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  1. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this phrase @jellysundae What does this mean? And in Neopia, unless your Pet has been customized, they don't have sleeves. (Poor guy doesn't even have arms)
  2. Ok, since @Angeló and @Robin Hood went with Brutes, I will wage war - 2 Buns, exactly, to arms for the Fellowship of the Buns for the misunderstood BRUTES! @jellysundae Will you join us? (It's ok if you don't!)
  3. @Duma How did Count Von Roo Bite your Robot Kacheek on its neck? Wouldn't he break his fangs on the metal casing???😂😜 Then you have the "nice" message that Count Von Roo will be waiting for you in the Battledome-sounds like a secondary location problem to me (John Mulaney-Street Smarts www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWX0mWNHHPg ) !
  4. @teprometo at least he isn't a Trudy's Spin Prize aka a Garlic Kiko Air Diffuser anymore! Red Aisha can be cool. You could also but a Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion cheap and have some cool "clothes" while waiting for a cool color.
  5. I agree. Just look at my ElderlyBoy Kau, joosiii Who couldn't love that grumpy, old dude! One more month, and I'll move him to garden_homes to live his life out "to pasture" and peace.
  6. ME TOO! It was hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I almost didn't score 2 more goals, but they stayed HUGE for 2 games after until I got another yooyu equipment icon. There also was a glitch about the Ice. When I was playing against Kreludor, their Ruki goalie stayed being a block of Ice for the next game- but his Ice block would form and then crack off continuously throughout the game and even once their whole Space team did it too!
  7. Hey, @jellysundae if you still have the vandagyre robot clothes in your closet- can I send you my vandagyre on my side account to be outfitted with those clothes? My side account: garden_homes isn't 4 months old until the end of July.
  8. Well, I see about 5 Votes for the Red Order and at least 2 of those need the Avatar, so I'll throw in with the Red Order also! Just don't know if I'll keep track of my 10 battles with AC starting up.
  9. Most likely not going to happen to Atsumi. And I am only poking fun. I seriously don't think any TDN friends are mean or dislike Elderly Pets. Who doesn't think they are adorable in their own, cranky way! 🤣❤️
  10. Yes, like Kaia was nice too...until she went WRAITH ! And I would stop being mean to Atsumi IF I got PROOF that granny is ok! I would love to see that Granny was like this guy (without the pineapple hitting him in the head) And @Angeló You would never go against anything Shenkuu I just want our Elderly Pets to be respected and not tossed aside like a pair of old shoes!
  11. @Angeló A metal detector? In Neopia? I'm just surprised that those Icy Skeletons didn't melt being in Neopia Central in May! This looks like the level of protection any Neopian can expect!
  12. OOOoooo! A shiny new trophy and 10,000 np for me to go clutter up my SDB again! Message from The Neopets Team: Your participation in the 'Living with Less' program was commendable. Most attendees report that the high that comes from decluttering is reward enough, but few refuse a little recognition to go with it. Atsumi is sending you a gold trophy for your user lookup, as well as 10,000 Neopoints and 250 NC! Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work! TAKE THAT ATSUMI!!! In case you don't know, I am not a fan of this girl for taking away! (I demand proof that you didn't eat Granny, Atsumi!!!) Yeah, something about this gnorbu wasn't sitting right with me. Wish she was a BD Opponent!
  13. WooHoo! Looks like this Boon is paying off!!! 10,000 NP! AWESOME! For once I'm not freaked out by the Awakened.
  14. May I please have the Christmas Horus, thank you! ❤️You ROCK @enitul
  15. So is Slushie Slinger being run through a "Review Board" after EACH game? Even the PRACTICE ones? And so it begins... In case you were wondering... I joined Krawk Island , the PIRATES again!
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