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  1. Mwahahaha! Now I can go after the avatar! Thank you!
  2. I know that there was trouble with last years AC because people were using multiple tabs to play the AC games. That was how I found out that it was a problem originally. I thought that it was a problem across the board. Thanks for pointing out that it is just during the Cup.
  3. I know that neopets will freeze your account for cheating if you have more than one game running at the same time (using multiple tabs to play everything at once), but what about that wheel of monotony? I have put off trying for that avatar because I don't want to get frozen. I like to play other games, but I am nervous about being booted and having to start all over with my account just because I don't want to stare at that wheel for eight hours.
  4. I am a bit of a clean freak, and my husband has no idea how to pick up after himself (His office drives me nuts! I put shoes on just to walk in), so @Mouseykins I doubt he will be picking up just because I went to work. My 3 year old does a better job of picking up his toys than my husband does with his dishes. I haven't thought about the nut shells, but now that you mention it @Musical_Shoyru, there is no way that I could work there. I was a hostess at Black-Eyed Pea, and they actually keep asking me to come back. One of the managers told me that he would fire someone just to give me a position if he had to because I was the best that he had. I have almost 10 years of managerial experience, so I know what is expected. I am also one of those people that believes that you have to actually EARN your pay, I am by no means entitled to any money just because I am standing there in my uniform. As a manager I sent home people on a regular basis because they didn't actually work. I didn't have to hire someone, and I certainly am not going to pay someone to spend thirty minutes cleaning up one bathroom when I can do a better job in less than 5. Sorry for the rant.
  5. I am planning on going back to work after the newest addition reaches about 6 months, but only as an escape. I don't need the money, so I was planning on only doing two or three days a weeks with shifts no longer than 4 hours. Maybe just working the lunch rushes at some food joint. Not fast food, been there and done that, it's WAY to gross. They wouldn't let me clean the food prep area until after close since "it would just get dirty again." I quit after three days of that nastyness. I was thinking an actual restaurant, like Black-Eyed Pea or the Texas Steakhouse, those joints have standards. As long as it isn't too long I think that my husband can handle it... Well, I guess that we'll find out!
  6. I am a stay at home mommy too. I've got a 3 year old, 1 year old, and my third will be here in about three weeks. My husband works his butt off because he doesn't want me to work. I think that it is because he knows that he will have to take care of all of the tiny guys by himself if I'm the one working, and he has no idea how to cook or clean anything :) He is terrified of me working and considered it a bonifide threat.
  7. I like the gumdrop candy kiko! I am not upset with the the custard, but it is not as exciting as the candy. @Angeló I was thinking the same thing about the black swan outfit. I feel that pretty much any/every neopet would look better with a ballerina outfit than a kiko (or a jubjub).
  8. The first thing that I thought when I saw the marble ixi is autumn. It feels very fall-y to me. I do like how they are being more creative with the marble colors. I feel like they could have done so much more with the speckled and cloud colors. I like both the cloud and speckled, but I feel like they were a cop out for the designers. I am really happy with the obvious effort that they are putting into the marble color. I am excited to see what else they will come up with.
  9. Didn't neopets just get sold (again)? Is this the new guys way of saying "hi"? I have never been on while there was an actual plot event going on, so whenever it does come up I will look forward to it. I am not getting my hopes up that it happens anytime soon though.
  10. There are a few avatars that are only obtainable through the Secret Lab. If you do collect avatars, then yes, you do want to fork over the money. If you are not interested, at this time, in collecting avatars, then you might want to hold off and save your money for something else that you might really want. The Lab Ray is also the only way to make a robot pet. There are no potions or paintbrushes, and you can't use a FFQ to make a robot pet.
  11. Well hello to you too! I used to be a lurker, and I do fall back into it sometimes, but I have tried to get more involved in the TDN community. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. Welcome and I hope that you have fun and grace us with your wisdom on occasion.
  12. I don't think that I have any neofriends, so it wouldn't work for me even if it was working. I have a lonely neopet account. I have no idea how @Angeló got over 50 friends! That's crazyness to me. You are way more popular than I am.
  13. I do believe that you have shown the correct guy, and I did want to say that it was Armageddon, but that might mean that I was completely wrong about the scenario as I remembered it. I have no problem admitting that I am wrong, but I am not usually SO far off. Makes me wonder what on earth was going on around me at the time that I was so confused. The only black olives that I can ever find in jars are kalamata olives, and the kids don't like those so I have to buy black olives in cans. I do try not to buy canned food, but there are a few things that I can't find any other way. The one pot pasta looks pretty good. We aren't an anchovy eating family, but the rest sounds amazing.
  14. I can never remember which movie it is, but one of the space movies has a scene on a Russian space station where they are trying to repair something that has gone horribly wrong. A second character, who is American, offers their assistance since the replacement parts were brought by the Americans. The Russian repairman is very frustrated and exclaims, "Russian parts! American parts! They are all made in China!" My kids don't like lemons. I think that they would have eaten it if it didn't have the zest, but I would not have liked it as much. Tonight I am going to make some of my mac n cheese. I use farfalle pasta because it is so much easier for my kids to eat (and easier for me to clean up), so it's not really "macaroni" and cheese, but I used mac n cheese as the base recipe. 16 oz of farfalle 12 oz of spinach chopped and steamed 2 cups of milk 4 tbsp flour 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 1/4 yellow onion chopped 1 cup of sliced black olives 1/2 cup crumbled bacon While the pasta is boiling in a large pot, heat up the milk in a small saucepan over a med-low heat. Whisk in flour. Slowly add the shredded cheese, whisking until fully melted. Add chopped garlic to the cheese sauce and reduce heat. In a med bowl mix together the spinach, onion, black olives and bacon. After the pasta is cooked to your preference, strain and return to large pot. Stir in the spinach mixture first, then add the cheese sauce. I have yet to find anyone who does not like this recipe (I leave out the black olives one super picky eater, but everyone else thoroughly enjoys it). It is a favorite of both adults and children. It also takes less than thirty minutes to make, so it's great for nights when I am tired.
  15. I have never heard of a casserole with okra, but I would imagine that it would not mask the slimy-ness. Though there are casseroles for everything, so I'm sure that there is some kind of okra casserole out there somewhere. As far as I know covering it in batter and deep frying it is how you hide the slimy factor. I was never a huge fan of Pooh growing up, but I think that as mostly because my mom loved it so much that I wanted to slap her sometimes. She would fan girl over Eeyore like girls used to go after the Beatles. It was weird. I am discovering that I do like the stories through my kids, so I feel a lot less creeped out now. What do they write on the stoppers now? I think that I am just going to re heat up the chickpea casserole from last night, cook up some rice and green beans, and that will likely be it for dinner tonight mat my house. We had a lot of leftover casserole since the kids didn't seem to like it.