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  1. Happy Lutari Day!

    I;d say the clay one is pretty decent, not bland and boring, but has some depths, shadows and in general looks well, trully more realistic. The orgiami one - I think I'd becoe the origami pets fan, although it's highly unlikely that I will have one origami pet ever. Nevertheless, I adore the origami lutari, same as Shoyru. As for the clothes, they are OK, but don't impress me that much. A bit messy overall.
  2. Happy Krawk Day

    I LOVE these colours, also the polka dot, but the CANDY :O I'm not only a foodie, but all the sparkle and shine going on with candy pets is making me crazy... I ADORE it so much! The Krawk is no exception... I love the colours of their eyes, too, as they are not "boring style" eyes, but each is somehow connected to the candy theme of the pet itself. The creativity of the team now is superb. I like the outfit, and I'm fond of the idea it may be somehow linked to the festiwal / Coachella theme :) although Neo is for everyone, not US only, but let's be real, every country more or less has some festivals and concerts :)) All in all, I like the concepts and realisation
  3. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    some items are really pretty in other colours versions, it's a shame I don't have these items to start with... :( although I still have some Dyeworks potions
  4. Welcome to my profile! Have a great day! :)

  5. Happy Shoyru Day!

    oh goooood <3 these are so cute, I actually like the idea of curly-twirly tail, although I would expect a better job with the tail itself. Other than that - I love bpth colours, the orgiami Shoyru with the cute drawn-on face is superb, the idea is great! I am really fond of it. And I pretty much like the outfit, though I agree - it'd work better with wings replacing the existing wings.
  6. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I just got 2 themes, actually! I had 19 before I did that, I was told that I got Qasalan theme, but when refreshed, my userlookup says I have 21 themes. Although I didnt check which ones I already had and I can only guess now which is the newest as well, it seems I received 2 of them (I will check what's new tomorrow, maybe...) still, a great idea and great initiative from the team :) Although I am not a fan of the fact there's just one 100 point boon. If you have not get 1000+ due to lack of time and items, you need to focus only on 1 possible boon (not counting one-time avatar and one-time theme boon), which is literally no choice...
  7. as a matter of fact, she is the DARK faerie. Which pretty much dooms her for being evil. btw, anybody already got the "clear all the fog" achievement unlocked?
  8. anybody alrerady unlocked the ahievement of clearing all the haze?
  9. I found out it's a new achievement as well... maybe there will be the possibility to get more ingredients rather than buying... although I went extra mile back then to clear all these areas, my box is also grayed out... I liked the plot but they keep it in this place for too long... And I am just concerned about the end of it - it's not yet the end if Fyora is still not OK, and so is Malum, who - MIND THAT! - is said to have said that he's not the main villain, and that's why Aethia wants to wake him up. therefore, we may expect something else to come, although all the achievements say something else...
  10. Happy Chia Day!

    I love what they did there with the marble one. IT's super attractive, pretty, detailed and colours are neatly combined. I like it, although I am not a fan of Chias anyway. Cookie looks good, too, as if it had a splash of choco on its head. I also quite like the outfit, it's neat and well-designed. I like that there's quite a few items to put together and customise, but it's a shame the weapons are not separate.
  11. Unreleased Pirate Petpets!

    Out of these, I only find Flishy quite nice, but the others are not spectacular... maybe Charnie has this "aRRrrrrrr" look, but the others? Aren't pirate-y at all...
  12. Happy Tonu Day!

    Water is really neat, although the mane could have been more water-y. The transpa though..... Nope for the eyes, nope for the nostrils, nope for overall look... They had so many better projects recently... clothes are "meh", nothing bad, nothing to wow about...
  13. Happy Mynci Day!

    Well.... Im not overtly fond of any of these... at least it's nice that the zombie mynci has nice clothing... the theme clothes are somewhat weird, it looks like Smurf in this weird cap... And sponge is nice,but overall nothing special...
  14. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    meh..... and I lost an avatar possibility... what a shame :( I don't find avatars fair in this sense, I do understand highly-expensive high-rarity items, that those who didn't succeed would need to pay gross amount, but avatar? It's something I would never be able to regain, just because I didn't know this game started JUST NOW and I missed one day cause out of Internet connection.... pity :( but congrats to all the winners <3
  15. New Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!