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  1. Searching for 'Weewoo', matching 'Weewoo'... Owner Stock Price khalysha 1 35,000 NP komasann 1 37,000 NP smotheredmuffins 1 37,000 NP
  2. Thanks for sharing your technique! I hope it helps me, my best game so far is 11-0 Curious, what is your 3-second route? (I assume the 2-second is running up, getting the yooyu, and shooting immediately?)
  3. Have you tried using JN's book checklist tool? https://items.jellyneo.net/tools/book-checklist/ It automatically pulls all the book your pet has read and tells you which ones you have left. Not sure if that's helpful or not, my pet's only ready 10 whole books so it's not that hard yet xD
  4. I've been following your and @jellysundae's advice about hoarding books in my SDB, so now I need the boon to use them up
  5. I'm going for Seekers as well, hoping for that Book Smarts boon...
  6. I'm not sure about them going on sale, but if not, you could probably trade for them fairly easily after the AC ends. They'll be less in demand then, so you might be able to trade them for less.
  7. Thanks Deb, you're the best This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  8. TDNers, help me! I was going to make myself a portfolio, but it turns out my coding is pretty rusty and I want something to hold me over while I take the time to make a custom one for myself. Does anyone have recommendations of sites that have premade portfolio layouts I could use in the meantime?
  9. I'm right-handed and I also play R -> L I've tried playing the other way a few times, and it's not horrible, but I'm just more used to the way I already play and I don't see any reason to change it. Not sure why I chose R -> L in the first place, but it's been working well enough for me!
  10. Okay... so that's... times 4... carry the 7... ah! Given your chosen team's performance, you've earned yourself 5162 Neopoints! That's over 1000 points more than last week I think! @jellysundae I agree with Angelo, Senor Malo seems to be doing well so far.
  11. Jelly, you've been teaching me well when it comes to stocks! I don't have any TNPT, but what I've been doing when I sell over these last few weeks is keep just 1 share so I can continue peeking at its value, but I don't miss out on the profit!
  12. Practice Day round 2. Tormo "The Terror" Frein is enjoying the best of both worlds. After a long day of being a shameless tourist and fan all around Altador, he's taking the chance to rest up in the Colosseum's VIP area. http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1387817
  13. No, apparently it's been shortened this year. I don't remember how long it went on last year, but according to the rules page: The Altador Cup schedule is as follows: 5/15-5/24 Tournament pre-event 5/25-5/31 Practice Round 5/25-6/06 Team sign-ups are open 6/01-6/25 Tournament play takes place 7/1 Y19 Altador Cup champions are announced and the Prize Shop opens So heads up for anyone who needs to re-work their playing schedules to account for this!
  14. Keep in mind that the cup ends on the 25th this year, and there are 2 more break days (no points earned) still to come. If I'm counting correctly, there are only 11 playing days left in the AC this year. You still have plenty of time to beat last year's number of yyb games though. Good luck!
  15. There are a few viewpoints (including mine) expressed in this other thread on the same topic. TLDR, I couldn't play Neopets without Premium, mostly because of no ads, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and SSW.