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  1. discobiscuit

    Blue furry negg confusion!

    I can't believe I didn't know that before. I guess my pets or at least my battledome pet doesn't get hungry and wounded at the same time much, so I never noticed. I will definitely test it myself when the opportunity arises.
  2. discobiscuit

    Blue furry negg confusion!

    No, normally feeding them food just makes the less hungry. Blue Furry Neggs also heal your pets, but I thought they only healed 5 hit points, not 35! In fact, I've done it recently and it was just 5 points. So, if that's a new thing, those neggs are quite useful!
  3. discobiscuit

    This weird thing happened

    I've never used satellite based stuff so I don't actually know, but I imagine that the system would cache as much as it could to save on relatively slow uploading and downloading. So, if your satellite system or Neopets got confused and swapped who belonged to what token, that would stay in the satellite modem's memory longer than if the same thing happened at a cyber cafe with a fiber or cable connection. Changing things, like logging out, would tell the satellite system to refresh the cache, so it should clear up. If it keeps happening even after all this, then it's not your equipment. It would have to be something getting tangled on Neopets' servers.
  4. discobiscuit

    This weird thing happened

    It's more likely a technical thing that shouldn't happen, but sometimes does. In order to access the Internet, you have to share a network, usually wi-fi, that connects to a router. Neopets has no idea that the packets coming from you and your sister are from different computers. The router, which is really all Neopets can see, remembers whose laptop belongs to which stream of packets coming in from the world. Meanwhile, Neopets uses cookies or some other internal token to distinguish what you're doing from another user. So, if anything goes wrong with how Neopets tracks you or if your router gets confused, it would be possible for your token or stream of packets to get swapped. The question is, is it still happening? Or was it just for a moment? If it's still happening, rebooting the router can't hurt. If it's still happening after that, it has to be on Neopets' side.
  5. If you're like me, you've given up on buying spare healing potions at the Healing Springs because it's been empty. I've only been half-heartedly checking every few days, but today, I was happily surprised to find the water faerie (Marina, who's name I just now looked it up) has restocked! The potions are on the top half of the screen and other things like snowballs are at the bottom instead of being mixed in.
  6. discobiscuit

    Training Stats Help!!

    I know you said funds weren't the issue but I was curious about the prices, so I checked. Regular codestones are basically 3k, 7k, or 19k while red codestones are basically 9k, 22k, or 39k. Since you have to use 8 codestones for each level, even the best random cost of 8 of the 3,000 np codestones will cost you 24k np, which is higher than all but 3 of the red codestones. I've never gotten all cheap codestones, so the odds of getting away with spending "merely" 24,000np is low. Only having to buy 1 red codestone is going to be cheaper - or at worst about the same - and it only takes 4 hours? If I were so close to level 250, I'd jump to it. You will be spending less np but more importantly a lot less time getting all your other stats up.
  7. discobiscuit

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    You can play as many games as you want per day, though you stop earning np after 3. You move up the ranks by playing more games and at the end of the cup, you get points to spend in the prize shop based on your rank. So, limiting the number of games you can play would mean everybody would stay at rank 2 or something.
  8. discobiscuit

    Have any of you found your Magma Pool time?

    I just figured out mine last month! I too recommend making a grid with a spreadsheet and entering the time you test each and every time. The times you're usually by your computer is easy to do. You just have to remember to actually check every 10 minutes, and the spreadsheet will help with that. You'll find reasons to stay up late to watch TV and check the pool, so those hours will get filled in pretty quick. The hard part is in the deep slumber times you shouldn't be up if you were a normal healthy person. I had a sick dog that needed to go out randomly, so that helped immensely. Turned out, my time was a couple hours before I normally woke up in the morning. I found it when I was on vacation in a different time zone!
  9. discobiscuit

    Will I Have to Cut it all of?

    I'm not in the real estate field, but I have bought a house or two, and how the realtor looked had nothing to do with whether or not I used them. It's all about attitude, patience, and having answers to what must be painfully stupid questions. You may not want massive amounts of hair in the high summer after the 100th tour of non-air conditioned farm houses or something, but that's something you do for you, not because you're supposed to look a certain way.
  10. discobiscuit

    Levelling up and the Battledome

    Definitely take a look at the guides and the battlepdedias. I didn't have any battledome experience before returning to my account 2 years ago, and had no idea what to expect, so I did found them helpful. However, they can't tell you what is "best" or even affordable because that changes with the times and conditions. For example, if you have a super expensive powerful shield that will absorb 100% of any dark based attack, but your opponent only uses light or water attacks, that best shield is as effective as the worst shield. Spend the time with your lower training levels fighting lower level opponents and see how everything works. Don't invest millions or even hundreds of thousands of np yet. There are plenty of imperfect weapons and shields out there to be had for 1,000 np that will help you practice fighting. Once you're into the swing of things, you'll say "Man, I wish I had something that would heal me while blocking earth attacks" or something. Then, research that to death, and spend tens of thousands of np getting the best for your level. I didn't buy anything greater than 100K np until this month! The plot we're in required fighting wraiths who delivered 2-300 points of damage and I kept getting smacked around. I bought Hansos Charisma Charm but that's only good against dark based attacks. So be patient on weapons. Remember, you can heal your pets for nearly free every 30 minutes, so it's OK if you get damaged. Also, take part in various neopets events (like plots or the altador cup) because prizes often include decent (and sometimes excellent) battledome items.
  11. discobiscuit

    Levelling up and the Battledome

    Start with the Swashbuckling Academy. It requires dubloons, which aren't very expensive to buy using the shop wizard. The cost in dubloons goes up in tiers based on what level your pet is at. So, train as much on defense, strength, and endurance (you can skip training speed) as you can before moving up a level. You can only have twice as many points in any one attribute as your level, so really you're going to be training 2 on strength, 2 on defense, 2 on HP and then 1 on level. You can get dubloons randomly from Coltzan's shrine and other dailies, but they're easy to find in the shop wizard, too. The Academy only goes to level 40. After that, you have to use the Mystery Island Training school and courses cost codestones, which are expensive. It still makes sense to train up the defense, strength, and endurance twice for each level at the Academy, it's just that the process costs much more np. The good news, codestone-wise, is that you can earn them by fighting in the battledome. The bad news is that there are 7 (I think) different types of codestones and you almost never win the exact right one from the battledome that you need to train. So, you have to buy most of them (with the shop wizard).
  12. discobiscuit

    Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade

    At the lower levels, it's not expensive at all. From level 20-30 or so, I only remember having an expensive item (22,000 np) once. The highest level I've gotten was 34. The level 35 item she wanted was only on the trading post for a million np. At the time, the Honey Potion was worth 250,000. So, it wasn't worth it at all, even if I could have gotten a trade done in the time limit. It may be cheaper now. Both the Honey Potion and the million dollar item are available on the shop wizard for much less today.
  13. Did everybody get 200 NC or was that tiered as well? I donated 6,000 points so I'm in the silver trophy party and got the couch and background. Did anyone get different items? I was so done with it by 5,000 points. I probably could have stuck with cleaning my SDB to get to 10,001 but bleah...
  14. discobiscuit

    No cheap stocks for (most of) you lot!

    It's worse then that. To get 5,000 a day, you have to make 1,825,000 np in interest per year (5k * 365). To get the 1.825M np in interest per year at 3%, you'd have to have 60,833,333 np in the bank. If you have less than 60 million in the bank, the stock boon is better for you.