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  1. Hey!! I'm also looking for friends on neopets! I'll add you guys as well!!
  2. I love the Games Master Challenge! I look forward to this event every year! I chose team Living. I didn't really have a reason, I just picked it. I feel like I always pick the losing team though lol!!
  3. What was your final rank this year?

    I made it to Rank 16 which is 10 ranks higher than I've ever done before! I reallllllyyyy wanted all-star but I had so much going on!
  4. Altador Cup Staff Tournament

    I earned 8208! I'm pretty happy with my results! Although I wanted a faerieland team member since that's my team, and he only scored 682! I miss the girl the had last year in his place.. Oh well!
  5. AC XII Music .. TV

    I love all of the songs on there! I love 90s music! I've been binge watching Pretty Little Liars from the beginning and to the new episodes, one of my favorite shows ever!
  6. Faerieland Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    Yay!! GO FAERIELAND! I hope we take it all this year! I'm going for a high rank so I'll be playing non-stop! :)
  7. I always go with faerieland! I'm hoping they can win this year! :) My sister always plays Haunted Woods! Ps. I tried to vote, and it didn't take my vote for some reason.
  8. better than you?

    There is definitely some kind of glitch! I scored 76,000 yesterday for the first time ever and I didn't get a single thing.. I'm so disappointed because I need that gold trophy!!
  9. Looks amazing and very helpful! Thank you so much for putting it together!
  10. What Are You Playing?

    I've always been just as obsessed with The Sims franchise, as much as I am with Neopets, so I'm always playing both! I have every game pack for The Sims 4, so I play those. I also have a nintendo 3DS and I've been playing animal crossing which is also an old time favorite.. But really I love all games, I'm always playing something lol
  11. Welcome To May!

    Aww I know, you are a hundred percent right!! Thank you for that!
  12. Welcome To May!

    Haha whipper snapper! Thank you so much!!
  13. Who's ready for Altador Cup XII?

    Faerieland for life!! Not sure which team to go with for my side account though!
  14. Welcome To May!

    Yay!! My favorite month! Only because my birthday is on the 8th... I'm turning 30 this year!!
  15. Key Quest back??

    I'm not gonna lie, when I saw this post topic, I got super excited there for a minute! But yes it still doesn't work for me either. I miss that game soooo much!