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  1. That's encouraging. Hopefully mine will be a work in progress soon. I have seen Alice mentioned on here before. Is she the one who manages frozen accounts?
  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting. =] How long from a work in progress to receiving it back? Indeed :) It's been about six weeks for me and it's still considered open.
  3. LauraRaWr: That is strange, I am unsure what to suggest. Has anything changed since you sent this? You can always make a new email, but you may run into the same issue. Another question for anyone: It's been three weeks and my ticket still isn't assigned. If anyone else experienced a frozen account, how long did it take to hear a response?
  4. Thank you, I will keep doing this. It's been two weeks and it hasn't been looked at yet, but I hope it will soon. I hope support does see the updates, because you're right, that is where it would show who is active. Laura, what account are you trying to activate? One that was returned to you or a side you created?
  5. I am sorry to hear about your account being stolen, especially since October! That is quite a long time to wait. I agree with Mouseykins, though, all we can do is give gentle nudges every so often and wait. As much as I also want my account to be back, I try to think of TNT on the other end. If a lot of accounts are being hacked or frozen, it must be a lot of tickets to go through and research involved. I feel your frustration with waiting months. Maybe consistently give an update or pleasant nudge every week? It's a gentle reminder for them and shows your passion. Quick question, though: On the main post, it says to update the information if I don't hear anything back. Does TNT see this update and that is why I should do it? What do I write, that I'm checking in or does it have to be more information concerning my account?
  6. Ah, thank you Mouseykins! That makes me feel so much better. I didn't know about the breach, so I appreciate the information. I am still waiting to hear back, I hope my account returns safe, too! =]
  7. I had a minor panic attack when I saw that I was unable to login which escalated to major panic attack when I read on my side account that my main was frozen. I was so panicked I made a new thread rather than posting on this one. Woops. I am going to submit a ticket, and will hope to hear from them soon. I have no idea why it was frozen. I have an old account I have been playing on for a long time and I honestly wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it. It is interesting reading on here how many accounts have been frozen recently that do not know the reasoning. Has there been any indication as to why?
  8. So I am having a slight panic attack. Okay, large. I went to log into Neopets this morning, and as soon as I type my username and password in and hit submit... it refreshes back to the login page. This happens on mobile and computer. I was on it fine just yesterday. I tried to log in with my side account that I use to transfer pets to, and I am able to log in first try. Under that name, I searched my main account and Neopets search says it doesn't exist. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am a very long time Neopets user and worked very hard for everything on my main account. Please, someone advise me. Edit: I just saw under neofriends on my side it says "Account Frozen" for my main. I honestly did nothing for it to be frozen. I wouldn't jeopardize that much time. What do I do? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a topic for Account login problems. Please use that thread instead of creating a new one. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  9. Haha, it's probably better that you did. The price was probably high when you sold it! I know opening it wasn't worth it for me. 40 dubloons?! Is this the case for anyone else?
  10. On the avatar checklist it estimates over 5,000 items need to be reached. I know for me, even getting 10 free items from the money tree everyday to throw away as rubbish will take a long while to reach 5,000. Out of curiosity, do you think you've tossed that many?
  11. That would be a really awesome perk by TNT if this is the case. The seemingly magicless Magic Door protects your inventory from the Pant Devil.
  12. I missed it, too :( But perhaps midnight_spell360 is onto something with it potentially being reusable next year. No problem! I still have the ticket. It's a good thing you put yours in your gallery =] Did you keep it there or use it? I always feel that way with the free Shenanigifts as well. I'll eye up the background and get the one I don't want. I do like plushies, though, so I definitely would've tried for that!
  13. What did you get from a pouch of dubloons? I found: (2) 5 dubloons (2) 1 dubloons I probably should have sold it, but one never knows =]
  14. I'm not as familiar with the concerts of Neopia aside from the ones that resulted in an avatar. How is the Moehawk Xmas Special Ticket from the advent calendar used? Does it provide any special gifts or purpose?
  15. I also don't have the tooth faerie! It's incredible so many of us do not, because according to TDN's avatar checklist, 62% of users have it. Congrats on the dgp! That was a satisfying one to get. The wheel of excitement is also the only wheel I do not have. I don't have it aisha scalawag either, but don't give up on it! It is incredibly rare. I also gave up on the court jester one. It doesn't take a lot of effort, but I'm tired of being stared at by an unresponsive grumpy king. Well this makes me feel better, I think a lot of us are stuck on the same ones, both rare and popular.