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  1. Talking about ALP **Shopkeeper Note** All donations are appreciated. However, please try to limit the number of bottles being bought. For example, if you plan on donating 30k, please purchase one 30k bottle rather than fifteen 2k bottles, ten 3k bottles, etc. It makes it much easier to keep the shop stocked for others who wish to donate :) Sorry Jerry! I bought your last 2 bottles of Blue Sand ! Time to RESTOCK! There are no items for sale in this shop!
  2. I might have LOTS of Willow Fence Foregrounds, Avocado Socks, Negg Faerie Pendants, and a Basket of Nuts but I did get the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs, well worth the 125 NC for the Magical Dust. Good Luck to everyone and may the Neggs be ever in your favor! Oops! @lakecat you are right! it was 5 x 125 NC =625 NC I did not mean to be untruthful but I was lucky to have that much NC. Thanks to my mom.
  3. Oh Beth, I was just kidding around! Please feel better! At least it's only our Pets that fight and we can heal them. Hugs and warm wishes to push away the sickness that dares to show it's "face" to you!
  4. Is "Let's do this!" this Round's Battle Cry??!! After, "Let's Battle our buns off!"-this seems like a ...let down ! Come on, fearless Leader, Beth, we need maybe... well, this seems a bit TOO MUCH!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS! SO HAPPY & EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR FIANCE! PS- I can't "out-shine" your beautiful pictures, but I wanted to show you how happy my heart is for you now! What we settle for in Neopets CAN'T compare to your beautiful ring that represents 2 hearts coming together for one amazing journey!
  6. Yeah, I thought that too and was really confused that my pets weren't any better at BD (battling at Battle Dome) even if they read all the strategy/battle tips/ battle faerie or space faerie books! LOL Silly owner, training is for Pets and books are for owners to wish for but never read! I absolutely the Art books-the covers! Jetsam/Quiggle/Buzz but the Corn one -not so much.
  7. Today's Negg Stop/Place is The Castle of Eliv Thade and what can be extremely helpful is, if you don't have the avatar for that game by following the TDN Game Guide for Castle of Eliv Thade and Use an anagram finder like THIS ONE or THIS ONE to answer the anagrams! You'll need 1200 points in order to get the avatar. Always play on Hard if you're playing for an avatar! The point difference may not seem like much, but it stacks up pretty quickly. Do a standard loop around the castle to pick up the required items, solving as many high-point anagrams as you safely can, and then start pointgrinding. For efficient pointgrinding, stick to the bottom of the board near the entrance where there's a long stretch of uninterrupted tiles, and move three tiles every time. At ten points per stride, it will only take 40-50 extra moves to earn enough points for the avatar. Once you reach 850 points, head into the final chamber. An extra 350 points will be added to your score after you send it in, giving you just enough to earn that hideou- pretty avatar. I DID IT! So you can too! Just use the anagram finder & be patient! Good Luck!
  8. Ikumaluk the Ice Kougra has a Petpet! Tumbles the Robot Cirrus(11 days and 12 hours old)[ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ] Hit Points: 23 / 23Strength: strongDefence: below averageMovement: lightningIntelligence: master genius (92) Anyone interested in an Ice Kougra with a Robot Cirrus petpet? nm me!
  9. Oh you're right -Bilge Dice and AAA's Revenge do have glitches Umm, maybe some of our more experienced TDN Buddies will be able to tell you more avatars that aren't currently working? Guys, a little help please!
  10. Hi allyquot! Tough break to have your main account hacked...I don't suppose you kept a list of all your valuables (PBs , potions, expensive books or BD equipment, etc), but maybe you can submit a ticket and try to get it back anyway? As for a list of Avatars, TDN has such a list: http://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/solutions and the Retired List: http://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/solutions/7/ Good luck and let us know how you are doing. You can NF me and ask for help anytime! Welcome!
  11. Hi ShadowyIce and Welcome to TDN Forums! I am midnight_spell360 and I sent you a Welcome Package based on your Pets to let you know how happy we all are that you've joined us! I love Chamox the chipmunk-y Meercca! My favorite story is "How the Chipmunk Got Its Stripes"! I am sure you will find lots of friends in this diverse group of members and will soon find common interests. Welcome!
  12. Why don't we trade our "extras" when the Festival is over? I am thinking 3 fences is enough and want to try my luck on the Nesting Negg now.
  13. Nub

    Hi pessimisticat! I am midnight_spell360 and I would like to welcome you to the TDN Forums! I wanted to send you a Welcome package based on your Pets but the Yellow Jubjub says you have 50 items in your Inventory...so if you could clear some space, I could send you that package.
  14. Hi Rometus! I am midnight_spell360 and I was glad to see your post on the TDN Forums and wanted to welcome you to the site. I sent you a Welcome package based on your pets. :) The items are for you to keep and use however you want. I am glad you found your voice and post on the Forums, so I look forward to getting to know you as a friend in this great group of diverse and supportive members. Your artwork is amazing! I can see you adding a lot to the Forums! Welcome!
  15. Q: How are Krawks created on this day? A: From Krawk Petpets Prize: You win 260 NP and Cheesy Krawk Sandwich. Way to go!