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  1. midnight_spell360

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    Guess who's back...back again! Tell a friend! Back again! Back again! Back again! Pink Again! Slim Shady approves! that's a weird looking chicken AGREED! Thanks, taking that petpet off my possibility for an Island Paint Job!
  2. midnight_spell360

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    I was doing a brain tree quest almost every day for the past 2 weeks, and I would only get 2,000 -3,000 points, EVEN after spending almost 200k on the combined quests for food for the esophagur. About 2 days ago, I finished getting the food items and the 2 pieces of info for the brain tree with still 59 min.s left in the quest, thinking this should push me up higher but only got 8,000 and you need 10,000 to make it into the top 50. 😞 So maybe I'll do a quest on Nov.1st and hope it will be high enough for the first day of a new month???
  3. midnight_spell360

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    He looks like Frankenberry Cereal! At least he isn't PINK but I bet he's berry delicious!
  4. midnight_spell360

    What is it like where you live?

    I blame Troll for setting that trend! But I know what you mean. My mom & sisters were born in NY, my mom spent almost every Summer at her great grandmother's/grandparents home in Saratoga Springs- their house was directly across from the Race Track (we have "family" Race Colors in the Racing Hall of Fame from her real father's side). I only saw the house when I was 8 months old (attending my great grandfather's funeral, my mom's grandfather but my sisters all thought he was their actual grandfather because they had spent many weekends at this ancestral home). My mom remembers the molded ceilings, the front and back porches, the cellar, the tubs with clawed feet...and after her grandmother passed, her younger sister "took" over the house and when she passed-her grandchildren are busy gutting it and fighting over it so that even my Nana (my mom's mom) realizes that she won't be able to visit the house she grew up in. 😞 It is very sad that they don't value the things that make a home a welcoming place with small wonders, (my mom says she remembers waiting for great grandma Edna to fall asleep so she could play with all the tiny porcelain figurines like animal families and would quickly put them back when she realized her great grandma was waking up!). Yeah, I can only look at pictures of this house and listen to my sisters' stories about their adventures & discoveries. Not the house, but it was similar in Victorian style to this. Typical porches
  5. midnight_spell360

    Autumn Harvest Retired Mystery Capsule

    Do you have an overabundance of wigs or clothes in your closet? When have the Accessories surprised you with elegant jewlery? I usually go for Backgrounds & Trinkets because I'm hoping to hit something that if I don't like it-maybe I can trade it for something else. AND... you could get that Kaia Quest Pink Bag or Recycled Fortune Cookie to trade it out. Good luck!
  6. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    Nom, nom, nom! We are too busy eating these buns for you to wear them! Maybe if I make them sticky they'll stick on? Don't be conflicted, if another Faction has a Boon you need, go for it! It's just 10 battles and we'll still all be friends . Good Luck!
  7. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    Our choices are: The Order of Red Erism (where arrogance reigns supreme) The Seekers (where they think their intellect reigns supreme) or The Awakened (where supernatural eeriness reigns supreme) ... DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?? Captain, my Captain? @tk421beth Have you returned? Huzzah!!! Amazing! 1 Vote for The Order... 2 Votes for The Order.... And the Results of the Poll on top of this thread shows Order:7 votes; Seekers: 4 votes; and Awakened: 1 vote so far, so... I vote to join The Order to help out @emily_speck_15 ! But the Fellowship of the Buns Warriors are free to choose whichever Faction/friend they want to support. so the call goes out: To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references! I am so glad for Beth's return!
  8. I was pleased to see that @deboratibi's Caption was chosen for Page 1414 for Caption Contest and my "A Proposal for Skalpo" article for The Neopian Times was posted http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=577515&week=842 !

    1. deboratibi


      Aww, I'm glad you noticed, midnight! Thank you :heart:
      And congrats on getting published! That was a very entertaining read! Ms. P is just great :laughingsmiley:

    2. midnight_spell360


      I voted for you at least 4 times, then my homework took up the rest of my week! :laughingsmiley: Thanks for the compliment on my story. I was really hoping that JS/TNT would take the hint to renovate the Tyrannian Concert Hall!:snitch:

  9. midnight_spell360

    Today's Random Events

    But you put it in your pocket! So it might be a little "linty".
  10. midnight_spell360

    Mynci - Halloween Avatar Working Again!

    Thank you @hrtbrk, @Scoobert_Doo, and @jellysundae for the "Alert" and Link! I think this Avatar would be more Halloween-y than the Mutant Faelie ! I do believe I am almost set for Halloween- Neopet Style.
  11. midnight_spell360

    Darigan Themed Day!

    I thought," Oh, can't Vandagyres be painted PURPLE already...wait a minute... DARIGAN???? You've got to be joking! The Darigan Quiggle Plushie is more frightening than the poor Vandagyre!" Yeah, it is boring and silly!
  12. midnight_spell360

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 143!

    I count this as 1 Vote for Buns to join Brutes.... I count this as 2 Votes for Buns to join Brutes... 3 Votes for Buns to join Brutes... What? 4 Votes for Buns to join Brutes... Hhhhmmmm, 5 Votes for Buns to join Brutes! I agree @Duma, BRUTES IT IS! Of course you meant needy for the avatar/theme background and not down & out needy. WE SAY: The Brute Squad (where brawn or strength reigns supreme) To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references!
  13. midnight_spell360

    Battledome is Laughing at Me

    I think the "Mind Over Matter" Boon isn't working that I just got from the Seeker's win! I remember clearly taking Kaia & Malum in 2 Rounds, the first using the "MOM" ability (whose picture/graphic I have YET to see) and then one round with Lens Flare & WR weapons to KO them. I battled the Space Fungus on medium (414) and it doesn't go down easy, at least 3 or 4 Rounds to get...50 np??? I heal my BD pet with potions, XXI & XX, then try Balthazaar on 320 (easy) to see if the "MOM" ability works and KO him in 1 Round & get a Vux codestone (red). So the Premium Opponents are being cheapskates even though we pay for the privilege to beat their butts??? Yes, the Battle Dome IS laughing at me!
  14. midnight_spell360

    Today's Random Events

    First thing this morning, Clarence Chichester Coggeshale gives me this Long Orange Dress... Can we just say that his name is ree-dic-ul-ous-ly LOOOONNNGGG???!!! Clarence CC, OK? Saves time. This is an ugly dress, I'm sorry, but it is. I'll probably donate this when Granny Hobgobblin (whatever her name is) comes begging for Charity Corner again. Hey Clarence fits right in with the CC, right? And now as I pick up a few np from my Shop Till, I run into Nigel the Stockbroker Chia, who has Stock advice... REALLY??? Am I supposed to take this guy seriously? He is talking on a paper cup with string?! Why don't we just ask a homeless Neopet from the Pound because it would be the same level of knowledge, I think.
  15. midnight_spell360

    [GIVEAWAY]Cloud Paint Brush Paint Brush Giveaway Lottery!!!!

    Can I have 57 and 82 please? Thank you for your generosity and it's fun to just try!