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  1. Interesting article

    That is interesting, thanks for sharing! It's really cool to see someone publicly acknowledge that playing on Neo was a formative experience for them, and not just laugh it off as a silly kid's game. That's the reason that there are still many adult players on the site--it offers a lot more than just caring for virtual pets. Maybe not all of us made a career out of what we learned there, but I know personally that it played a big role in shaping the way I interact with the digital world as an adult.
  2. NC Mall: New Unreleased MME Found!

    Well, they'll definitely go on my 'for trade' list, but I don't do much actual trading, so who knows if I'll end up actually getting anything in exchange for them.
  3. NC Mall: New Unreleased MME Found!

    @jellysundae I don't use wigs on my pets, cause it makes them seem way too anthropomorphic and creepy for my tastes. (For some reason the hair does it, although the clothes don't...). But I really love the library background! I'm kind of 'meh' about the ballroom background though. I wish it weren't such an obvious copy from the animated Beauty and the Beast...but this goes back to my original complaint a couple of weeks ago about how lately Neo is just copying content from pop culture rather than coming up with something unique and interesting.
  4. Employment Agency Times

    You could do what I do, and just don't do EA jobs I kind of hate myself for it, because it's an easy 20-30k profit every day, but I find it so tedious. On the infrequent occasions that I do them, I don't try to track the times, I just refresh the page every few minutes until eventually it's in the range of 130+ jobs to choose from. (But then again, that's me sitting at my work computer for 8 hours, so I have plenty of time to lazily refresh and wait for a happy coincidence.)
  5. The Official Food Club Topic

    You can find Lefty's bets at www.neopets.com/~innocent ^^
  6. The Official Food Club Topic

    20:10 with Garet/Lefty (they had the exact same set).
  7. Employment Agency Times

    I think this has become an issue with a lot of things around the site (everything that happens at a certain time of day) like EA jobs, FC, trophies, lottery, etc. I first came across it while playing Plushie Tycoon (which has 8 hourly updates every day for an entire month). The time of the updates seemed to happen about 5 seconds later each day, meaning over the course of the month there was a cumulative difference of about 2.5 minutes. The explanation I've heard is that when Neo's servers moved (I think during the sale from Viacom to JS), the clock got messed up somehow...I don't really understand it, but yeah, I guess it affects EA jobs too!
  8. Haunted Hijink's 2017!

    Ok, I have a question... When you use the mallets, can you choose which day's prize you open? Or do you have to do them in order? I just saw today's, the Bringer of Light Dress, and I really want it! Will I be able to get it with a single mallet?
  9. Meet DARKMO0N , my new Vandagyre

    All I can think of is the line "mysterious as the dark side of the moon" from "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan
  10. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    That cross-paint looks amazing!!! I would definitely go with that!
  11. Haunted Hijink's 2017!

    Apparently you're not the only one! I just managed to get three NC trades I've been searching for by trading HH packs. Works for me!
  12. Happy Jetsam Day!

    I can't decide if I love or hate the solid color fins with the polka dot color...
  13. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Interesting... I'm not at all surprised by the drag-out, since it had already been made clear that the plot wasn't happening to November. Do we think this announcement means that the plot will be delayed further than that? I can already foresee the massive decline in enthusiasm this will cause for everyone who has been scrambling so desperately for the plot.
  14. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    So Kaia is psychic? But she doesn't seem to have foreseen the destruction of the FF... I wonder how this is all going to fit together.
  15. Happy Bori Day!

    @deboratibi Ooh you're right, the real problem looks like it's the snout that sticks out... adding the cape on top definitely helps a lot! Too bad they didn't use that kind of neckline on the actual dress. I don't think the bit of ruffle poking out is that noticeable though, and even if it is, it doesn't necessarily look bad. Still a major improvement!