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  1. I've never seen that before either! So weird, I wonder what causes the difference. (@acmerasta Awesome site theme btw!)
  2. Ooh, good to know! Ignore me then :X
  3. They're both cute, but I think I like the brown best--at least with that customization. Balloongal has the right idea, coming up with a few different customizations to see if they all look equally as good with one color vs. another.
  4. Maybe this differs by browser, but I don't have a 'search again' button, only a 'new search,' which takes me to the original shop wizard page where I'd have to put the item name back in and reselect 'identical', which obviously I don't want to do every time. So I just refresh the page. I just tried refreshing again and didn't get sent to the marketplace, so yay! I can price my nerkmids finally -.-
  5. It could also be because the maximum quantity of a single item supported by the SDB is 99, i.e. it can't display three-digit quantities, so if you had 100 or more boxes, it would split them into two categories, one with 99 and one with the remaining amount. Balloongal's explanation is probably more likely though, since idk where you would get 100+ boxes, especially of two different types o.O I noticed this after several years of hoarding Shiny Obsidian--I had several hundred so they had split themselves into multiple groups of 99 and some change.
  6. UFA! Send me a neomail or pm on TDN if you're interested! UN kayahtik in both places.
  7. I was just thinking about this...do we think all flash games will be converted to HTML5, or will they discontinue flash games and replace them with new games originally designed for use with HTML5? i.e.; are all of those flash game avatars about to become retired within the next few years? If so...yikes, I have a lot of work to do!
  8. Garet uses DAQ sometimes, but I don't think it's every day. Seems to me like he uses it to affirm his decisions, but his decisions are made off of the actual odds on the FC page and his own betting history. Anyway, it didn't stop him from a 40:10 win yesterday, so I think he's doing fine (;
  9. I completely agree, although I feel like that will make it hard to customize, because the art style of the wearables is so different. Seems like the two different textures would clash. Maybe not though, I've yet to see an example.
  10. Yet another one that I'm SO excited to NEVER do again!!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Symol' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  11. Garet didn't seem too enthusiastic about his own bets today, so instead of following him I made up my own and... Round Bet Info Amount Odds Winnings 6650 Lagoon: Bonnie Pip Culliford 5910 NP 13:1 76830 NP 6650 Shipwreck: Gooblah the Grarrl Lagoon: Bonnie Pip Culliford 5910 NP 26:1 153660 NP Total Winnings 230490 NP Not bad for basically just making stuff up!
  12. I ended up following Garet's suggestion and adding Gooblah to all bets, and...tanked. So annoying, since the base set won 36:10. My bank account is very sad these last few days.
  13. So today Garet says, What do you guys think? Going slightly risky?
  14. Hi everyone! Thanks again for all your suggestions, and sorry it's taken me a while to respond to this most recent round! I've been around reading posts, but have been busy with other Neo stuff and haven't responded, ugh. Anyway, @deboratibi first! I complete agree with what you pointed out about those candles. I knew there was something off with them, but I couldn't quite place it...that random black candle is definitely it! What a strange illustration choice... I really like those bubble globes! And I have them in my SDB from the DD, although I had forgotten that they exist xD The rainbow arch is pretty too, although I'm mainly tempted to stay within my set color scheme...I'm always extremely wary of adding too many colors because I don't want my pets to look too 'busy' with lots of colors/patterns/etc. going on in one picture. Regarding the clothes, Xweetok are actually one of the few species that I don't mind clothes on! I don't know why I never dressed Ellava up...I guess because I like her pretty pink color already. And plus there are so many clothes to go through on DTI! It's exhausting. But I LOVE the white dress and both of the tiaras! I can't believe I never thought to put a tiara on her before! She is my empress, after all xD I will definitely be looking into those. I just hope they won't be too hard to trade for. And now, @Zephyr, thank you for pointing out how woefully wrong I am about trees indoors! xD How could I forget the Christmas tree?? So silly of me. That first photo you posted actually reminds me of the new item, Premium Collectible: Luxurious Hammock (see below). But it kind of takes up the whole side of the picture and is way more obtrusive than I would like...sigh. But anyway, THANK YOU ALL again for all your suggestions! You've helped so much, and after I take the time to do some more thinking and playing around in DTI, I think I'll have several new looks for Ellava. (She says thank you too!)
  15. I basically echo what others have said. My very first thought was that the candy Kiko was dimensional, just in sort of a new style. Then I thought it was some kind of disco ball, and then finally read the caption and saw it was candy. Interesting choice. I don't love it, but I do think it's good that the candy pets are coming out in different styles, not like some other colors that are very repetitive (looking at split here).