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  1. babayaga67

    Happy Kau Day!

    Poor Kau. Not only does he only get one new color on his day, but that color is snot. I was actually hopeful when I saw the topic. Kaus can be really cute. This sad guy is not. I also thought that the outfit looked a little Strange. Is it all wigs on Kaus or just this one that turns the horns into handlebars?
  2. babayaga67

    Happy Quiggle Day!

    I was just thinking that since he is frog-ish they made him warty. Now that I look again I can see the ginger. I am curious as to why they decided to hop over to a specific spice/root when the other woodland pets are very generic. I do LOVE me some ninja turtles!! I like how the mask gives them squinty eyes.
  3. babayaga67

    Enter The Runway #58!

    I keep scrolling through the rainbow pets thinking "taste the rainbow". The bori is especially delicious looking.
  4. babayaga67

    The Trek Up North

    @MegHidd It is a tool store like Lowes/Home Depot. It is just much smaller and cheaper. MUCH MUCH cheaper. I know that they have them all over Texas and Colorado, but I can't remember off the top of my head which other states are home to Harbor Freight.
  5. babayaga67

    The Trek Up North

    A ton of fantastic advice! My personal preference on scrapers is this bad boy This way I can tuck my sleeve into the glove and I don't have to worry about stray snow or ice making it's way to my elbow. I LOVE my scraper mitt! Having an emergency kit inside the house if always a good idea, no matter where you live. If you have a Harbor Freight I recommend picking up several of these guys (that picture came out larger than I expected) These take 3 AAA batteries and have magnets, a Velcro strip and holes on the back so that you can stick or hang them anywhere. I hang them right next to all of my actual light switches. There are 200 lumens, so they can blind you. I found them for 1.99 each. Another important thing to have stocked in your home or possibly car for emergencies is a bag of ice melt. I always buy 10 bags during springtime because they only cost 2-3 dollars. Once that first chill comes through everyone jacks up their prices to 7-10 dollars per bag. Make sure you get some good snowshoes. I personally think that more than $20 for footwear is ridiculous, but I shelled out almost $200 for good snowshoes. Ice is dangerous. It is not like a skating rink though. Usually there will be some texture or form to the ice as it is formed in stages as snow is falling or melting. As @xanthocomically stated, don't drive with other people in the car for your first couple of snowfalls. I tried to drive around a group of drunk teens my first snowfall and it was terrible. It was the middle of the night so I didn't have to worry about very many other cars. I was having trouble following their directions while trying to drive through unknown territory while everything was super slick. I had to pull over because I just didn't feel safe driving like that.
  6. babayaga67

    Weapons bans

    So most of it is just exaggeration? There are not a bunch of new bans or laws. The knife ban is the same common sense one that has been in place for years? As long as you aren't acting like a nutter butter than who cares? @jellysundae thank you very munch for that article. It was exactly what I was looking for. *conspirator mode on* unfortunately the government is tracking everything I do online and they have been targeting my google searches in an effort to make me think that anything and everything outside of america is super dangerous. *mode off* It could also be that I am terrible at the internet. I have never been very good at googling.
  7. babayaga67

    Weapons bans

    I am not trying to be political here or start any debate. I am just looking for facts, and since there are a few people on here from the UK I was hoping I could get real answers. I know that there has been a wave of stabbings in the London area. There have been US conspiracy groups that have been saying that Great Britain is banning all knives. I have heard Americans saying that police officers in Great Britain are going to start going door to door and confiscating any knife over 10cm and rounding off the point of any knife 10cm or shorter. No box cutting knives are allowed to be sold in stores or delivered to peoples homes. You will evidently have to receive a special permit to work in a restaurant and handle any knife. Any knives used in restaurants will have to be placed in a safe after store hours. In my experience, people from the UK tend to be more rational. This idea to take away everyone's knives so that they can't even cook is stupid to me. It also seems impractical to go door to door to ask people for their tools. I use knives when I go fishing, when I cook around the house, when I try my hand at wood carving (though I am terrible at it) or when I want to open kids toys (they are becoming ridiculously complicated to open). Again, I am not looking to hear about what "he said she said was going to happen" stuff. What are the current rules that are being implemented, and what changes are most likely to come in the near future. I want actual facts that are not being rewritten by american nut jobs. *not all Americans are nut jobs, but I have met quite a few.
  8. babayaga67

    Altador Cup: Sign Ups Opened!

    How do you sign up for the staff tournament? I tried last year and I couldn't figure it out... This is my third year attempting the AC. I have never scored a single goal. Not one. I usually did the roar and slushie games because I am terrible at yyb. Guess what? I scored two goals in one practice game today! That is infinitely more goals than I scored two years combined! I am SO looking forward to this year! 🙂 I might be able to score at least one point a day! I am PUMPED!!!!
  9. babayaga67

    Nay for forgetting to take my medication -_-

    @jellysundae I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to upset you. I completely understand what you mean about things that make one feel old. @Nielo yes, for those of us with technology nostalgia. Cells phones haven't been around THAT long! I am slightly offended by Nokia's choice of words. I can get down with the cool kids too. .... okay, that's a lie. I don't think that I have ever "gotten down" with any "cool kids".
  10. babayaga67

    Nay for forgetting to take my medication -_-

    @jellysundae I LOVE YOUR PHONE!!!! I used to have a phone like that, but then the battery finally gave out after 4 years (and much baby slobber I'm sure). They don't make phones that dumb anymore. I now have a flip phone with a camera on it! I don't want want a flip phone, I live my life in fear that my little demons children are going to snap it in half. I don't have a smart phone because I want a phone, not a computer with a tiny screen/computer/radio/dating website/video game console. I am legitimately super jealous of your phone. Also, I thought that they made pill boxes that have alarms built into them to remind you that it is med time? Like this guy!
  11. babayaga67

    Plot prizes are here :)

    I still haven't received any neomail... I feel so lonely. The suspense is also getting to me. I know that I didn't win a stamp so I started looking around to buy one. They are starting at about 3.5 mil. These were really hard to get stamps, so the value won't likely decrease. Might be a good long term investment for the person with a few extra neopoints, but not me 😞 I can't even afford one, much less the two extra that I would like to buy. Those suckers will likely be worth at least 10 mil each in two years or so. As for me, I shall just add one to my wish list and cross my fingers. 🤞
  12. babayaga67

    Serf Lens

    I haven't actually checked in a while. I always scroll through my items before I quick stock deposit them, and I remember the first time I noticed the rare note under the serf lens I thought "OOOOOOO! Nice! I shall save you!" I always double checked them too. The last time that I can distinctly remember checking the rarity of the serf lens was about a week before CC this year. I only have 7 right now. I am pretty sure that when I donated them they did count as rare items. For obvious reasons I can't go back in time and double check, but I am pretty confident in my memory for almost everything. This has been bothering me quite a bit. I had a dream last night where JN started changing the rarities on all sorts of items. It was utter chaos. There was one special item, the Organic Peanut (which is currently a gourmet food) that was changed to bat rare. There was a lot of freaking out on the forums about what on earth that meant. @jellysundae I am not surprised that someone who had over 800 shiny obsidian for CC this last year grabs stuff from the money tree just for CC. Not even a little bit. Edit: Moldy Left Overs are also a rare item for anyone who wants to stock up from the money tree. Gross? Yes. Does that stop Granny? Nope!
  13. babayaga67

    Serf Lens

    Did anyone else notice that the rarity on the serf lens has changed? I used to collect them for Granny because they were a rare item and were always really cheap. A few days ago I noticed that they are now special. Has anything like that ever happened before? No, I am not crazy. The whole reason I have so many is because they were easy points for CC. Serf Lens and Toy Pirate Sword were the two main rare items that I would go after because they were ALWAYS so cheap
  14. babayaga67

    Inkblot Paint Brush Idea

    @UndeadNinjabit I LOVE the Lupe! Those teeth! 🙂 The hat on the Kiko is super suave. You are much more creative then I am. Keep up the good work.
  15. babayaga67

    Inkblot Paint Brush Idea

    @jellysundae Now he just needs the button shorts and suspenders. Though I am pretty sure Disney would hop on that and sue neo real fast. They have hundreds of lawyers to protect their franchise. @UndeadNinjabit It looks great! Though when I read the title I originally thought it was going to be some kind of therapy card splat version of a neopet. This is WAY better!