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  1. NC Mall: Free Valentines Goodie Bag!

    When seeing such a cute bag, the actual prize has turned out to be disappointing... :(
  2. Happy Mynci Day!

    I would like the comment, but my limit of likes per day is gone I like the suit, and I pretty like the water colour. The Swamp Gas does not impress me in general, I would expect the gas surrounding the pet to be more delicate, subtle, diminishing in colour, not that drastically visible as the odour of the pet... but well, this is what this colour's about, I suppose. Actually, the idea of calling it "dung colour" is more accurate here
  3. Paint Wars WINNER Announced!

    Actually, I like it much :) It looks cute, but not overwhelmingly cute, I don't feel the sugar implosion while looking at it And I liked both other PBs as well, even the marble one :) the flowar, though, looked a bit too similar to maraquan for it's spongey-algae look. Let's see other pets in this candy look! And oh - the PB itself is cool.
  4. Happy Tonu Day!

    GOOEY colours once AGAIN? How often they can go with this nasty, runny looks :( ? It's not appealing... surprisingly though, this is the first custard in a long row of recently-custarded pets that I actually like, in the sense "it looks neat as a custard pet." Even more surprisingly, I prefer slime out of these two. Snot looks really snotty and a bit... hm... artistic with all these slimey edges
  5. Happy Chia Day!

    I have similar impressions, guys. As far as disco is nice, and -among other too funky too neon-coloured pets - this one is on point. Interesting design, nice colours, etc. But the jelly one's a bit disappointing... the colour is very nicely done, and "it goes in the good direction", i just lacks clarity and depth of the jelly. You can't look at it and think "wow, how wobbly, how jelly". rather "nicely glistening, nice shadowing, but lacks jelly dimensions" EDIT: I have just seen the costume, and THAT ONE is pretty impressive :O I love the regal touch, and I like the fact the wig is separate from the headpiece
  6. Happy Lenny Day!

    I really enjoy the cookie look of this Lenny, but clay is a bit meh. No definition, lines seem to be too perfect, not looking like "hand made lay sculpture", but rather as some brown one. A bit boring and lacking "something" to impress
  7. Happy Zafara Day!

    I agree with Angelo, as far as they are more or less O.K., they are nothing exciting... And I am quite surprised that someone in art's department got into custard so much that more and more custard pets are available, even though custard is a bit slimey,gooey and disgustingly-looking...
  8. Happy Buzz Day!

    honestly, these are so adorable :)even though I'm not a fan of Buzzes, I like these two, so cute... I like the wig on grandma, and I also think some other wigs will go well with this outfit and look:) I really like when buzzes have this blue tone of the eyes, it's not so lifeless and creepy as this lime green for me,..
  9. Happy Gnorbu Day!

    I like both, urprisingly I very much like custard. It looks yummy, and the mane is glistening like kind of candy cream should. I like the way it looks,though maybe a bit, just a bit more dripping effect from the mane would be more custard-y? idk... I like the dimensional, as usual - gret play on colour, dimension and shades, but not my type of colour in general :)
  10. Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

    on the one hand you're right, but on the other.... you are not going to make sucha a grim on your face only with your eyelids. It's eyebrows movement which make a face like that. the sinister look you give when you actually - more or less - "squish your eyebrows together". There's no possibility to do so with the eyelids without moving eyebrows O.o
  11. New Christmas Jetsam!

    exactly my words :D I also wanted to add AWESOME in capitals :D and I hope this candy cane pattern stays as well, it would be sooooo cool on many pets. There are few christmas themed pets I like, like Uni or Peophin (peos have unique deep green colour <3 ), and this is another one :) good sweet job, team :D
  12. Happy Korbat Day!

    how could I miss these? they are soo adorable :) and the outfit is such a cutie :) trick-or-treat child :D
  13. Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

    OK, in overall, I really like all of these :) But I have my "but..." Polka dot aisha could be subtlier when it comes to the navy blue dots on the mane. It'd be more polka-dot-themed overall. And now green and navy blue outstand all the rest. I am not a fan of gassy colour, but it's neat. The gas could be more dimmed at the edges, less.... you know... definite... more gassy, without that definite outline. It'd be nice if you could have gassy pet and remove the gas filter surroinding it, though. I really like brown ogrin, though it's totally plain. It is soooo cosy, sweet, wintery and, idk, reminds me of an actual pet. I like darigan as well, but since I've read the comment about double eyebrows, that's all I notice :P and I agree it could be a bit more interesting, more hm... spiteful and deformed, maybe some claws, some spiky wings, as this one's a bit plain for this colour. Overall nice, but not impressive, I like brown ogrin the most, surprisingly.
  14. Hi there!

    hi, nice meeting you :) greetings from Poland! :D I like the fact many different people use Neopets. You say you're PhD, I'm in my MA process (graduated studies, only thesis to go), so I undesrtand the students' life :)
  15. Happy Wocky Day!

    I totally agree with Scoobert_Doo, it looks neat and not sickness-like. It's awesome, and I really like the pink fur, it's so cute and actually looking like a dessert:) I think blue fur would be ok, too, but pink's cuter. I also like dimensional, but except for some astral-like customisations, I am not a huge fan of dimensional pets anyway. I like the dress, and I agree with pulpfreeoj, additional accessories are a good idea :) waiting for more, especially for unis. They already have mane, so creating different hairstyles (most of them unflattering on unis) is not a great idea, it's better to vhave some accessories :)