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  1. Favorite Holiday Movies

    These two, right here. I'd also like to add Tokyo Godfathers, which is also not 100% a Christmas movie and might actually be more of a New Years movie... It's been a while since I last saw it, but it's definitely set during the winter at least.
  2. Advent Calendar 2015 Begins!

    In today's animation, one of the lines in the 'H' just... fixes itself after several frames. :I I think this is the first time I've seen an item that has anything other than a white background. Has anyone else seen something like this before?
  3. Hello!

    Hey there! Welcome to the forums! :) As said above, we really are a friendly lot here.
  4. Questions on a Side account

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the first, second, fourth, and fifth questions can be answered with yes. However, for the third question, per the rules you're not allowed to spend NP on sides, either in official shops, user shops, or in trades, so you'd need to send food items to your side to feed your pets. However, side accounts are allowed to use the Soup Kitchen, so you can feed your pets that way if you want to. As for the last one, you can have up to four side accounts. I'm not sure if people are allowed to have premium on side accounts, though, and that would effect the total number of pets a person could have.
  5. What's your Achievement today?

    A relatively small achievement, but my battle pet reached level 151 today. So that's a new tier at the training school and lower codestone costs since now I'll only be putting her in for training once a day instead of twice a day.
  6. Advent Calendar 2015 Begins!

    A bit late but I too really liked what's now yesterday's animation. Can't quite put into words why but I just really liked both it and the ogrin character. I didn't get the feeling that the Orgin was depressed so much as that he was meant to be an older character, one who felt 'too old' to be catching snowflakes on his tongue and wanted to check and make sure no one was watching.
  7. Happy Wocky Day!

    Huh. Neither of these are to my liking but since I haven't got a Wocky to begin with I guess it doesn't really change anything for me. The 8-bit Wocky's left foreleg is larger than its right one, which could have been fixed with a few pixels to better define the chest. The Mutant Wocky is, as already noted, not in a special pose despite not being able to wear most clothing anyway. Add to that that is looks kinda of slapped together to me, with no real direction to the pieces. The mouth and eyes work well enough together, but the pincer-ears and spikes on the legs don't seem to fit. The sort of speckling coloration on the ears is only just barely visible in the main body and a little in the legs. The yellow-green coloration on the chest looks to have a darker outline when none of the other colors get the outline treatment. The claws are only on the forepaws. I like the color of the ruff, since it helps incorporate the purple in the tail, but like most other posters so far the tentacle!ruff isn't working for me. Maybe if it at least had more tentacles in the back instead of only in the front and/or the tail had also been changed to be a large tentacle or even a mass of smaller tentacles?
  8. What should I pick?

    My favorite is the Fall Beauty. Not just because it's currently seasonal (or close to being seasonal, at least) but because I think the colors of the customization work best with your Acara's Golden color.
  9. Hiya!

    Wow that's a lot of projects! I'll admit I'm much more a reader than I am a writer--once a scene's passed through my head I have a really hard time sitting down and actually writing what I've already imagined. Co-writing's always sounded really fun, though, since you know you have at least one super dedicated reader. :) Figment sounds like a really neat website; I'll have to check it out when I've got a chunk of free time to go browsing around.
  10. Average wait time?

    Depending what settings you're using on the account you're locked out of, you may be able to use a side to friend your main and watch the Neofriends page to see when your main account ages a year. It's not a fast way to find out your age but it might work, especially if Neo is being so slow in getting to your ticket.
  11. The Official Stock Market Board

    Looks like I made the wrong choice in choosing to hold my TSRC shares while selling off my NAKR a few days ago. Ah well.
  12. Hiya!

    Hey there, welcome to the forums! I don't think I've ever heard of Figment but I really like fantasy and sci-fi stories. Do you do fanfiction, original stories, or a mix of both?
  13. Hello :)

    As one recently-former lurker to another, welcome to the forums!
  14. Opinion on UC

    I might be completely wrong, but looking at some of the pets which were allowed to be left UC and some which weren't, I think at least part of the decision was about keeping the major players happy. I'd say a UC Paint Brush/Morphing Potion/similar item would be nice but, given how coveted UC pets are, it'd probably be super expensive. I feel like it'd be much more likely to get an NC item for UCing, only usable on pet-color combos that existed prior to customization. That'd limit how much work needs to be done as well as getting in some cash for pets that would then no longer be able to apply items to all their slots.
  15. Random Event I've never seen before...

    I too have gotten this RE before. Didn't know it added NP to the account, though; I thought it was just the toaster and getting to collect interest again.