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  1. Hacked amazon account - freaking out!

    I think Amazon must have had a security breach recently. I was forced to change my password two days ago.
  2. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    well, i'm glad it's working again. i was starting to miss it.
  3. Neopoints for NeoCash

    I agree with the concept in general but, I don't think it should be a 1:1 ratio. Since NC do generally (with the exception of site events or the expellibox) go for cash, why would anyone spend money on them when one spin of Trudy's Wheel would net you 2000 on day one?
  4. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Is anyone else having issues with the NC Mall today? I can't get any part of it to load.
  5. Happy Kougra Day

    omg. i looove this! I want it so bad!
  6. Mysterious Magical Neggs!

    I just got the terrarium too. Ive got the glass dress and shoes as well. All I wanted were the wings edit: finally got the wings today and I also got Glass Garden with Neggs. neat.
  7. Mysterious Magical Neggs!

    I love the wig. I was super lucky to get it. Can you dust the eggs multiple times?
  8. Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    I talked to someone on the TP and they said they're getting offers of 2m + UBs. I'm like....that's nuts.
  9. Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    I'm also looking to buy the stamp if anyone wants to sell.
  10. Day 20: AAA's Revenge

    Huh. Well that was...easy. I was expecting the score to be 250 or something. Only took me one try. I hate to say I'm a little disappointed.
  11. Who else has been to the nut house?

    My mom has delusional disorder and in 1996, my older sister forced her to check herself in to the mental hospital by threatening to have me taken away from her. Not a very happy time all around. I fell into a deep dression and started having suicidal thoughts. My shrink at the time wanted me to go to St. Vincents (which doesn't exist anymore) but we managed to convince him to keep me out. Good thing because it was a bunch of super violent kids. People were getting hurt in there all the time. I still suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD and Bipolar 2 but I'm on a good combo of drugs that keep me mostly in check.
  12. Daily Dare 2017!

    Today was less bad than I thought it was going to be. I was convinced I was going to not hit any of the scores for the final 4 days but, so far its been ok. I even managed to eke out a chadley win today bringing my total to 15/19 Chadley wins. I think this is a new personal best so, I'm excited. I'm dreading tomorrow tho. My high score so far is...5.
  13. Day 19: Wheeler's Wild Ride

    My practice score was only 70 and I was having a hard time even hitting that. Had a bit of good luck and realized you really need to pay attention to those direction signs and voila 200! I don't get how people get 10K plus on that game.
  14. Day 18: Barf Boat

    I was convinced today was going to take me out of the trophy run completely. My high score was 58 - which was a miracle jump from like, 12. I somehow managed to make it over 100 today. Nowhere even close to Chadley but, I don't care. I was already getting a silver trophy and honestly, I think Abi's prizes are better (I prefer plushies to books).
  15. Daily Dare 2017!

    Glad to help. I could accept a NP bonus. But I do like the idea of a shifty lazy ninja trophy.