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    rainbows, tattoos, unicorns, equal rights, music/attending shows, puzzles/board games, tie-dye, traveling, tumblr, l&o svu, grey's anatomy, oitnb, rupaul, diet coke

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  1. thank you guys for being so welcoming! and yes, couldn't stay away :x :)
  2. Hi! My name is Kaitlin, and I have been on Neopets since 2005. I stopped playing briefly after my account was hacked in 2009, but was drawn back to the world of Neopets, and recreated an account in 2011. I enjoy painting, zapping, training, and customizing my neopets more than anything. I'm always saving up for MPs and PBs! I also enjoy reading books to my oldest pet, babymomo, who is trying to earn the neopian book award (around 600 books so far), and attempting to rebuild my avatars checklist :) In real life, you can find me traveling the world (I've been to 43 countries as so far), finishing up my B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience, doing puzzles, tie-dyeing, and spending time with my fiance and two chihuahuas. Although I am not new to neopets, I am new to posting on the boards and these forums (I used to be really shy, trying to break out of my shell, yada yada). I look forward to talking to some of you!