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  1. Not to be all morbid, but I made sure that my husband knows that when I die (if Neopets is still around) I want him to donate all of my stuff since I won't be able to use it, and I know that it will make someone out there very happy (though I do have a lot of junk as well).
  2. I have always loved Strawberry. Christmas is my ultimate favorite for almost every pet (and in life too). The Strawberry feels a bit like Christmas is trying to blend in for the rest of the year, but also taste delicious. I will second @Angeló on that it isn't anything new. Strawberry will always be red and green (I love Christmas). Jelly is, well, a slightly transparent shiny all encompassing color. I feel like the outfit is supposed to be referencing something, but I keep drawing a blank.
  3. I put fake information on everything online! It is so easy for people to hack one innocent account, follow your e-mail or phone number, and wind up with all of your information. I don't even use the same fake information. I mix and match about 12 different names/e-mails/phone numbers/addresses. I use info like - jane smith (555)867-5309 at 1 Random Rd, New York, NY. I don't use 1 Random Rd anymore since I met a person who actually had that as an address, but that is just an example. I am a very paranoid person...
  4. I like to grab my portable CD player (yes, I still use physical CDs) and grab a good book. I then go outside and look for a good tree, climb my self up in there and lounge on a good branch for several hours. I don't always take a book. I find being up high in a tree to be extremely relaxing. This method might not work if you have a fear of hights... I also recently threw away my cell phone. I can not describe how much better I feel without that thing on me. I have a land line at home for emergencies, but I leave it on mute. I check the answering machine once every couple of days and use e-mail for communications. If it is an external emergency (family member in the hospital or something like that) people can contact my husband and he will pass along a message. Neopets is the only "social media" type of thing that I do. I just got rid of as much negative stuff as humanly possible.
  5. Thank you so much! I was getting pretty nervous there. I didn't realize that they just throw the event wherever they feel like on the calendar. Not that it should surprise me at this point.
  6. Did I somehow miss this years CC? I was really looking forward to it, but I haven't been able to find any news on it, and previous CCs had been wrapping up around this time. I have been saving up all year for this. The last two years have given me a great appreciation for the event and I was ready! Now I feel like I'm watching the dust gather on the piles of r90+ items I have been collecting...
  7. @aaml yes and yes. Next: How long is the answer to this question.
  8. I have been staring at this riddle for several minutes trying to figure out what on earth it could be. I re read the bit about it being a Neopian riddle and realized why I will never figure it out. I don't have 1/10 of the neopian knowledge that many others on here do. I am going to straight up skip this one. @Aranel I too have heard this riddle. I shall follow @Duma lead and leave the guessing to other's who may not have heard of it.
  9. @emily_speck_15 Is it a heartbeat? Because you measure by each beat/second? A serial killer kidnapped 5 different people and sat them down each with two pills in their hand and a glass of water. He told them each to take one pill but warned them that one was poisonous and the other was harmless. Whichever pill the victim didn't take the serial killer would take. Every victim somehow chose the poisonous pill and died. How did the serial killer get them all to take the poisonous pill?
  10. @aaml "man's exact weight," but yes, you are correct. Your parents have six sons including you. Each son has one sister. How many people are in your family?
  11. I thought that Tombola was just a made up neo version of a charity lottery style event. I have been proven wrong by the other much more knowledgeable persons than myself (curse you google! you have won this round!). Item number 1 for usename babayaga67 A man was at a carnival and went up to one of the stands. Behind the counter the carnival employee professed an ability to guess the weight of others. If the carnival employee was able to write the man's exact weight on a piece of paper then the man would pay the carnival employee $50, if the carnival employee was incorrect then he would pay the man $50. The man looked around and was unable to find a scale of any kind. The man figured that he could just say that he weighed either more or less than what the carnival employee had written on the paper and he would walk away with $50. After the man read the paper he paid the carnival employee $50 and went on his way. Why did the man pay the carnival employee?
  12. I don't know if anyone flagged this topic, but I know that it has been a while since I posted any cakes. I am trying to learn how to make a unicorn sculpture cake for my daughters b-day in a few days, so I made a practice cake. I will post another picture when I make the final version. This one is incomplete, but it served it's purpose so I didn't feel the need to waste product adding needless flair on a cake that I wasn't getting made for any actual person. Please keep in mind, this is a prototype and not the final product (a rough draft if you will) @jellysundae might recognize what I am trying to do here...
  13. So I completely didn't pay attention and had my shop wizard page open and ready to go, but I forgot that there is a daily prize. I thought that the faerie queen was asking me for the item. I bought it, clicked the accept quest button, and am now stuck. Can anyone help me find a small honey lemon smoothie? I have had a day, not the good kind, but a day nonetheless.
  14. I am having a REALLY hard time here. This might be my favorite batch of entries ever. I don't think that there is a single entry that I would rate below an 8.7. Fantastic job guys!
  15. It is definitely good advertising for them. They just don't have anything currently going on. No tours, they haven't released the drop date of their new album, no TV shows or movies that they are reported to be in and can thus promote. Just BTS. Don't get me wrong @aaml, I am sure that ARMY is going to LOVE the BTS themed scavenger hunt that spans the entire globe both physically and electronically. I do like BTS' music, but I do not consider myself ARMY just because I don't know enough about their history. I am really just biased towards boy bands in general so they weren't that hard of a sell for me. I like to know more about the actual people themselves before I will say that I like them personally. After hearing about this Armypedia thing though, I don't know if I want to look into them as human beings... I'm a little scared of what I might find. K-Pop fan groups seem very hard care.
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