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  1. Oh I have Bipolar disorder and can understand how depression can affect a person and sometimes things like those scenes in DDLC can trigger symptoms and make them worse. Does your friend take medicine or have a therapist that he can talk to? I also recommend the International Suicide Prevention Wiki and talking to him. Sometimes just talking to someone can help when you are are suffering depression and contemplating suicide.
  2. Yay and nay, son leaving tomorrow for boot camp

    I'm not a mom, but I can understand your worry for your son. Having your child leave the nest and go off into the world can make anyone worry. BTW Congrats on him getting honors and graduating. He may be gone for a while during his training, but he will have a few breaks where he won't be training in the future that he can use to visit you. I wish your son good luck and safety as he goes off to boot camp and into the Army.
  3. Magical Blue Grundo Plushie Gets New Prizes!

    Whoo I got the stealthy vandagyre one, they are so cute.
  4. Some Neo art I've done! :)

    Wow thanks for sharing, they are all beautiful
  5. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    leolacerda is no longer up for adoption at the moment I decided to zap her again in hopes of getting a better color than Snot and she was turned into a yellow Lutari and unfortunately Lutaris can't be pounded or transferred or else they disappear :( I will edit this when she is up for adoption again (most likely when she changes species) I perfer to zap since I might get an exclusive color again, snot was a lab exclusive color but not very appealing to the eyes ^^"
  6. Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    Thanks for items This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts 7 words or greater. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  7. Item Giveaway - Everything Must Go!

    I don't have a wishlist but, anything altador cup, chia, xweetok, hissi, or ixi related would be fine. I have a gallery of altador themed items and for my four main pets. (I have adopted a 5th pet but I'm zapping them so I can give them away to someone who wants a certain color for a dream pet but can't access the lab yet) edit: Sorry that you are leaving, but I wish you luck with your business. Hope everything goes well for you
  8. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    Thanks for the reminder I got a Snowberry Rocketpop
  9. Plushie Fashion

    Maybe he needed them before he died, but it hasn't occurred to him to remove them. Even living people with glasses forget to take them off sometimes
  10. Happy Xweetok Day!

    I love the colors and the outfit. I personally think they should have chosen a better colored base for the outfit and gotten rid of the buns on the hair though. The hair would look better if it was completely down. I also don't like the recent trend of keeping the face lines on transparent pets. Like the mouth and possibly the nose
  11. Happy Usul Day!

    Never been a big fan of the Swamp Gas color, but I love the Woodland. The flowers are beautiful and I like that the bow is a couple rocks
  12. Secret Laboratory Map

    I have the one with the giant whale's face if that is one you need
  13. NC Mall: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

    I'm kind of meh on the background, and I don't buy nc since my wallet is consistantly empty :'( But I like the bag. Happy 18th Birthday Neopets!
  14. Happy Vandagyre Day!

    Here's the stealthy vandagyre without the clothes
  15. Happy Jetsam Day!

    Jetsam refers to debris that was purposely thrown overboard, while flotsam refers to debris from a shipwreck