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  1. I'm currently playing through Shadow of the Tomb Raider as well as casually playing Brawlhalla.
  2. I received a Florange and my pet's color changed from yellow to zombie.. and I'm okay with it (only because it fits with her outfit better). Unfortunately it's only temporary
  3. Thank you kindly Jelly I tend to thrive under pressure and I'm definitely ready to be working again, two months without it has driven me crazy!
  4. I've been away since a few days after the AC started, but in that time I found a job (YAY!!) which I actually start next Monday, June 25th. I'll be on the crisis hotlines for one of the local organizations! I somehow managed to finish off three crocheted blankets and start two new projects. Next week is the half way mark for my online class; I'm so excited for this, the end is so close.
  5. Awesome, thank you 🙂 that's good to know. My inner perfectionist can rest now
  6. Hey all, Out of curiosity, has anyone gotten higher than 1200 on Shootout Showdown?? So far that's the highest I've reached and no matter how hard I try I can't get a higher score..
  7. Thank you! It's over on July 29th, so 7 more weeks! I'm using my system from when I was attending school full time, one discussion post and a portion of the assignment (formatting it counted 😅 ) So far it's helping but I have a feeling when I start working, it's going to fail with flying colors. I'll definitely try to do just 30 minutes each day. Since I still have a few of the assignments from when I previously took it, I already have the paper formats and some references.
  8. I have to make up a class for my diploma, and I'm really having a hard time staying motivated through it. It's online, which I don't mind. Any suggestions to decrease procrastination and increase motivation?
  9. That's so exciting, like others have mentioned, keep it clean and definitely be careful on snagging it! I snagged mine once, and it nearly tore my nostril (definitely learned my lesson there). But it shouldn't hurt too much, depending on your pain tolerance 🙂 you'll feel a pinch and a big ol' tear may come out while a little bleeding may occur.
  10. Even though I'm a couple of seasons behind, I know some of the bigger things that happen. It's definitely upsetting since Rick and Maggie are major characters; but kudos to them for wanting to broaden their horizons and to the writers for wanting to end a major character's story line. Not many want to do that, but it fits with the Walking Dead, no one is safe. Hopefully it won't be dragged out like some other character deaths, yet still be meaningful in a way (if that makes any sense).
  11. I'm currently catching up on the Walking Dead, roughly two seasons behind now. In one of the Facebook groups I'm in someone shared this article: http://collider.com/andrew-lincoln-leaving-walking-dead-season-9/ which states that Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) will more than likely leaving after season 9. For those of you who still watch the Walking Dead what are your feelings about this? I'm not exactly sure how to feel, it'll be interesting to see where the show goes from there. There's endless content to use since the comic is still being published..
  12. I joined Terror Mountain this year. They were my team wayy back when the Altador Cup first started and I really like the cold and the snow (despite living in a desert).
  13. I really like the new outfit. It reminds me of Ash from the movie Sing
  14. I decided I want to learn to code, specifically HTML or PHP. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any site or places to learn with. Thank you in advanced 🙂
  15. Didn't there used to be a way to use the page source to find the time, like it was hidden within the code?
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