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  1. hello starshine

    Thank you so much <3 It's not too hard :) Took me a while and some coding knowledge, but definitely you could do it ^_^ also i'm glad someone knows the title ;D
  2. hello starshine

    Hello everyone! I'm Mae or ___zombie on Neopets. I've been playing since I was 11 years old and even at 22 am not stopping anytime soon. I always look on the TDNForums and lurk, but i decided to make an account. So a little about me: I am obsessed with the NC Mall and customizing my pets. I love trading NC Items, Creating fun outfits, and hanging around the boards. Outside of Neopets you can find me on League of Legends or watching Anime~ I love to draw and make fun pixel dolls. /~Valnao Love getting Neomails or talking on Line with new people and making friends. If you wanna chat and get to know each other just let me know~ Just wanted to say hello to all the TDN folks out there! Add me on neopets if you'd like~