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  1. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 140!

    That's one "request" from lojoco49. That's another "request" from emily_speck_15. Another "request" from phoenixgal. A strong "declaration" from jellysundae. Another strong "declaration" from Kute, well could it be more clear? IT IS DECIDED: The Thieves (where skullduggery reigns supreme) will be the Fellowship Of the Buns' Faction this 140 Round! To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references!
  2. midnight_spell360

    Happy Blumaroo Day!

    As soon as I saw that costume/face mask & wings I said: Looks like the Wasp! 🐝🏢🎛️🔽
  3. midnight_spell360

    Today's Random Events

    I thought I had bought Insurance for my Neohome? Apparently I had zero Insurance so...FIXED THAT with Insurance You currently have Peophin Platinum (Level 5) protecting your Classic Neohome. Current Cost per Room : 180 NP Rooms : 11 Current Valuation : 1,980 NP Max Upgrade Reached So next time, I'm covered!
  4. midnight_spell360

    Nay for Tornados

    I am so sorry you had to go through such a scary situation. I hope you, your husband, your cats, and family are ok and that help will come to you to get your yard cleared out and if the Insurance Company is still stone-walling you (believe me I know that routine too well from Harvey), find other townspeople that have that company and work together to be a large squeaky wheel they better deal with. I know the uneasy feeling you have about-what if this happens again? and to combat that feeling, I spent a lot of time helping friends clean out their apartments, sorted clothes collected at schools to help those who ended up with nothing, and did whatever I could to help my community to get back to normal. This helped me to "get back" to normal and just appreciate that my family made it through the hurricane without losing anyone, thanks be to God.
  5. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 139!

    I am super-bummed out! I picked the Refreshed Quest Request, went to NC Mall & purchased a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie and... I can't OPEN it! I emailed them at support@neopets.com and am waiting... NOOOOoooo! I would have taken Cartography boon if I knew that I wasn't going to be able to open my cookie! Definitely doesn't feel like a win for me. I went to the Faerie Quest place and guess what? Thank you for showing me kindness, fair Neopian. I'll not forget your deed. I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie. Rainbow Fountain Faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paid. She will allow you to take a dip in the Rainbow Fountain! OMG! It didn't open bc I hadn't finished my last cookie. I'll blame it on the traveling to CT & wedding stuff that has me up at weird hours to try to catch up on Neopets. Please excuse my outburst!
  6. midnight_spell360

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    Looks like you've used all of your scratch cards for now! Remember you get one every Friday while you're a Premium Member. See you soon! Excuse me, it is FRIDAY! I want my scratch card! I knew that a shoe had to drop from all of their NEW changes!
  7. midnight_spell360

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Hey @Angeló and anyone else, did you open the 2nd box? I wasn't thrilled with the 1st box's surprise Meridellian Festive Tent . While it reminds me of the tents for Mina at Hajj, God-willing I hope to go on Hajj in my lifetime, I'm not so sure I want my Pet to pretend to be a Hajji. Please post what is in the 2nd box or maybe I should go look on a Guide. I'm so lazy! 8/2/2018 Thanks @Granny63020 and @Angeló for posting the lovely gown. So I bought another Jewel Encrusted Key Is anyone thinking Infinity Gauntlet here? I almost don't want to use the key... Still 8/2/2018 I finally got the Meridellian Festive Gown and it matches her crown.
  8. midnight_spell360

    New Premium Offer!

    Since they said: Choose wisely, you are only given this chance once a year! I'm thinking we can take our time on it, so definitely don't rush.
  9. midnight_spell360

    New Premium Offer!

    On the bottom of the Premium Member's Page- where we have Super Shop Wizard, 2X Feature (Game), Dailies, Bankroll ... there are actually 2 New buttons right before the Space Faerie Scratchcard button- A Book (neopets.com/journal/ and I got a Light Faerie Quest and my Pet gained 1 Level) and A Black Blumaroo Head with a White ? and the information is printed out in my first post.
  10. midnight_spell360

    Turmaculus Alert!

    Grumph Schnukums tries really hard to wake him but cannot! WHAT'S THE MATTER TURMY? Too good to eat a Pile of Soot?? 😡
  11. midnight_spell360

    New Premium Offer!

    Did anyone else wake up to this:You have the chance to give any of your lovely Neopets a fresh face by changing their species! Choose wisely, you are only given this chance once a year! Also note, some of your current wearables might be detached if they are not compatible with the species you choose.Note: If your current Neopet colour is not available for the species you choose, you will have to choose a new colour from a list of available colours. The Possibilities are AMAZING!
  12. midnight_spell360

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    I think it shouldn't. If we can get Free NC Birthday Cupcakes , why wouldn't we be able to get the free Theme? But would we be able to "play" the game to find dragoyles? That might be construed as "earning" more prizes that can be 'sold' (once transferred to the main account) and THAT might be Not Allowed. Anyone with more connections to the Powers That Be (JS/TNT) want to weigh in on this? (I'm not TOO demanding, amI?) Actually went on my first side account AND I won't be able to get the New Meridell THEME unless I click on the Join button for the Hunt. Umm, just want the THEME...for my side, like when they battle to get the avatar & theme...I don't want to get frozen! @Granny63020 I just went to buy this key at the NC mall. I HAD more than 3700 cash earlier today. Now it says my balance is 0. I just went to the NC Mall and got this message: The mall is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back soon.
  13. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 139!

    I see we have 2 orders for the Order! And now we have 3 , a triumvirate , so I hope @Scoobert_Doo will agree on the Order. I'm in!
  14. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 139!

    Calling the triumvirate , @Scoobert_Doo, @jellysundae, @Duma, and all Followers of the Fellowship of the Buns! Our choices are: The Brute Squad (where brawn or strength reigns supreme) The Seekers (where they think their intellect reigns supreme) The Order of Red Erism (where arrogance reigns supreme) Is there anyone in need of an avatar or is there a preference for one Faction over the other (meaning-who's got the BEST boons?) To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references! Because that is what we do!
  15. midnight_spell360

    So this happened

    While she is older than me, we all call her Baby! But yeah, I had to talk all of them through the WR plot (except the FF game-THAT was only my oldest sister talking me with my dyslexia through THAT mess) and encouraging AC 2 hour gaming. So, I guess it is a compliment !