rares won't go to waste! Over on JN there was an update posted at the beginning of this month about it. πŸ™‚
  21. Kinda in the middle of something here, girl! πŸ˜… Talk about oblivious. πŸ˜‚ Could one of you lovely peeps point me in the right direction? ☺️
  22. That's a great user name you have there! πŸ‘ And it's fun when one of your own pets gets to enter the Runway. Most of the time I don't base my entry on one of my own, but I DID send my Kacheek off to a nudist beach party for one round, he seemed to enjoy that. 🀣
  23. http://www.neopets.com/medieval/turmaculus.phtml You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has completely restored your pet's hp...
  24. @Angeló your labby's been getting some pretty epic colour changes lately! shame it's a Nimmo The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and he loses two levels 😞
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