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  1. Happy Kougra Day!

    YES! My husband constantly makes fun of me for my lasting love of the Harry Potter series. I think that he is just jealous. The blue sponge is pretty and I like the details that they put in the 'holes'. Does anyone actually like swamp gas? Who's idea was that?
  2. The Runway Votes #54

    I did not get the reference at first either. We don't have TV in my house, so references to TV shows are usually lost on me. The exception is any show made for a little kid that has episodes on DVD. We have one Television, but it is only connected to a DVD player. I haven't watched anything above PG since Pitch Perfect 2 came out... EDIT: Except for Doctor Who. My kids can watch most episodes, and they like it too. :)
  3. What Did You Just Buy?

    I bought a couple of poster boards yesterday as well as some finger paints. We are going to be messy today!!! :)
  4. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    I received a weak bottled air faerie as my daily prize.
  5. Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    I just got a desert Lutari thanks to CC, and I LOVE him :) I do like the pirate Lutari as well because of the cool skull on the tail. The water Lutari also has a beautiful tail, but it doesn't come with any clothes. I am not a huge fan of the zombie colors, but at least the Lutari zombie looks like he might have been eating some brains.
  6. Shall I change my shop?

    I love it when shops price stuff super cheap. I don't use my shop at all anymore. I think that I might open back up at some point, but it is not worth it to me. I used to have almost everything priced at 50np which I thought was cheap. I love it when shops have several items under 100nps. When I am looking for something in particular I will usually buy four or five of the items priced under 100 nps as a thank you for having a good deal. I usually end up donating the cheap items to the money tree so that I can sprinkle a little love around. If I ever stopped at your shop I might have bought every item there.
  7. Wraith Body Parts

    I have a couple of extra ingredients if anyone is still making potions. I don't have any wraith blood left, but I have claws, fur and fangs. I figured I'd just give them out since I don't want them. First come first serve basis. To give more people a fair chance I will give out three per person until I either have no more requests or I simply run out of ingredients.
  8. The Runway Votes #53

    @jellysundae Thank you! I'm getting better at this! :)
  9. You can pick the plot back up. I loose motivation regularly but have not had any trouble catching back up using the TDN guide. The guide is under the Article drop down menu at the top of the home page.
  10. New Battledome Records Page Temporarily Down

    I know that this might not make any sense, but shouldn't they have fixed the battledome BEFORE starting a plot centered around the battledome?
  11. Nay on killing my computer

    I have no sad stories that I can remember about me pouring stuff on my computer that caused it permanent damage. I currently don't have a spacebar because my son tore it off and lost it. It can be pretty annoying to have to aim for that tiny button but at least everything else still works. I do have an old acquaintance who told me a story once. He had just bought a brand new mac book and was sitting down checking his e-mail. His two year old son came up to him, looked down at the mac book and said, "Puter thirsty!" Before he could react the two year old had picked up his coffee mug and dumped it out all over the keyboard. He paid 1400 for two days of use.
  12. People's pets are turning into wraiths . . .

    NOOOO!!! I JUST made my desert Lutari!!! I will cry if they change him. The rest of mine would be fairly easy to change back. I am not very heavily invested in customizing my pets because I wanted to focus on morphing everyone first, so I think that Suika of the Subaku would be the only guy that I would truly lament. They did just make a Chomby Wraith though, and I do quite like the looks of him....
  13. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    I also found a Stealthy Negg. I received a Stealthy Foreground. I don't think that bright green balloon things are very Stealthy though.
  14. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    @jellysundae I wasn't going to try that. There were only two pets that I wanted. A mutant poogle and a desert lutari. Poogles aren't a limited edition pet, so the lutari was the only other one that I as willing to try. Desert Lutaris or desert paint brushes were over 3 million each last time I checked, so I figured 31,000 was worth a gamble. I paid a little over 1% the going price to get one of my dream pets thanks to CC. I have a new love for Granny, and I completely understand what @Angeló meant when he said that Granny had his soul. I am so much more excited for next years CC than I thought I would be.
  15. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I decided to give it a try. The pet keeps it's color! I bought a cheap desert potion. For under 40,000 np I got my desert Lutari!!!!