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    Dasbearcos (of youtube)

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    United States
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    drawing/animating youtube animals and neopets.

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  1. dasbearcos

    Favourite Youtube Channels

    youtube consumed me at some point. I mainly watch movie/tv show reviewers like MesteriousMr.Enter Nostalgia critic Pan Pizza I Hate Everything YourMovieSucks Mr.Enter and Pan Pizza mainly reviewer cartoons while the others review many things I like watching them because it gives me help with writing/recording my own. I like watching animated web series too yeah stuff like "bee and puppy cat", bravest warriors","gothball",and "fin punch" there is also some really great independent stuff not made by big companies but just normal people that own a computer like you or me. some good independent animated series are "All for one" (by Kanine Therapy) "painted flowers" (by prism magic) "winged Heros" (by nigelpuppy) AnimationdominationHighDefenition(ADHD) also has a lot of funny animated parodies I also watch the regulars like Pewdiepie,Markiplier,and Jhon Tron Mostly Jhon Tron because he is so creative and reviews videogames/movies with his pet parakeet c:
  2. dasbearcos

    Well, Hey!

    I recently logged on to my neopets account I played when I was a youngin u.u Ive been playing lately and just thought i would intoduce myself here! I like things like disney,garfield,animals, ect. As a hobbie I am an exceedingly neutral child that enjoys animating and sometimes drawing neopets and other animals. You can usually find me on my youtube mainly doing MAP parts and other small animations Like this narwhal infested nightmare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t83yIzjsgHs and draw...not nearly as often, many a rare occurance it is. O3O then again... gonna wrap dis up now! I Look forward to meeting some new friends! Feel free to say "hi" or neofriend me.
  3. dasbearcos

    Hello, new Neofriends!

    Hello! Its nice to see people come back to neopets after so many years! Wonderul to see more artists all over the boards. I mainly do animation but ill just straight draw a neopet/animal every now and then. I also see you create your own characters, that tiger is a cutie pie c:
  4. dasbearcos

    TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    Ive always really liked the look of skunk pets, so Skunk Ixi has gotta be my dream pet!
  5. in the lost island of plushies (its pretty cool)