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  1. MagicSpyglass

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I litearly did not know that there was a thread for this, so I did a seperate post that proceeded to get locked. rip. Anyways, I would like to ask one of you guys to adopt a former pet of mine that I put into the pound in order to make room for a Hissi! However, I am worried that me might end up neglected or abandoned :( So, can somebody on this thread take him in? That would be ggreattt!!!! He's a cloud flotasm, and he can be found here: Here he iss
  2. MagicSpyglass

    Neopet up for adoption!

    Hey, so I made the sad decision to pound my Flotsam because I wanted to get a cybunny instead. Can somebody please adopt him and give him a good home please. Here is his link if you are interested. Here he isss Edit: I decided to get a Hissi instead. Shes so prettyyyy! This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a mega thread for Pet Adoptions or Trades. Please post there. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  3. MagicSpyglass

    Enter The Runway #48!

    I totally will enter!
  4. MagicSpyglass


    Thank you for the congratulations! Although for some reason I decided to spend lots of my money on a starry paint brush XD I do have a lots of doubloons sooo...
  5. MagicSpyglass

    What's your Achievement today?

    Reunited with a old neopet. I was so excited about it that I gushed about it in a post on this forum!
  6. MagicSpyglass

    What New Pets?

    I rediscovered a old pet of mine, so she will be a permanent member of the family! I was going to keep a starry elephante, but honestly I felt guilty for the longest time that I abandoned her. She was also a boy by the time I put her in the pound, but it seems that a mad scientist got to her first!
  7. MagicSpyglass


    Oh my gosh! I wanted to originally adopt a starry elephante for my fifth neopet, and I did for a hour or two, but I decided to instead find and adopt one of my previously pounded neopets. I found his name through my first post on the forums! I knew that his first name was Shenna. I saw his full name on that post, and I HAD to adopt him! He was still a pirate techo, but now he is a girl. So, I suppose that I have a transgender techo on my hands. To celebrate, I will be giving all of my neopets some food at The Golden Dubloon! :) I hope that the elephante will get adopted soon. All i remember is that his first name was Anne. So, if you find him, let me know!
  8. MagicSpyglass

    The Runway Votes #46

    Oh my gosh! I am in first! Thank you so much everybody! You all did a great job!
  9. MagicSpyglass

    The Runway Votes #45

    Oh my gosh! I am second place! This is awesomeeee!!!!
  10. MagicSpyglass

    What is this?!!!

    I am so exciteddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Actually got the avatar. I don't care if it's "lame"
  11. MagicSpyglass

    neopets fanfic crossover help XD

    so i want to have a neopets crossover with fallout (and yes, i am doing it NOT because i want to make a bad version of fallout;equstria, i am just inspired by it) if anyone can help me think of neopets versions for items/characters/beings/settings of fallout items/beging/characters/settings, then thank you. i will also have my own content and my own main character, don't worry.
  12. MagicSpyglass

    about unpopular neopets.

    so, i looked at all four of my pet's race and i got these results: in 16th place are the ixi. this means that Galient_learner's race is some-what popular. in 24th place are the peophins. i have not seen much starry Peophins around however, which is a shame! so SHE must be slightly less popular when it comes to race+color. her name is Fruitfulsea btw if you want to look at her! :D in 35th place are the techos! they are less popular than other neopets. and add to the fact that my techo Sheena_1484 is pirate adds to how 'unpopular' he is. in 40th place are the ogrin. i feel bad that Qween_Lile's race is so unpopular! i'm not counting pets that you can't create normaly. this just shows that we should try and not care on how rare a neopet is :( i love Qween as much as Galient and i will never give ANY of them away! so, do you want to share about your unpopular neopets? make sure that you can get them by creating them on whatever day you want!