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  1. CylonPirate

    Advent Knitting Mistake

    I hadn't read the specifics but I skimmed that the knitting was depicted incorrectly so when I finally watched the animation I just laughed because I didn't think it could be that terrible but omg the sideways is just killing me in a good way.
  2. CylonPirate

    Gallery Thoughts?

    I have a Magax gallery. I included all the items that have magax in the title or description as well as his image. I was super sad that this years magax/nox animation didn't come with a new item for my gallery. As it stands now I only need the TCG card and the plushie contest prize to make my gallery complete http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=kittyodeath
  3. CylonPirate

    Battledome questions

    I've trained two battle pets and both times I made the decision to go to level only training when I hit level 100 and the 200 str and def boost.
  4. CylonPirate

    A very serious Neopian question.

    I think Korkoi would have been so much cuter.
  5. CylonPirate

    A very serious Neopian question.

    Okay so I went ahead and made the linking gallery on my side because I couldn't resist. Now I just hope they make more head chains. Gallery Here
  6. CylonPirate

    A very serious Neopian question.

    I kind of want to do a chain link gallery with these items now lol
  7. CylonPirate

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    I was disappointed this year that the prizes weren't magax related at all. I have a magax gallery so I look forward to this day in hopes of getting new items for it.
  8. CylonPirate

    Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway 2018 - Now Open!

    I've been trying for ages to zap a stealthy vanda on my side so i put in for that.
  9. The first thing people tell me to go for when they see my avatars needed list is the deckswabber av but omg I am HORRIBLE at stowaway sting.
  10. CylonPirate

    The Official Stock Market Board

    If you follow someone on the reddit thread for food club you just click the number on their bets table and it takes you to a site that pre-fills the bets.
  11. CylonPirate

    What's your Achievement today?

    Third place at Nova Defender!! Last minute score send so I probably totally ruined someone's day now i just need one more trophy to complete the row.
  12. CylonPirate

    Happy Usul Day

    I've never really liked or disliked usuls before but I made one just for that warrior queen outfit
  13. CylonPirate

    Can 1M NP be made in 25 days? Yes!

    My guild is doing a team challenge where we earn points for various money making activities like maxing out bd rewards, betting in food club, collecting daily interest without withdrawing, playing a set number of games for more than 100np per game, 50 ghoul catcher games, etc and I was surprised at how much I earned in just one week from the activities we are participating in.
  14. I've found the best method for me with the darigan yy is to stand at the bottom of the goal and blast it full power so it bounces of the wall and slices into the goal. I really miss the version where if you stood in a certain spot the yy would go in at the same angle every time. I mean I think we have enough dynamic trajectory yys with the faerie and mutant 😕
  15. CylonPirate

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    I'm pretty sure Meridell is doing well because along with their regular support they have SOTAC this year.