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  1. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    Aaahh, like that. I forgot about that. XD Thanks for reminding me. Now can place my recent-gotten Jetsam together with my Grarrl and the others.
  2. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    I see. But what do you mean with that both accounts have to have a transfer left?
  3. Orange avatar

    If it's the 'mad about orange' avatar, then I have that already. But I really like the idea.
  4. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    It is allowed to transfer a pet from your side to your main, right?
  5. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    I see... I wasn't really interested in them before, but now I wanna try and get one. Thanks. :)
  6. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    Noted. :) But what are those things for anyway? I haven't learned their purpose yet. Can you keep them as petpets or something?
  7. Hello, newbie here

    A warm welcome from me as well. I hope you'll like it on neopets. And seeing as your picture is something I like as well, you're already in my good book. ;)
  8. Returned!

    Welcome back. I've been on neopets for a couple of years now, but still sort of new to TDN. And I'm from the Netherlands too. :) Nice to meet you.
  9. ever zapped the wrong pet ??

    Not me. The only pet I zap(ped) is my starry Grarrl to raise his stats. Mostly because he's easy to change back when he changes into a different spieces and because Grarrls are supposed to be strong. But I hope for you it won't happen again.
  10. NC Mall: Free Party Pack... for Scorchios!

    Thanks for telling. I would have not known otherwise.
  11. I mostly try the healing spring faerie or the wheel of wisdom for that little chance. But if that doesn't turn out well at the end of the day, I buy the actual cure. :3 I don't want my pets to say sick for too long. But it's nice to know this information, so thanks.
  12. What was your final rank this year?

    Rank 17 for me. What's 2 more than last year. I'm gonna go for the 20 next year (again).
  13. Something Weird Happened to My Shop

    When my account was hacked, I had it too when I got it back after about 2 months. I guess it's just a thing some (friendly) hackers like to do.
  14. i FINALLY sold my HTS item

    Awesome! But why didn't you sell it for less. Like, 500k if you wanted to get rid of it that badly?
  15. Is premium worth it?

    I got it for quite some time now, and I like it. 5th pet, no ads, a premium bar at the bottom of the screen where you can get a space fairy scratchcard every week and have a dailies block which you can customize and more. So I'd say: Just do it! ;)