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  1. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    I remember that one! I don't think I was a TDN member at that time, I just loved submitting captions and was hoping one day...and then we got stuck on....OH! They won't show us the Usul skiing downhill with the Snowager coming down after her? Hmmm Anyway, Angelo & Deb, you both crack me up!
  2. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    I thought they were great too! Silly TNT/JS-maybe their switch switched out their sense of humor? Really, you won at CC back in the day? I mean it as, of course you're funny Angelo, I am just amazed if ANYONE I know can win at this game. And now for my pathetic attempts... Pink Bruce: I said I wanted to be CANDY! Not Chocolate! This is NOT cool!
  3. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at Ikumaluk... ... and he changes colour to 8-Bit!! September 21st This look is definitely an acquired taste! Still not Candy! I want Candy! 9/21/17 Well now he is Yellow. But at least he doesn't hurt my eyes anymore!
  4. Hurricane Harvey

    @balloongal247 I don't wish a hurricane on anyone, and especially someone who just had a baby? Late congratulations on your new addition. The crush of ppl might deplete the water but my mom directed ppl to check out the distilled gallons they have in the baby aisles, for bread- if regular and frozen bread are out check the Nan & Flatbread/Pita usually near the Cheese section, for eggs- if all the regular eggs are out- Egg-Beaters or powdered eggs and if Milk is out, Soy milk (which 1/4 cup of soy milk acts as a substitute for 1 egg in recipes) or powdered Milk can be used. Sometimes all the batteries run out at the big Dept. Stores- hardware stores will have the "D" batteries & flashlights too. Prepare the best that you can- put your documents in ziploc plastic bags if you don't have a safe, same for Insurance papers, passports & birth certificates, and your medicines. Good Luck & I hope that none of this becomes necessary for you to use! God be with you!
  5. Hurricane Harvey

    Yes, jellysundae, thank God, no flooding but some roof/water damage. On Friday (my holiday) we drove over to help one of my mother's former student salvage what she could from her flooded out first floor apt. (She was the one who had to be rescued by boat and made it out with her sick mother & 3 small kids). We brought boxes (should have brought plastic tubs), sheets that we didn't use anymore- Cars, Rainbow Brite, etc., so after wrapping up her glassware, she can use them for her kids, and we surprised her with 3 Eid Gift Bags for her kids. Poor young lady just was overwhelmed and cried, "OMG! I forgot it was even Eid Ul-Adha! (We only have 2 holidays, this one is called the Big Eid-but of course, she had so much too worry about that she was grateful to have something nice to take back to her kids bc all their clothes, toys, anything paper or material could not be salvaged). The other important thing we learned about this, wear GLOVES for the clean-up bc my mom got an eye infection probably bc the flood water mixed with sewer water and e.coli stayed all over everything in the apt. I showered as soon as we got back but mom didn't shower until after she made dinner (she washed her hands but we think she touched her eye while picking up things in the apt.). I will be going to my school on Thursday to make basic home care boxes for hurricane victims to take to shelters. I go back to school on Monday, Sept. 11th, while some ppl call it Patriot's Day- a lot of ppl use that day to hate on Muslims. I'm hoping with all the help that many of our mosques provided that this year it won't be so tense. Anyway, it's all good. Thanks for asking & sorry I haven't been on a lot. A burned out home is surrounded by floodwaters in Spring, Texas, on Aug. 29 Photographer: David J. Phillip/AP Photo
  6. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at Ikumaluk... ... and he changes colour to Woodland!! Oops! Forgot about the gender change! I guess I better wipe off the make up and take off the dress... There, more dignified, yes?
  7. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 115!

    For which faction, my Captain, Oh Captain! Beth please come back to us! The Sway (where wealth and power reigns supreme), The Awakened (where supernatural eeriness reigns supreme), or The Brute Squad (where brawn or strength reigns supreme) ? Well I have a friend from my Guild, The Kindness Project, and a new friend here at TDN @Gregory that need The Brutes avatar so I am sad to go against @jellysundae -nothing personal dear friend & the really weird Sway DOES have the better boons and will say: To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references for the BRUTES!
  8. Hi TDN family! In case you were worried, I'm doing ok! We are wet as anything but we don't have flooding in our streets, yards, or homes in my neighborhood-so I'm good! Prayers for our city of Houston, as Harvey is sticking around until Thursday & I hear President Troll is coming in tomorrow...where? Please don't come to my neighborhood bc we are the only ones not flooded!! :sad01_anim:

    1. Angeló


      lol @ President Troll .

      Be safe bro <3

    2. jellysundae


      So great that you're ok! :D

      If he does come there, send your mom out to give him some of her patented badass ninja mom treatment. He won't come back again. :ph34r:

  9. Hurricane Harvey

    @babayaga67 Sorry I haven't been on consistently. I had let ppl on The Kindness Project know how I am and just made it over to see what I could catch up on here at TDN. Day 3 of Harvey & I am blessed that I live in that tiniest green patch that you saw on the Doppler Radar of Harvey coming in at Rockport/Corpus Christi which is 150 miles away from us-and I am fine and not having flood water in my street, yard, or house BUT if I were to travel 15 minutes in any direction from my house- I would be in flood waters. I had a lot of friends who had their homes flooded and at least 2 friends who had to be boat rescued, so it is bad...but I am good. You better check on your Mom in Cypress, because my friends there have shot videos where they had flooding and Conroe is 10 minutes up the road (I-45) from me and the Sawdust Rd Exit (which is between my town, Spring, and Conroe) is under water tonight. I so hope that they are okay! Please everyone keep praying for all of us in Houston bc it is supposed to keep raining until Thursday.
  10. Hi, I posted a message about Hurricane Harvey in the forum. I remember from the "weather" thread a few months ago you said you lived near Houston. I hope you are safe and well. Feel free to send me a message here or on Neopets anytime.

  11. Turmaculus IS AWAKE NOW!!!!

    GO TO TURMACULUS WITH A "NON-VALUABLE" PETPET (in case he is hungry- he will EAT the petpet)!!!! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to grant your petpet a level!!! Your petpet is now level 2!
  12. Turmaculus IS AWAKE NOW!!!!

    GO TO TURMACULUS WITH A "NON-VALUABLE" PETPET (in case he is hungry- he will EAT the petpet)!!!! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 100 neopoints!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  13. The Fruit Machine

    Congratulations!You have won 5,000 NP! You also win: Puppyblew Well, not as good as @Scoobert_Doo but pretty good from mostly nothing

    Go to Turmaculus with a petpet that you don't mind to possibly get eaten (for the avatar)! Go now before the hour is up!
  15. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    At least she is an Avatar-getting petpet!