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  1. No page by page, I'm going through my books section. I have way too many pages otherwise.
  2. Its been lagging for the past week for me. SSW had been so slow during the CC. Buts its nice to have events that up the site use.
  3. Secret Avatars:311 OMG! Yes! I was so worried it would take ages.
  4. Um, no unfortunately they are 1 player. You need to fight 10 times (win or lose, any obelisk challenger) and be on the winning faction. As for weapons advice, what are your pet's stats, and what are your battling goals? just the obelisk avatars?
  5. Great to hear you got your account back.
  6. Thanks so much for finding that editorial. Since I do want an UC, an Ice Bori may help me trade for one.
  7. I see you can request an ice bori. But I thought those were only released once. Will TNT really grant this transformation?
  8. Villains have the best songs, costumes and have more fun. Go villians!!
  9. If you account is returned and items/pets are missing, resubmit.
  10. Oh, neocolours. I lust after those unconverted that are no more.
  11. Congrats! That's great news that your have been reunited with your accounts.
  12. In the BD, when you go to challengers, you can sort by dome. There is a new blank dome to the far right. I am hoping for a new plot with DB challengers *fingers crossed*
  13. I wonder what TNT has planned, any guesses? There are no available challengers in this dome!
  14. I heard the rumor too that something was planned instead of Charity Corner..... my fingers are crossed for something good.
  15. Is there a specific 1p challenger you want to fight? because that changes attack and defense suggestions. Your healer could be replaced (opens door for someone more knowledgeable to make suggestions) Ditch the muffin and ultranova, and get a shuriken or two. Maybe downsize! and Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield to round out defense