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  1. babayaga67

    Is YIPP gonna make me rich?

    I usually wait until the stock reaches 75 before I sell any. Even then, I only sell 1k a day as long as it keeps going up. That way I don't totally miss a gain, nor do I sell everything early and miss out on getting an even bigger reward. I have been sitting on my last 1k YIPP. I am waiting until it reaches 150 before getting rid of the last 1k. I am not going to press my luck any farther. If it does tank and I miss the 150 mark, well, I still made a nice profit on the way.
  2. babayaga67

    TDN search function not working for me

    @hrtbrk I was trying to say "Thanks," but my touchscreen wont let me change the reaction. I am not liking the fact that the search option is on the fritz, just that you guys are actually trying to fix it instead of ignoring it and hoping that everyone else forgets that it ever existed in the first place. Not that I am talking about any site in particular...
  3. babayaga67

    My rabbit gave me a total scare the other day!

    I have shared this helpful trick with a couple of others for their cats and dogs, I see no reason why it wouldn't work for your Berg - put some hot sauce on a rag and coat all of the cables from end to end. He might try to go after a cord one or two more times, but he won't get very far. You might want to apply another layer of hot sauce weekly until he understands that cables burn. I am glad that he is better and that there wasn't anything seriously wrong!
  4. babayaga67

    TFW you get a blister...

    I was actually getting on here to ask what it means. The only thing that I can come up with is :The Fairy Whale. The only reason that I think that I am wrong is because no one else has mentioned whales...
  5. babayaga67

    Faerie Quest Help

    @Duma Thank you! I really appreciate this entire forum. You guys are good people.
  6. babayaga67

    Faerie Quest Help

    Hello! Does anyone have a moment to spare to help me find a Mega Carmelon Smoothie for the soup faerie? Please and Thank you! :)
  7. I will second @MinaxUmbra and @Dilley88, my high score on Zurroball is still 1. I got that score after about three days during the last DD, so I have just decided to pretend like I get a free day and there is no game to beat as I prance around la la land!
  8. babayaga67

    I'm not sure why I found this place

    I did not read this as insincere. Reading your post made me smile, and I needed that. Thank you for joining us :)
  9. babayaga67

    New Lost Desert Map - Meet Xendrik

    I hopped over to look at the LD brushes, and I noticed that they do not list all of them. The Lutari is not pictured 😞 That makes my Lutari feel rejected. I keep telling him that he is just special, but he doesn't believe me! The acara, bori, bruce, draik and eyie arre just a few of the others that are skipped.
  10. babayaga67

    Does anyone still play Ghoul Catchers?

    I stopped playing because it no stopped giving me neopoints for any given level after I played that level four times. Since a lot of the higher levels are, at least partially, luck based, I used to play the lower levels to get the max neopoints for the day then attempt the higher levels to get farther along. I can't get the "up to 50,000 neopoints per day" anymore, I hit a rut where I wasn't even getting 2,000 per day. I quit after about a month of that wonkyness.
  11. babayaga67

    Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver

    I used to use the solver every day, but now I have pretty much gotten the hang of that negg. I have run across at least two puzzles that technically had two correct answers, which I double and triple checked to make sure that I wasn't seeing things.
  12. babayaga67

    Ancient Neopian, but New to the forum

    @Spillmyh3art_xx Welcome! You are not the only stay at home mommy who uses Neopets and TDN for brief bouts of sanity 😄 I have three small ones as well, though I have boy girl boy. I am sorry to hear that you have medical issues that have made your life difficult. That's what your girls are for though, right? I hope that they can make you smile even if everything else has gone bonkers.
  13. babayaga67

    I just wanted to brag

    My dog has done more damage to cakes than my kids, not to say that they are completely innocent. My dog has gotten up on the counter and eaten the batter out of the pans before I could get them into the oven twice, as well as jumped up and eaten the cakes as they were cooling on the table at least four times. My oldest son is four and he is the only one who has touched one of the cakes. He can open the fridge on his own, so he poked one cake that was waiting on a pick up once. Lucky for me they were late and I had ample time to fix the cake since it was technically only one of the added decorations that he mangled and not the cake itself. @Sarah_S this was my first time making something this size, so it was a huge learning experience. @jellysundae The roof, like the ninjas, dragon, and trees were made out of sculpting chocolate. It is the chocolate version of clay and was a lot easier to use than pulled sugar. I also did separate flavors for every color of chocolate. Red was orange flavored, white was plain white chocolate, black was milk chocolate, green was mint and pink was strawberry. I made a frame out of lollipop sticks for the shape of the roof and I used toothpicks on the bottom to get the edges of the roof to hold out. The river was made of blue sugar glass. I was super nervous that the melted sugar was going to run all over the board and not fill up the path that I made for it, but it seemed to want to do exactly what I wanted it to do :) @Kute Sculpting chocolate is just like clay, except that it can melt from the heat of you hands if you handle it for too long. It has been about ten years since I used clay, so it was very touch and go at first. Once I got used to the medium I would separate a ball of chocolate, shape a head then stretch out arms and legs. All I did at first was make the figures. I didn't take the time to pose them until I had finished a complete set. I actually made almost 50 figures, but the children at the party wouldn't stop touching them while I was trying to set it up. I just let them have whatever they played with since I wasn't going to feed that to anyone.
  14. babayaga67

    I just wanted to brag

    @micheee yes, I will keep making regular cakes (single and two tier). I feel like I have a very long way to go before I can consider myself proficient. I am trying to decide what I want to do for the Halloween cake that I am going to make for the guys at my work (If you can call my 2 hour a week vacation from my kids work). I am thinking haunted house because I had fun with the roof on the dojo, but a spider web type also sounds like fun... We will see :)
  15. babayaga67

    I just wanted to brag

    @micheee heck no! I seriously undercharged for that cake. If anyone else wants something like that prices start at 1,200. Yes, that is a lot, but it takes me a week and a half and costs me over 600 in materials. It was fun, but I also lost over 20 hours of sleep and I had to lock my children up in their room for almost an entire day so that they wouldn't mess it up. I felt like a terrible mommy because, even though I went back there to spend time with them, I couldn't let my kids run around the house. Plus, this cake was due on Sunday, then I had another cake that I had to make for Tuesday. I didn't take any pictures of the Tuesday one though. I was too sleep deprived at that point. @aleu1986 Thank you :)