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  1. Mutant Poogles are EPIC!!! How fantastic! Can you switch browsers? Chrome seems to be seriously hatin' on Neo lately. 😰
  2. I have a ploy with books I get, I save all unread ones (in my shop to keep them separate from the others in my SDB to avoid confusion) and wait until the Book Smarts boon from Seekers or Awakened comes around again, my little guy's intelligence is 3 times what it would have been from boon-free reading alone. I don't actually make any use of this, lol - the one time I tried the strength of Mind boon just to see I found that it's not much use just being suddenly hugely stronger if you don't have the defence to back that up... that was some hairy BDing, I can tell ya! 😰 But now that Tate has Warlock's Rage too... might be worth trying again. 🤔 It'd need some forward-planning, to see which opponent has prizes I'd want, also, I'm not sure he's forgiven me yet for making him fight the Snowager recently. xD But in the meantime, unread books are being stockpiled for the next time Book Smarts is available. 😀 That's what I got yesterday, bah, lol, bit kinder today. 🙂 Ok, Wheel of Meh for today! 1000 NP 2000 NP 100 NP 🔥🔥🔥 🦆 - there's no emoji for a pterodactyl, so my Kacheek got mauled by a duck, deal with it. 500 NP 100 NP 🦆☠️ 500 NP Bluna (very rare) Straw Desk I'm amused by how the Straw Desk is indistinguishable from the Straw bed I got yesterday. 🤣
  3. http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml
  4. That's fantastic! Not least because Rico actually helped someone.
  5. I spin the Wheel of Mediocrity regularly throughout the day, I shall record today's spins and see how I fare. 🔥🔥🔥 - and good morning to you, too... Plateau Berries 🔥🔥🔥 2000 NP Tyrannian Flat Bread (rare) 200 NP Straw Bed Tyrannian Bone (rare) 2000 NP Pretty average day, that.
  6. That was fun, Gruundo are good. Got a free t-shirt too, that's SO not like RL concerts. 🤣
  7. I like the way you emphasise completely there. 🤣
  8. You'd also be dead because you haven't slept for a year. 😆 I'm hoping for about 10 a day. Only you can decide if it's worth it 153 points more is totally do-able though!
  9. We're all just SO superstitious, aren't we. 😅
  10. I'm just giving another 100 points-worth for neatness, a bit every day just in case... I'm 99.9% sure they won't have a donated-every-day prize, but I don't like to risk it. 😅
  11. @Robin Hood I'm not sure that NetDragon have had much of a noticable impact tbh, it still seems to have been the usual level of ineptness from TNT. 🤷‍♀️ That avatar perk's gonna be just the once. Unless you get the Perk Me Up that lets you use one again. I'm personally not trying ANY of those until there's plenty of documented info from other people about 'em >_< It IS good to know that there'll be no points roll-over again though, so you know exactly what to aim for now. How far away are you from 18k then for the two you really wanted? Sell that lab map piece you got! That's worth over 300k 😮 Buy up ALL the r100 items. 😆
  12. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! It REALLY like to troll you with the avatar once you've already got it, doesn't it. 😬😅 ..... So I let this post sit, unsubmitted, until the wheel stopped, just to see what it gave me today, and... 🙄 with today's date included to show this is genuine, yep, this wheel is a menace. 🤣 It IS good for some high level rares though, so I keep on spinnin'... I went through a phase of spinning the Wheel of Extra... it started out pretty well; generous with the nerks and job coupons and so on, but I noticed that the longer you spin it the meaner it gets... I've decided I'm not spinning it again until my daily interest pays for the spin - as I currently get 22k (25k with interest perk) it'll be a while. 😄
  13. One day that slot on the wheel will be updated... what do you guys think will happen? Though really, I'm surprised they didn't just tweak the wording slightly and have it give you a bottled faerie. 🤷‍♀️ And I agree with Scoobs - if only navel fluff actually looked so tasty. 🤣 Though maybe not because people would actually eat it then! 😖
  14. LOL, I guess not then!! I'll donate another 100 points-worth over the next week. 😅 Oh! Now that IS helpful. I'm fairly sure I'm not going to be able to make use of this perk, but checking through a great long list was way more than my brain could cope with, so this is an absolute god-send! Thank you so much for mentioning it, Robin!! 😁 *tries it out* You need 0 avatars to finish off your list! And there we go, that was 100% painless. JN are on top of their game, aren't they. It COULD turn out to be a waste, but because it's such a small outlay for such a large pay-out I'm willing to take the risk. They've stuck to the everything-but-retired-items format for 2 years now, I think they'd be more likely to include those in coming years rather than remove something that's currently donatable. Especially if r100 items became invalid for the event wouldn't that mean they'd have to have gone back to r99 being the highest that could be used, and that would prevent a MASSIVE amount of stuff from being got rid of, which would kind of defeat the object of the exercise. So - bearing in mind this is JS we're talking about so them doing something utterly absurd is always a strong possibility - I've got to file this under "surely they wouldn't... ". So I guess it's a 50/50 risk really. (no faith in JS at all) 😆
  15. Well that was tedious. But. I am so very glad my brain didn't take me seriously when I said about spending all 18k of my points on these. 😅 The item description's a bit insulting though isn't it (though probably pretty accurate for a lot of us xD) I successfully used chopsticks once... took a LONG time to get through the meal though... 🤣
  16. Ok Fellow Bunners, two TDNers needing the Awakened avatar, let's see if we can flex our frosting-powered muscles for 'em! 👈seems pretty apt. 🤣
  17. It's going to be close for this round!
  18. So I'm officially done now; I donated another 4 items today to bring my total up to a round number, and to have given stuff every day, though I don't imagine that's going to count for anything, but you never know do you... I went to Atsumi to say Mornin' and do my final donate through her, and it didn't work. So much for that then, back to quick discard it was! xD And now, let us see just how many Sticky Snowballs I can collect before next year's. 😎
  19. GRRRRRR, don't get me started about that!!! I grouch about it every year. 🤣 Back to spending my points on those lunches again... 763 points to go... 😖
  20. Hello 😁 That's an epic Neo-name you have there! 🥒
  21. That looks great! It makes me think of back-stage at a theatre or similar.
  22. So don't beat yourself up about that! You've met your goal so you're gonna get what you want from this, don't feel obliged to get rid of stuff just because. I KNOW I've got rid of more than necessary, but that's partly because I'm stellar at cutting off my nose to spite my face, lol, plus I'm intrigued to see how much stuff I can re-accumulate before next year's. 🤪
  23. THIS!!! Never even considered this but it's SO true! We feel ALL THE GUILT at the thought of getting rid of them, but we keep them in horrible conditions... humans, in a nutshell! 🤣 I've now realised that my disinclination to donate extends to any prize items; what's left in my SDB now apart from retired items is codestones, high-level healing potions and medicinal cures, gifts I've received, stuff that's too cute or too valuable to lose, and prizes from any event. I even feel reluctant to get rid of bits of Wraith that are hanging around. 🤷‍♀️ Having said that, my SDB is basically empty now. Before CC: Items: 2,818 | Qty: 20,026 Now: Items: 541 | Qty: 1,777 I have just over 40k in points, I think I'll stop now. Declutter-O-Meter You have earned yourself 40020 points Well... maybe I should round it out and donate 80 points-worth more, but after that I'm done. I've no idea what I'll spend all these on, mind! 18k for bank and stocks, but after that... who knows! Perk Me Up tickets probably. The perks list is more than my brain can digest so far, but as the perks I know I want are the only year-long ones aren't they, I have plenty of time for comprehension to happen. 🤣 I LOVE this idea!!! It would make a stellar NT comic, too, can you draw, Scoobs?
  24. Yay, my favourite RE! One Tate's not read yet, too.
  25. The decluttering machine's a portal I tell you, the petpets are spirited off to a different dimension, to wherever the Habitarium now resides!
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