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  1. I think that I will also be going with the Sway this time. I need that avatar still.
  2. I didn't realize that transmogrification potions could be so cheap! I used DTI a while ago to look at the mutant pets and figure out which one I wanted. I think most of them look either WAY to silly or like the designers were being lazy. I did really like the Mutant Poogle, and decided that I would go for that one for the avatar/as my next neo-baby. I was very sad when I found some potions on the TP because, at that time, there were only four listed and each one was 10 mil pure. I have periodically checked back on the trading post, and have seen them for as low as 7 mil once. Still not there, but I'm hoping to be able to get it after the next Charity Corner.
  3. This is the best new look that they have done in quite some time. I LOVE IT! I want a Kougra just so that I can zap it into this adorable cuteness!
  4. Congratulations! That is an amazing ring!
  5. That is terrible! You are pretty good at AAA's Revenge. I have never had that issue, so I have no idea how to help you.
  6. Okay. I didn't notice that I had money stolen, because I haven't really paid attention since Trudy's last reset for me. I didn't think that I had that much out of my bank. Oops. Well, that does make a whopping fifth trophy for me. Now I just want a first place trophy. Is that possible? Is there a first place tax beast trophy? I know that it isn't something that I should aim for because who wants to have their money disappear? Though, why would you want your petpet to be eaten?
  7. I was just checking my profile page just because, and I have a trophy for third place at Tax Beast. I have never played that game. I can't even find it on neopets. What is going on here? How did I get this trophy?
  8. I have been checking all day, but the clue on the Negg Hunt page has not updates since yesterday. The Hunt guide on TDN has also not updated. Can someone please tell me either the clue or the location so that I don't miss a day?
  9. Voted. Very cute. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  10. I don't do enough exploring around neopets to be able to figure out what this clue could possibly mean. "Some neggs are tricky to open..." I don't want to be a complete cheater, but what type of places am I even supposed to be looking? Do I use the map of neopia, and when I go to a certain area the bunny will pop up? Or can it be hiding in a random shop somewhere, or at a games main page?
  11. Drackonoack - Hungry! I have had a drackonack and two cheese in my inventory for over a week. Every day I will leave my laptop on the counter while I'm cooking and refresh it in between chopping or mixing. Nothing. I thin that my drackonack is on a diet :(
  12. Today was fairly easy. Barf Boat cost me the gold. I was still trying for it this morning, but I can't get above 800. I have spent several hours trying to beat Barf Boat. I have only seen four coins in the past three days, two of which fell off of the boat, and the other two were only 30 points. I read that there are coins that add 300, but I only find about one coin every two-ish hours of game play. I think that people that do have coins pop up are very lucky. I am jealous of you guys who are getting gold, but you definitely earned it through Barf Boat in my opinion.
  13. I have a step sister with schizophrenia. My mother remarried after I moved out of her house, and her new man has a daughter that they are taking care of. She has several other problems besides schizophrenia, and has been in and out of a few hospitals. She tried many different meds, and some days are better than others. She has improved quite a bit in the last few years. When my first child was born, I went to visit my mother so that she could meet him. I was going to be there for three days, and I told my mother that I was not bringing my son into that house if my sister was there. My mom and her man kept insisting that she was all better, she hadn't had an episode in almost six months, and that I should visit with my sister in the house. My son was only five months old, going to strange places and seeing (to him) strange people. I didn't want my screaming baby to set my sister off while I was in the bathroom or doing something else. They were hurt when I said no, but my mom wanted to see me so bad (it had been almost four years) that they relented and sent my sister to her grandmother's. Not even a week after I went back home, my step sister snapped and stabbed my mom in the arm with a fork. She is doing better again, and I do love her, but I am not going to let my kids be test subjects to see if she can handle herself. There is no cure for her mental illnesses, just treatments. Just a few months ago my room mate picked herself up a new boyfriend. About two months into their relationship they got into a fight and he pulled a loaded gun on her, then on himself, while my kids and I were in the next room. He didn't shoot it, but he threatened to. I knew that he had depression, but I didn't know until the next morning that she knew that he has a history of schizophrenia. My room mate said that she didn't tell me because he wasn't schizophrenic anymore, so "it's not like he was a danger to your kids or anything, he isn't like that anymore." I feel horribly guilty for not seeing the signs sooner. I didn't see him that much, or talk to him, but looking back I can remember one or two instances where he acted 'off.' I feel like I should have done something different to keep my kids safe, but it's really hard to just pack up and move out of the blue. Especially with two kids under two, a husband with a brown recluse bite on his foot preventing him from walking and being five months pregnant. The good thing is that judges are on your side in times like these, and court orders are very helpful. He is gone now and I no longer live with that person. I do believe that people should be treated with respect (unless you're a chomo, then I'll punch you in the face), but I am a bitka when it comes to my kids, and I don't ever want to put them in a situation like that again.
  14. I guess that I will keep trying for a few more hours, but after that I am going to have to quit. I was SOO close! I only have one trophy so far, so I thought that it would be nice to have a gold one, but oh well!
  15. Do I have to beat Chadley EVERY day to get the gold, or can I go with Abigail once and still get it? I'm still trying on Barf Boat, because yesterday real life took front seat like you would not believe. Today I am doing worse than I did yesterday :(