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    I enjoy playing Neopets as well as other games on the computer, reading books, anime & manga, collecting and watching movies!

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  1. Hello and Happy Fifteenth Birthday!

    Congratulations and I hope you have a great year as a fifteen year old!

  2. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Hello :P How are ya doing? I am soo bored, I am by my lonesome on MSN...
  3. minimickey008

    King Hagan avatar

    Ooh, awesome! I wonder how you get it, I hope the solution is found soon!
  4. minimickey008

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Da Vince was clearly born to be successful. It was decided before he was born.... It would be aweosme to draw like him. I can only draw relatively alright anime at the moment...
  5. minimickey008

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    My destiny is to always feel special and something else I can't think of....
  6. minimickey008

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    If you think about it, everyone had a destiny and Da Vinci's was to invent stuff and paint magnificent paintings :P
  7. minimickey008

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    People find the Mona Lisa intrigueing because she smiling as if she has something to hide and people want to find out the mystery behind the smile. Also, I guess Leonardo was a very mysterious man and liked people to contemplate over his inventions and paintings and life. I researched him a few years ago for an assignment, and he was really successful, no way society will forget him anytime soon! (that's if they do forget him which I highly doubt). Oh and The DaVinci Code story is fiction, when they talk about Jesus and his wife and stuff, it's not true. Some bits may be but hardly any.
  8. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Yeh I kinda noticed the ad already, I'm about to vote for Sala, :P Lucky you!
  9. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Lol. Well it's the weekend AND holidays for me, :P Watcha doing? I was drawing anime but then I decided to come on here and boost my post amount.
  10. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Hello everyone:) It is finally holidays, woot! I'm going to the park later to ride my bike :P
  11. minimickey008

    Animated avatars

    Some other programs are Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Fireworks. You have to buy them though, I don't think that they're downloadable. Maybe you can download them on a free thirty day trial i think.
  12. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Awesome entries for the Beauty Contest! How are you all? Last day of school for Term 3!!!!
  13. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Yeh I understand that. I'd seriously hate someone if they did it to a pet you loved but didn't want to lose. I don't think I'll be getting rid of my pets for a while.
  14. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Um no thanks, I'll be fine. Why do you need to find someone who wants one? Adoption service?
  15. minimickey008

    Hang Out and Post

    Alright, I thought that was what you had done. It's awesome! Anyway, watcha doing?