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  1. honestly, these are so adorable :)even though I'm not a fan of Buzzes, I like these two, so cute... I like the wig on grandma, and I also think some other wigs will go well with this outfit and look:) I really like when buzzes have this blue tone of the eyes, it's not so lifeless and creepy as this lime green for me,..
  2. I like both, urprisingly I very much like custard. It looks yummy, and the mane is glistening like kind of candy cream should. I like the way it looks,though maybe a bit, just a bit more dripping effect from the mane would be more custard-y? idk... I like the dimensional, as usual - gret play on colour, dimension and shades, but not my type of colour in general :)
  3. on the one hand you're right, but on the other.... you are not going to make sucha a grim on your face only with your eyelids. It's eyebrows movement which make a face like that. the sinister look you give when you actually - more or less - "squish your eyebrows together". There's no possibility to do so with the eyelids without moving eyebrows O.o
  4. exactly my words :D I also wanted to add AWESOME in capitals :D and I hope this candy cane pattern stays as well, it would be sooooo cool on many pets. There are few christmas themed pets I like, like Uni or Peophin (peos have unique deep green colour <3 ), and this is another one :) good sweet job, team :D
  5. how could I miss these? they are soo adorable :) and the outfit is such a cutie :) trick-or-treat child :D
  6. OK, in overall, I really like all of these :) But I have my "but..." Polka dot aisha could be subtlier when it comes to the navy blue dots on the mane. It'd be more polka-dot-themed overall. And now green and navy blue outstand all the rest. I am not a fan of gassy colour, but it's neat. The gas could be more dimmed at the edges, less.... you know... definite... more gassy, without that definite outline. It'd be nice if you could have gassy pet and remove the gas filter surroinding it, though. I really like brown ogrin, though it's totally plain. It is soooo cosy, sweet, wintery and, idk, reminds me of an actual pet. I like darigan as well, but since I've read the comment about double eyebrows, that's all I notice :P and I agree it could be a bit more interesting, more hm... spiteful and deformed, maybe some claws, some spiky wings, as this one's a bit plain for this colour. Overall nice, but not impressive, I like brown ogrin the most, surprisingly.
  7. hi, nice meeting you :) greetings from Poland! :D I like the fact many different people use Neopets. You say you're PhD, I'm in my MA process (graduated studies, only thesis to go), so I undesrtand the students' life :)
  8. I totally agree with Scoobert_Doo, it looks neat and not sickness-like. It's awesome, and I really like the pink fur, it's so cute and actually looking like a dessert:) I think blue fur would be ok, too, but pink's cuter. I also like dimensional, but except for some astral-like customisations, I am not a huge fan of dimensional pets anyway. I like the dress, and I agree with pulpfreeoj, additional accessories are a good idea :) waiting for more, especially for unis. They already have mane, so creating different hairstyles (most of them unflattering on unis) is not a great idea, it's better to vhave some accessories :)
  9. Im not the fan of bruces anyway, but these colours are totally awesome! :) One of the best biscuit colour ever, many details and structure, and the pastel is just so cute and pretty <3
  10. Actually, I like both of them. I am not fond of the colours as such, but these are one of the best clays and best custards, custards especially. I like the drippiness and overall yummyness of this look :p as for clay, I would imagine it to be a nice clay statue in some garden:)
  11. Angelo congrats :) your prizes are nice, especially headgear and the scarab :) and ofc, the book, which is always a good item. As for me, this is what I have been given, though I have just completed the 1st day (lack of time) Congratulations! You have been awarded a trophy! Your team won this year's challenge. For being on the winning team, you receive: Confetti Celebrations Well Done! Your team has been declared the winners of this year's Games Master Challenge. As a member of the winning team, you've been awarded the following prizes. These items have been added to your inventory. Drink of Good and Evil And this is it for me this year :p though the games and challenges were quite easy.... meh...
  12. nice, colourful item, but overall not very impressive... when it comes to free NC items, they are rarely of any use in customisation and most of them are like... matching nothing and good for nothing. This one at least has this Christmas blast to it :)
  13. exactly this is why - some of the other 8bit pets are already wearing clothes as well :) I like both 8bit and water - 8bit's not my colours in general, but this one is very well worked-on, and the water's just great, though it could have a bit more splash, e.g. on the wings, or droplets falling from the tail, it'd be more watery :) but I like them still
  14. THE COLOURS OF THE FAERIE ARE SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! ONE of the prettiest pets EVER!!! It's a shame it's not in like a flying faerie pose, but it's sooooo beautiful... really.... like a flower or ... holidays :D and I like the tail :) maybe the wings could be more interesting, but still they match the whole. White - exactly, nice basic, good to dress up :) why not having two vandagyres? :p I am not the fan of the pet as such, BUT the faerie one makes me wanna have it :D
  15. well, I wouldn't add anything original: they seem cute, but yes, some of them are really unimpressive. All the existing bday petpets are so cute, sweet and just-to-eat treats, and these are like pets covered in frosting :P I like the idea behind the Snorkle, though, this candle on his nose <3 and I like the Angelpuss, the idea simila to Faelie, and it works good as well. But Polarchuck? and MELVIE? This one is SUPER disappointing.... just looks dirty...even the colours of the fur aren't changed, it's like regular green petpet...