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  1. The ray is fired at dinla2 ...and she changes to Transparent and dinla2's petpet changed to be 1337 the Blue Aroota The BIG question...will somebody want to adopt a Transparent Grarrl??? Anybody here on TDN have this as a wanted goal/Dream Pet?
  2. Ok, if I didn't time out- I'll join up with the Thieves!❤️
  3. So, Fellowship of the Buns Do we choose: The Brute Squad (where brawn or strength reigns supreme) , or The Thieves (where skullduggery reigns supreme) [ and my ❤️ is always with the Aisha Thieves], OR The Seekers (where they think their intellect reigns supreme) [they have that Bankers Boon that @Granny63020 mentioned AND Mind Over Matter Boon ] . Decisions, decisions, decisions... Could more ppl voice their choice ? Please and thank you!
  4. Hey! I got Kaia (which everyone knows is my Arch nemesis ) but since she was asking for a Summer NC item that I have NO room for in my Closet I thought, "Ok, I detest this faerie but I'd like to keep Queen Fyora pleased and could part with the item." BUT...I click on the link to the NC Mall to get the Pink Bag that lil Miss requires AND there are NONE. The Crafting Dept has been cleared out. I put it in the search bar at the Mall and there is NONE!" So I figure, "OK, how is this my fault?Perhaps when I abandon this Quest which requires NC to complete, maybe TNT/JS has realized how unfair it is to expect us to respond to this type of quest and LIKE Delina's Crafting Quests that also require NC-when you abandon Delina's quest-you get another faerie. BUT NO! You don't get another Faerie and you get the message that you "Accepted your quest for today". REALLY? BC I couldn't even get that stupid BAG!!!! So mad right now! Kaia, don't you dare step back into the BD, MIssy, or I'm taking YOU down! Look out and you've been warned!
  5. Ok, thanks for helping my anxiety over his future! 😉
  6. The ray is fired at KrazyKacheek34... (who WAS a Yellow Gelert) ... and he changes colour to Jelly!! Which means he looks like... A purple, yummy wonder! Dilemma! I have 3 extra shots and I'm not sure I should change him. Is he adoptable? If I put him in the Pound (later) with his Sir Bob of Geraptiku the Maraquan Flowper wouldn't someone want him???
  7. Ok, then Sway it is. Wealth and Power, who could turn down that?
  8. Our choices are: The Sway (where wealth and power reigns supreme) The Order of Red Erism (where arrogance reigns supreme) or The Awakened (where supernatural eeriness reigns supreme) I am looking for ppl who need an Avatar to help out or FOtB Members' votes to count. What say you????
  9. OMG! I haven't been able to get my Lab Ray Zaps & MY EXTRA LRFC Zaps since Mar 19th! 😭I wish I had looked this up sooner! A whole Fortune Cookie WASTED!!!! Thanks, though but it was random that it was working for me for so long and then... But now I know what to do!
  10. TURMACULUS IS AWAKE! Poor Fasfusa, , R.I.P. 😭 At least I got the avatar and Turmaculus as a BD Opponent.
  11. My heart and prayers are for the families of the victims of the New Zealand mosques attacks. We had extra security for our Friday prayers yesterday. I really wish that this wasn't the "new normal" and that one of the NZ police said that this attack was because of "the growing Muslim population problem we have". 😭

    Still wondering why Neopets allows a username: infedele to be ok to use on a kid-friendly site. :whaa:😠

  12. I had just paid 400 np and chose Left. Got another choice, and chose Right, and then...I got Kicked OUT??? How RUDE!!!
  13. Ok now you are just showing off! I'm just kidding, really congratulations to you & everyone else who are getting the FFQs-I know you deserve it! 🙂
  14. Buy a FQ fortune cookie for 50 NC and activate it if your faction wins & you get the boon? I will look back later to see where the Fellowship of the Buns stand on which Faction to choose. 😉 3/13/2019 Saw at least 4 votes for Brutes so I joined Brute Squad. Good Luck everyone!
  15. I got my 3rd request from the Grey Faerie today, umm when did this creature would be worth 12,000 np (I had stocked up on Buzzers, Spyders, and Tennas-but not that thing) and after having a Dark & Fire Faerie called, I thought : "Ok, 3rd time's the charm, right?" NO! She called an AIR FAERIE! Not an Earth or Light Faerie but the most worthless (sorry, MIss, but no one is in need of Speed) faerie she could call! For 12,000 np, I kind of expected MORE! I also have been getting 2nd Quests from my FQ Fortune Cookie, and to add insult to injury- my 2nd quest was from KAIA (my arch nemesis from the WR mess)!!!! Girl demands one of my NC items and a pink bag-I DON'T even get to pick the item!!! Tried it once, gave up Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver and 75 NC for the pink bag to get the weirdest Robot Outfit, very generic! It was the WORST!!!! Grey Faerie & Kaia, I'm warning you-we are going to go and my gal can do some serious damage!
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