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  1. Where to start Restocking?

    Supposedly the Magical Bookshop is good for beginners. I think TDN has a guide on restocking in general. Good luck!
  2. Meepit Price

    Oh wow that would definitely do it! Thank you! I'd have been mad if I was lucky enough to have one before that only to have the price degrade
  3. Meepit Price

    Quick question for you all... why did Meepits become so cheap? I remember a few years ago they were over a million NP, and now looking at JN's price history, I see there was a severe drop in price (from 1.5 mil to 33k) in 2014. Not that I mind them being inexpensive, I just have been wondering what happened that so drastically changed their price. Did a daily start giving them away? Thanks! :)
  4. Ridiculous Trading Post Offers

    It goes the other way around too, I've been looking to buy a Wraith Paint Brush (worth 3 mil) and there's a few people offering them on the trading post for 10 mil!
  5. What New Pets?

    I found a Korbat that has a name very similar to my name. Made her my very first labrat!
  6. Lost Over 20 Pounds!

    You go girl! Love seeing people achieve their goals!
  7. What Age Should Makeup Be Allowed?

    I started wearing makeup in 11th grade but knew people who started to wear it as early as fifth. I think middle school is when most start wearing it and I think that's fine. The only reason I started wearing it so late is because I'm low maintenance and a tom-boy .
  8. Firefox neopets Log-in : Security Issues

    I've been getting that message on Neo and other sites as well. I would assume Neo is no less secure than it ever was, so I just dismissed it as Firefox being goofy.
  9. Help with getting a side acc back?

    It would probably be easier to find a new charger than to try to guess the password or get a timely response from Neo. What you should do is find your computer model number. Companies tend to either put them on the outside (on the bottom of your laptop, typically on a manufacturer's sticker) or it may be underneath your battery. If you don't find it on the outside, there's a good chance that's where it is. It should be fairly easy to get to your battery if that's the case. Once you find the model number, simply throw that into google and find out what charger you need. Good luck, hope you get into your side soon!
  10. Question about using side account for storage

    I don't know why you wouldn't be able to. The safest bet would be to just leave them in your main, of course, but I personally don't see any harm in moving them. If it's established that the other account is your side, you aren't doing anything wrong.
  11. Disappearing Scratchcard prize

    I've never had this happen to me, but could you imagine if you would've gotten the jackpot instead of just a snowball? I probably would have screamed.
  12. new iPhone 6 - not recharging

    One time I had a similar issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Turned out to be an electric issue and not a hardware issue. If any of your friends have lightning chargers, ask if you can plug your phone in to theirs. That way you'll know whether it's a phone issue or a charger issue. My mom happened to have a charger compatible with my phone and that's how I knew it wasn't my phone. For whatever reason, the power strip I had my phone hooked to that morning didn't want to work. Best of luck to you!
  13. Unfreezing of account

    There's a Neoboard called Help. Usually there's a thread in there about getting accounts unfrozen. I'm told that TNT does look at it and that accounts have been unfrozen through posting there. I don't think it's instantaneous though, and you of course have to ask nicely. There will be directions on what to do on the thread, but I'm pretty sure you have to post your ticket number. Hope that helps and good luck on getting your account back! Did they give you a reason why it was frozen?
  14. Happy Krawk Day!

    Wow..... I waited to possibly repaint my krawk in hopes they would release marble or candy.... and we get clay....ouch.
  15. Ollo!

    Welcome to TDN! Everyone is super friendly and I'm sure you'll have a blast :)