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  1. Is it the acronym GBCs? This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  2. Reminds me of my Christmas Grarrl
  3. 23 is definitely one of the more difficult ones. However, it can be beat without the use of item! I've done it at least once. I probably used the trick were there is a 5 combo and then I switch it with a 4 combo.
  4. It works fine for me on Internet Explorer, and I don't remember installing any Unity for it. Although, I must say I prefer the app on my iPhone (I downloaded it like a year ago). Maybe it's just your computer? Try restarting it. You should play until you get to the Shenkuu levels. Barring 1 or two, they are pretty easy and give move neopoints.
  5. Stuff I have for trade: Regular: Bamboo Grove Background Embroidered Layer Sweater Fresh Flower Necklace Jewelled Sunglasses Pandaphant Hoodie Red Candle and Flower Foreground Shooting Stars Starry Scarf Willing to trade for other items than the one I want: Adorable Freckles Air Faerie Bubble Basket of Apples Black Satin Bow Tie Bone Necklace Bouncing Tennis Ball Candy Cane Hair Bow Classic Beauty Mark Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint Dainty Blue and Purple Face Paint Debonair Mustache Elegant Ballerina Facepaint Fireworks Face Paint Floral Lace Gloves Flower and Jewel Circlet Hanging Flower Heart Wreath Hero of Neopia Foreground Hero of Neopia Mask Night Music Painted Acorn String Lights Paper Stars Garland Pastel Mushroom Garland Pretty Flower Headband Prissy Miss Bow Rainbow Tears Facepaint Skull Bow Soft Hanging Lamp Space Trooper Oxygen Tank Sparkling Emerald Earrings Sparkling Red Hair Bow Sparkly Bow Shoes Sun Beam Makeup Tower Princess Shoes Woodland Want: Dark Glowing Lily Tree
  6. So something more like this maybe? https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1316620
  7. I don't think it would be considered a fair trade if I asked for both.
  8. I actually got a Decorated Ukulele from the Icy Pack if you'd like to trade
  9. Bruce Springsteen
  10. Ooo, this'll be a tough one for me since I already did a Shenkuu themed outfit for the Neopian Worlds contest. Challenge accepted.
  11. Well this has been a pleasant experience, I finally was able to gift everyone at least once, even if I'm still waiting on a few people that I'm regifting since their original gift was less than 20k (if you have an asteric on an item next to your name in the spoiler section of my original post, let me know). Hope everyone had a happy holiday, and a wonderful new year~
  12. You can roll dice with Count Vonroo, he could decrease your decrease your pet's level a little.
  13. Cool, thanks for the info, it could be handy in the future ^^
  14. Are you allowed to have a side account for zapping pets? I was thinking of eventually getting the map, but I love all my pets.
  15. I thought this was a pretty funny event considering where I got it haha