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  1. Pikky126

    Happy Xweetok Day!

    The colour is alright, but I don't like the outfit very much, it's just all strange. Although as Breaziecat said, the individual pieces could work for other outfits,
  2. Pikky126

    The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Can someone help me find the cheapest Neopets 13th Birthday Goodie Bag please?
  3. Hiya! I have come back from being inactive! (Not that I think anyone noticed)

  4. Pikky126

    Ctrl-V Game

    (Showing off game play to my friend)
  5. Pikky126

    about unpopular neopets.

    Two Xweetoks (5th) an Usul (12th) and a Zafara (18th) and I was going to get a Ruki (39th) but apparently they're premium now. Oh well. And I may eventually get a Lenny (42nd) just for the Plague Doctor outfit.
  6. Looking to sell a Neopets 15th Birthday Goodie Bag, trying for around 100k http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=id&search_string=411478134 EDIT: SOLD
  7. Pikky126

    The Person Below Me

    True (but I don't remember it) The person below me has brunette hair.
  8. Pikky126

    How To Save Up NP?

    I just spent all of my savings on Neggs while I'm trying to save up for a Secret Laboratory Map. I apparently have to employ all of these tips.
  9. Pikky126

    The Person Below Me

    True (I just woke up) The person below me lives in Europe.
  10. Pikky126

    Wheel of extravagance spin

    Whoa Wheel of Extravagance as a daily? Sheesh you're rich aren't you. Right anyways, I've spun it once (In all my life) and I got 50,000 Neopoints.
  11. Pikky126

    Charity Corner Avatar

    I actually wasn't playing at the time Charity Corner was out, so whatever they do with it it will be new to me.
  12. Pikky126

    Charity Corner Avatar

    From last week's editorial: That's all we've gotten in regards to the Charity Corner.
  13. Pikky126

    This is amazing news.

    Look at these! Quality art, this is beautiful.
  14. Pikky126

    It's the Annual Chocolate Ball!

    It's just Chocolate Day basically, they release new chocolate items/colours/clothes.
  15. Pikky126

    It's the Annual Chocolate Ball!

    Okay so it's chocolate day basically right? Okay but, First off, what is "chocolette" also, what's this about a "Slice of the Giant Chocolette"? This makes it sound like some new daily. (e.g. Giant Jelly, Giant Omelette)