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  1. weezieb3

    New Marble Kougra!

    I absolutely LOVE the orange marble!!! I have a jelly kougra on my side account but I think I like marble enough to change!
  2. weezieb3

    well this is cute ...

    I was a bit nervous about her account info being shared as well. I've chatted with her and she seems ok with it though. I met my wife through another woman I met in an online game as well. It's amazing how common these stories are becoming!
  3. weezieb3

    Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway

    I've been trying to get a sponge or mellow grundo since I started playing! Since then they've added 8-Bit, it's been my fave! Good luck everyone! Grundoboy51691 wants to be a grundo boy again!!!
  4. Thanks for the quiggle cupcake!!! Let me know if you have any quiggle, grundo and quiguki items!!
  5. weezieb3


    Welcome back pinglett! A lot of folks come back for the advent calendar! Maybe you'll be able to hang out a while.
  6. weezieb3

    2017 TDN Christmas Gifting Post

    Lots of fun stuff happening on TDN! I'll check out some lists tomorrow to see if I have anything to give that you actually want lol
  7. weezieb3

    Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Awesome miraiKT! Is this business online and possibly something we could help get the word out? I collect quiguki, quiggle and grundo items if you have spares. Thanks so very much for your generosity! Blessings to you and yours!
  8. weezieb3

    Lost Over 20 Pounds!

    Proud of both of You Naamah and rntracy1! What did you guys do differently in order to lose weight?
  9. After I posted that, I thought to myself... self, I think you're getting pack rat and rubbish mixed up ! Which I obviously was, thank you! I've been after rubbish for quite a few years now. Good luck Err!
  10. weezieb3

    Last to post wins!

    Whew! I thought I'd never catch up with you guys!
  11. For the rubbish avatar, do the items need to be unique or just a bunch of somethings? Lol
  12. weezieb3

    Yay For Being Together 21 Years!!

    Congratulations WhiteWolf and Ed on your 21st anniversary! Don't worry about the weight, it's a once a year cheat day! Better choices tomorrow! 😘
  13. weezieb3

    Who else has been to the nut house?

    The 80's were hard for me. I don't recall how many institutions i frequented but I think it's more than 5, less than 10? Lol, I can't count higher than that since I ran out of fingers! 😉
  14. I use my tablet almost exclusively for everything. If I absolutely need to use the laptop top, I will. If I happen to be on the laptop for some reason, I might login to neo to play a few flash games.
  15. Wow I think it's amazing how much things have changed since the onset of Neopets. Seeing people come and go, getting nostalgic along the way. My son started playing Neopets in the 90's and got me started. The kids that were the first players are having kids now, like a second generation of Neopets users have been born. I hope these parents share their childhood game with their children too! What a wonderful gift!