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  1. Kokariia pulls out a ticket... and... You Won 20,000 Neopoints!!!!!!
  2. I am totally freaking out now. A friend sent a Challenge to me (team? World? I really didn't get it). Not getting a reply (having asked that friend by nm, what was what) so, a counter was ticking and...I clicked on Chadley and GOOD NEWS, I beat his score (2x) but...BAD NEWS, it keeps showing 0 for my score and doesn't allow me to click on the present/box. I had to do the Bruno challenge today and only got 2 prizes, so it's important to do each challenge on it's day that it's released? Very bummed right now...
  3. Kad-grats fiorellino (tina) and keep going yuiina! How come you guys didn't point out how mental I was about the Kad trophy/avatar. Did it and it was so hard too do , completely forgot I did feed 75 kads to get the avatar? That was completely goofy on my part! Anyway, I am proud of you guys and sent you a little something (like I used to do when I was kadding... so long ago, it's a foggy memory...) to keep you motivated!
  4. Hi Kaylan! My account is only 3 years old but my sisters, who are in college and older have been playing for like 12 years and used to let me play on their laps with a Yellow Grarrl they put on one of their accounts just for me (I think I was 4 years old) so I could feed it (it ate everything! they had to remember to put valuables away or I fed it things just to see if he would eat it) and played Kacheek Seek with it. Of course, I'm in high school now and I know that "sharing" accounts is not allowed, so we all have separate accounts. For your 3 questions, I think people with more experience or who were your friends before you took your break could answer the first 2 questions (I didn't play Habtarium but my sister, mintmilanos, did) and we never did World Challenges. But Q#3, I can tell you straight out- I miss Key Quest!!! It was one of the best ways to get codestones and battledome gives maybe 3 or 4 if I'm lucky but I get a lot of starry cookies, kites, and Tyrannian plushies or Usukis but... those items actually became useful for Charity Corner.
  5. Congratulations on the Engagement! Sorry about the sinus cold that bruised your rib cage. I hope you will feel better soon. The doctor probably gave you something for the pain, but also remember to stay away from dairy products (milk, ice cream, etc.) bc they tend to cause your body to secrete more mucus and you don't want more-you want less. Green Tea with Lemon is what my mom is working on and I wasn't worried about her "barking" cough until I read your post and thought, What? Lots of coughing can do THAT? So I will be watching her over the weekend while my dad goes off on his trip for 2 weeks. No jokes, I wouldn't want to make you ache, but I do hope you recover fully soon.
  6. Thanks! My sister's first attempts (she doesn't have SSW) were 22k and a fire faerie doesn't seem 22k -worthy kind of increase of stats!
  7. Umm, I had opened SW in a tab then went to get my Faerie Quest- a fire faerie wants Janitor Bucket but when I put that into SW that Jubjub did this: Searching for: Janitor Bucket I did not find anything. :( Please try again and I will search elsewhere! I don't get to try again. Can someone post a few shops so I can finish the quest? Thanks! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please use the Faerie Quest Help topic for Faerie Quest searches. This thread is only for SSW searches unrelated to Faerie Quests. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  8. Also you could try Kacheek Seek! By the time I get to the bottom row of places for my pet to hide, they usually tell me that they're bored with Kacheek Seek and their disposition usually has improved almost back to joyful or delighted. <- My Pets on the Roo Island Merry-Go_Round, and then
  9. The only thing in NC Mall 150 NC. I know you said you don't have NC now but is this hazel close enough to green? Or is it too yellowish?
  10. I vote Woodland or Speckled as a Forest Look for an Ixi! Thanks for a fun distraction from Faerie Quest Frustration (99k item for Battle Faerie -greatly improved stats but...not a rainbow dip) or RE like paying 5k+ to have an owner take their mewing mutant Kadoatie away (couldn't you give ME the Kadoatie? I've fed 75 of them and I could find a petpet pb that would improve their disposition?)
  11. Okay, beth, I will throw in with the Order and Good Luck to all, no matter which faction you pick/picked! Cue the battle music to arms (well, most of us have 2 arms)! Just a reminder-Sat., 3/18/17 9:45 am that you have approx. 40hrs left (Sun. night) to get your 10 battles in! Fight well and heal fast! Need any help, just message me-got novas, muffins, some basic BD equip. and could help with healing items , if you are in need- I am a BD friend indeed!
  12. Welcome Kaz, to TDN Forums! I am glad that you stepped out of the lurking shadows to become a new friend (which doesn't mean you have to give up "lurking", some of us still lurk when we read an interesting topic but don't know how to respond). Anyway, with all the helpful game guides, avatar solutions, and Battledome information- whatever you set your Neopet goals to be, this is a great resource to get you on your way. Bonus points for all the friends you get to make with so many great players from different time zones and backgrounds, I definitely feel that I have grown in personal wisdom from many of these postings/chats. I look forward to learning more about you and hope you enjoy it here at TDN Forums. :)
  13. Order has the refresh boon? Thieves are pretty popular? Awakened has weirdness times 10 on it's side? Since I have all 6 avatars, I would like to help those TDN Buddies going for an avatar. Sorry no Brutes this time beth, but is there another faction whose avatar you need?
  14. Once I got the gold trophy (75 fed), I quit. How do you go pink? How many kads do you have to feed?? And do you get a trophy and/or avatar for that?
  15. Hi Caity & welcome to TDN Forums! I am glad someone with your experience (14+ years!) and with a different perspective has joined this wonderful and supportive group of friends that feel like family to me. I guess you know all the wonderful game guides & avatar solutions TDN provides, but there is so much more to this great hang out of awesome ppl that will be fun for you to discover. Whether you are into customization (check The Runway out) or BattleDome (advice & great weapons & info on foes abound), you can find many ppl whom share your interests or offer you a different way to look at something. So welcome and make yourself at home!