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  1. I was given a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie by a wonderful TDN member, is it possible to use it this week and get double quests?
  2. I currently have 2 items in trades worth more than 2 million np, so I am scared to death to even attempt an Auction, because I have never done this before. If someone nm me that they want one of my expensive items, my steps to set up this sale & to get the right price is to: 1) make that player a NF 2) put the expensive item in the Auction at 100k with an increment of the million price I want-1 million 900k to get my asking price? Are there limits to the increment? What about the time? Like how do you say how long the auction goes? Thanks for your help, I'm really not understanding how this works.
  3. Hi Feraligatr! I am so glad you joined TDN Forums and hope you find the avatar solutions, game guides, battle dome information, and more things that I can list very helpful but what really brought me in to making posts here is that the TDN members are so diverse and awesome! You can find lots of friends that like the same things you like or listen to you rant about things you don't like and even give thoughtful advice about any problem you feel comfortable to share. So I hope you will enjoy a Welcome package I sent you based on your pets. Keep or sell the items, whatever helps you!
  4. More like the Thieves stole it! Just kidding! Congratulations Thieves! Better luck next time for us all! ;) Wisdom doesn't spend very well, so you might like to collect a more tangible memento. Effort does not go unrewarded. Bobbing Lenny
  5. Well my problem is now gourmet food is over the top in pricing. Why isn't it coming down? 29k for Space Floss? (Glad I got it when I saw it at Kreludor Cafe for 12-15k) . Almost all 90r+ foods are starting at 30k and now very high. :( Why does it have to stay this way? :(
  6. Coming from a home that treasures books, my dad has filled the downstairs with 5 bookcases of 90% books in Arabic (while my sisters and I can read Arabic, somewhat, but we do not have enough vocabulary to read these important religious texts) and my mom has flooded the upstairs with bookcases & milk-crate book nooks with teaching & "classic" type books, I think it's safe to say that books are a staple to my family that we all will carry with us wherever we end up. Like Musical_Shoyru, flpatsfan, and PaintBrushedDreams, I find a Kindle helpful & technology helps (I'd rather call up evidence/ a file on a laptop then have to plow through index cards in a 'file box' for Debate like my mom told me they did in the 80's), but I will always want to have a book to read and re-read.
  7. Lilee the Leeble Lilee the Plushie Eizzil (0 hours old) [ Zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ] Today, my Striped Elephante's Leeble changed into the cutest petpet, a Plushie Eizzil!I am going to have to put this Elephante with such a cute petpet onto a side account unless someone wants to borrow her for the "Elephante's Surprise" avatar (feeding an Elephante a bag of peanuts)?
  8. Can I leave a message here for the tdnalp Donation Shop? There were only 5 1k np bottles of sand, so I only bought b2 but... there is a definite need to restock. Can we send bottles of sand to that account for them to use in the Shop? If Mouseykins (Dawn) or Rune Valentine could get a message to emily/tdnalp , that would be great. Just let us know how we can help.;)
  9. Hi maisie-chan and welcome to TDN Forums! I sent you a Welcome package based on your pets, use or keep the items to help you reach your goals. We are a diverse group of players which means some of us are in different time zones or have more rl responsibilities going on, but if you leave a post, usually someone will respond. I am looking forward to your posts to discover more about you, as your 'profile tab' has lots of space to fill with more interesting facts about you. We do know that you like Maisy, so that's a good start. Welcome!
  10. I got the avatar for the Wheel of Knowledge! @ jellysundae : I do Buried Treasure every day (I got 20k, 2k, 500 np but no avatar...yet). I only go to Snowager when I remember which is not even once a week (more like once in 2 weeks) so I will try harder to be more consistent. As for Turmaculus, I have some pretty rare petpets right now (a Spring Faellie, Yooyu, & Snowbunny) so, when my 2nd side account for holding pets turns 4 months old, I hope that I will be able to move my Robot Kacheek over and keep 2 spots open for lab rats with not so valuable petpets.
  11. Hello J-Lo and welcome to TDN Forums! I sent you a Welcome package based on your pets, so use or keep the items to help reach your goals. I am happy that you joined this great group of diverse and supportive friends! Gotta skeedaddle! I think my comp. time is going to end for now (school really doesn't like us on 'social media'). Lol
  12. Hello PaintBrushedDreams and welcome to TDN Forums! I sent you a Welcome Package based on your pets, so keep or use the items to help you in your goals. I look forward to seeing you possibly entering our deboratibi's The Runway here and of course, anything else you post to share.
  13. Awesome! You have voted for Marble. Thanks for voting! I guess I'm a lone wolf on this one. But I do see your points. I guess Candy made me think "Umm, why are you trying to turn my Pet into an edible treat? Wasn't Chocolate doing that enough?" and for Floral, "Pinata-look? Naw, but it does remind me of a Rose Bowl Float or a Mummer's Parade Costume!" I agree with ShadowStarEmpress that marbles DO come in different colors and patterns, so I guess you could also say I'm a down to earth kind of guy.
  14. Is it weird that I treat TDN as sort of a Guild, but now that I joined TKP, I feel like I'm split between the 2 places. I "ran" a Pal-entine Event at TKP for everyone to get a small gift of friendship for being a Pal but did a BD Blitz Event for Obelisk Thread TDN members before that. Anyway, I see both places as having great friends and I enjoy thinking of different things to do. Definitely indicates an obsession of some sorts, I guess.
  15. FOR THURSDAY 2/16/2017 Which of these entries in the Neopedia is marked as CLASSIFIED? MEEPITS for 360 NP