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  1. I had TERRIBLE lag the whole time. I'm surprised I even made it to the last day. I had to completely give up the last day. I'm normally good at these games but no amount of skill can survive against weird lag. The games would lag, freeze completely, be okay for a few seconds and repeat. But SOMEHOW the AD video to the right (that constantly plays unless you click on it every time it starts playing again) would be fine. Sometimes the game wouldn't freeze but my controls wouldn't work. I tried restarting my wifi, clearing my cache, being the only one using wifi, everythingggg. Nothing fixed it. Good thing this is a virtual game cause that was ridiculous. xD I almost bought a month of Premium to see if making the ads go away would help. It seems like it didn't matter what device I used either. Send score for 50 qualifying games + lag and can't move + "Game Over" right before getting required score = unnecessary annoyance at a virtual game :dance:​ Why, Neopets? WHYYYY -dramatically falls to the floor- hahah
  2. Size 21! Like my age :D haha I'm actually about to restock and price stuff soon. I don't restock often either but I try. But the neo economy is bad so you have to put in a lot of effort to actually sell something to get something...I just sell little stuff and the occasional big stuff. I'm trying to earn 80k and the shop is NOT helping lol ^_^
  3. yayay congrats! That's awesome! Even though it's random, you're still very fortunate. ^_^ WOODLAND! That's a serious paintbrush haha I got one of those Aisha Transmogrification Potion ones from Sloth and I still haven't used it. 1. I don't need an Aisha Mutant thingy 2. I can't bring myself to use it. I also got a Pirate Draik morphing potion AFTER I already bought one on the auction (wowowow... -_-') and I still can't bring myself to use either or sell one/keep the other. You wait so long for something and then you get it, you're like "What do I do now?!?!?" 3. I'm cheap, even with neopoints! I also got a Pirate Eyrie potion AFTER I already bought and used mine on my Eyrie. lololol Neopets = trolololol :laughingsmiley:
  4. Yes, it was the highest! :) The lower levels are kind of plain and get smaller.
  5. Hi everyone! This isn't my first post here but I haven't posted a lot so I'm new but I'm not! I feel like I just have to say this...I did TOO much! haha I actually took the time to finish EVERY game just in case they gave out a prize for finishing all the qualifying games. It took FOREVER. I submitted the last score 5 minutes before the whole challenge was over. It was crazy. I was on Team Fire and I even have a screen shot that shows Team Snow 51% / Team Fire 49% yet it told me Team Fire won on the challenge end date. Now that I look, it says Team Fire 51% / Team Snow 49%. It probably didn't update yet since I was looking at it immediately after the winner was posted. O.o Kinda weird but I'm not complaining! haha I also wish they gave out an avatar this year because it's nice to be a part of "limited edition" avatars! But we have limited edition trophies so that's cool too! I got the Level 5 Game Master Trophy. Edna's Shadow was kind of tricky when you had to line them up after they weren't matched up. I almost gave up Petpet Cannon, Snot Splatter, and Wicked Wocky Wobble. ESPECIALLY WICKED WOCKY WOBBLE! Even though they were difficult, I'm sooo glad they chose these compared to the other qualifying games. Some of those games are outragous. I have no idea how I was successful at "Dar-BLAT!!!" and "Splat-A-Sloth" and "Time Tunnel"! Never again. :mellow:
  6. I need a million books!! ;) ...Also what if I don't have any snowflakes ._. Throughout my Neoyears, I've never accumulated snowflakes. haha
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