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  1. Only 53 minutes left... I wanted to side with Beth, but I am guess that she is really busy...so I will throw in with the rest of you for Awakened! I will hope for the best. But Awakened does freak me out!
  2. I was waiting for the 3rd "shoe" to drop! (Me, chowing down on LAST years' cupcake) Watch out for that crown or you might get a visit from the Tooth Faerie!
  3. Just put a few in, one will probably "pan out"! You won't know unless you try... I wrote in that the Elephante was getting revenge for all the item stealing the Kiko Lake Altador Cup Team did to "fund" their team!
  4. And how to spell images -eh, Angelo? Funny thing is that I didn't pick up on it until my 3rd read through. Dyslexia is such a curse! Just teasing you,Angelo! AND go no, everyone, put in a caption, it's a 100-numbered round so just TRY!!! And there is my dyslexic slip, "no for on"-
  5. I echo jellysundae's sentiments, do NOT give up hope! What would these Obelisk Skirmishes be without you? Pretty boring! You're a Fantastic Member in my book and I count on seeing you here and I am hoping that JS/TNT will do the right thing and restore your account! We really appreciate what you do for TDN & this thread in particular! With that said, now comes... the QUESTION! BETH, what say you for this endless Battle of this cursed Obelisk #112? For which faction, my Captain, Oh Captain! The Thieves (where skullduggery reigns supreme), Brutes (where brawn or strength reigns supreme), or Awakened (where supernatural strangeness reigns supreme) ? To arms, legs, and buns! We BATTLE OUR OFF!!!! It is to be the "Fellowship of the Buns", with all of the LOTR references.
  6. The ray is fired at Ikumaluk... ... and he changes colour to Invisible!! OH NO! I can only see his bowtie. Let's hope a CANDY zap is in his future! Later tonight on 7-17-2017: Bwahaha! Look at Ikumaluk crying because I don't train him at Mystery Island ! He trains at the Swashbuckling Academy with 3 Legs until he gets to Level 41 BUT he better turn Candy first! !
  7. TURMY IS AWAKE NOW!!!! GET TO HIM with a non-valuable PETPET for him to eat for the avatar! Good Luck! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has completely restored your pet's hp...
  8. Looks like I'm finishing off your chicken dinner! So I will have cake and eat that too! Lol
  9. The creepy Kookith quickly grabs Gimli and runs straight into the laboratory. Since you and Smaug_King_ofthe_Mnt are too big to follow, you poke your head in the door to witness the fate of the little Petpet. Smaug_King_ofthe_Mnt The Kookith begins wildly pushing buttons on the console, which looks to be made of cardboard and... Achyfi cans?! This can't be right! You begin formulating a plan to rescue your Petpet and run far, far away, but it's too late. The ray has already been fired... Black Wadjet from having been Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. Well that's amazing! I think it compliments the Grey pet but... I was hoping it would be an avatar -getting Petpet. Too greedy? Meh? Maybe...? July 13July 13th Petpet Lab Ray Results Gimli has changed to Plushie Doglefox (worth about 78k when painted ) Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again! This little guy is so adorable and is now paired with the Grey Scorchio. Wow! I guess I should leave this little petpet alone. Yet that phrase taunts me to come back tomorrow and try again? As if it knows that I was really hoping for an avatar-getting petpet...I could check my SDB for a plushie petpet pb & doglefox...hmmm
  10. THANK YOU kind TDN member and for everyone who makes an effort to donate to the ALP! *clap**clap* Hmm, another amazing yet expensive avatar to work towards...*pokes bank account* Get fatter, you! whispers as the Skeith Banker rolls his eyes at me. My luck runs more towards but I will add this GOAL to my To-Do List !
  11. @jellysundae You made me think of Disney's series: Gravity Falls, but mostly about when Dipper had to do the "Lamby Dance" to save the teenaged girl he had a crush on and her friends from 2 elderly ghosts store owners, but I couldn't find THAT picture/image.
  12. Today, July 10th, 2017, Garet's stats would have given an 18:1 return. Something in the way he suggested that he would have bet both Fran. & Fed. brothers together made me change my be to: 7-10-2017 FC Bet Monday.docx OK If you can't see the chart, I added Fed.C. from Harpoon Harry Arena to Garet's LN: Sir Edmund O. + HC: Fran. C. changing it from 4:1 to 8:1 and Garet's LN: Sir Edmund O. + TI: Tailhook + HC: Fran.C. changing it from 8:1 to 16:1. Adding them to Garet's other 2 bets (which I didn't change) of LN: Sir Edmund O. at 2:1 and LN: Sir Edmund O. + TI: Tailhook at 4:1 for a total of 30:1 or 77,100 NP . Did you follow Garet's bets strictly or change them up a little or all of them too?
  13. Turmaculus is AWAKE!! GET to him quickly!!! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has completely restored your pet's hp...
  14. @jellysundae I sent you 2 toys, Space Chalet and Swinging Chair that I always leave out in my Inventory for exactly this "situation". My Pets will play with these toys & not get bored with multiple turns on or in them. I hope this will help improve misterFloo's disposition!
  15. @jellysundae I thought that your Bet History would be "more" than mine Food Club Bet History for midnight_spell360 July 2017.docx AAGGHHH! I can't make this Screenshot visible? Why am I so challenged? Anyway, for everyone who doesn't want to upload a useless file, the picture should show: Bet History Bets Placed Bet Total Win Total Difference 2352 5299476 NP 10207532 NP 4908056 Which is pretty good or I have a serious problem? Not sure. But mostly, I bet every day and I donate some np to tdnalp and TKP, my guild. Mind you, my account is only 41 months pld, so my bets are like 2565 np per bet right now.