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  1. It's Meridell for me. Joined them for 9 (10 with this year) years and I'll stay loyal to them. :)
  2. I have tons of games. May of which I haven't played. But these past few weeks it's been mostly Overwatch and Spore for PC, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap for the Nintendo Switch, Flying Dragon for the Nintendo 64 and Spore: Hero Arena (DS game) on my Nintendo 3DS. I don't have Vita, but I do like Vocaloid. :)
  3. I'm a loyal Meridell member. :) And I raise the times I play each game every year to get a higher rank... It was 16 times last year, so now I'm gonna try and play all 4 games 20 times a day. Which can be pretty exausting and VERY time consuming. XD
  4. So sad to hear. :( You could always try to send in a ticket on a side account. Mine got hacked once and I got it back after about 2 months.
  5. Anyone want to beat the Team Challenge for Chadley with me so we (you and me) can get the stamp?
  6. Awww man, I didn't know that Daily Dare had started... Now I've missed 2 days of beating a score on the same day you could do it. But thanks for posting this so now I know it so I can so it every day from now on. (my fault for leaving the site on the dutch language since that's the one I'm used to).
  7. So I'm just doing my business on neopets, as usual, when I get a random event: 'Terwijl je een wandeling maakt, kijkt Kramak naar beneden en vindt 17.998 NP op de grond. Vandaag lijkt wel een geluksdag!' (while you're taking a walk, Kramak looks down and finds 17.998 NP on the ground. Today seems like a lucky day!). I remember having these kind of events before, but never with that much NP. So I was wondering: Is it really rare to get that amount of NP in such an event or don't I just get them enough?
  8. Tiki Tour and the Merry-go-round are, as far as my knowledge goes, the fastest ways to make your pet happy again. They cost a few nps, but they're worth it. :) Good luck.
  9. The Carity Corner is a good way for me to FINALLY get rid of all those unneeded NC items and basic gift boxes that kept piling up in my inventory. And some people can be jerks if they don't get their way. It's kinda sad sometimes... But it's good you're enjoying the event. Have a very nice day!
  10. Anyone want to adopt this cute Bori? Please neomail me if you're interested. :) Otherwise he's going into the pound.
  11. ...Breezescout, thank you SO much that you said this. After I read your response, I went and checked my SDB immediately, and they were there! My NC items, petpets, paintbrushes and my codestones were all there! I don't know why, but they.were.there!! I can't believe it!! My shop was also listed as closed just like yours, so maybe we were hacked by the same person? XD And all those ghost mystery capsules that were suddenly in my inventory... Maybe there were available during Halloween (when my account got hacked) and the hacker bought them with the NC I had left on my account! That could explain it... but why would he/she do that I wonder... I really don't get it, but I feel SO relieved right now that all of my items are safe and sound after all... But why hack an account just to place all of their stuff in their SDB?... But even if nothing appears to be gone, I want to thank you all SO much for all of your support. You're the very best, like no one ever was! :D
  12. So I got my account back today after about 2 months. Thank you SO much Alice! I never thought I'd see my dear neopets ever again... ...But then I looked at the damage that's been done... Most of my NC, and those were a lot including some very special ones you could only get from special events, were gone and somehow I have a lot of Ghostly Gift Boxes now... Does that mean anything? It also seems like the hacker spend some of the NC I had... I'm not sure if Grarrls can eat NC items if they're hungry or that the hacker took them, but it stinks that they're gone. Then I checked my gallery... everything, gone... From al the codestones I collected (for later use) 'till the big collection of petpets I had. Which, again, included rare or special ones. So that's a REALLY big bummer since I really liked those lil things... My poor Gobbler... Then I checked my SDB, and most of my stuff seemed to be there. Since I have a lot of stuff in there as well I couldn't check everything so quickly. So I only checked for my paintbrushes, which, of course, were gone. Then I checked my bank... and suprisingly it seemed untouched. Just like my Neopets and their Petpets, which I'm really glad for. So overall... the biggest damage that's done are the vanished petpets and NC items. Other than that, I guess it could have been worse. I'm just really happy that my pets are (I hope completely) untouched. I hope the damage for all of you still hacked accounts out there will be not so much once you get them back. And now I'm off to feed all my hungry pets and trying to get everything back on the rails again. I still can't believe people can be so mean as so steal another one's work... might there be a way to get some items back? UPDATE: All of my items appeared to have been put into my SDB, so nothing seems to be stolen. So you kind, awesome people don't need to send my petpets anymore. :D I hope you will have an awesome day.
  13. That's odd. Why has it been inaccessible for you? It's not deactivated or something, as I could see it when I looked up your accounBut wouldn't you get an activation code almost directly after you've told them your mail adress?
  14. I also never wanted a side account because it would just be all extras I didn't need, but now I have one due to my main being frozen for no reason (I hope a hacker didn't get in). So now while I'm working on trying to get my main back, I have to do it with my unexpected 6th pet (which I already love even though I've only had him for 4-5 days). As for the pounding-a-pet-thing: I wouldn't be able to do it. I love my pixel-pets too much to pound them. And I try to take care of my virtual pets as much as I would care for a real life one. So if it were me, I'd morph my pet if I wanted a different species. For example: on my main I have a Krawk that used to be a Tuskanniny. Also, perhaps it's more rewarding to actually work for a pet you really want instead of just getting it handed to you. For example: on my main I have a male Electric Draik that used to be a Pirate female when I hatched the egg. And that's my story I have for you. I hope it'll help with your final decision. Good luck. :)
  15. Before now, I never changed my password, partly because I never thought of it and it was kinda hard to guess, so I thought I'd be ok... But maybe I should have and this might not have happend. And the hacker (if there was one) can take all my items, expensive or useless, like all the petpets I've collected in my gallery and all the np I have been saving in my bank account, if only they leave my dearest pets alone...