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    Reading, Writing, Pen palling, Learning, Food, Sims, Anime, Crisis intervention

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  1. Munchies

    Brain Tree Quests

    Boo, that's gonna take a while then. But thank you for looking into it!
  2. Munchies

    Brain Tree Quests

    I thought so too. I checked and my score is 6,188 but I'm not on the high score table.. I'm wondering if it'll update at the end of the month like the other quests..
  3. Munchies

    Brain Tree Quests

    I've been doing the Brain Tree's quests consistently for the past few weeks, attempting to work towards a trophy. Does anyone have an idea about how the scoring works? When I complete the quest, it tells me my neopoint value has been recorded on the Hi-score table. But is it my overall neopoint value or is it the neopoint value I've received that day?
  4. Munchies

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    He's found a home! I'm so sorry for responding so late.
  5. Munchies

    Baby Draik

    Thank you! I'll reach out to you if no one takes him and repost in the adoption thread🙂
  6. Munchies

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Hey Friends, I have a baby Draik I'm looking to transfer. His name is Rinneth. This is him: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Rinneth
  7. Munchies

    Baby Draik

    Hey all! Would anyone like a baby Draik? I'm looking to transfer mine, Rinneth, rather than place him in the pound. This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a mega thread for Adopting and Trading pets. Please post there. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  8. Munchies

    Oh goodness, time does fly

    Hi all! I've been away for a very long time, but I've graduated from university and don't know what to do with my life now. I also interviewed for a position at one of the prisons near where I live *crosses fingers*. I never saw myself working in a prison nor did I see myself going into the counseling/social work field. Needless to say it's been an adventure!
  9. Munchies

    What other games do you play? Animal crossing maybe?

    Right now I'm binge playing Sims 3 on my PC. I'm also playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, it's a cute game ^-^ I play a wide variety of games, but one of my favorite would have to be Ib. My runner up would have to be Path of Exile which can be found on Steam.
  10. Munchies

    Computer Freak Out

    I found the version for Chrome: ScriptSafe. It's definitely something to get used to because of javascript and flash player being blocked. I also changed my setting on my AVG scanner to look for tracking cookies (I'm not sure why it isn't included in the whole computer scan) which was certainly adventure.
  11. Munchies

    Computer Freak Out

    Earlier today my laptop had a bit of a freak out and I'm a little concerned. I was watching Netflix through Chrome and the window started changing sizes and moving off to the side of the window. I managed to close it and tried reopening it thinking that it was a lag, but new Chrome windows started opened (I counted at least 50) then my file explorer window began opening (I counted at least 20). So I did a hard shut down and restarted the computer in safe mode and did a virus scan with AVG. Then I shut it down for a little while; Afterwards I rebooted it normally and things seemed to be fine. I cleared my cache, cookies, and browsing history off of Chrome and ran another virus scan (just to be sure) and then I also ran a malware scan with Malewarebytes. It found a threat: PUP.optional.crossrider. I found some articles about it, but I still don't really understand what it does other than being installed when installing software from other sites (which hasn't been done from my knowledge and recollection). I removed the threats and things are still running fine. I'm wondering what preventative things that I can do besides having my virus scanner run daily, because I really don't want to boot into safe mode and run it every time this happens again or something similar happens. BTW I have a Dell Inspiron 15 running Windows 10
  12. Munchies

    Today in the Mundane

    Today was fairly mundane except for watching a movie in class, having a group interview, and possibly receiving money back from my university. Plus it was super cold, windy, and cloudy. In class we watched The Shadow Effect it was about Carl Jung's theory and how it's seen in today's world. Don't get me wrong it was interesting but time could have been better spent by finishing up notes and starting in Adler's theories since there's a 1500 word essay comparing Freud, Jung, and Adler's approaches. Then I had the group interview for an RA position for next school year. It went okay, we did the human knot activity and told them what condiment we would shoot out of our fingers if we could (for the record I chose wasabi). I find out Wednesday if I move onto an individual interview. For some reason I was annoyed with the fact that my remote volunteer position factors into my 20 allotted hours of outside commitments, but I do understand their reasoning. On the bright side of all this, I may be getting a stipend from my university because there's no balance on my account. So I'll have more funds for next year (and taxes haven't even been filed yet). I suppose this is partially a rant, but thanks for reading!! :)
  13. Munchies

    What are some veggies that you love or hate?

    As a kid I was never a fan of peas (probably I would watch my cousins open up a can and dump it onto sandwich bread and eat it) and still refuse to eat them to this day, unless they're hidden in a dish and I can't taste them. I loved eating raw veggies; I favored bell peppers. My favorite vegetable today would have to be brussel sprouts, especially when they're covered in salt, pepper, and butter.
  14. Munchies

    So, what are you listening to now?

    I'm currently listening to The NoSleep Podcast. Some of the stories are interesting.
  15. Munchies

    Busy day!!

    Today was pretty busy between going to class and going out for birthday dinner with my mom. We also stopped and got a new phone and got medication (darn chest cold). But I'm super excited and nervous because I submitted my Resident Assistant application for next school year. *crosses fingers* I hope I get to be one.