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  1. I love the marble one, too, it is really on point... And unlike @babayaga67 I don't see any double belly.... I like the fact they are finishing with Swamp Gas, too, but there are so many other nice colours to finish off in the first place, maybe... But maybe also they want to leave something for later... I like the outfit, although it looks overall "heavy" on a Skeith
  2. this is great, after Lab Ray changes of my pet I have so many customs and dresses of the pets I don't want to own anyway... It will be a relief to the closet
  3. I am into the love-hate relation with this.... I LOVE how it looks, it's superb, really cool, fancy details, eyes, etc... But I must agree - it's no Darigan... It's great, but as a colour itself, but no Darigan colour....
  4. I have mixed feelings on this one, I like it and yet I find it "meh"... Maybe, despite the nice idea, too obvious, too little details? Too "childlike" drawing? Idk, just not suiting me that much, neither the color nor the dress
  5. the Ice is OH EM GIE so amazing, the "harshly cut" tail, it looks awesome, pretty nice job really, this detailing is nice. One of the nicest pets recently, though with this "harsh cut" vibe, I'd go throughout whole pet, cause others parts seem too smooth and polished in comparison, and yet this sharpness of the ice idea is what appeals to me more
  6. While skun's simply well done, the marble one is amazing... So pretty.... I am not biggest fans of Grundos whatsoever, but if I wanted any this will be the one. It is pretty, glossy and just warm to look at 🙂 well, the outfit has nice hair, but in general it's pretty plain
  7. what to say.... well done! I like the transa, with the cute smile, a bit cute, a bit creepy I'd say. I really much like the Toy version, though I won't have any toy pet in the near future, I think. And I love the outfit, it's superb, well-done, the details, the gloss, the dress effect... Really pretty creation
  8. I very much like the candy one, looks yummy and glossy :) Although, surprisingly, the custard one looks tasty, too. I just love the DBZ vibe of the outfit :D <3
  9. same for me, I can't believe I put so much effort and did so much, only to be 2nd due to ONE MISSING PUZZLE PIECE... although it's not that I've not completed the quest, but not on the release date.. not only did I miss the awesome prize then, now I'm missing a pretty expensive, pretty awesome stamp… geeeesh… 😞 I like the other prizes, too, though, but I would gladly receive the shining, swirling trophy…
  10. I love the 18.5, 19.5 as well as 20.5 shields, these are awesome and cute at the same time ❤️ others are neat, too, good that they thought about it 🙂
  11. UuuuuUuUuuu, I really like the theme It's super cool, like a disco party or so, it's a shame there's no more clothes than what they provided, but the choice of items is still nice and broad, these wearables look pretty spectacular! I would go as far as to say that actually any of these would look good and be a nice accessory, which is not typical of any new collection (usually it's 5/10 really nice items, and another 5 of *meh* quality). I'm happily surprised 🙂 I need to say, from my point of view, the Staff is doing better and better job ☺️☺️
  12. awesome detailing, I'm so surprised of the work well done in all the aspects, I like the colours, both of them, and I really enjoy the clothes, these are cute 🙂 overall, very, very successful artwork for Koi Day 🙂 🙂
  13. oh, I pretty much like the Tonu water here :O I like the Lupe's water version, although it's nothing "wow" for me :S idk why, I'm just not impressed. Same for the outfit, however versatile it may be it's a bit boring for me. But still may turn out useful for some customisations of Lupe owners :) awaiting second colour to check :) happy Lupe day, people! :)
  14. Well, personally, I don't find it difficult to spot the curve, and same goes for Hissi's hand and head - they are patched with pink bigger spots, which I like :) it's something extra. And I like that they don't go for blue + dots anymore, but they vary the colours. the only thing I am not a fan of for the poka dot are the pink circles around the eyes... the pet looks sick or tired. I love the steampunk, with and without the clothes, it's one of the prettiest, most customisable colours available currently (speaking of the without the gears pet). I like the outfit as well, but the eyes... nope. They look like the Hissi is vexed, or venomous... either way - negative :( Imagine the RED CONTACTS in the POLKA DOT hissi - the eyes would look like it's totally exhausted or something :O
  15. I totally agree... I love the wig, it;s nice that they start making pretty, like REALLY PRETTY wigs for NP, not only NC. I find the outfit messy, too, the items do not really match. The colours don't go well. I love the polka dot Cyb, it's super cute, and the greenish colour instead of blue-ish is superb, so spring-like! :)
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