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  1. Maybe instead of saying beers you could have said drinks. Drinks could be anything. Or you could have lied and said tea or coffee. TNT is very strict with their rules and even items on the site that happen to have inappropriate language in them aren't allowed to be typed, like grape, glass, cucumber, and snowball. I understand that many users are adults over 18, myself included at 21, but there are still a bunch of users who are as young as 13 and TNT wants to keep content suitable for all ages, so even just mentioning beer or drugs is against the rules.
  2. I used to watch it when I was younger and came back during the Enchantix arc when they started showing it on Nickelodeon and started advertising the Sirenix arc.
  3. I love the pose of the UC royal boy kyrii, so regal :)
  4. Such beautifully malevolent aishas. It's nice to see the types of evil being so varied :geeky_evil:
  5. Aww that's so cute~ I wouldn't put it past him to be a little apprehensive about a baby coming to his home. XD Your drawing is just adorable <3
  6. Congrats on your third child. I'm 21 and not a mother, but I am a little and big sister(have 4 siblings, 2 older brothers, an older sister and little sister). As Mouseykins said try to involve the other two in helping with the baby. That's how my mother got me and my siblings to adjust to new babies and being an older sibling, so I'm pretty sure it works. My mom has red hair and hazel eyes and my dad has reddish/brown hair and blue eyes. They made five brunettes, but our eyes are different colors. Going in order from oldest to youngest our eye colors are: brown, hazel(mostly brown), hazel(mostly green), blue, and blue again. Personally I'm hoping your next kid will have reddish hair and green or hazel eyes. Good luck and I wish you a safe and healthy baby
  7. I really like the colors. Really like the hues for the dimensional
  8. Such lovely entries, Happy new year everyone! :3
  9. Oh my, I hope everything is well. Take all the time you need to think things over. As you know, we will still be here when you return if you need to talk. :)
  10. The luckiest I've ever been on neopets was the day that I won 20k on the wheel of excitement twice, got a pirate draik mp and egg from anchor management and forgotten shore, and given a royal pb by a random user.
  11. Happy birthday Meg. Hope you have a great day today. :D I turned 21 six days ago.
  12. All of these entries are so amazingly creative, good luck everyone :3
  13. I was scared of the Resident Evil games and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time because of this thing>>
  14. Welcome to the forums! I'm also surprised no one else has taken that username before you. As for the runway it's been going on for a little over a year now, so it's not that new. You should try it out, it is so much fun! I have been participating in it since around the beginning and already got 5 trophies.
  15. I agree. That one is great even though it uses very few wearables. It's pretty cute too <3