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  1. Hi Gabby! Nice to meet someone else who is slowly but surely working on game avatars- I am too! I just got the Evil Eliv Thade avatar bc it was one of the places that Topsi Cybunny hid a Negg for this year's Negg Festival. I posted about it https://www.tdnforums.com/topic/48331-festival-of-neggs-2017/?page=5#comment-825273 where I explained how I got the avatar-and if you have time, I'm sure you'd get it too! We're heading into Altador Cup so join your favorite team and post about your ups & downs bc we all are gearing up for fun & laughs! Good luck and welcome to the Forums!
  2. I thought so! My mom just probably hates those spinners and just ran with this crazy story- so mom-like! Right, like do we see any pictures of Palestinian kids with these spinners? NO!
  3. These entries are AMAZING! I totally respect delshnya for only choosing 1 and I used to do that but changed it to only picking 3 . Not that every entry isn't great & clever, they certainly are, but I didn't want to get carried away.
  4. I don't know if this is true, so take it with a grain of salt, but my mom won't let me get one bc she heard that someone "invented" these spinners to "give" to Palestinian children so that "they could do something more useful with their hands and not throw rocks". :(
  5. len_42 the Maractite Kougra len_42Male Kougra Age: 3,524 daysLevel: 3 Hit Points: 16 / 16Strength: averageDefence: armouredMovement: speedyIntelligence: average I just picked up this Green Kougra from the Pound & bc I have a Lab Ray Fortune Cookie -this guy got an extra zap to be Maractite! If anyone is interested in adopting him please nm or message me. I released him to the Pound this morning 5-26-17, bc I have 2 more days using my Lab Ray Fortune Cookie and I think someone will adopt him. I picked up a Ye;;ow Chia which is now Speckled. lakoljaaew the Speckled Chia Maizzie the Mazzew Age: 12 days old (311 hours)Birthday: 13th May (Y19)Level: 1Gender: Female Height: 61 cms. Weight: 77 lbs. Hit Points: 8 / 8Strength: strongDefence: averageMovement: averageIntelligence: average If anyone is interested in this Female Speckled Chia, nm me but I will probably be zapping her tomorrow to see if she can get a cooler color! Up for adoption: babo_shagar the Spotted Lupe - Attributes -Age: 2,271 days old (54,521 hours)Birthday: 6th March (Y13)Level: 12Gender: Male Height: 40 cms. Weight: 17 lbs. - Battledome Stats -Hit Points: 46 / 46Strength: titanicDefence: GREAT (21)Movement: lightningIntelligence: mega genius (51) I moved this guy onto a side account, but if anyone is interested in this handsome lupe (he was green before) please nm or message me.
  6. I was just waiting for Beth's Official Battlecry: " Go Sway! I'll fight my buns off you ya (not sure what this means, but it sounds fierce!) " So HEY! Better get outta our way! We're going with SWAY and our buns are being battled away!
  7. It might help if you read the Battlepedia have been moved to the main site see article/quote (?) below then you can look at the opponent and see their hit points/health or endurance for their 3 levels (Green-lowest, Yellow-medium, Red-hardest or highest ). It might save your pet's life (kidding-your pets never die) but at least not shock you when you're expecting Tekkitu the Witch Doctor at Mystery Island BD Arena to be at 120 for his Green Level and when you enter the Arena to fight him and he is actually at 150 (What? ), you are better off if you pick an opponent that you plan to be maybe 10-20 points more than the entrance level, in case that happens. Anyway, the Battledome and Weapons Articles site has wonderful Guides and Information like Beginner's Walkthrough ! Check it out & Good Luck! You can prepare for Round #108 probably starting tomorrow in the next Obelisk Skirmish.
  8. @Reve I thought that you could only go once a day but I am probably wrong about that. I went everyday as a part of my Dailies so maybe 1 year and a half bc I added after I realized TDN had it on the Dailies page. So I started going to it again when Angelo mentioned that sometimes he got a little np from it even after having gotten the avatar. I still need Wise King Hagan (I had consistently gotten F- from him with threats of if he could give me a lower grade he would! ) and the Mysterious or Abandoned Blue Grundo Avatars. Random events, who knows when I'll get those!
  9. At the Mysterious Symol Hole today... Fasfusa jumps out of the hole a few seconds later... It appears that Fasfusa came back a little richer. They must have found the 76 np in the hole... I already have the Avatar but you still can get something from it evidently.
  10. Well, it's the Pirate's life for me ,mateys! KRAWK ISLAND 4EVR !! If we don't be winnin' that there cup (Not the actual Altador Cup) , fer sure we be stealin' it!
  11. You can start picking up "cheap" books (any book under 1000 np would seem cheap to me but you can set it lower to 900 or less or even lower) when shopping for other items, esp. when looking for healing potions or codestones for training. Good Luck!
  12. I don't know if you can see my Combat Log but Kokariia (HP/Endurance: 195 & Intelligence: 758) went against the Jetsam Ace at 106 One Punch! Jetsam Ace went to 0 with 128 Damage and Kokariia lost 16 points to end with 178 You slash at Jetsam Ace with your Decorative Maractite Sword!!! x 3 x 5 x 2 x 2 Jetsam Ace puts you to sleep with their Sleep Ray! x 3 x 5 Jetsam Ace slashes at you with their Decorative Maractite Sword!!!! x 3 x 2 You shield yourself from Jetsam Ace's water attack with your Golden Aisha Shield! Jetsam Ace applies a Bandage. Drat! And my prizes for this KO 300 Neopoints Ultranova
  13. @kayahtik Well I've been waiting forever to try Strength of Mind Grants the ability 'Mind Blast' in the Battledome, which uses your pet's Intelligence as its Strength boost, once per battle. My pets have their intelligence levels up to 700+ (Kokariia has her level at 750, as I am training her to take on the Space Faerie and she needs her level to be that high to wear her Crisp Blue Tunic). I want to see if this will really help my pets in battle! Congratulations to Awakened Champions! Avatar achieved but not approved by the Twins! I hope the consolation prizes were good for everyone else.
  14. @Emily Thank You!!! So happy to see the sand bottles are back in your Shop! Hey, Jerry Play that Funky Music! I just bought me Angular Sand Sculpture and am so happy I can donate again!
  15. @Zafie Well if you didn't have theJetsam Chomp! & Jetsam - Wanna Fight? , you can get them now. @jellysundae my_friend_Cora looks good in grey. Do you have the Grey Wocky - *sigh* avatar? Today at the Petpet Lab Ray So-and-so the Pile of Soot CHANGED to So-and-so the Black Spirkle Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again!