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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    meh..... and I lost an avatar possibility... what a shame :( I don't find avatars fair in this sense, I do understand highly-expensive high-rarity items, that those who didn't succeed would need to pay gross amount, but avatar? It's something I would never be able to regain, just because I didn't know this game started JUST NOW and I missed one day cause out of Internet connection.... pity :( but congrats to all the winners <3
  2. New Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!

  3. Wraith Resurgence: Find Kaia!

    I got mine "One of a kind" achievement today! I just put each of the concoction in the gallery, "just in case" and it was worth it I couldn't get all the ingredients now, but I could use it one by one and here it is!
  4. Happy Lenny Day! *Two New Colours*

    oh goodness me, it seems that the PBs are better now than the Lenny's versions Although I really like Toy Lenny, I am not a fan of this neopet in general. However, what bugs me is that the Toy PB is totally yellow... like the toy lenny... does that mean that all the Toy neopets would be just rubber-yellow? I thought this one would be like this because it reminds of a rubber duckling children play with in a bath... But there are so many other toys... I hope it's just a PB colour, not the entire series colour.... I like the idea of steampunk, although Lenny is not the best example. Should be edgier, sharpier, and more interesting... some clothes should be put on, too, you know, normally there are clothes + machinery, not just machinery. Although I do realise that we have Moltara - the capital of steampunk, and Neovia - providing us with some neat, theme-related, Victorian clothes, and there are some things to go well with the steampunk PB already (not to mention plenty of things from NC)
  5. New Robot Vandagyre

    truly awesome, in a costume and without, I don't mind the feathers at all, keeps the character of the owl-ish Vandagyre, but WHY THERE'S NO BEAK??????? :O it should definitely be on place....
  6. Happy Zafara Day!

    THE CANDY IS BEAUTYYYYYYYYYYY :ooooooo indeed, it looks exactly the same... guys, don't you get how many candy types are there :D? IT's awesome, it's such a unique idea, and yet it gives so many choices and variations, it's purely awesome.. All the candy ideas as far as now are badass.... Btw, To be honest I like the style, I like the items, I'm not Zafara fan and I have none, but I like the items separately. Maybe not as a total outfit, but the items are pretty nice, the sweater, the necklace, the hat and the shoes... pretty nice and well-matching other things I believe:) Clay is Clay.
  7. NC Mall: Free Valentines Goodie Bag!

    Can you imagine? The pretty pet colours, the new Wraith Plot twist, with the new game, something more challenging and differing from just battling, the new items, even the cute Valentine petpets, and now THIS :O I am totally amazed by the team's work, it's better than ever :O really, the artistic value and quality is enhanced :O I love it
  8. New Magma Vandagyre And Snot Lutari

    I AM truly AMAZED with the team's work recently :O ALL the new colours, even the snot Lutari, are detailed and truthful, according to their customs and names... and this Magma Vanda... it's so awesome I cant even...... The details, the tummy, the SPARKLING EYES, sooooo on point.... I am really astonished, this is a great job they do recently....
  9. Wraith Resurgence: Find Kaia!

    well, there he is now :) With Malum and Fyora. Unfortunately, I missed the first 3 days of the new game, so I won't be able to get all the achievements.. *gasp* but I hope we all would get this ones... I need to fight some wraiths to get the new resources, though
  10. New Marble Kougra!

    I love this one so badly, it looks like a gummy on fire <3 soooooo beautiful and tasty look and yes, it also looks a bit marbl-ish :) I am fond of that one
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Find Kaia!

    well, it seems I got rid of all :) none of the locations has haze anymore... let's hope it's ok and no glitchy, and that it's giving a prize, too :) anybody has the solution to "one of every kind"?
  12. Wraith Resurgence: Find Kaia!

    I don't believe KAia is the evil one, though... she is a bit weird in comparison to the "standard faerie" as we think of it, but nevertheless I believe she is there to help. She is just a different character, she's independent and that's also nice. On the other hand, guys - do you think it's necessary to use potions all over Neo world to get rid of the smoke here and there? Or that's just an additional part? I mean, it's like loosing some potions, anyway... Do you think it's needed? Especially for the LAST ACHIEVEMENT? Maybe it'd be part of it, that not only you provide the potions to the sufferers, but also you successfully use them to diminish the impact of the evil purplr fog in Neopia? Guesses or info, anhybody? :)
  13. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    Im not the fan of steampunk ... we already have some clothes like that, some can be taken from Moltara, some from Neovia, some from Robotic neopets, and you have the looks. I'm not keen on this doll-thing, either... it' creepy and a bit too far... OK, I know zombies and transparent, but this one is too much. Although I like the details. I like origiami, however it seems impractical in general, when I think of customisations. I hope the toy one will be cute ^.^
  14. Gift of NC Remains Double; Safe To Spend

    yup, you're stating the obvious. please check:
  15. THE GIFT OF NC - not received my NC

    ok, the 8th Jan was "a few" days back, and I still didn't receive even one time amount.... how can I feel fair about it? Or keep waiting? Anybody still awaits their NC, too??