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  1. Refreshed Quest Request is even more awesome

    Well, now, today there was no Delina for me. I went to the quests page and at the bottom was the "Would you like to do today's quest" button. It's always been the bonus quest button before, which I used to just dismiss in order to get to the regular quest. Then after I did the Air Faerie (sigh) quest, there is no additional quest to do. This didn't happen to me yesterday morning. I should add, since I see you're from Australia, that "yesterday morning" for me was 24 hours before this here post. It's morning right now where I am. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  2. Refreshed Quest Request is even more awesome

    I did the reset and got a soup faerie quest instead. I'm sure it's possible to reset a crafting quest and get another crafting quest, but that's not what happened to me today.
  3. I was lucky enough to get the "Refreshed Quest Request" boon this week, right in the middle of the Faerie Quest Event! I usually don't care for Air Faerie quests because she gives movement points as a reward and I don't find them helpful. I was happy I could reset the quest every day if I got an Air Faerie. But then I discovered... You can use the boon to reset the bonus Crafting Faerie quest! Since I don't ever do Crafting Faerie quests, that means I can get 2 "normal" faerie quests for the rest of the week. How awesome is that? Pass the news on to all your friends (who were in the winning faction this week)!
  4. Giving Away Items

    Why, I like new things and I don't think I've seen most of the things on your list. Please add me to the giveaway.
  5. Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

    I think you're on to something, but I don't know which stat. I didn't notice this issue when the weapon came out. Back in April, mintyfish was level 55, strength 103, defense 89, movement 55, endurance 98, and intelligence 761 Your pet, rogerqi, is level 43, strength 87, defense 58, movement 45, and intelligence 259 We need somebody between those levels to test it out. Unfortunately, all my other pets are smaller than yours. I can't be the only guy using the yo-yo this way!
  6. Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

    I think the yo-yo acts more like a shield and it has to react to an attack. Here's a screenshot of it in action: http://imgur.com/a/zwZTm The Giant Walein was at full strength at and mintyfish had been knocked down to 169 or so by the start of the round. The walein attacks, the yo-yo defends, and also heals mintyfish 35. The battle report shows the damage from the icicle to the walein, but his health is actually down more than that. (35 points). If the conditions hadn't been right, say mintyfish wasn't down more then 35 hit points, then the yo-yo would just defend 4-6 icons.
  7. Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

    I does heal (I use it all the time) however, you have to have 35 points of damage against you. If you're only down 10 hit points, it won't bring you back to 100%. Also, I've noticed that it only heals if your opponent has more than 35 hit points at the moment in combat that the yo-yo fires. So, if you do 25 points of damage at the beginning of the round, and that brings your opponent down to 30, the yo-yo will just defend at the end of the round. I use it in the first round or two when I start the fight wounded or in later rounds where my opponent has healed themselves and refuses to die despite my best efforts.
  8. Trudy's Surprise - Changes On The Way

    I'm curious what you got! It'll be anti-climactic if the notice is for 1000 np, so maybe it's for something unusual and cool. For me today, I spun (with adblocker turned off) but didn't get any pop up telling me what I won. I repeated this at random times, and then a few seconds ago, I tried it and it says I won 1,500 np. Now, I can't spin again today, which is normal behavior. I don't know what made my last spin go through. Was 1,500 a possibility before the move to a dedicated page? The lowest I remember getting was 2,000.
  9. Trudy's Surprise - Changes On The Way

    Well, I have different a problem today, but we know it's all part of one big problem behind the scenes. This morning (Chrome on a Macintosh, adblocker turned off for the page), it spun, got 2,000 np. I'd gotten 5 the day before, so I think it started me over again. I think I'm going to take receiving any prize as the surprise and just wait until they work out all the kinks before I worry about progressing to the 100K level again. This is the first jumpstart change for me since I came back to neopets. Is this how things normally go? Do they eventually repair everything?
  10. Trudy's Surprise - Changes On The Way

    On a whim, I turned off my ad-blocker and went to trudy's surprise page again, and I did get a reward after I spun! I guess coding it as a dedicated page instead of however they did it before looks like an ad to AdBlock. So, if this particular glitch is still happening to you and you use an ad blocker, try pausing it. Obviously, the ads are still out there, and about a million landed on me right after my spin, so some fine tuning is in order, but at least I'm not starting over.
  11. Trudy's Surprise - Changes On The Way

    Similar glitch, I spin it and don't get the message telling me what I've won, but I can come back to it and spin again. It just doesn't tell me if won anything. I also haven't seen any extra neopoints showing up. I wonder if this means our daily progress will start over tomorrow. :sick01:
  12. Frustration with Ads on NP

    Blocking the ads makes everything playable again. I actively resisted turning it on for neopets for so long because I figured this was how they make money and I didn't begrudge neopets that. I tolerated the ads you had to fast forward through just to play something quick and easy like Meerca Chase. I started thinking about blocking when the ads unfolded and took up parts of the screen you needed to use to play. Finally, I started noticing the ads were getting less and less kid friendly and I thought neopets wasn't really watching what their advertisers were doing, why should I have to? If they introduced some sort of advertising preferences, either for content or aggressiveness (or both), I could be convinced to stop blocking, but it's made the neopets experience pleasant again.
  13. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 82!

    I've got my Seekers avatar already, so I was thinking I'd try the Awakened. It doesn't seem to be popular though.
  14. Hi everyone, I wasn't here when the original Obelisk war plot happened, so I just join factions randomly so I get different battledome opponents to fight. I see now that many people here try to join the same faction to try and work together towards winning. I will try that out next time. Has that worked out well for you? Are there enough folks here to make a difference in the outcome? Speaking of trying to win, I'm curious who you pick to fight. My battledome pet isn't powerful enough to take on the leaders yet, though I can win now against the level 175 guys with enough effort. Should I be using my 10 battles against the highest level I can defeat or should I be sure to beat each opponent a few times every day? Does difficulty make a difference? Should I choose the harder version (red) of the first level opponent or a medium version (yellow) of the next level up? Is there any way to tell if you're doing well?
  15. Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

    update - I did some 2 player tests. The healing only kicks in if you're wounded and your opponent has 35 points for you to steal. You do not have to be blocking anything else for the stealing/healing to work. For example, I used a lens flare, which meant there wasn't any attack for me to defend against, and it still worked. Once it does the healing trick, it disappears for the rest of the battle but not forever. It's still equipped for the next fight. Also, it normally defends with 2 fire icons against a fire attack unless the attack also includes a physical attack. Then it defends against 4 fire icons. There may be other attack combinations that increase the fire defense that I haven't tried yet. Also, the water or earth icons have stayed at 2 so far. I did use the 35 point healing trick and the 15 point faerie healing dust in the same battle. That's pretty nifty. As a new addict to the battledome, I have to say that the yo-yo is a great prize. Original post It's probably not random. I've only tested it in 1-player mode, so I can't see exactly why it does things (2 vs. 4 fire icons, for example). I'm sure it was waiting for me to be wounded or something before healing me, but I haven't tested it properly to say that f or sure.