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  1. Somehow I didn't scroll all the way down the page, and so I voted before seeing the last few entries I'm so annoyed at myself, I definitely would have given out several more votes to those listed at the end, I will never forgive myself!
  2. Who are my fellow Citadelians??? We're leading the poll, but no one has posted about it! And this poll won't let me see who voted ):
  3. This will only be my second AC, but I've supported the Darigan Citadel ever since the war and that's not changing anytime soon!
  4. She's so cute! I'm with Jelly, I usually don't think of Moehogs as very cute-looking pets, but you've done a great job! Us ladies are just so bright and pure
  5. That's the plan! I should probably start hoarding books in advance, though...I don't want to go in a mad rush to buy them all during the few days that the boon lasts xD
  6. That is interesting, thanks for sharing @midnight_spell360! I need to start reading some books to my BD pet! And training her more since she's only 48 hit points right now
  7. Wow, what a great customization! You definitely deserved to win Congratulations! It looks like UC pets definitely have the upper hand in the spotlight arena...
  8. *chants with Jelly* ALIEN PAINT BRUSH! ALIEN PAINT BRUSH! Or just anything remotely creative, really. So do I, although I wish other pets could enjoy them and not just one species. I've never liked the idea of pet-specific clothes, it feels so limiting.
  9. Ooh, please report back! My pets have embarrassingly low intelligence, so I didn't even consider that boon, but I'd be interested to know if it's a useful ability for smarter pets. I need that book boon, whatever it's called, first, lol.
  10. SSW: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=ancientmonarch&buy_obj_info_id=61482&buy_cost_neopoints=3289 ancientmonarch 1 3,289 NP tizzlestix 1 3,290 NP funnysaurus 1 3,300 NP
  11. Aaaand Awakened win! Congrats to those who were seeking the avatar. I have to say, though...these boons are pretty useless. I would almost rather get a consolation prize.
  12. Yep, you still have access to regular shop wiz when you're premium. You just barely use it, because why would you? xD The SSW is in a little toolbar at the bottom of the page, as you can see in the screenshot in @aerial's original post. You still find the regular SW in the normal spot in the shops area. I highly advocate for the premium account, it's a lot cheaper than premium accounts on many other games, and it really does make your Neo experience more enjoyable imo. In fact, I remember writing about all of this a while ago in a separate thread... yep, HERE, in case you're interested.
  13. You have to search them in the regular Shop Wizard. As I mentioned in my post on @aerial's other board, the regular shop wiz doesn't have item search restrictions, so you can search for nerkmids, pbs, etc. on there. That's mainly for sniping, though. A lot of those things (some lab map pieces, many/most transmog potions) are UB (unbuyable--they cost 100k or more, so they can't be sold in user shops). So you'll do better finding them on the Trading Post or Auctions.
  14. I would echo everything @jaydeed said, and add kad foods and faerie quest items to the list, since those will be fairly quick sells. If you're really set on sniping pbs, nerkmids, etc., you can always try sniping them on the regular shop wiz, which doesn't have item restrictions. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who will give you an actual list of specific item names. More power to you if you manage it, but I would warn you that many people would consider it poor etiquette for you to even ask. Sniping is competitive, and although most of us are happy to help out and share tips, it's not really fair to give anyone a 'short cut'. Additionally, everyone has their own interests/preferences/styles for sniping (and doing everything on Neo!), so what works for one person won't necessarily work for you. Pretty much all methods of earning neopoints, from sniping to RSing to stocks to FC betting to flash games, etc. etc. take a lot of experimentation to see what's most profitable (and enjoyable) for each individual. But I will say that you've come to the right place! TDN (especially the forums) is a great resource, and you'll find many people happy to offer advice as you work on building up your new account. Good luck!
  15. Oooh, good to know! I play once a day currently, maybe I'll start doing it twice.