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  1. BabyBooette

    Is It Allowed...

    Is it okay to trade someone NC items by actually sending them the codes for the cards? I am trying to trade for a massive item, but I don't have enough boxes for now. Me and the other person though are really trying to make sure this is allowed before moving forward...I realized this could be against the rules. Help, please? Or a link to help me find the answer? Thank you!
  2. When are these mme boxes out of FF and available for all? I can't even get one yet...:( And...I just traded away all my populars for those orbs just for the mme box to finally come out and, of course, contain the orbs. :(
  3. BabyBooette

    Help Customizing Biscuit Chomby?

    I had a biscuit chomby once and then he was zapped grey! I never did find what to use for him except the NP item chocolate background and forefront. Good luck! And check out MrBoodles' new look! (He's on my husband's account now.)
  4. BabyBooette

    Random Question

    Um, I still believe all my stuffed animals have feelings, but I don't have much going for my neopets. I do have imaginary friends, though, or are they imaginary... :whistle:
  5. BabyBooette

    Premium Double Charge?

    I got a notification of a receipt for another YEARLY payment taken out. I didn't see any activity in my actual bank, however, so it may be a fluke? I am waiting to see...
  6. BabyBooette

    Anyone want a female draik?

    I can take care of that for you. I have been on here forever and just went premium. Also, I made my husband get an account to house some of my pets while I use the lab ray. I can fight her for you or zap her. Whichever. You can send her to muffinlover97.