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  1. S_A

    Customisation advise

    I added the Golden Cobrall Staff (31K) and the Hissi Swordsman Coat (21K). I think he looks pretty dashing. Great original customization btw.
  2. S_A

    No Crafting Faerie Quest?

    Heh. I just checked the news and TNT said: "NC MALL NEWS: Attention Neopia - please be aware and alert your Neofriends that the NC Mall will be temporarily unavailable tomorrow, March 9th, from 11:00am - 12, noon NST / PST. During this period of downtime, the mall will be undergoing routine maintenance. If, for whatever reason, there is any delay in its return, we will be sure to keep you updated. Thank you!" Maybe that's the reason?
  3. S_A

    No Crafting Faerie Quest?

    I agree. I sometimes (well...twice in the time I've been playing) have landed on the space that gives you NC in the scarab drop thingie and have done the quest for her. I mean, everyone else (who has NC) is able to do two quests, why, if we put in the effort towards a boon, and are strategic in how we choose our boon, why penalize us? It's complete rubbish. Blasted greed.
  4. Hey there! So the first time I used my Refreshed Quest Request boon on the crafting faerie, and it all worked out well. Yesterday and today, however, I have not received a quest from the crafting faerie. Is there a reason for this? I'm a little bummed, because had I known I wouldn't be able to do two quests/day, I would have chosen the Cheaper by the Dozen boon.
  5. S_A

    I've lost my voice - help!

    I lost my voice a couple times and I find that gargling with salt water and drinking hot water with lemon juice and honey works wonders.
  6. If you don't want to use the TP, I've sold hard to sell items at the auction house quicker. Like if the item is 150K on the TP, I'd put it up for auction at 140K with increments of 1000. Sometimes it works, other times you just have to wait and see. I agree with using the neoboards as other folks here have suggested. Good luck!
  7. S_A

    issues with neohome

    I came to the forums because my neohome v.2 won't even load. I have all my adobe and flash stuffs updated. I'm dismayed, but relieved that I'm not the only one having neohome problems. Thank you, Hanso!!! I got all but 5 buyable (2 real life buyable) items out! With neohomes (classic and v.2) all strange and stuff, I'm leery about messing with them...which is a shame, because other than customizing my pets, that was my favorite thing to do on Neopets. :/
  8. S_A

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    I was at Universal Studios Orlando and Daytona Beach (bucket list items for me!) while this round was going on, but this would have been my entry for the Un-Valentine's day: Title: Adopt Me? Caption: All he wanted was to be loved. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1319800
  9. S_A

    NeoHome customisation

    You put the item sort of close to the edge of the boundary, and then push the elevation button to make it go up in the air, but it looks like it's going out of the boundary lines.
  10. S_A

    Who here likes making music and performing?

    I play the piano/keyboard and sing as a hobby (which is saying I'm not the really great at either, but I like it? Lol). I played first chair flute in high school over a decade ago, and break it out once in a while. I LOVE classical music, and am going to see Ramin Djawadi's Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience Feb. 23rd!!! I also love to listen to Jamaican music (look up the wicked cool mash up with Ziggy Marley and Chance the Rapper doing the theme song to the cartoon "Arthur"), and listen to/watch drumlines, so I'd probably love y'all's stuff!
  11. I really like it! I agree that the polka dot shower works so well with the paint job of your shoyru! I actually like that your shoyru isn't wearing clothes...quite simple, yet still impactful. Good stuff and thanks for sharing! Have you ever entered The Runway on here? I think you'd do really well, and possibly enjoy it. ^_^
  12. S_A

    To save or to spend?

    I'm in the same boat! Lol. Right now I want to finish my books, neohome, and gallery, but I want avatars too. I've gotten a couple from the ALP (which is the greatest btw!), and I'm saving for a few more, but it's sooooo hard! I wish you lots of luck deciding!
  13. S_A

    Safe Space from Safe Spaces

    Maybe it's because I was raised by a figurative John Wayne and my mom, to be tough and forgiving, and to seek out the helpers (referencing Fred Rogers) instead of looking for all the bad in the world. I never once thought about the non-wall here, but the song, and later the Berlin Wall after reading the TNT news article lol. I guess I'm too old fashioned to even pretend to understand why lions (TNT in this case) lose sleep over the opinions of sheep(le). I know I never will, and if some goofball wanted to waste their time trying (and failing) to attack me for having a burrito in a wall (I mean, c'mon lol) in my gallery, they're flushable, erasable, and blockable.
  14. S_A

    Safe Space from Safe Spaces

    Nielo. Folks complain because we can't have nice things because someone, somewhere, is going to feel hurt. My sister is a little overweight, should I be offended by the hilarious Plumpy? I have friends who are vegan, should I feel bad about the blumaroo steak made by something that bounces and ends up not bouncing anymore? No. See? I love rock, burritos, and Pink Floyd. That silly collection of pixels that folks who thought it in bad taste, was so wicked cool to me! I really don't like the pieces parts of grundos all over Neopia, but it's a big world...I pick up my personal bubble, and roll along instead of popping others' just because I feel bad. It's not hard.
  15. So I read the news about the Burrito in the Wall and got pretty bummed. Neopets, for me, is an escape from judgement, hatred, and petulance that I'm bombarded with on most other forms of media. I'm a big Pink Floyd fan, and actually had this on my wishlist to get for my gallery, but alas. This is just a rant I s'pose. Do any of you folks feel like you wade through rivers made from the tears of the easily offended?