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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I have same thoughts, I dont know what to do with all the ectoplasm (especially because you can receive more of it even after prizes / neopoints for the day are over). And even if I do, I dont know what to do with the potions. Maybe we should keep more ectoplasm for later products, e.g. other potions? As partial ingredient, not 3times one ingredient mixture... I dont know... I am a bit stuck and its a bit tooooooo long for them to wait with the next step or so...
  2. maybe you're right, last year it was around 50 :) still, I'd rather be on the safe side, I remember back then it was about clearing all the games as completed who knows what they are up to this year ;)
  3. Happy Jetsam Day!

    oh, that's interesting thank you for sharing this, one can learn something new every day in most unexpected places :) that is pretty amazing, how the old TNT played on words many Times, it's just super fun to get to know these... similarly to name of a water-based petpet, Ghoti :)
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    guys, I got the Wraith Ectoplasm - anyone else got it from fight??? and as far I FINALLY got what to do with this stupid lock on this stupid chest... is there any way to do the achievement, if I already had 5 miss? I suddenly saw a "miss" before I understood what to do.. I got 5 of tchem, I would gladly try over... acmerasta said "Update 2: the first time you unlock it you have no limit on misses, after that is when it limits you to the 3. I finally got it with only one miss and got a lock picking kit. " it means that you can try again? Or a day after? How does it work? EDIT 1: I just managed to get the prize, I re-done the achievement and it was successful :) the prize is not spectacular, though. EDIT 2: I got 3 Ectoplasms and created a brew myself. Actually, is there really NO PRIZE for the achievement? That's even more disappointing in general, it doesn;t have to be "WOW", but at least it would be something....
  5. Happy Pteri Day!

    I agree! I also see it as more melting, but I like this style, otherwise it's too plain or looking more like snot / poo / mayonaise at least it looks as something good to eat (if not like wax). Well, custard theme seems good, but is hard to trully draw it
  6. Being part of the DEAD side, I already submitted scores for more than 55% of the qualifying games there always will be this freaking "submit a score in each game" challenge, so I dont want to ruch at the very end I'm almost done at this point.... I haven't finished the Maths challenge, yet. Not that equating or summing up is hard or so ;D simply cannot focus today, and - as far as I'm sleepy (it's almost 2 am here..) - I would finish this one the next day.
  7. Unreleased Birthday Petpets!

    am I the only one who actually likes these pets? I do agree, the (cup)cake forms were cuter or at least more interesting, but the confetti ones are also nice :) This just reminds me of the b-day petpets collection I had on the account which has been frozen 3 months ago for no reason :( meh.... If only I could get it back and fill my collection with those little cuties... And Ona here - it looks very nice, actually I pretty like this slide theme on her, as actually in motion, which is a nice change
  8. Happy Vandagyre Day!

    oh! I love the stealthy colour! It is pretty cool, and I like the detailing. I do agree, though,that the eyes could have been better. I actually believe it would be pretty nice for them to be deep dark blue, or deep dark grey, something really dark-ish, but not that blind-looking as these... they should have pupils and so... I like the colour, however when compared to the three added in the comment (Shoyru, Blumaroo and Kyri), I think this Vandagyre could have been nicer with the maroon additions here and there... and yes, with the contact it looks fantastic, like totally adorable birdie, very cute and so on point! This make me think there should be deep maroon, deep dark green and dark blue / navy blue colours available for the pets, instead of red, green and blue yellow are rarely good, so I dont care, but sometimes these coulours could simply be more defined. And navy blue version could be awesome
  9. NC Mall: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

    Im not impressed on the prize at all to be honest.... when it comes to the discount - useful for those who have just had some spare NC in the amount of 1000. I dont, so it's useless for me, too.
  10. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    oh, I cannot believe I forgot about checking up halloween on neo... I missed these... :( I had so much stuff irl, that unfortunately I didn;t make it to my account yesterday.. what a shame.... :(
  11. Happy Jetsam Day!

    I meant the gumballs, although the Jetsam is so awesome I would need to consider having it ;p I'd be so amazing to have an Uni of such colour yeah, I noticed that long ago (if you ask me), and both are the sea/ocean creatures :) Why you mean it refers to debris? like this ending -sam, -tsam? Can you explain? :) it's interesting
  12. Happy Korbat Day!

    oh my, my!!! The woodland one is georgeous <3 I wonder whether the leaves are something you can wear as other clothes/parts of the colours, on other colours, it would be great! The biscuit reminds me more of a stone, but it's OK. I like the scissor-themed wings!
  13. 5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    I love this idea! I am already having all my sides full with 5 pets on each And I just cannot yet decide which pet I will make out of them (I found some decent names in the pound, but I want another species - UNIS, to be precise ;) ). I have various colours going in my head now And honestly, I am dreaming of a pretty marble or candy uni to be released on uni day.... I hope it would be in pastel tones, so that it matches my ideas :) what I dislike is that the pets are not shown at once, but with this weird arrow system. I would prefer them to be seen as when they were for premium users - so you could see 5 at once, without the necessity to move the arrow left or right...
  14. Happy Jetsam Day!

    oh, the reference seems obvious, and actually now you made me want these Honestly, I admire the work by the "new neopets colours" artist, these are totally awesome recently, I am keen of everything this person(s) did as far as now. All the candies, actually, I find pretty and cute - they are sweet, beautiful and really customisable. Imagine any of these sweets in the candy/choco customisation theme... it's sooo delicious even when thinking of it just like choco colour. I love how the artist achieves different textures, colour blendings... you can see what is the structure of the mane/skin of the pet, it's really well done job. As far as here - the inspiration is pretty visible, although I believe there are so many different candies and gummies around the world, it is hard to see a reference in each of these. I disagree that the blue gummy shark would be better. 1 It's the US thing, most probably. 2 there are other colours of gummie sharks (We have it double-coloured in Poland, e.g. yellow-orange, green-blue, no half colour half white) it's just a matter of reference. 3 It is awesome just as it is and it doesnt have to be derived from any existing candy ^.^
  15. Happy Bori Day!

    oh my, that's just what I think... I don't like the fact that boris lack neck to such an extent that they constantly look like they had a hunch and couldnt stay straight... it's disappointing especially when you put a dress on it, it looks soooooo grotesquely.... and here it looks totally out of point... same with dandelion... I feel like it is again the case that the person responsible for the outfit is just either plain lazy or lacks creativity, and collects whatever comes to his/her mind and do some stupid stuff like this set. What's about these weird horns? The way they are attached with this circlet at the forehead looks very, very heavy... unlike the wig, which is looking weightless and flowing... they don't go well with each other. And the dandelion... geeeez, it could have been black rose, an emerald ring, a staff, a spider, a lace umbrella, anything more goth-like... but it's dandelion... *gasp* I also agree with you, deboratibi, now when I see it, it looks even weirder... The V-shaped collar would be great. As far as the colours, though - again, someone did a great, great job, I love these, marble is beautiful and as someone said - a bit "foody" like a candy or so. It is so pretty... I love this work of this colour artist