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  1. I got it for quite some time now, and I like it. 5th pet, no ads, a premium bar at the bottom of the screen where you can get a space fairy scratchcard every week and have a dailies block which you can customize and more. So I'd say: Just do it! ;)
  2. I either shoot with my back facing the opponents' goal, or shoot JUST past the goal while walking down diagonally towards it, and usually (if I get lucky) it goes up and I score. I always think of it as: It goes the opposite direction you want it to go. And also, of course, the opponent sometimes does it (the scoring) for me. :3 It helps if you get the 'bigger net' power-up though. But at any rate, I hate that thing. XD
  3. I wish you could still rank up on days off... Guess now I still have invest a lot of hours into playing those games to get the All-Star rank this year for once. On the other hand, since it didn't count yesterday I had no interest in playing and got to watch some anime with my sister instead. :)
  4. Just relaxing for me I guess... I tried to play a bit to get my rank a bit closer to 6, but the counter didn't go up. Is that supposed to be so this year?
  5. So I might not have to play all games 20 (it was 16 times last year) times a day to get a higher rank this year? Just Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger would be about 160 minutes a day... more than 2 hours... But if I don't have to invest so much time into some games, then I might try your advice. Especially since Slushie Slinger is my least favorite because it takes so long if I have to get a high score. And The color the Slushie does matter a bit. If you serve the right color to the right customer, you get more points (5 instead of 2 or 3).
  6. I really hope it is. But I'll hold onto that book for a just little longer just in case i have to discard it after all.
  7. It happend to me too. I already put the 2nd frame in my shop. But do I really have to throw away the 2nd special book (the one you get for 9 years of loyalty) too?
  8. It's Meridell for me. Joined them for 9 (10 with this year) years and I'll stay loyal to them. :)
  9. I have tons of games. May of which I haven't played. But these past few weeks it's been mostly Overwatch and Spore for PC, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap for the Nintendo Switch, Flying Dragon for the Nintendo 64 and Spore: Hero Arena (DS game) on my Nintendo 3DS. I don't have Vita, but I do like Vocaloid. :)
  10. I'm a loyal Meridell member. :) And I raise the times I play each game every year to get a higher rank... It was 16 times last year, so now I'm gonna try and play all 4 games 20 times a day. Which can be pretty exausting and VERY time consuming. XD
  11. So sad to hear. :( You could always try to send in a ticket on a side account. Mine got hacked once and I got it back after about 2 months.
  12. Anyone want to beat the Team Challenge for Chadley with me so we (you and me) can get the stamp?
  13. Awww man, I didn't know that Daily Dare had started... Now I've missed 2 days of beating a score on the same day you could do it. But thanks for posting this so now I know it so I can so it every day from now on. (my fault for leaving the site on the dutch language since that's the one I'm used to).
  14. So I'm just doing my business on neopets, as usual, when I get a random event: 'Terwijl je een wandeling maakt, kijkt Kramak naar beneden en vindt 17.998 NP op de grond. Vandaag lijkt wel een geluksdag!' (while you're taking a walk, Kramak looks down and finds 17.998 NP on the ground. Today seems like a lucky day!). I remember having these kind of events before, but never with that much NP. So I was wondering: Is it really rare to get that amount of NP in such an event or don't I just get them enough?
  15. Tiki Tour and the Merry-go-round are, as far as my knowledge goes, the fastest ways to make your pet happy again. They cost a few nps, but they're worth it. :) Good luck.