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    Back after hiatus. And feeling the love..
  • Birthday 09/19/1992

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    In cyberspace.
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    Reading manga, Negima scans, editing Wiki.

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  1. Hey!

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  2. Happy Birthday again ^^

  3. .Dan.

    Site Unsteady

    WOAH!! I blame global warming, because everyone knows that TDN's in Penguinland, so the warming must have melted our 'berg!
  4. .Dan.


    Mmm, I'll try to. Woah, I sensed I'd write this! Ah, cheap thrills.
  5. .Dan.

    So, what are you listening to now?

    Wasn't Nantucket in a nursery rhyme? Or is it a location?
  6. .Dan.

    Allo Again!

    Allo:D Jeez, I really was an egg(it should be a harsher word, but there are the damn rules that I loved flouting) back then...
  7. .Dan.


    Whenever something happens in life, like I meet someone or something occurs, I always get this nagging feeling that I've experienced this before, as in deja vu, and it's really creepy!
  8. .Dan.

    Video games

    I've always loved RPGs and shooters on consoles, never really PC. Online-wise, all I've ever played is Halo CE (I pwned), Runescape (I failed) and Neopets (I'm working on it!!). Old-skoolers'll remember I had a passion for flash games, which I still do.
  9. .Dan.

    Hang Out and Post

    Isn't that like what Alexa does using site traffic?
  10. .Dan.

    Last to post wins!

    Aww, thanks man <3 Didn't expect to see that here. BOO!
  11. .Dan.

    Allo Again!

    Wait, wait, I remember you, no, wait, that was me. I'm thinking a clean slate, how about it?
  12. .Dan.

    So, what are you listening to now?

    To get me in the mood: Eminem - Without Me. I recently discovered Daft Punk, and have been listening to loads of that.
  13. .Dan.

    Movies In The Theaters

    I saw Juno too! It was really well-written, and I like how the director's switched things around by having a female lead in a comedy for once. Meet The Spartans looks good, I've gotta go see that soon. Cloverfield was pretty good, except for the volume, either it was the movie or the cinema, but the sound was POUNDING.Ooo, and the ending. I mean, you sit there, nearly wetting yourself, and then it ends. Suddenly. Everyone I saw it with was like "uh...0.o". I just saw that list, and from a quick glance at the upcoming movies, it seems like it's dominated by superhero/Marvel/DC movies. I wonder why that is.
  14. .Dan.

    Where are YOU from? 0_o

    Continent: Oceania (I forgot...there's all these different ones! Oceania, Australasia, Polynesia...Wiki, here I come!) Country: New Zealand (I definitely know this one) State: Um, maybe Auckland? We kinda have provinces or just regions.