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  1. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Faerie Bubbles' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Close Window OMG, this has been years in the playing!!!!
  2. Type shepherd at the play/view instructions page for points x2. 120 is therefore 240. I had a really hard time with level 5 of the pirate caves, but if you do the tutorial levels and get all the gems HatPC is doable.
  3. As Scoobert_Doo said get those finicky shockwave ones while you still can. I'll advice you with PT if you want to try the 7 days of the month; you only need to play the last week for a bronze trophy and avatar. message me
  4. Hey. I just went to the Negg Cave and Topsi didn't pop up. Ive refreshed a few times and still no. Anyone else having this issue? Never mind, i forgot to join the hunt first. Now I cant purchase the dust in the NCmall. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. So my 1950 was with the 250 bonus; I did complete level 20. Yes there is a term in gaming, which of course I dont remember so if anyone does please remind me, that describes the zone where goals are challenging enough to capture hours of time but not so unattainable that most players give up in utter frustration and cease playing.
  6. So I have only been playing Faerie Bubbles for like a decade, the avatar seems impossibly high but I dont hate the game so its been a long term not likely to happen goal. I just got my all time highest of 1,950. So ya thats cool and all but seriously (with steam coming out my ears). I think if you complete all the levels you deserve the avatar!!
  7. No page by page, I'm going through my books section. I have way too many pages otherwise. Charity corner really shakes prices up. Not that the economy was great, but it will stabilize in the next few months. I find many bad BD weapons are impossible to sell even if r99 Hey I have a book that may sell for 3m!! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  8. Its been lagging for the past week for me. SSW had been so slow during the CC. Buts its nice to have events that up the site use.
  9. Secret Avatars:311 OMG! Yes! I was so worried it would take ages.
  10. Um, no unfortunately they are 1 player. You need to fight 10 times (win or lose, any obelisk challenger) and be on the winning faction. As for weapons advice, what are your pet's stats, and what are your battling goals? just the obelisk avatars?
  11. Great to hear you got your account back.
  12. Thanks so much for finding that editorial. Since I do want an UC, an Ice Bori may help me trade for one.
  13. I see you can request an ice bori. But I thought those were only released once. Will TNT really grant this transformation?
  14. Villains have the best songs, costumes and have more fun. Go villians!!
  15. If you account is returned and items/pets are missing, resubmit.
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