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  1. I am absolutely in love with the new colors! The pastel one especially. Though as much as I love it, I'm not going to change my Ixi to pastel anytime soon. I love my little Christmas reindeer/goat hybrid He was my first pet that I painted after all
  2. I have noticed that many people in my age group (18-25) don't go out of their way to help others and many elder people do. My mom taught my siblings and me to treat others the way we would want to be treated and to help others even if you don't know/ like them. Thanks to my mom, my first instinct when I see someone in trouble is to help them. It's too bad I don't go out much, due to being an introvert who doesn't like to leave my dark, safe cave of a room.
  3. I know the feeling of having my personal space invaded, and a person pushing me because the line isn't moving fast enough for them. I just think that there are people who don't care about other people and their bubbles if it is an inconvenience to them. As an introvert I always try to limit my social interaction as much as possible, but I also have a thing with being pushed. If someone is pushing me because they think I'm too slow, I'll stand there like a statue on purpose to annoy them.
  4. I'm hoping for a cotton candy jub jub, but they might do a wrapped candy (If they do this I want it for a kiko)
  5. I must have those socks! I'm a huge Ghibli Fan. I hope those socks will fit me though, cause I have big feet. (I'm a women's 11 1/2-12)( Men's 9 1/2-10) shoe)
  6. Wow I got 1st two rounds in a row
  7. I have been really happy with the new marble color so far, and the Marble Koi is no exception I also love the detail with the Relic. The cracks, breaks and moss just add a nice touch to it. Kind of like the Darkest Faerie Statue but with moss For those interested in the outfit:
  8. I'm going to join Virtupets Space Station once again. Let's go Team Virtupets!
  9. May the forth be with you young Lupe. As for the colors...they are meh
  10. Unfortunately as Mouseykins said she would have file the ticket herself. :( But tell your sister happy birthday. My little sister is turning 19 next month. :) Does she get the "May the Forth be with you" thing on her birthday?
  11. Congrats! Your ring is lovely and I wish you two more happy days like in those pictures.
  12. Barf boat ruined my chances of getting the gold and stamp. :(
  13. It's not just you. I have 3 male pets and one female. I have trouble dressing up my boys on the site due to limited clothing options and funds. The only boy that is wearing a full set of clothes is my hissi but he is also painted pirate so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  14. I like blue and blacks too. I think striped or shadow would look nice.
  15. The highest score I got on that is 367+/- no way I'll be able to get over 1,000. I have been playing it since 12am NST and no amount of sleep is going to fix that. This is the first day that I won't be able to beat Chadley's score, goodbye perfect record. edit: at least Abigail's prizes are cute: compared to Chadley's: