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  1. I ended up rage quitting my trophy run today when I got 722 at Carnival of Terror. Still ended up with two trophies tonight though. Third place at Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island!! Third place at Carnival of Terror!!
  2. Add me to the Godori crowd. I don't mind the game but I should have broken it up into smaller bits per day when I went for it. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Godori' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  3. I forgot to post when I first got them but at reset this month I was able to get two new HS table trophies: Third place at Skies Over Meridell!! Second place at Top Chop!! I owe my skill at them to the insane challenge scores from DD/GMC forcing me to practice them.
  4. Second place at Piper Panic!! Had a lazy reset yesterday but still managed to nab this guy. I only need three more trophies to be at 100! Edit: Got even luckier today because: Silver Dice-A-RooJACKPOT!WOOHOO! YOU WIN THE JACKPOT OF 20063 NEOPOINTS!!! AND YOU ALSO GET THE 10X JACKPOT MULTIPLIER!!!!!!!!!!!! Dice-A-Roo CHAMPION!!!
  5. I hadn't read the specifics but I skimmed that the knitting was depicted incorrectly so when I finally watched the animation I just laughed because I didn't think it could be that terrible but omg the sideways is just killing me in a good way.
  6. I have a Magax gallery. I included all the items that have magax in the title or description as well as his image. I was super sad that this years magax/nox animation didn't come with a new item for my gallery. As it stands now I only need the TCG card and the plushie contest prize to make my gallery complete http://www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=kittyodeath
  7. I've trained two battle pets and both times I made the decision to go to level only training when I hit level 100 and the 200 str and def boost.
  8. I think Korkoi would have been so much cuter.
  9. Okay so I went ahead and made the linking gallery on my side because I couldn't resist. Now I just hope they make more head chains. Gallery Here
  10. I kind of want to do a chain link gallery with these items now lol
  11. I was disappointed this year that the prizes weren't magax related at all. I have a magax gallery so I look forward to this day in hopes of getting new items for it.
  12. I've been trying for ages to zap a stealthy vanda on my side so i put in for that.
  13. The first thing people tell me to go for when they see my avatars needed list is the deckswabber av but omg I am HORRIBLE at stowaway sting.
  14. If you follow someone on the reddit thread for food club you just click the number on their bets table and it takes you to a site that pre-fills the bets.
  15. Third place at Nova Defender!! Last minute score send so I probably totally ruined someone's day now i just need one more trophy to complete the row.
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