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  1. Well, if you've already bought NC items from the mall and used gift boxes to send them to friends, then you know the absolute basics. Still, here is TDN's very introductory guide to the NC world: http://thedailyneopets.com/customization-wearables/trading/. Particularly useful is the "commonly used trading lingo" section. For a guide more specifically about NC trading, check out this petpage: http://www.neopets.com/~luculla. That should tell you pretty much anything you need to know. Of course, you can only learn so much from reading. Once you've familiarized yourself with the general idea and most of the terms, then go ahead and try making a trade. It'll become clearer once you've actually done it. To answer your other specific questions... Is it all just a long process of contacting people one by one to see what they want for each item or is there a site comparing asking prices? Check out http://www.neopets.com/~rheet and http://www.neopets.com/~waka, which are both NC value guides. These pages give the value of all (or most) NC items in terms of GBCs. Most trades are for items worth roughly equal amounts of GBCs. Of course, the value can differ from person to person depending on if they are particularly attached to a certain item and reluctant to trade it, or really want an item you have and willing to offer higher than its actual value to get it. If you have a trade in mind, you can suggest it to the other person, and they'll either accept or decline. If you don't have a trade in mind, you can just say what you're looking for or what you're willing to offer, and have the other person tell you what they want to get or give in exchange. I'm also wondering if anyone has had good luck using NC to get an item they thought would be worth more later and then successfully trading for something of higher value than the NC they spent for the original item. Personally I don't have experience with this, although obviously some items do end up being worth much more than the original NC they were purchased for. An example of this is Armin's Collectors Contacts, which seem to have become very popular immediately after they were released. However, my advice would be not to spend NC on anything unless you actually want it for yourself. Since you are spending real money, I wouldn't recommend trying to 'invest' in something that may or may not increase in value. Also, is it possible to use Neocash to get an NC item in a trade, such as offering 100 NC in a gift box? I'd like to get NC back for some items that I don't want, if possible. Unfortunately, no. The closest thing to this is offering a 'custom' as part of a trade, which means that the person offering the custom will buy specific items currently available in the mall in exchange for an item that the other trader has. So you couldn't give someone an item in exchange for actual NC, but you could ask them to buy you something from the mall that you want, instead of asking for an item they already have. But be sure to only do this if they've already offered to do a custom trade. It would be pretty rude of you to ask them to spend real money if they didn't offer first. Like I said, the fastest way is to learn by doing. It can be nerve-racking, especially when you first dip your toe into those fast-moving NCC boards. But be brave, and you'll figure it out. Most traders are very nice. And I'm sure other TDNers will have more advice for you too!
  2. Faerie Quest Help

    Owner Stock Price colormesara 19 1,100 NP nuffy421 2 1,185 NP bori_bomber 56 1,285 NP
  3. Faerie Quest Help

    Owner Stock Price erigwen1 9 4,444 NP thepet2017 1 4,749 NP amster144 7 4,750 NP
  4. Wraith Resurgence?

    I would LOSE MY MIND if they delayed the AC until July. They can push back DD a couple weeks, fine, but omg please don't change the AC schedule ;.; You're right though, it would be nice to have a "break" in between all these events. They really should end the plot before the AC starts, and it ought to be sooner rather than later.
  5. Faerie Quest Help

    Owner Stock Price moongoddess7876 6 3,895 NP pawsrus 7 3,899 NP patches_42 11 4,000 NP
  6. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    YES, I just realized this last night. I didn't know they restocked throughout the day. Managed to get 10 this morning, so I'm very relieved. I'll have to resist the temptation to buy more throughout the week..... :x
  7. Faerie Quest Help

    Owner Stock Price lil_mooni 4 1,100 NP lil_tickle_me_elmo 4 1,100 NP topaz644 3 1,100 NP
  8. Shall I change my shop?

    I am this person. I will shamelessly buy out someone's entire shop and resell everything at market price to make a profit. If your goal is just to have a cute theme to your shop, i.e. everything there costs 5nps, and you don't mind people like me doing stuff like that, then by all means keep at it. If you're more like Nielo and want to be nice to people by giving them a discount without people like me taking advantage of it, then I would suggest this: price your things just a little bit below ssw price. Depending on the value of the item, this could be 50nps less or 2000nps less, that's up for you to determine. But speaking as one of those people who will absolutely take advantage of a cheap shop for my own benefit, I'm looking for a larger profit margin than that and probably wouldn't bother. However, someone who genuinely wants an item for themselves would be happy to find it for a few hundred nps cheaper than other shops.
  9. The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Owner Stock Price bubu656 4 1,200 NP lil_tickle_me_elmo 5 1,250 NP anga1 1 1,380 NP math_murderer 2 1,449 NP
  10. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    I want to stock up on FQCs but they've been sold out yesterday and today I can't believe they wouldn't take the limit off, at least during the event like this. Think how many more they would sell!
  11. negg stamp: to wait or no?

    I fell for this trap last year with the Kari and Topsi stamp. I missed one day of the festival, didn't get the stamp, and felt desperate to get my hands on one before they were all snatched up or the price inflated majorly. I bought one within a day or two of the festival ending for 1m, which I thought was a steal at the time (some were going for 1.5m). Well, now they're on the ssw for about 400k. Needless to say, I wish I'd waited. My advice, based on this experience, would be to wait at least a week or two. The price is still rising right now because of people in your situation who will shell out to alleviate their anxiety about not winning the stamp. But that frenzy will die down, and the price will drop again. It will eventually inflate like @Kute said, because the supply is limited, but that's something that happens over the course of years, not days or even weeks. (That scarab is five years old, so has definitely become more scarce by now. But you can also see in the price history that it initially sold for 1.25m, but dropped as low as 750k six months later before inflating again.)
  12. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 131!

    Oops, I completely forgot to do the battles this week. Oh well, at least I only missed out on the consolation prize and not a boon.
  13. The Official Stock Market Board

    @jellysundae I saw it at 72 this morning, caved a little bit, and sold 6k shares. I kept 3k in case it goes up higher, but I haven't sold any stocks in MONTHS and I was so tired of waiting, lol.
  14. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    @GillyTook: @jellysundae is right. You have to already own the item being dyed (or borrow it from someone--this is very common!). You will need to buy a Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion from the NC Mall, and then take your potion and the original item to the Dyeworks tab in the mall and dye it. Dyeing an item gives you an entirely new item--the original is not changed or used up, it stays with you! This is how they are able to be lent--after you get the dyed item, you can send the original back to its owner. You will find many people on the NC Mall neoboards offering to lend you the original items in exchange for dye potions, GBCs, or other small wishes. This is all explained in more detail in the guide that MK posted.
  15. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @hrtbrk Oops, I wasn't looking at values :x I know the ombre sidebraid is available in patapult, and I think the headband one is in shenanigifts, if you felt like taking your chances. They'd also probably be relatively easy to trade for since they're still obtainable. I also think the two you started off with are totally fine though. My preference is still with the first one. You could also even go without a wig--the yellow of the vandagyre's ears complements very well with the dress and the background.