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  1. I've been zapping her for a while now just trying to get something avatar-y and I managed to zap her grey! If anyone wants her for the grey wocky avatar or to keep and love forever please neomail me! Edit: feels weird to me to have 5 pets on my account so I'm going to offer her up to the neoboards to try to get her out of my hair
  2. Ooof, it took me long enough just to grab a dung pizza, this avatar might be out of my reach for now...bummer!! Thank you for the info!
  3. SO the new Rubbish Dump avvie! From what I understand, the solution was unknown for a while, but now it's listed as being awarded when you collect a non-rubbish item from the dump. Well, I managed to snag a dung pizza from the dump today after stalking the dump on and off for days, but I haven't received the avatar. What gives? Is it not working because it was a dung item? Do I need to do any additional steps for the avvie to credit? Is there something I'm missing? If you know anything, please let me know!
  4. i understand this sentiment! i was really young when the conversion happened so their weird pose is kind of something i grew up with and spent more time with than the unconverted pets. I see you like babies! Is it super weird of me that my favorite baby neopet is the baby pteri? it makes me laugh really hard that its JUST an egg I didn't know the mutant draik was so awesome! thanks for sharing!! What you said about customization kind of relates to what Batman said irt UC pets. I definitely dress up my pets, but not very seriously (mad respect for the people that go hard with customization though!). I am more intense about colour and species than clothes so i feel like i get where you're coming from! WOW I feel like that must've taken a lot of neopoints to make happen. kudos!! im glad you followed your heart Out of those you've mentioned i think i like the rg peophin the best
  5. I don't think I have ever given boris the credit they are due for being really cute. that's why im glad i made this thread: I totally forgot how cute boris and ixis were until recently. the halloween stuff on the stealth bori looks so good i honestly thought to myself "whoa what colour is that?? its awesome??" when i saw the pic but hadn't read your reply yet. i wonder what other colour mashups are just as good or even better than the originals? ill have to do some research
  6. Hi! Welcome back! I don't think I've ever known anyone from the netherlands before? im from the states (and i imagine most people here are from the states as well). what got you back into neopets??
  7. is there any reason you like the pepper chia the best? I had never really seen it before now and it strikes me as really hilarious looking (in a good way) that shade of purple is really great! it makes me sad that theres only 4 pets allowed per account because there are so many species i want but im not dedicated enough to run a side account. maybe my fourth pet will be an ixi? theyre cute as heck im going to talk about another species i love: hissis! spotted and mutant are my favorite colours for hissis and i am definitely going to turn my aisha into one or the other when i finally decide which i like better!
  8. I know there is a thread about dream pets, but what are some types of neopets, colours, or combinations you really love? regardless of if you have that pet or not The cloud gnorbu is so cute it is easily one of my favorites ever. its so fluffy– i think neopets got really creative with it! there are lots more pets im crazy about, but what are some of your favorites?
  9. I've never really participated in a plot before (with the exception of the altador plot, i guess haha) so it would be really cool to finally do one besides altador. that being said, Scoobert is probably right in being a little skeptical
  10. Wow good for you! I tried to be a restocker back when I was a kid but it was too intense for me. Now that I'm older, I play too casually to get into it haha. Anyways, I'm glad you're here Catterday! It's nice to meet you :-)
  11. Hi everyone! Fellow Darigan supporter here. I want to get to rank 9 if possible!! Or at least meet my past best which is 6. I do not know what the final standing was last year but I remember it wasn't great.
  12. Hey I'm with Darigan too! I've been repping them for like 4 years now Do you play the stock market at all? Thats where most of my neopoints come from these days.
  13. thanks for your help! I think I'll go Gingersnap. I always try to keep as many ladies on my team as possible so I say go for it!
  14. Hi there! I just checked on my team and they did pretty good thanks to Binary Supagoo, Kikocat and Cherry Blossom. I'm wondering what other forward besides Cherry Blossom is a good addition to the team?
  15. I am way behind on games avatars because I only have the attention span for the games I actually like whoops. But hi, it's nice to meet you, Riley!
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