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  1. kayahtik

    The Official Stock Market Board

    THEY ALWAYS GO UP WHILE I'M ASLEEP SSS has plummeted again 😞
  2. kayahtik

    Faerie Quest Help

    @jellysundae I don't see you online anymore, so I hope I'm not too late, but I sent one your way!
  3. kayahtik

    Bring on the autumn!

    @jellysundae Thank you! I was undecided about the wig. I feel like most of them look weird on Xweetok, because it removes their hair on top, and then their head looks very flat. Also I don't usually put wigs on Ellava because her 'washed-out' pastel color looks weird with them. But this one tied into the outfit enough that I felt like it worked (at least somewhat). I think it looks equally cute on Gen! I also love HER scarf/bow -- Ellava wore that one all spring!
  4. kayahtik

    Bring on the autumn!

    I'm bringing Ellava over here rather than the Halloween thread I made, because she's too much of a priss to wear a silly costume
  5. Wow, I feel like you guys have been way more creative than me! xD I got around to doing the rest of my pets yesterday. I have Harrie as a robber and Adrastienne as a queen (obviously my least creative, lol): And then there's Dreitt and Kerevi (her actual customization, since the Amira one above was just for fun on DTI with items I don't actually have) just in some spooky-esque outfits: EDIT: I just realized that Harrie and Adrastienne's previews don't show their trick-or-treat buckets for some reason 😞 In actuality, they're each holding one of these:
  6. @Vlagopus I love it! They look kinda like a scarecrow...obviously menacing, but trying to lure you with candy! 🎃
  7. I thought it would be fun to play around in DTI and dress one of my pets up as a Neopian character for Halloween. This is Kerevi, my Desert Xweetok, as Princess Amira: Has anyone else done this? I'd love to see what you come up with! I may do more for my other pets if I find the inspiration. (And I hope this doesn't spoil an upcoming Runway theme!)
  8. kayahtik

    Dreaming up Avatars

    This is an excellent idea! There's no avatar, trophy, or anything for EA jobs. There is an HST of sorts, but it doesn't award any trophies or prizes (and also doesn't reset, so the top 'scorers' have tens of thousands of jobs completed--i.e. doing all 5 jobs every single day for upwards of 15 years). I would love to see an avatar for reaching a certain rank, or even just randomly when completing a job. I would really like to see more flash game avatars released. My personal preference would be for Jubble Bubble, since it's the one game I'm really good at! And those Maraquan Shoyru and Jubjubs are soooo cute! Along the same lines, I'm up for anything that actually requires skill/practice rather than these recent ones that are completely random/luck-based.
  9. kayahtik

    Sad Pet?

    You actually don't even need to do this. After you submit the "play with X/groom X" button and the lightbox refreshes to show your pet's reaction, you can just refresh THAT over and over to re-play/re-groom without clicking the item again in your inventory. It usually takes me upwards of 20 times to get my pet back to normal.
  10. kayahtik

    Restocking newbie asking for help

    The "Plushies" list on JN (https://items.jellyneo.net/search/?cat[]=99&min_rarity=1&max_rarity=100&status=1) is in fact the list of items from the Plushie Palace. There are other plushie items in Neopia, but the ones included in that list are all r100 and lower, meaning they restock in the shop. The r101 (special) and r180 (retired) items aren't included. In case you didn't already know, the rarity number refers to how frequently an item shows up in a shop, so like you noted earlier, r90+ items are seen much less frequently, which is why they're more valuable.
  11. kayahtik

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Aaaaaaaand CHPS disappoints yet again. However, I have a new hopeful up-and-comer: KBAT (profile) 62 57 -5 5,001 55,015 285,057 +418.14%
  12. kayahtik

    Faerie Festival

    iirc, it's usually a daily where you can visit the festival page to get a prize. At least, that's what I'm remembering from last year...before the whole 'plot' thing started. (I'm pretty sure the Faerie Festival is separate from the Faerie Quest Event, but I'm not sure if there's quests involved or not.)
  13. kayahtik

    Faerie Festival

    Site events tend to be released around noon NST, so it will probably be live later today.
  14. kayahtik

    The Official Stock Market Board

    Why does this keep happening while I'm asleep??? It was back down to 55 when I woke up this morning, but currently at 60. I guess I'll continue keeping an eye on it...
  15. kayahtik

    Restocking newbie asking for help

    I would recommend starting out in one of the book shops! There isn't usually a ton of profit to be made there, but most of the items are inexpensive, so even if you make a bad call, you don't waste too many nps. The main bookshop in Neopia Central is good, because it stocks a lot of items at once, so there's less competition. However, the other bookshops (in Faerieland, Kreludor, Lost Desert, Brightvale, etc.) can also be good because they stock fewer items at once, which makes it easier for you to look through them and spot the good ones (although it means that there's more competition). It's probably not the answer you want to hear, but pretty much the only way to become good at restocking is practice and patience. You'll need to sit in a shop, refreshing every few seconds, for hours and hours and hours before you finally start to learn what the junk items are and what the good items are (looking through the JN item lists can help you study this even while the shop is empty), and also how to quickly and accurately select the good item, haggle, etc. It can be really disheartening because it takes so long to get good, but for the most part you get out what you put in, so keep at it! Good luck!