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  1. Image: Omar Suleiman

    The towering, 6-foot, 5-inch Imam Omar Suleiman presses his hand into the bus window.Nye Armstrong / via Facebook

    How can ANYONE be OK with separating children from their parents??? This is abuse! This is torture! We must stand up to our US government and tell them that they are WRONG and INHUMANE!!!

  2. midnight_spell360

    It's a bye-day, so go on out and play!

    Does anyone have any theories on this Well I was expecting the BONUS Point Yooyu Ball emblem is on it and that the Green Kacheek pops up with the message: It's Bonus Time! When you play Shootout Showdown today, each score you submit will be worth more than its usual value! Make the most of it, since the opposing team surely will... but today is a Practice/Jelly Day ???
  3. midnight_spell360

    Immigrants being sent back

    Exactly! Follow the money trail! There has been a rise in profits for private prison companies, such as Geo Group and CoreCivic-these alone handle 60% of detaining the current immigrant population. One firm is reported to have made $43 million on transporting unaccompanied minors since Sept. 2017. Over $2 billion has been funneled from our government to private prisons, so that those executives are thrilled with the President's crackdown on immigration (zero tolerance) touting that the current situation is "good for business"!😡 As the private prison stocks rise, don't forget that bc they are privately owned and have NO incentive to care for and meet the needs of the immigrants placed in their facilities AND are not being monitored in any way so that we have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. And of course, those private prison Executives continue to fund the current President's re-election, keep close ties by hiring former Troll Aides, and hold events at Troll's golf courses. 🤢 Did we ever think that money wasn't involved? Makes me sick!!!!😭
  4. midnight_spell360

    It's a bye-day, so go on out and play!

    How many days of playing will we have from the June 26th start up? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  5. midnight_spell360

    Immigrants being sent back

    It is just AWFUL and NOT right that the US government is ripping families apart. The fact that it was revealed that it was the President's goal since he took Office to put pressure on asylum seekers by removing their children is INHUMANE and WRONG! Let's be clear that the immigrants entering the US are seeking asylum and have to be physically present in the country they want to petition in order to start the process so the whole "their parents are to blame for bringing their kids here when they were entering illegally" is utter nonsense! AND even IF that were the case, the law just states that they can fine the immigrants that entered illegally $100 (US) or punished with imprisonment for this misdemeanor. It doesn't state that families are to be separated, that was the President's own interpretation of the law, which wasn't carried out in such a cruel way before. Previously, the US government's past administration had opted to only rarely prosecute improper entry, especially when an individual is applying for asylum and almost always used its discretion not to separate children from their parents (so the "why are you complaining about it now bc this is exactly what the other guy was doing" argument is FALSE and stupid!). The problem is that asylum seekers are now frequently being turned away before entering primary inspection and being told that they can not apply for asylum at that time and must come back later. Ultimately, asylum seekers may then decide to enter improperly so that they can apply for asylum once they have been picked up by Border Patrol. It's also notable that there are reports of asylum seekers legally presenting at Ports of Entry, but still are being separated. Why are ppl crossing the border illegally with their children when it is so dangerous? The danger facing these ppl in their home countries are far worse than the dangers of crossing illegally. But don't worry, Jeff Sessions has announced that fleeing gang or domestic violence will no longer meet the requirements for applying for asylum. What happens to the children being taken away from their parents? Our current Administration has not created a good mechanism to reunite families. There is a 1-800 number for parents to call. Wait times can be over an hour and if the parent does not know the child's A number, it may be impossible to trace the child. US toll free numbers don't always work outside the country, and still incur a fee when calling from outside the US. It is even possible that their child could have already been deported. How can this be? Children can be deported without their parents? Yes, unfortunately they can. Once separated, children's cases are frequently severed from their parents, so parents and children do not process through the system concurrently. While parents may have a right to counsel for criminal prosecution, no such right exists in immigration proceedings. That crying toddler who's face you can't unsee? She may be expected to represent herself before an immigration judge. All funding to provide "unaccompanied" children with pro bono counsel has been recently cut. I am proud of our Dallas, TX imam (religious leader, like a pastor) Omar Suleiman who went to McAllen, TX to try to stop a bus with the separated children from leaving the parking lot along with other brave ppl, the picture is heart-breaking as he placed his hand on the window to the small separated child's hand for as long as he could. Where is our humanity? Where is our mercy? God help us that anyone can be ok with being this cruel to children! www.nbcnews.com/storyline/immigration-border-crisis/imam-reveals-story-behind-haunting-image-border-processing-facility-n886201
  6. midnight_spell360

    Can you take my survey?

    I took the survey and those were interesting questions. Can you let us know the results, and especially if you got a good grade for this? Thanks! Me eating a sugary treat to feel better!
  7. midnight_spell360

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    After Round 1, KI is 7th??? I was hoping we'd stay up in the top 6 spots but my sisters' team Darigan Citadel edged us out! Oh well, my cup dreams are pretty much dashed! All I can hope for is trying to Rank up but I don't know how many games they'll give us and I only made it to Rank 13 so far. It is a Practice/ Jelly Day so rest up Pirates and let's rally for a strong finish! Good luck to all the teams and The final round of the Altador Cup Tournament begins June 26th! Go Pirates!!!
  8. midnight_spell360

    Enter The Runway: Special Edition!

    Best quote EVER!!! Can I use this with my AP teachers at my school? Particularly the one that talked more about his wife & kids than the actual material I needed to know to pass World History? What do you mean there are no questions about my teacher's wife & kids on my $80 AP World History Exam? That's ALL he ever talked about!
  9. midnight_spell360

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    @Nielo Thanks, that was helpful. It estimated that I will need to play 510 YYB games which became 40 games per day IF we have 13 more days and 79 of SLSL, 471 games of MSN & SOSD each all per day, but I am not so sure we will have 13 more days. But, I do appreciate that at least I got an answer. Thanks!
  10. midnight_spell360

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    Well, the results are not so good for our Sat., Jun 16th Match against Tyrannia, we were swept! Oh well, take a break Pirates, bc Sun., June 17th is a Jelly Day !:) I wish another Pirate would post so I wouldn't feel so all alone... but maybe you are all too busy? Anyway, have a great Jelly Day break & Happy Father's Day!
  11. midnight_spell360

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Hi everyone! Since I never hear from other KI players on the Support Thread I made for Pirates, I thought I say hello and ask my Ranking question here. Btw, congratulations to those of you who have already made it to All-Star, that's amazing. So, I had been out of town (Chicago) and I am just trying desperately to catch up the 4-6 days I couldn't play hardly at all. I just squeaked into Rank 9 today at 11:59 pm NST time and my question is, can I make it to All-Star? Any advice and scheduling how to do this? Thanks!
  12. midnight_spell360

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    Well, I've been out of town & not had lots of computer time, so I was very disheartened to see that KI lost EVERYTHING to the Meridell Knights yesterday. Well I can suck it up and do my best against MOLTARA or Lava Ghouls-in-training! How does the Yooyu not completely melt from their handling of it? Better yet, how does our KI Pirates not get singed by these Magma Rockheads? (j/k) OMG! I just saw the results and we swept them!!! Way to go Pirates! I'm at Rank 7, hoping to get to Rank 8 soon. We go against LOST DESERT today/Friday. It happens to be my holiday today, so my time for AC will be limited. But let's keep it going Pirates! Let's send the Desert Devils to walk the plank! J/K Who's with me for the WIN?
  13. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 135!

    EXACTLY! Yesterday I made sure to do my 10 battles (I think I picked Thieves, bc Red Order's % to win was next to 0 & Seekers was not so much either). Could I even get a "side" nerkmid for knocking out the Space Fungus in one punch? Oh no? How about a red codestone for taking out Risala the Bright & Professor Lambert twice each in one punch? Uh, no on that too? Hmm.. could I get ANY codestones at all for God's sake ? Oh thank God for wgtert the Speckled Aisha, she managed to get 2 codestones before I got the item limit has been reached message.
  14. midnight_spell360

    It's a bye-day, so go on out and play!

    Did I forget? Did I forget??? OF COURSE I FORGOT! I am on the road, trying to help my mom & sister navigate a big city with horrible parking (Chicago). I just played SL (which I DE-test ) and ended the game past 300 and freaked out when the # of games did NOT change ! I am only on Rank 4 and I don't see how I'll make it to All-star without these Jelly Days being in our favor. I better sit down for this! I guess it's NOT the end of my virtual world. I'll just have to turn this around. Isn't a Skirmish going on... thanks for the Reminder, jellysundae! Bye AC!
  15. midnight_spell360

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    I knooooowwww, but do you have to pick on me, big bro? He's the bane of my existence! I yell at him ALL the time! Gavin, why did you let that one in? AAARRRGGGHHHH! Can we get another Goalie, PPPLLLEEEEAAAAZZZZ! Anyone but this guy.