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  1. Are the New Pokemon Games Good?

    I just got it for christmas this evening!! I'm really looking forward to it; I loveeeddd alpha sapphire and black and white were good too, so I'm excited to play in a few minutes. Don't let poke hipsters tell it's no good, really every pokemon game (as far as game mechanics goes, as far as liking each new gen of pokemon, that's just a matter of opinion) has made improvements to the game and given the player more various ways to interact, catch, and train pokemon! I think it will be great :)
  2. New Christmas Jetsam!

    It looks AWESOME!!! Jetsams are so cool, I like how his tail is striped like a candy cane so it probably stays when you take his clothes off :laughingsmiley:
  3. Cheapest transmogrification potion?

    Yes when you Yes as long as you paint the buzz into another color of buzz, you should still get the avatar. As far as I know, no morphed pets are un-paint-able.
  4. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 97!

    I need brute squad and seekers, so I'm going to go with brute squad on this one. And yeah, a battledome event would be fun!! My pets aren't that high but there's still always that chance of a red codestone dropping :)
  5. Symol Hole

    It finally happened to me a week or two ago. I honestly never expected it to happen and I was honestly wondering if it wouldn't work because all of my pets are zapped and I've been trying for years and never got it! Also, it sometimes would say "[petpets name] is somehow different" at the bottom instead of "wasn't that fun blah blah blah", which i think is a petpet level up but I never really checked to see. i have never received an item from this thing either!! I wonder if it was broken and TNT covertly fixed it???
  6. The Official TDN Item Price Check Topic

    Thanks for the advice!! I got lucky and someone offered the JN price of 250k (I guess there wasn't much competition though). I'm not really into high dollar collecting myself yet, it all worked out in the end!! *quickly flings into new owner's hands because of the creepiness*
  7. The Official TDN Item Price Check Topic

    Hey everyone, I just won a Wailing Evil Coconut from coconut shy and I can only find one on the TP and they just say "pure" . JN says it's worth 250k, so I'm not sure how to price it! Is 250k really what it's worth or will I be under on the price since I can only find one other one for sale?? Thank you for the help!!
  8. A Wild Newbie Has Appeared!!!

    Hey welcome to the forums!! I also love Pokemon! I think you will love it here, everyone is so friendly and fun :) Also, if you haven't played Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby yet I highly recommend them!! I'm hoping to get Pokemon Moon for Christmas!! PS piplup is my favorite
  9. Hi I'm new

    Welcome Cake and Dragon!! I'm fairly new to this website myself, though not to Neopets. This community is awesome and all the services they offer help out a lot when hunting avatars, getting trophies, etc. I sent you guys some omelettes in case your pets get hungry!! I think y'all will like it here :)
  10. Happy Wocky Day!

    I love the outfit, except for the hair. I don't like hair on very many neopets I've noticed haha. I love wockies and they nailed both colors for sure. I might have to adopt another to zap!!! My wockie's a male so he might like his Daryl Dixon outfit better than that one :nerd:
  11. Has 'Ye Old Fishing Vortex' changed?

    I believe the minimum is 12 hours but sometimes it's more??? I usually go around 8 pm every night and wait a while to try again if it's not working. Sometimes it will have been at least 15 hours since my last visit and i'll still get nothing :( I believe there is some degree of randomness to it. :stitchface:
  12. Update

    Thank you for letting us know and thank you for this service! It helps a lot. I'm sorry they haven't responded to your issues :( I was just thinking of buying some of the avatar items myself, then reselling :oink:
  13. Paint Brush Recommendations?

    The strawberry paint brush is about 120k right now on the TP, pretty reasonable for a paintbrush. Make sure you play trudy's surprise everyday as the daily reward goes up each consecutive day you play for I think 21 days before it starts back at day one again. Also play easy games like Kass Basher or Wrath of the Snowager which are easy to earn 1k nps each time you play. Also, if you have a pet strong enough to fight in the obilesk wars or the kreuledan defender robot, fight them a lot too because even on easy difficulty they have a chance of dropping red codestones and regular codestones which are good for reselling and always in demand. Also download the Neopets Ghoul Catchers or whatever it's called onto your smartphone or tablet because you can spam the first level and earn 1k each time you complete it, up to 50k a day. I think I like royal better but everyone has different opinions :) Royal PB is always available at the hidden tower in FaerieLand for 1.7 mil. A grey paint brush might be harder to get your hands on, I only found one on the TP and they didn't have a price listed :( I think for the money spent, Royal is the way to go.
  14. What's your Achievement today?

    I zapped a golden snowbunny today. I didn't even know they existed since the color gold doesn't even show up in the petpet puddle lol :nerd: I wonder if I can use it to get the snowbunny avatar??
  15. Winter Outfits to get in the Spirit of Giving

    Hello everyone I have mine! S_A I love your Santa Grundo by the way!! Daisy I think is at a candy-themed Christmas Party :fez: Faran is a winter hobo lol :laughingsmiley: Fellwinter is my lab pet, she was a Hissi :( But anyways she's just enjoying the cool weather and today's Advent Calendar gift. Khayace is going Christmas shopping!