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  1. Hey all! I'm having a bit of a dilemma and am seeking the opinions of more experienced Neopians. This is my first plot, and I've been kind of liking it but now I'm at the spending neopoints on things for potions stage and I'm not sure if it is worth it. I'm going overseas for 6 weeks starting next week and won't be playing at all. Do you all think the plot will be over before the end of February? If not, I think it would be cheaper to buy things now as it will become more expensive by the time I come back, but I don't want to fork out heaps of neopoints and then reap minimal rewards for an unfinished plot.... Thank you all in advance for your wondrous advice :)
  2. sezzzzzzy

    Can't do step two of the wraith resurgence

    You could probably use the weapons they give you and still beat the lowest levels for the wraiths :) Even if you invested in a cheaper defence item like the Parasol of Unfortunate Demise :)
  3. The Battledome is dropping NP and items again!!!! Hooray!!!! Happy New Years Everyone <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. sezzzzzzy

    Battledome Loot

    This is the worst!!! I feel so ridiculous, it took me like 20 battles to notice :(
  5. sezzzzzzy

    Seasonal Attack Pea Day!

    Hey everyone! I thought I'd make sure everyone knew that today is Seasonal Attack Pea day! If you pop around the to Advent Calendar you'll pick up this cute little avatar as well as some other little gifts :) Merry Christmas!
  6. sezzzzzzy

    Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    Hey Incredibly Awkward, I'm Sarah! It makes me feel better knowing that there's a special place on the internet for silly people like us :) Nice to meet you!
  7. sezzzzzzy

    What's your failure today?

    Omg that's the worst :( :( :( I went to the gym tonight and struggled to squat half of my usual amount for no reason whatsoever. Nothing on you, but that's my failure today
  8. sezzzzzzy

    What Do You Buy the Most?

    I'm always saving for battle equipment, cool pet pets and paintbrushes! I like reading to my pets sometimes too; and that can be a bit expensive I guess.
  9. sezzzzzzy

    Hottest Pet Ever

    No she can't hold or wear anything :( Not even little things like hair bows or popsicles :(
  10. sezzzzzzy

    Hottest Pet Ever

    For her second birthday, I let my pet become the hottest pet possible; a Pepper Chia. Florvora has had many makeovers in the past but has always been a Usul. Secretly I kind of regret changing her from her previous ghost colour, and wish I'd done this to my Poogle instead but WHATEVER she's a babe and we all know it. Has anyone else had any pet transformations they want to share? Or any birthdays that need celebrating? <3
  11. sezzzzzzy

    Happy Jetsam Day!

    That's the best candy look yet Nothing is scarier than a bright pink, shiny shark!
  12. sezzzzzzy

    What is this?!!!

    The boards say that there's no other clues available yet! I looked around a few places but didn't see anything (not that I was trying too hard). But OMGGGG this will be my first ever plot!
  13. sezzzzzzy

    What is this?!!!

    How exciting!!!! Could this be related to the new plot everyone's been talking about??
  14. sezzzzzzy

    Pets and Colours You Love

    Hahaha I have absolutely no idea. It just looks so different from everything else. If I was in the Battledome and one of those popped out at me and started blasting fire attacks at me I'd be in hysterics (and also be in fear, because that would be savage).
  15. sezzzzzzy

    Pets and Colours You Love

    Oh! I love all of the fruit and vegie colours! The pepper chia will always have a special place in my heart <3