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  1. enitul

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Yeah, not long after I send that I had that problem I tried again and it worked. 馃檪 Glad it wasn't a big issue.
  2. enitul

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    I think she looks fine so I enjoy the theme. I only wish that Jeran made an appearance in it. I like him. 馃檪 I have the same thing. I have enough NC on me to buy it, but when I go to checkout it says that I don't have any at all. I think it's an error of some kind.
  3. enitul

    Lets Talk About Funko Pops ?

    The normal one I guess. I also have a statue of him (was tricky to assemble) with all the Dragonballs in front of him. I don't watch the anime, but I like dragons. :3 But I do know that he's powerful and grants wishes though.
  4. enitul

    Lets Talk About Funko Pops ?

    Well, the ones I know I have without looking through my pile of cool trash: Godzilla (was the first one I got for my birthday), D.va (Overwatch) (got for Christmas), Glow in the dark Foxy (FNAF) and that dragon from the Dragonball series. Can't remember his name. I might have one or 2 more, or I might not. I have waaaay too many things piled up in bags and boxes. XD
  5. enitul

    Lets Talk About Funko Pops ?

    I have a few, but I only get the ones that I like if I see them. 馃檪
  6. enitul

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    We (Meridell) were SO CLOSE this year. But then suddenly Tyrannia got an insanely high score in the finals. But 2nd place isn't bad though. 馃檪 Even so, there MUST be a year where Meridell will be victorious! But for now, I'm happy.
  7. enitul

    The AC games

    Wait...So the team that always gets those 10-11 scores are cheaters?! How?! I didn't know that existed! How dare they! 馃槧 ...But I don't think Meridell is cheating though. I think they're still kinda 'normal' scores we're having this year. And don't worry about being cynical. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions, even if they may differ from mine. 馃檪
  8. enitul

    The AC games

    Oh man... I would have SO much more free time if I followed your way... But well, All-Star was just part of it. I also wanna help my team to the top and so far Meridell has been doing pretty good. So if only we'd win the Cup once this year I could do things a little different next year.
  9. enitul

    The AC games

    Yes! Finally got the All-Star rank ~for the first time in forever~... And I was wondering how many times you guys play each game a day. For me it's for Yooyuball it's the full 46 (if I can). MSN is 10 or 20. Slushie slinger is 5 or 10. And Shootout showdown is 50 or 100-200. The fat numbers are what I at least do each day and the higher ones are if I have the time to do that many or if the match in an important one. So tell me, what are your numbers? 馃檪 And while I'm at it, what is the highest humber of goals you've been able to make in one Yooyuball match? Mine's 17.
  10. enitul

    New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

    Normally I don't change my avatar easily, but after I got mine I equipped it right away. Gonna be even more in the Cup's mood now. I like'em.
  11. enitul

    Altador Cup: Sign-Ups Postponed Indefinitely

    I just play it for the fun and to get the prizes. Not too bothered by the delay, but I hope it doesn't take too long... Because The AC is the period of time when I can't play 'actual' games since I'm mostly busy to get me some points for my team. 馃檪
  12. enitul

    Plot prizes are here :)

    I got all the prizes, but I was secretly hoping for a TWS theme... Ah well, Still cool though.:) *Update: I just saw that I have the destroyed festival theme (no idea when I got it). So I'm happy all that waiting hasn't been for nothing... Even if it was on the long side.
  13. enitul

    how do u meet ppl on the internet

    You got me at 'I enjoy anime and video games'. XD Nice to meet you. I've been playing neopets for over 12 years and it's become a part of my daily life. :) I hope you'll be able to clear those goals of yours. I bet there's plenty of people who would be willing to help (me included) you with that. But anyway, if you wanna know more about me, send me a neomail. That's easier to check. :)
  14. enitul

    Shall I change my shop?

    Thanks you all for these opinions. :) While it doesn't make it easier to make a decision, it helps me getting a better view of what others do. I think I will keep the 5np thing going for at least the end of this month. Hopefully I'll be able to make a decision by then. But only time will tell. And feel free to keep telling me tips and experiences. It's something I really appreciate.
  15. enitul

    Shall I change my shop?

    True. I always told myself 'I don't need to make much money as long as people are happy with the items they buy'. And I'm gonna hold onto that even if I change the prizes. The 5 np is kind my thing I guess, so I just might hold onto that... Still... I wanna hear the opinions of other people before I make the final decision. :)