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  1. I've had this problem for a while, but now it is making me unable to complete the bonus challenge. I can't add any games to my favorites list anymore. Is there a max? I keep clicking on the hearts, but they won't stay red!
  2. How much are you battling?

    @Angeló I hope your headache goes away by the time you get around to reading this. @balloongal247 posted that a plot can last upwards of a couple of months. If that is the case, then why is everyone grinding so hard right away to try and get everything? Are they going to release new achievements? Or are the current ones going to unlock at some later date, but this will be all that we actually get? I can not accept the achievement for making my first potion. Is this some sort of glitch on my end, or have they just not made it available yet?
  3. Where To Even Start?

    Unfortunately you won't be able to start training anything until your level is equal to or greater than half of your highest stat. In your case, you are going to have to train your level to over 500 before you can start working on anything else.
  4. How much are you battling?

    I did not spend nearly as much time training as I should have, so my pet only battles on easy. I have been trying to battle a lot, but not for the percentage. I am doing extra battles for the wraith ectoplasm because I'm worried that the end potions are going to require a ridiculous amount of plasm/low level potions. Does anyone know when this plot is going to end? Are they planning on running it alongside the GMC? I would not be very happy with that. I've never participated in a plot or GMC, and I don't want to have to pick which one I spend my time on or loose out on the top trophies for either one because I'm doing both.
  5. Maraquan PB : Sell or Use ?

    I have to agree with @jellysundae. Unless there is another paint brush or morphing potion that is of the same value but you want way more, you should use it. If there is something else that you would prefer you can do a trade for it, but, and this is my opinion, maraquan pets are in the top tier for cuteness of any species. I personally LOVE the maraquan shoyru. A shoyru was my first ever pet from my old account in 2001, and they still have a place in my heart. Then they decided to put that cute face on a turtle?! I never tire of looking at them.
  6. The Runway Votes #48

    This is the third week in a row that I have forgotten to submit my entry! I am going to have a permanent hand print on my forehead. You guys all did an awesome job! I really like them.
  7. Here's a random question! Which eye do you wink with?

    I can wink equally well with both eyes. I always wore my watch on my left wrist. I am right hand dominant(ish), so it was always harder to get the little clasp to latch using my left hand. I think that I have worn a watch for one month out of my life though, so that's not saying much. I lead my cartwheels with my right hand/leg. I last did a cartwheel a few days ago when my kids and I were playing in the backyard. I also do handstands and cartwheels down the hallway at my house on a regular basis. I like to keep myself in check. I say that I am right dominant-ish because I have always made an effort to train my left hand to do any of the complicated tasks that I use my right hand for (just in case I ever broke my arm or something). Eating, writing, shooting (both with guns and bows), juggling (not that I am very good at that either way), and sewing are the basics that I consider myself passably ambidextrous at.
  8. Happy Eyrie Day!

    I really like all of the wigs. They should have done something else with the elderly girl griffin's mane. It looks like a giant beard...
  9. What are your Autumn plans?

    Well then I am adding Dollar Tree to my list of stops to make this afternoon! I haven't been able to go back out to the farms yet because I have no idea how to get there (my mother-in-law took the kids and I when we went) and it is too far of a drive for after she is off of work but before I have to start dinner. Dollar Tree is right next to one of my favorite grocery stores, so that I can do. Thank you @etrnldarkness!
  10. What are your Autumn plans?

    @etrnldarkness Which Dollar store did you go to? We have Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General. My two oldest love puzzels, but they have never played with anything but the big floor puzzles because they are so young. Maybe next year I can fit in smaller pieces. I LOVE the idea, and I will use it. Thank you :)
  11. Game/Comp Assist Please

    Thank You. It worked for me. My husband did something to my computer, but I didn't know how to fix neopets after.
  12. Game/Comp Assist Please

    I am just getting a grey box for any game I try to play, and the wheel pages don't even have a space for the wheel.! I am using a Chromebook. Please and Thank You! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from ‘Games’ to ‘Neopets Help’.
  13. What are your Autumn plans?

    Well, I should have seen that coming. For some reason I did remember how styrofoam just falls apart.. You can, if you are careful, hollow out the fake mini pumpkins, but there will be a HUGE mess. Yes, real pumpkins can be messy too, but they don't keep making a mess. I prefer cleaning the slightly sticky pumpkin gut to chasing around all of the loose styrofoam bits that escape. I coated the inside of the one fake pumpkin with elmer's glue to seal the styrofoam and decrease the mess. Yes, it looks cute. Yes, I will be able to use the fake pumpkin for many years. No, I do not think that the mess is worth it. I have three kids, a dog, and a husband. I don't have the time to be cleaning up after myself. The real pumpkins are much faster, and I don't worry about the mess somehow making it all of the way to the bathroom from the kitchen. Added bonus to using real pumpkins, I don't have to worry about my dog getting sick when he eats the mess.
  14. What are your Autumn plans?

    @etrnldarkness We have some farms just outside of town that we went to this past weekend. The mini pumpkins were only forty cents each, and my kids had a lot of fun picking out their own. I think that I saw some mini pumpkins at the Natural Grocers that we have too. I am sure that, if you are careful, you can grab some of the decorative fake pumpkins from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and chop those open. The fake ones can be reused, but I think that you would have to be way more careful when cutting it open so that it stays in one piece. I buy most of my holiday decor after the day, when it is marked down at least 75%, so I have a ton of the fake pumpkins that I bought for about ten cents each. I will try to cut open one of the fake ones this afternoon (I am busting out the Halloween stuff today :D) and I'll let you know how it goes. I like the sticker idea! Thank you! I couldn't come up with anything besides candy or mini toys. Candy they will get plenty of trick-or-treating, and toys are for Christmas! We also found a pumpkin patch and corn maze at one of the farms last weekend, but we didn't have time that day to stop by. My Mother-In-Law and I are making plans to go back out there in two weeks, as long as the snow doesn't start early this year.
  15. What are your Autumn plans?

    My two oldest had a lot of fun with the easter egg hunt this year, so I am starting a new Halloween tradition for my family. I have bought about 40 mini pumpkins, which are going to become the "eggs" of our morning hunt. I love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, so I have a TON of decoration to hide all of the pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins will only have one mint, the good ones that dissolve really fast, because they will get enough candy when trick-or-treating. I don't give my kids a lot of candy, so the Halloween candy usually lasts about two months, then my husband gets the rest.