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  1. jingfah

    Halfway to 50

    (late) Happy birthday, fellow 25 year old! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and didn't spend the day in existential despair about how you're probably 1/3 of the way through your life like I may or may not have!
  2. jingfah

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at Hirinhu... ... and he changes colour to Eventide!! -- ........ I've really been hoping for MSP, but I'm a sucker for eventide.
  3. jingfah

    What other games do you play? Animal crossing maybe?

    I'm late to the party, because I meant to reply to this and then completely forgot. Actually, I'm late to all the parties because right now I'm on my second play through of Dragon Age: Inquisition and I'm completely obsessed with this game. I went ahead and bought the first two games, and I'm going to play them after this (and then play DA;I for the third time because WHY NOT - also because choices made in the previous games impact future games aND I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS). dragon age is available on xbox, playstation, and pc so you can play on your preferred platform COUGH COUGH I'm also a shameless enjoyer of the Sims franchise so I switch between 3 and 4 based on however I'm feeling that day. For DS I usually play one of the pokemon (i've got all of them so this also depends on my mood), Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Zelda, and RADIANT HISTORIA (an amazing game about time travel and changing the world with your decisions and uGH IT'S GREAT AND DONE IN OLD VIDEO GAME STYLE AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT). I've got the ps2, ps3, and ps4, (clearly I'm a playstation girl), so I have a lot of options that span the different consoles. Notable game series include: .hack Kingdom Hearts Elder Scrolls Dead Space Assassin's Creed Resident Evil I've got way too many games, but the ones from the listed franchises are the ones I tend to play more than once especially .hack, oh my goodness. I'M STILL WAITING ON THE NEXT ONE THE WEBSITE HAS SAID IT'S "COMING SOON" SINCE 2011 I'M SO MAD.
  4. jingfah

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 84!

    Hooray for team jingfah! Thanks everyone for joining/helping! So excited to have finished my obelisk war avatars and finally be able to vote to help others/get boons I actually want.
  5. jingfah

    Hi everybody!

    Sign ups closed a while ago for the Altador Cup, but it is an annual event! So you can always participate next year (if that's a thing you decide you want to do). Anyway, welcome to TDN! Everyone is really nice and helpful. ALSO I see that you both around my age (I'm 24) and a fellow k-pop person! Thoughts on EXO's latest album?
  6. Hey! I went to your account to see the Darigan Pteri and it says you've been frozen! I hope not!

    1. jingfah


      It wasn't my account, but thank you for the concern!

      It's too bad that it's been frozen ):

  7. jingfah

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 84!

    You're all so sweet; thank you!! All help is greatly appreciated! also team jingfah sounds awesome: you too can join team jingfah today!
  8. jingfah

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 84!

    Forever stuck picking Seekers until they win. come on seekers, yall are the last one i need
  9. http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Simiun Simiun will be 644 days in ~8 hours. I'm not sure if anyone needs this, but I figured I should at least put it up!
  10. jingfah

    Faerie Quest Help

    I actually just spent 325k today on a biyako stamp for the fountain faerie... Worth it, though.
  11. jingfah

    Faerie Quest Help

    http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=dtolsen&buy_obj_info_id=54564&buy_cost_neopoints=690 Here you go! (They've got 56, so I don't imagine they'll be running out any time soon)
  12. jingfah

    Today's Random Events

    I was really excited until I finished reading. You gave me hope, NP, and then abruptly took it away.
  13. jingfah

    Apple Bobbing

    Finally! I'd like to say something like "I'll never do apple bobbing again!" but honestly, I'll probably absentmindedly do it tomorrow with the rest of my usual dailies.
  14. jingfah

    Today's Random Events

    Excuse you, you little punk. You're bloated, exactly how much more do you think you can eat???
  15. jingfah

    Well here it goes....

    First off, I would like to say that not only are you incredibly brave for sharing this story with us, but you're even more brave for owning up to your mistakes so completely and confessing what you did to the police. It must have been absolutely terrifying. Secondly, I think that you should completely forget about that text from your boyfriend's mother. He is an adult, and as such he is fully capable of making his own decisions. You are in no way "responsible" for him; you are his girlfriend, not his caretaker and certainly not his mother. I have to agree with ladycanary - she's probably upset with you because she sees him moving out to be with you as you "stealing him" or some such nonsense. Her attempt in guilt-tripping you is childish, to be quite honest. The fact that you admit both his mother and step-father insulted you only confirmed my opinion that you should ignore her (and that text) completely. Finally, I was raised Catholic so I completely understand not only your past, but your current admissions about not quite following the rules you always swore to follow. I'm very sorry that your father sounds absolutely terrible. I've suffered emotional abuse before, but at the hands of a boyfriend. I imagine it was a lot easier for me to distance myself from him than it will ever be for you to distance yourself from your father - but it's still something you should strongly consider. I really think you should, once all of the legal trouble is over, look into moving out. It will be hard, but you really need to put some serious distance between you and your father. Don't let him beat you down or make you feel worse in the meantime. Honor thy mother and father can only go so far when one of your parents are abusive (emotional abuse is still abuse), and you need to focus more on taking care of yourself ensuring your own mental and physical well-being rather than worrying about the opinion of a man who will never be satisfied with anything you do. My mother is fond of the saying that God will never give you more than you can handle - I've never been sure if that's true, but I have to agree that although things are terrible right now, I firmly believe that you'll be able to get through this. Know that I (and the rest of TDN) are always here for you. Let us know if you need anything, and we'll do our best to help.