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  1. You're very welcome! Did you have any luck with it @jellysundae? @Sciurus carolinensis, where did you read this information? On this page from sunnyneo (http://www.sunnyneo.com/sideaccounts.php) it states "The maximum number of accounts you may have is five; one main account and four side accounts and you may have up to 5 Neopets accounts connected to one email address. Whilst TNT prefer that you have all of your accounts connected to the one e-mail address, they do not insist upon it. Accounts that have been frozen (self or otherwise) count toward the side account limit for that email address but they do not count against the 5 allowed accounts, unless TNT smells a rat." Maybe your email isn't the reason after all! If it's any solace, I like the name littleshadetail. And that it its name is meaningful to you makes it even more special :)
  2. That does make sense! I am glad this is the case. Thank you all for your help. I am sure you already know this, but there is a Neopets board that TNT looks at for open tickets. It seems to have a high success rate, although there are a lot of posts on it. It may be worth a shot if you want to contact them again. Just a thought!
  3. I tried closing the page and reopening it again before I posted and it still didn't work. However, a few days later it reappeared again, so you are right; it must have been an error. Thank you, Scoobert and jelly, for your advice. jellysundae, I am so sorry to hear about that long wait time =[ Is it a major issue? Also, am I able to play on a side account while my main is frozen? Once I retrieve my main, am I allowed to transfer over the NP (through trades) I earned on my side back to the main?
  4. I am sorry to hear about your side account =[ I know it isn't the same, but you can always rebuild on your main!
  5. Lusin and Ghostiekitty, I do feel your pain. I have had my very old account frozen since January, and have still heard nothing. It is frustrating, especially seeing Daily Dare and Faerie Quests pass by. I have been politely adding to and checking up on the ticket once a week since it was frozen. Recently I logged into the my ticket support to update it again and it says that my ticket expired because it was sitting as "open" for too long. Seriously? Does this actually happen or is it a glitch with the "Support" part of the website page? I understand many accounts are being frozen, but does this reset the order mine will be in the queue because I have to restart a ticket and resubmit all of the information? Has someone else experienced this?
  6. Thank you, I appreciate your advice and encouragement. I am sad I cannot participate in Daily Dare, but I will continue to attempt contact with the open ticket. Thank you for your help!
  7. That's encouraging. Hopefully mine will be a work in progress soon. I have seen Alice mentioned on here before. Is she the one who manages frozen accounts?
  8. Congratulations! That's so exciting. =] How long from a work in progress to receiving it back? Indeed :) It's been about six weeks for me and it's still considered open.
  9. LauraRaWr: That is strange, I am unsure what to suggest. Has anything changed since you sent this? You can always make a new email, but you may run into the same issue. Another question for anyone: It's been three weeks and my ticket still isn't assigned. If anyone else experienced a frozen account, how long did it take to hear a response?
  10. Thank you, I will keep doing this. It's been two weeks and it hasn't been looked at yet, but I hope it will soon. I hope support does see the updates, because you're right, that is where it would show who is active. Laura, what account are you trying to activate? One that was returned to you or a side you created?
  11. I am sorry to hear about your account being stolen, especially since October! That is quite a long time to wait. I agree with Mouseykins, though, all we can do is give gentle nudges every so often and wait. As much as I also want my account to be back, I try to think of TNT on the other end. If a lot of accounts are being hacked or frozen, it must be a lot of tickets to go through and research involved. I feel your frustration with waiting months. Maybe consistently give an update or pleasant nudge every week? It's a gentle reminder for them and shows your passion. Quick question, though: On the main post, it says to update the information if I don't hear anything back. Does TNT see this update and that is why I should do it? What do I write, that I'm checking in or does it have to be more information concerning my account?
  12. Ah, thank you Mouseykins! That makes me feel so much better. I didn't know about the breach, so I appreciate the information. I am still waiting to hear back, I hope my account returns safe, too! =]
  13. I had a minor panic attack when I saw that I was unable to login which escalated to major panic attack when I read on my side account that my main was frozen. I was so panicked I made a new thread rather than posting on this one. Woops. I am going to submit a ticket, and will hope to hear from them soon. I have no idea why it was frozen. I have an old account I have been playing on for a long time and I honestly wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it. It is interesting reading on here how many accounts have been frozen recently that do not know the reasoning. Has there been any indication as to why?
  14. Sun-and-Rain

    Neopets Account Disappeared?!

    So I am having a slight panic attack. Okay, large. I went to log into Neopets this morning, and as soon as I type my username and password in and hit submit... it refreshes back to the login page. This happens on mobile and computer. I was on it fine just yesterday. I tried to log in with my side account that I use to transfer pets to, and I am able to log in first try. Under that name, I searched my main account and Neopets search says it doesn't exist. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am a very long time Neopets user and worked very hard for everything on my main account. Please, someone advise me. Edit: I just saw under neofriends on my side it says "Account Frozen" for my main. I honestly did nothing for it to be frozen. I wouldn't jeopardize that much time. What do I do? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a topic for Account login problems. Please use that thread instead of creating a new one. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  15. Sun-and-Rain

    Pouch of Dubloons

    Haha, it's probably better that you did. The price was probably high when you sold it! I know opening it wasn't worth it for me. 40 dubloons?! Is this the case for anyone else?