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  1. Who here likes making music and performing?

    I was in the choir in my old school :) I can also play the violin and I taught myself piano, and even tried to make a career out of music by taking music GCSEs. Sadly, I've got too much stage fright to pull it off properly, but it's still my dream to perform in front of a large crowd for some reason.
  2. Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

    For a second I forgot orgins existed. Those colors...I can't seem to put my finger on it but they don't really look that great. The aishas look cute though! Love that polka dot!
  3. Customize

    That happens to me too, but I usually just refresh the page a couple of times and it works fine after like 2-3 refreshes. Annoying, but that's how I solve it for myself.
  4. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 97!

    I'm joining the Brutes this battle! I feel like I'm betraying my Thieves Guild though ;-; gotta get those avvies.
  5. Just got my first Krawk.

    Oh congratulations! It's always so satisfying when you achieve a neogoal :D Got any plans for them?
  6. What games scared you as a kid?

    When I was younger, I played those awful creepypasta My Little Pony games -_- the jumpscares scared me into sleeping with a nightlight for a week. But now, I love scary games and actively seek them out :D
  7. Hey all! I don't post a lot here so I don't know if anyone has talked about it (sorry if a topic was made, I should probably search but I wanted to share this), but Cersei's season 6 finale is the Regal Warrior Dress on Neopets and I couldn't help myself so I made this: What do you all think? Does it match the character? I'd love to hear what you guys think (I'm actually terrible at dressing neopets up). Are there any other GoT neopets we can make? Share them with me!
  8. The TDN SSW Help Thread

    0.0 Ah, thank you anyways! maybe i shouldn't be so enthusiastic with my customizations then haha!
  9. The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Hey! Could someone please SSW Star Gazing Background for me? Thank you :)
  10. Favorite Humorous Neopets Moments

    One thing that always makes me laugh is when I win at Tombola but I receive gross food, like Finger Crisps or Mucus Soup. Like, did I really win? Is this what winning is like? There's also that water faerie message from the Healing Springs. When she heals you like three hit points and she says "Wow, I'm getting better at this! :)" No...you're not. You healed 79 hitpoints yesterday. You got worse.
  11. 2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    This seems like such a wonderful thing to be a part of :3 I can't wait to give some gifts! A huge thank you to: buizin for Brightvale Glazier Wings, and Lady Draik Knight Sword !!!! neverfallinloveagain for Lady Draik Knight Lower Armour, and Earth Faerie Eye Shadow !!! charelan for another Lady Draik Knight Sword !!! vetski2 for Lady Draik Knight Boots !!!! lavender_unicorns for Yew Wand and Lady Draik Upper Armour !!! teganrose1 for Hissi Knight Gauntlets !!! ranga_muffin for Draik Sorceress Shoes !!! raven622x for the Tribal Draik Wig !!! systemic_anomaly for another Tribal Draik Wig !!! rockangel_star for the Mysterious Draik Gloves !!! rejoyce_20 for Rock Gate Foreground and Growing Vine Foreground !!! ___danielle for Draik Sorceress Cape !!! life_eclectic and marjolein71 Thank you for sending me those items for my gallery! !! midnight_spell360 for some amazing draik themed items and wearables !!! i can't express my thanks for this kindness! I'm honestly going to cry EDIT: There's nothing that affordable anymore so please don't worry! I don't need anything else, but I will continue to send gifts :D Thank you sooo much to helping me with my customizations, I couldn't have done it without any of you <3 <3 <3
  12. Main Account Issues

    Thank you both for your answers! They helped a lot (I'm so relieved TuT) @rntracy1 I've never participated in something like that before, so thanks for the link! I'd love to join this year and make someone happy :D Thank you both again and have a great day!
  13. Main Account Issues

    Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of a problem, and I'm hoping I'm sharing it on the right board. So, my first ever Neopets account is mouch30, the one I'm using right now. I love it and have been very attached to it, but during the years I had it, I had forgotten the password and moved on to other accounts. Most of those accounts are dead now, but there was one account called _princessluna_ (god i can't deal with my younger self sometimes) and I collected some pretty cool things on it. I want to convert it to a side account now, because I know that you can only have one main account and five sides. I currently have two other side accounts (starbound_beast and as_a_dovah_can), so that would make a total of three plus a main. The problem is, I have a lot of money and items on _princessluna_. I know the honorable thing would be to donate everything to the money tree, but I don't want to blindly throw them all away. I hate being dishonest so I'm not going to send anything to my main account. Could I post a list of all my items on a board here and gift them to people who want them? Would I be able to keep all the clothes I've bought to customize my pets? During the time I was active on _princessluna_ I wasn't using any of my other accounts. I've only just gotten the password for it and want to keep the pets I've created. Sorry this got so long and rambly! I don't want to get into trouble with TNT by using multiple accounts. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I'd deeply appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!
  14. Random obsession?

    I used to collect faerie themed items on one of my accounts...I absolutely love the designs of faerie food, weapons and other misc things.
  15. Drink of Good and Evil

    I just tried it on my battle pet and this is what happened: Guess it's just a mood change, and it didn't affect her hunger at all (didn't increase or decrease it). What a prize.