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  1. How are you guys doing now in round three? I'll be hitting 'unofficial' rank 23 today, according to /~absolutecorruption. I'm still trying to bring my gpg up to 10+. Right now it's at 9.88 and I'm behind by about 45 goals. I'm hoping I can finish doing that in the next two days or so, but we'll see.
  2. kayahtik

    Wheel of Extravagance

    Mine has graduated to "once I hit 100m" but I'm sure it's going to increase again......
  3. Okay... so that's... times 4... carry the 7... ah! Given your chosen team's performance, you've earned yourself 3278 Neopoints! Womp womp. Hopefully I do better next week
  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! So true. I hit All Star just now! I can't believe it took less than two weeks. I already maxed sosd and played 30 yyb, so I'll probably max that as well today. Hopefully that will make up for me not being able to play much this weekend.
  5. kayahtik

    New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

    Cool, I think this is a good solution. I think it was kind of pointless for them to give us 'temporary' avatars, like why bother? But it would also be a nightmare of pressure to feel like you had to team-hop every year to collect ALL the team avatars. So this is a good middle ground. I don't particularly like the DC one unfortunately, but at least it will remain a +1 for my avatar count.
  6. kayahtik

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Summary : You had 18659 NP. After 2 successful transactions, you have 188554. Ughhhhh I should've waited. Oh well. I still made over 800k from my CHIA stocks.
  7. Same, msn gives me some wrist pain. The others aren't too bad though. Congrats Jelly on getting so much done today! I've played about 20 yyb so far today, but I feel like I'm suddenly trash at this dumb game. i'm struggling to score 10 goals when just last week I was easily scoring 12+. gpg back down the toilet -.-
  8. The carpal tunnel one hit a little too close to home for me yesterday! I also loved the msn one down at the bottom.
  9. @phill Thanks for sharing those links btw! I finally got a chance to look at them and those memes had me laughing out loud! Just what I needed after a long, frustrating day of AC.
  10. I was having what felt like the opposite problem yesterday--instead of acting on their own when I didn't want them to, my players IGNORED me when I told them to do something! They wouldn't steal the ball, wouldn't shoot it, turned in the wrong direction...SO irritating, especially towards the end of the day when my patience was running extremely thin.
  11. kayahtik

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    That would be AWESOME! I'm sure I would be terrible at it (and thus wouldn't want it to actually count toward rank points or my team's standings), but it would be so much fun to have that as an option just for the enjoyment.
  12. kayahtik

    The Official Stock Market Board

    CHIA (profile) 63 70 +7 11,000 161,000 770,000 +378.26% I think I'm going to go ahead and sell. -glares at HELT- EDIT: Summary : You had 20373 NP. After 9 successful transactions, you have 650353. I kept 2k shares in case it jumps up any higher.
  13. DONE! Took me about 10.5 hours. My wrist is sore, but no laptops were thrown at walls or out windows, and I'm +3 ranks, so I guess I'll call it a success.
  14. Nope, not at all. I get all my AC chatting here and on my guild's neoboard.
  15. kayahtik

    Training Stats Help!!

    I would absolutely recommend training that one last level to get to the ninja school. You're so close and it will save you a ton of time and nps. Your stats aren't really that far apart (your hp is the only real outlier, and it's still less than 2x your level). So just even out your strength and defense (at the ninja school where it only takes 4 hours and costs only 1 red codestone) and you'll be good to go. Good luck!