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  1. Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    As I recall, this one took me a while. My attempts were rather spread out, but it probably added up to a couple of hours a day for a week or so. I've managed to get other random avatars, like Lever of Doom, pretty quickly though, so it balances out. I'm still hoping for the Tooth Faerie avatar, though! That one seems to be rather elusive for me.
  2. New Robot Vandagyre

    I like it. The blue section on the torso reminds me of Iron Man's arc reactor. I hadn't noticed the lack of a beak, but for me it's fine without. I've always rather preferred Robot pets without their casings, and this one is no exception.
  3. After 160 YYB, 35 SS, 500 MSM, and 7,630 SOSD games, I've reached All-Star! Now to work on my next childhood goal - completing my Sea Shells page. Here we go...!
  4. Sixteen days in and I'm still maxing out SOSD...but I just hit Rank 17, so yay! I've never even come close to 17 before. My childhood goal of hitting All-Star is so close...!
  5. Omelette Economics

    I'm a bit of a completist, so I've been doing this with a number of food items for my gallery collections. Pieces of an Amazing Apple Usul Cake can be twice the price of a whole one, so I bought six and fed them to a pet over a couple of days to get each variation. It's going to take me so long to get some of the apple items out there that a couple of extra days spent on the cakes doesn't really amount to much.
  6. Unreleased Royal Petpets!

    That Weewoo! <3 I want one for my Blumaroo, who will eventually be painted Royal...they'll look so cute together! The Farnswap is pretty great too. I've never heard of them before either, but that facial expression is priceless.
  7. Looks like I'm back in business - panic over, yay! Good luck to everyone getting back into it!
  8. Really? I had no idea this had been changed. Really hoping this is the case now, and not a ranking problem. Thank you for updating me! I'm not being awarded NP for the games I have played, although I'm not too bothered about that. I wonder if that's the case for others? It's a bit of a shame, really...I usually like playing against the practice team (the jellies running around makes me laugh ), but there doesn't seem to be much point if it doesn't count.
  9. Well, looks like I've been flagged. Needless to say, I didn't do it. I've been playing a lot of SOSD, and maxed out YYB for the first time yesterday. Could that be the problem? I'm feeling a bit miffed right now, to be honest.
  10. That's amazing! Where do you get the drive to do that in six days?! Seriously, though, congratulations on the achievement!
  11. Apparently the ranking problem isn't a glitch; TNT have been preventing certain accounts from ranking up due to 'suspicious activity', and anyone affected is advised to send in a ticket for help/advice. I'm sure that for the majority of players, though, this isn't the case at all, and it sounds pretty frustrating. I've heard that some accounts have later been allowed to rank up again, so perhaps scores are under review?
  12. Roo Island Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    How is everyone doing? I hit rank 8 last night and 2,005 SOSD games...I'm determined to see this through! I'm going to try and max YYB today, since despite my thread about hating it, it turns out I hate SS more. Plus, those sweet, sweet prize shop points...
  13. Roo Island Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    Rank 4 so far, with 5 not far away. I'm mostly maxing out SOSD. I must be crazy...
  14. Who else is playing for Roo Island this year? It's my second time round, and I'm aiming - but we'll see how it goes! - for All-Star. Come and support each other here!
  15. Reaching All-Star while hating Yooyuball?

    Thanks for all the advice so far! I knew that the side games required more plays to get points, so maybe I'll focus on those but throw some Yooyuball in there to take the pressure off...