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  1. Food

    @jellysundae I thought that I responded to this last month. I wasn't ignoring you, I swear it! Brown rice sushi is an option here in Colorado. I don't remember if the fancy restaurants serve brown rice sushi, but I can buy it at my local grocery store. You know that I enjoy cooking, but I don't remember if I have mentioned that I also like to bake. I am going to attempt to make a unicorn cake for my daughter for her birthday next week. It has been a while since I have messed with the fancy icing that I need, so I made a test cake and left it at my work for Valentine's Day.
  2. Happy Zafara Day!

    I really like the candy! Not as a candy though. When I saw it my first reaction was "Pretty stars!" and I choose to keep that opinion. Just in case anyone was wondering, I think that they should make Galactic a paintbrush. Jubjubs can be little planet earths. Some neopets can have little asteroid rings or moons. Wings can be constellations. All eyes will be suns. They could get creative and make something cool with nebula clouds. EDIT: I am not a fan of the outfit, but I do like the shoes. I know that Neopets doesn't let you get away with a lot of layering, but you can usually add shorts or a skirt under a dress. DTI doesn't have the Red Woollen Bottoms yet, so I was not able to test out that theory, but don't give up hope yet!
  3. Nay for stitches in my hand

    I feel that this must be said because everyone else has ignored it - @rntracy1 If you have 16 stitches in your hand AND it is oozing, HOW CAN YOU TYPE SO MUCH?!?! GO DOGS!
  4. Nay for stitches in my hand

    The day that he was nipped was the last day that he pulled on the dog's ear or face. He does still try to ride the dog sometimes, but we've trained the dog to just walk off if he doesn't want the boy riding him. Sometimes the dog will just sit down when one of the kids tries to climb on him, and I think that he actually likes the attention. Sometimes he still walks away from my oldest, but my daughter is so small that I don't think it is even possible for her to hurt him. @rntracy1 and @Mouseykins - Have you guys thought about buying a couple of cheap brooms from the dollar store and stashing them around the house to use for breaking up brawls?
  5. Nay for stitches in my hand

    I have a very nice dog. He is an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix. The only problem I have ever had with him was once when my oldest son was a little over a year old. My son was harassing the poor dog, trying to pull his lip off and attempting to rip his ears off of his head. The dog whimpered so I started heading back to the room to pull my son off of the dog. I wasn't fast enough. I heard a loud cry of pain from my dog and then my son started screaming. I threw the 50 lb dog outside and grabbed up my baby fearing the worst. My dog did nip him, but that was it. It took me almost two full minutes to find the marks on his hand, and those were negligible and gone after a couple of minutes. There was no bleeding or broken skin and only slight discoloration. My son was really more scared than anything. I am SO glad that my dog is the most tolerant dog I have ever seen with kids. There had been several instances where I would have to pull my son off of the dog because he was potentially hurting the dog, but the dog couldn't get away without knocking him over. as long as the dog isn't cornered then he will walk away when it becomes too much. My dog knew the second that my son started screaming that he had messed up. He didn't even fight me when I booted him (not literally) outside. He was hanging his head for days and wouldn't go near my son because he was afraid of me. I was bit once when I tried to break up a dog fight, but that was MY fault. Anyone who sticks their own hand in between two dogs that are fighting only has themselves to blame if they are injured. The dogs don't attack the human on purpose. My sister was bit once when she tried to break up a fight between her dog and another dog (over who was allowed to eat which flavor of ice cream that night). She blames the dog and refuses to go over to my grandmother's house unless the dog is closed in a back room. @rntracy1 I am sorry that you were bit, but I am glad that you are not going to freak out and put your dog down. I hate to admit it to myself, but there are times when I am wrong (I know, I know, it's hard to believe). I am not trying to mock you or insult you, I'm just glad that you are grounded enough to realize that you were at least partially to blame so that your puppies don't have to suffer unjustly.
  6. I agree with @neo_girl_300993. I wish that there was a way to view someone else's avatar collection the same way that you can view their stamp collection. I would like to be able to scroll through other people's avatar list to see how awesome they are. I know that you can change your avatar on the neoboards, but that it only one avatar at a time and no one knows what other wonderful accomplishments you have made through the years. I want an Avatar Album!
  7. Wishing Well

    Lucky! I have been looking for an Escaped From the Lab Background for over a year. @Dang Ho makes one post and get's it! You are so lucky! I have renewed motivation to get out there and find one! I now know that it can happen :)
  8. Please Help

    That is exactly what I was trying to do. THANK YOU for that list! I was able to figure it out! Since the refreshing method no longer works, where can I find a list of possible locations for each murmur?
  9. Please Help

    I have cleared all of the fog now, but I still can't continue. Kaia is still sitting at the table. I have completed the first wave, but it won't let me advance. I think that I am supposed to be doing the Mystic Murmur, but it is not refreshing. It is only giving me one set of letters, and I can not figure out where I need to go. @rntracy1 thank you for that list of potion locations so that I can at least clear the fog! @Scoobert_Doo The murmur is blank, but I don't know every location in neopia, so I can't figure it out.
  10. Please Help

    I have no idea how to continue the plot. I was really active battling and potion making the very first week, but then the plot wasn't updating, GMC started, and then life decided that it wanted to make stuff as crazy as possible. I had given up trying to do the plot at all as one thing after another made it impossible for me to get on for even 5 minutes a day. Now things have slowed down again, but I felt that there was no point in me trying to do the plot since I was so far behind. I recently read a comment from @jellysundae about the mist across neopia being cleared when you advance the plot. That was enough for me to start it up again. There is wraith fog everywhere and it is making my dailies very tiring. I can't figure out how to advance at all. I have opened the first chest. Completed the first Mystic Murmur. Battled Wave 1 up to 100%. Then I was unable to make neopets a regular activity for a while. When I started trying the plot this morning I made at least one of every potion (I bought the ingredients since I can't get past the Snapjaw Wraith). Given Fyora 6 potions. How am I supposed to unlock the second wave? Nothing I try works, but I am sick and tired of the wraith fog everywhere!
  11. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    I agree with @Scoobert_Doo and @rntracy1 on the Gelert Steampunk looking like a robot. I think that they were going for a toy duck look with the Lenny, in which case I like that it would be a paintbrush with more variety and creativity (at least that is what I'm hoping). I'll say toy, then steapunk, then burlap and origami last.
  12. Food

    @jellysundae YUMMY! I would only be able to make it for lunch when my husband is not around to cry. He says that soups are not real food... I have not been cooking as much for dinner lately. There is a sushi bar that open close to me, and I have been getting take-out from there two plus times a week... I know that I need to cut back because it is expensive, but it's SO GOOD!!!
  13. Happy Elephante Day

    I actually really like the 8-bit Elephante. I think that the wings look like giant shoulder pads and that just gives it an even more retro feel.
  14. Yay and nay, son leaving tomorrow for boot camp

    @rntracy1 I can't even imagine what you must be feeling. I don't think that I would be able to let them go. I know that it is important to protect our country, but it's also the mother's of the men and women serving our country who have to be so strong! I try to think about how I might feel, and I would be so proud of them on the one hand, but so terrified on the other. My mind just tries to shut down and go into denial, which is something that you said you have sort of been dealing with. I imagine that having a child go into law enforcement would also be hard. As a mom I know that you must feel so proud that your son wants to help other people so much that he is willing to put his life on the line, as scary as that thought is. He sounds like a really wonderful young man, and that means that you have done a good job raising him so congratulations to you.
  15. Boo on being an adult

    People used to tell me that when I was in High School... Now I have another decade of crazy stuff that I could add. I have thought about it, but I just don't have the time. Plus I wouldn't want to get my facts wrong from something that happened when I was younger and I don't remember as clearly as something that happened last month. If I tried to label it as a memoir I'd get in a lot of trouble if I got anything wrong, and I have enough to deal with without adding in legal problems!