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  1. I have been really happy with the new marble color so far, and the Marble Koi is no exception I also love the detail with the Relic. The cracks, breaks and moss just add a nice touch to it. Kind of like the Darkest Faerie Statue but with moss For those interested in the outfit:
  2. I'm going to join Virtupets Space Station once again. Let's go Team Virtupets!
  3. May the forth be with you young Lupe. As for the colors...they are meh
  4. Unfortunately as Mouseykins said she would have file the ticket herself. :( But tell your sister happy birthday. My little sister is turning 19 next month. :) Does she get the "May the Forth be with you" thing on her birthday?
  5. Congrats! Your ring is lovely and I wish you two more happy days like in those pictures.
  6. Barf boat ruined my chances of getting the gold and stamp. :(
  7. It's not just you. I have 3 male pets and one female. I have trouble dressing up my boys on the site due to limited clothing options and funds. The only boy that is wearing a full set of clothes is my hissi but he is also painted pirate so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  8. I like blue and blacks too. I think striped or shadow would look nice.
  9. The highest score I got on that is 367+/- no way I'll be able to get over 1,000. I have been playing it since 12am NST and no amount of sleep is going to fix that. This is the first day that I won't be able to beat Chadley's score, goodbye perfect record. edit: at least Abigail's prizes are cute: compared to Chadley's:
  10. The fishing is supposed to have a 12 hour reset after the last time you went fishing, but I only check it once a day so I'm not sure if it is buggy or not. As for the Tomb, I know only one person a day will get the treasure(Eureka!), but others can still find the treasure room afterwards(it will just be empty). The tomb is completely random chance; you can be really lucky and get a prize, or extremely unlucky and get a trap room.
  11. I did have the item in my inventory when I took/posted the pic. I switched to a different computer and it fixed itself, so the issue seemed to be on my end not the site's. My pet's defense went up by 2 points
  12. Faerie Quests You are currently on a quest for a Water Faerie. She did what?! Excuse me, catching up on century-old gossip here. Wait one moment. *cough* All right, are you ready to turn in Gormball Skins? Gormball Skins For some reason the buttons for giving her the item and abandoning the quest are missing from my page. Is anyone else having this issue?
  13. I'm glad to hear you are already starting to feel better after reading about the bruised muscles. I'm a laugher too. I laugh loud and often and at pretty much anything.(Not at serious things like your bruise). I have the easiest sense of humor. It's hard when you have a side/chest injury, to avoid laughing at something you find funny. Congrats on your soon to be engagement! I would love to see the ring after it comes.
  14. Both of them are beautiful, the details are perfect The outfit:
  15. Congrats on getting your dream pet! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.