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  1. Happy Draik Day!

    I thought that it looks more like a colonial outfit than a pirate outfit. Unfortunately I can't tell if it is based on a specific movie/book because it is so generic. Wonder Woman and Shrek were a lot easier to identify. I know that the dimensional colors get a lot of crap, but I REALLY like the blues that they used for the Draik.
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    @midnight_spell360 Thank goodness! I am so glad that you are safe! Thank you for taking the time to say hi and let us know you are okay. I haven't actually spoken to anyone except my grandmother, and she broke her phone last night so she has been having trouble talking to anyone. I haven't had any updates on anyone down there since this morning before my grandfather's surgery, so I have no idea how any of them are doing. I have a lot of friends down there, and I hope that they are doing well. Stupid hurricane! Again, @midnight_spell360, I am glad that you are alive!
  3. Hurricane Harvey

    I hope that midnight is okay too. @midnight_spell360, when you get back on please let the nosy, I mean caring, people on TDN know how you are! My Grandfather had surgery this morning and I am still waiting to hear about how that went. I do know that the doctor performing the surgery had to catch a helicopter because he couldn't drive to the hospital with all of the flooding. My Granny broke her phone last night, so she is having trouble updating anyone about what's going on. Her house did not flood (yay!), and she said that most of the water had receded overnight during a lapse in the rain. The rest of my family are doing fine. I know that my mom hasn't had any flooding in her house (she lives in cypress, north of Houston), and my sister said that she was doing fine too (she lives in conroe, also north of Houston).
  4. Hurricane Harvey

    My roommate's daughter lives in Houston with her dad. She was rescued off of her roof this morning. My grandfather fell and broke his hip outside this morning. My Granny had to call an ambulance to get him to the hospital, which is on lock down, so they kicked her out after she saw that he was taken care of. Her roof is leaking so she put a bucket down to catch the water, but since she just had spinal neck surgery two weeks ago she isn't supposed to lift anything yet so she empties it out one ladle at a time into the sink. Her house hasn't flooded, yet. She said that it looked like it was going to come inside by tonight. They are getting CRAZY rain all over the place down there. I hear that the rest of my family is fine, though there is some concern about how the cars are going to come out of this.
  5. Happy Grundo Day!

    I like the Shrek outfit. The water Grundo is pretty cute. I am unsure about the mohawk detail. Since it is a water color it's almost like the poor Grundo's brains are spilling out because there is no line there to hold him together.
  6. What is the fiercest looking pet?

    I am with @jellysundae. I have been saving up for my poogle transmogrification potion for my battle pet for a bit now. I found one potion for only 4.5 mil, but I was about 200,000 off, and it was already off the trading post 2 hours later. I got sad and went on an album spending 'spree.'
  7. He's here!

    Thank you everyone! @Mouseykins I was raised by two Chiropractors, so I have always been an avid believer in the practice. I was already looking for someone to become my new Chiropractor because I haven't found one who does full adjustments (I had one who only did neck adjustments, and another one who used some jiggling machine first, then would adjust the neck only). I was planning on scheduling something next month. I still have six more appointments this month between me and my three little ones.
  8. He's here!

    I am in the hospital now, and my baby boy has officially been born! I just wanted to share that I am happy, everything went smoothly, and I will not likely be online much over the next week as my family and I try to adjust. In case anyone is curious, he was delivered at 9:00 AM, was 7lbs 12oz, and 20 in. His name is Zachary. He is asleep right now, visiting hours are over, and I'm going to take a nap! Goodnight!
  9. NC Gift Box Help??

    Gift boxes inside of gift boxes?!?! Do that! I have almost 50 GBs that I can't do anything with, and I will create a second account just to send the stupid things back and forth until I'm out. I don't spend real money on playing online games, so I have no use for the silly things.
  10. Welcome to August

    I am excited for August this year! My baby is supposed to be here in a week (which really means any day now), and mutant day?! What happens on mutant day? I want a mutant poogle SO bad! I want one as my main battledome pet. I will be saving up for a while before I can afford one though...
  11. I think that I have more in items, but it wouldn't be by much. I go one to three weeks without having the time to do anything except Trudy's, so I can save up those nps. Then there are the days when I feel like splurging and I'll spend 300,000 on trying to get an avatar or collecting stamps (which I don't count as items as value after adding to my album).
  12. Happy Peophin Day!

    I was never a huge peophin fan, I guess that they were always a little to difficult for me to find a decent customization to me. That elderly boy peophin is so suave though! I cannot get enough of it. The hat, glasses and hair! It is just so classy. I REALLY like it.
  13. Let's talk about the Money tree

    @jaydeed You have given away my secret! Now no one will need to buy BD stuff because they will not only already be stocked up on the snowballs, but they will still be able to buy them for a great price during the event at a constant rate! I was planning to use my snowballs to maybe acquire an avatar if it shows up this year. Don't they have a generic category for just random stuff? I know that there is a lot of junk 'donated' to the money tree. On days where it looks like it is not rotating because no one else wants the crud, I will use my ten pulls to make room for the good stuff to show up at the bottom.
  14. Help Yuiina with Fountain Dip *heart*

    I second @Robin-chan That chocolate draik! Does he even need clothes? A FFQ is almost the only way to get one, as you have already pointed out. It is super rare, super cute, and there are still plenty of backgrounds/foregrounds/garlands that would be just adorable! Yes, the chocolate gnorbu is also cute, but he doesn't have the cherry on top. Any of the other guys you can save up for. You can't buy a chocolate draik. You might not get another FFQ for years. I have only had one, maybe two faerie quests since I started playing last year, and I don't know what on earth I did get, but I wasn't jumping with joy. Take advantage of your luck!
  15. Let's talk about the Money tree

    I've grown quite heartless towards my pets. I usually just wait for them to get healed from one of the dailies now. It sometimes takes three to four days, but I am trying to save for a transmogrification potion and every point counts. @Scoobert_Doo I don't know how humane it is to poison your pet, but it is the money smart thing to do in certain circumstances isn't it? Oh how you have twisted us neopets! Update: I just went to the money tree, and somebody had donated what seemed to be at least 20 scratchcards! I didn't get any, but I do appreciate the generosity of whomever did that. You rock random person.