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  1. Happy Eyrie Day!

    I really like all of the wigs. They should have done something else with the elderly girl griffin's mane. It looks like a giant beard...
  2. What are your Autumn plans?

    Well then I am adding Dollar Tree to my list of stops to make this afternoon! I haven't been able to go back out to the farms yet because I have no idea how to get there (my mother-in-law took the kids and I when we went) and it is too far of a drive for after she is off of work but before I have to start dinner. Dollar Tree is right next to one of my favorite grocery stores, so that I can do. Thank you @etrnldarkness!
  3. What are your Autumn plans?

    @etrnldarkness Which Dollar store did you go to? We have Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General. My two oldest love puzzels, but they have never played with anything but the big floor puzzles because they are so young. Maybe next year I can fit in smaller pieces. I LOVE the idea, and I will use it. Thank you :)
  4. Game/Comp Assist Please

    Thank You. It worked for me. My husband did something to my computer, but I didn't know how to fix neopets after.
  5. Game/Comp Assist Please

    I am just getting a grey box for any game I try to play, and the wheel pages don't even have a space for the wheel.! I am using a Chromebook. Please and Thank You! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from ‘Games’ to ‘Neopets Help’.
  6. What are your Autumn plans?

    Well, I should have seen that coming. For some reason I did remember how styrofoam just falls apart.. You can, if you are careful, hollow out the fake mini pumpkins, but there will be a HUGE mess. Yes, real pumpkins can be messy too, but they don't keep making a mess. I prefer cleaning the slightly sticky pumpkin gut to chasing around all of the loose styrofoam bits that escape. I coated the inside of the one fake pumpkin with elmer's glue to seal the styrofoam and decrease the mess. Yes, it looks cute. Yes, I will be able to use the fake pumpkin for many years. No, I do not think that the mess is worth it. I have three kids, a dog, and a husband. I don't have the time to be cleaning up after myself. The real pumpkins are much faster, and I don't worry about the mess somehow making it all of the way to the bathroom from the kitchen. Added bonus to using real pumpkins, I don't have to worry about my dog getting sick when he eats the mess.
  7. What are your Autumn plans?

    @etrnldarkness We have some farms just outside of town that we went to this past weekend. The mini pumpkins were only forty cents each, and my kids had a lot of fun picking out their own. I think that I saw some mini pumpkins at the Natural Grocers that we have too. I am sure that, if you are careful, you can grab some of the decorative fake pumpkins from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and chop those open. The fake ones can be reused, but I think that you would have to be way more careful when cutting it open so that it stays in one piece. I buy most of my holiday decor after the day, when it is marked down at least 75%, so I have a ton of the fake pumpkins that I bought for about ten cents each. I will try to cut open one of the fake ones this afternoon (I am busting out the Halloween stuff today :D) and I'll let you know how it goes. I like the sticker idea! Thank you! I couldn't come up with anything besides candy or mini toys. Candy they will get plenty of trick-or-treating, and toys are for Christmas! We also found a pumpkin patch and corn maze at one of the farms last weekend, but we didn't have time that day to stop by. My Mother-In-Law and I are making plans to go back out there in two weeks, as long as the snow doesn't start early this year.
  8. What are your Autumn plans?

    My two oldest had a lot of fun with the easter egg hunt this year, so I am starting a new Halloween tradition for my family. I have bought about 40 mini pumpkins, which are going to become the "eggs" of our morning hunt. I love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, so I have a TON of decoration to hide all of the pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins will only have one mint, the good ones that dissolve really fast, because they will get enough candy when trick-or-treating. I don't give my kids a lot of candy, so the Halloween candy usually lasts about two months, then my husband gets the rest.
  9. Happy Draik Day!

    I thought that it looks more like a colonial outfit than a pirate outfit. Unfortunately I can't tell if it is based on a specific movie/book because it is so generic. Wonder Woman and Shrek were a lot easier to identify. I know that the dimensional colors get a lot of crap, but I REALLY like the blues that they used for the Draik.
  10. Hurricane Harvey

    @midnight_spell360 Thank goodness! I am so glad that you are safe! Thank you for taking the time to say hi and let us know you are okay. I haven't actually spoken to anyone except my grandmother, and she broke her phone last night so she has been having trouble talking to anyone. I haven't had any updates on anyone down there since this morning before my grandfather's surgery, so I have no idea how any of them are doing. I have a lot of friends down there, and I hope that they are doing well. Stupid hurricane! Again, @midnight_spell360, I am glad that you are alive!
  11. Hurricane Harvey

    I hope that midnight is okay too. @midnight_spell360, when you get back on please let the nosy, I mean caring, people on TDN know how you are! My Grandfather had surgery this morning and I am still waiting to hear about how that went. I do know that the doctor performing the surgery had to catch a helicopter because he couldn't drive to the hospital with all of the flooding. My Granny broke her phone last night, so she is having trouble updating anyone about what's going on. Her house did not flood (yay!), and she said that most of the water had receded overnight during a lapse in the rain. The rest of my family are doing fine. I know that my mom hasn't had any flooding in her house (she lives in cypress, north of Houston), and my sister said that she was doing fine too (she lives in conroe, also north of Houston).
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    My roommate's daughter lives in Houston with her dad. She was rescued off of her roof this morning. My grandfather fell and broke his hip outside this morning. My Granny had to call an ambulance to get him to the hospital, which is on lock down, so they kicked her out after she saw that he was taken care of. Her roof is leaking so she put a bucket down to catch the water, but since she just had spinal neck surgery two weeks ago she isn't supposed to lift anything yet so she empties it out one ladle at a time into the sink. Her house hasn't flooded, yet. She said that it looked like it was going to come inside by tonight. They are getting CRAZY rain all over the place down there. I hear that the rest of my family is fine, though there is some concern about how the cars are going to come out of this.
  13. Happy Grundo Day!

    I like the Shrek outfit. The water Grundo is pretty cute. I am unsure about the mohawk detail. Since it is a water color it's almost like the poor Grundo's brains are spilling out because there is no line there to hold him together.
  14. What is the fiercest looking pet?

    I am with @jellysundae. I have been saving up for my poogle transmogrification potion for my battle pet for a bit now. I found one potion for only 4.5 mil, but I was about 200,000 off, and it was already off the trading post 2 hours later. I got sad and went on an album spending 'spree.'
  15. He's here!

    Thank you everyone! @Mouseykins I was raised by two Chiropractors, so I have always been an avid believer in the practice. I was already looking for someone to become my new Chiropractor because I haven't found one who does full adjustments (I had one who only did neck adjustments, and another one who used some jiggling machine first, then would adjust the neck only). I was planning on scheduling something next month. I still have six more appointments this month between me and my three little ones.